The 10th Doctor aka Dr. Empathy
Continuity Doctor Who
Canon Point Mid - Stolen Earth
Age 903
Species Time Lord/Gallifreyan
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Height 6 Feet 1 inch
District South
Journal borntolove
Player Bluespikey
Theme Song The Time Has Come

"So, you find a breach, probe it, the sphere comes through, 600 feet above London, BAM! It leaves a hole in the fabric of reality. And that hole, you think: “Should we leave it alone, should we back off, should we play it safe?” NAH, you think: “Let’s make it BIGGER!."

WHO is the 10th Doctor?

A thousand-year-old alien you could take home to your mum 25-minute video


The show Doctor Who doesn’t have a typical beginning or an end. Like the theory of time travel itself, the show Doctor Who is a river of time, a very non-linear view of life. For instance, currently, you are your age. However, with the philosophy of time technically, you have died and are being born. As The Tenth Doctor explains here. The Doctor Who show is very "timey-wimey"

There major rules that The Doctor does abide by;
Which is not going back in time in his own personal timeline.
Not changing Fixed points
Isn't able to know his own future.

The show also focuses on other time travel theories such as;

Parallel universes
Life is full of choices and there are always two. For instance, this morning you either did or didn't get up for work. If you didn't get up for work, there is a parallel universe where the choice to go to work was made. This happens for every choice you do or don't do. The choice that doesn't happen in this universe, happens in another or several other universes.

In the Doctor Who universe, Time Lords relegate so that no one can travel to parallel worlds. The Tenth Doctor and his companions will by flunk find themselves in a parallel universe. As they leave, they believe the world to be sealed off. However, in Army of Ghosts. Torchwood (and institute of sci-fi tech) in the parallel world will develop devices that allow them to travel to parallel worlds. However, this ends up creating holes in space-time and allowing the Cyberman from the parallel world to break down the barrier.

In the follow-up episode, DoomsDay, The Doctor after sealing the Cyberman and Daleks in the void (the in-between) traveling to parallel universes is sealed off. Later on, because of the paradox machine built by The Master, this disrupts that seal of the parallel worlds.

The past and the future co-existing in the space -time. This happens in the episodes, Utopia, The Sound of Drums, and Last of the Time Lords, The Master creates a Paradox machine by using The Doctor's T.R.A.D.I.S. and is able to bring in those from the year one hundred trillion back into the year 2007.

Time vortex aka wormhole: (start at 6:50)

Theoretically, according to // Into the Universe with Stephen Hawkings//, a time vortex is what is supposedly existing at the quantum foam level. Think smaller than atoms. This is where the wormholes exist. Only in fiction these entrances and exits are able to be blown up so that a Blue Police Boxthat transports passengers are able to pass though. A gateway between worlds and times, basically.

Time Travel
The ability to travel through the fourth dimension which is known as space-time. Which means, being able to travel to the past or the future in various locations of not only on the planet Earth but to other planets in other galaxies.

Grandfather Paradox

This is a classic, the time traveler goes back in time before they were born and somehow causes their grandfather to die before the grandfather could meet the grandmother and thus, the time traveler no longer existing in the future. The more cinema known version is Back to the Future when Marty goes back to his parents time in 1955, interrupts his parents meeting and jeopardizes Marty's existing back in 1985.

Ten remarks to Martha in the episode,The Shakespeare Code, that it is possible for that to happen so just don't go killing your grandfather or interpreting your parent's meeting. As Martha asks The Doctor if Grandfather Paradox is true.

Known most commonly as ‘The Doctor’ also known as Ten by the audience since this Doctor is on his tenth regeneration. Ten is a Time Lord. A Time Lord is one of the alien races in the Doctor Who universe. Time Lords are also called Gallifreyan who lived on the planet Gallifrey. There the Time Lords oversee time in the universe. As The Doctor states;
“Because that’s how I see the universe. Every waking second, I can see what is, what was, what could be and what must not. It’s the burden of the Time Lord, Donna.” Which according to Ten the City of Pompeii is suppose to burn. The Doctor can't stop that from happening and he will not stop that from happening.

Time Lords are able to live to an unbelievable age. As Ten has said he is 903. However, that is only the age of his current regeneration. Overall, The Doctor is around 4.5 Billion years old. Time Lords also have the ability to regenerate. However, when this happens, that Time Lord is no longer the same person both physically and personally wise. However, The Doctor does keep his memories of previous lives. Ten is on his tenth regenerate hence being called the Tenth Doctor. Currently, The Doctor has used ten of his twelve regenerations. The name Ten choose for himself is, ‘The Man Who Makes People Better’.

At a young age, Gallifreyans are to look into the Untempered Schism (a time vortex), for the reason of "can inspire greatness. For others, the experience is so painful and overwhelming it makes them flee or drives them completely mad." Ten states he had been one who ran away and he adds in the flashback, “And still running.”

The Laws of the Time Lord, according to Doctor Who How To Be A Time Lord Official Guide

During the Last Great War against the Daleks (an alien race that only kills and destroys), fought a fierce battle with the Time Lords. Only Ten (or another regeneration of him before Ten survived). The rest of the Daleks and Time Lords were dead. The Eighth Doctor is now the last of the Time Lords.

The Doctor travels through the time vortex in his Blue Police Box, aka the T.A.R.D.I.S (Time And Relative Dimension In Space). Since he is the last of the Time Lords, The Doctor gets pulled into various places in the universe and times because The Doctor is needed for some reason because something is off track in history. The Doctor knows how history is supposed to be. For instance, according to the Ninth Doctor, the Earth is supposed to end up swallowed up by the Sun. If the Daleks or any other alien race wants to change that fate they have to answer to – The Doctor.

The Doctor calling himself The Doctor the name he chose for himself because the name The Doctor stood for; “Never crud or cowardly. Never give up. Never give in.”

At one point the Face of Boe tells Ten that Ten isn’t alone which turns out that another Time Lord has survived the war by sealing him Time Lord self into a pocket watch and became completely human and goes by the name The Master.

The Doctor never stays in one spot since he is always traveling in the Time Vortex with some companion that he finds to be brilliant and open-minded. Ten's companions include; Rose Tyler (from when he had been Nine), Martha Jones and Donna Noble.

Ten met Rose Tyler when he was Nine by an accident that happened on Christmas Day when all the manikins came to life in London. They instantly fell in love with each other and have many adventures. When they return to the year 5 Billion on a spacecraft hovering above the Earth and they find out the Dalek’s have survived. Nine sacrifices himself for the greater good to take down the head Dalek to save the people of Earth. Then he goes to the T.A.R.D.I.S and uses the ‘soul’ of the T.A.R.D.I.S to regenerate into Ten. Ten wakes up hours later, just in time to challenge the Sycorax leader and saves the day. During which, one of his arms gets cut off and he grows a new arm. A fighting arm as Ten calls it.

Eventually, all good things must come to an end. The Doctor loses Rose Tyler, in a fight with the return of the Daleks and Cyberman. Rather than letting Rose be sucked into the in-between, he transfers her to an alternate reality which is sealed after the in-between closes itself. The Doctor takes the lost greatly, as he tries to find a small in-between to only say goodbye as he does so, utters her name – Rose Tyler.

When The Doctor meets Martha Jones in the hospital and Martha agrees to go on crazy adventures with him. For a good part of their time, The Doctor is still hung up on Rose Tyler and fails to see Martha as anything more than a brilliant and open-minded person. Martha helps The Doctor take down The Master and foil his plot. When Ten asks Martha to watch over him as a human, a.k.a. John Smith. He gives her very detailed instructions about almost any situation that may come up. Since The Doctor has to hide from The Family of Blood. An alien race that fed on Time Lords energy. In the meanwhile, she has to keep an eye on him as a human and his pocket watch that John Smith doesn't remember has his Time Lord soul inside. Martha is highly resourceful during this event and even the sight of Martha seems to slightly jog, John Smith's memories of being The Doctor. When The Master surfaces and threatens to overtake humans and re-built the Time Lord empire. The Doctor sends Martha on a quest as he is kept as The Master's prisoner. That is to travel far and wide and spread his name The Doctor, tell his stories and on the exact second, on the exact date that The Master intends to place his plans into motion to all call out The Doctor's name. Meanwhile, Ten taps into the cellular network The Master is using to control the minds of the people. The Master dies in The Doctor's arms, which Ten is horribly upset about that he couldn't help The Master.

Unfortunately, it isn't until near the end of Martha deciding to stay behind that The Doctor sees Martha. Martha did good for The Doctor because when The Doctor runs into Donna Noble again and London is being taken over by Adiposes rather than destroying the Adiposes like The Doctor destroyed the Racnoss babies in front of Donna the first time they met just before The Doctor met Martha. He states, "They're just children," and lets them go. Donna remarks, "That is different from last we met. That Martha must had done you well."

Donna Noble, Ten met Donna on her wedding day on Christmas Eve. Which in a whole twist of events turns out to be a good thing as The Doctor has to fight a Ranconss from taking over the Earth. Had Donna not been there for The Doctor that day he would have died. Afterward, The Doctor loses track of Donna as she declines his invite to travel with him with him in the T.A.R.D.I.S. Then bumps into Martha Jones has a huge adventure with her and then fate pushes Donna and The Doctor back together. Which it actually ends up being the head Dalek in the end, trying to get Donna and The Doctor together. As Donna ends up being the key to the T.A.R.D.I.S. The Doctor gets shot by a Dalek and uses up a regeneration. However, since he is content with his current body and that didn't get too horribly damaged he stays the same. Captain Jack Harkness, Rose Tyler, Martha Jones and a few others help The Doctor in stopping the Davros from their evil plot of getting rid of the Earth and The Doctor along with his friends/companions help The Doctor fly the T.A.R.D.I.S and put the Earth back in orbit. Things come with a price, Rose Tyler has to return to the parallel universe now that things are fixed, Donna has to forget everything about her adventures with The Doctor since she became part Time Lord in the process and that would blow her up in her human body. Martha and Captain Jack have their own lives to get back too.

When The Doctor is called back again by the Oods, he is compassionless. The Oods told The Doctor before he lost Donna that, "I think your song must end soon. Every song must end," as the Ood hint to The Doctor and Donna after they both save the Oods. The Ood call The Doctor back to their planet to discuss with him their visions that they are having about The Master returning. Which Ten doesn't understand as The Master dies in his arms and had burned The Masters body - but not his ring. Though some ritual The Master is brought back to life. The Master makes all the humans on the Earth look like him. For two reasons;

The Doctor is very fond of the human race.

So that they all can listen and find out where that drumming is coming from.

The High Council of The Time Lords on Gallifrey come to Earth. Which this isn't explained how Gallifrey survived until the 50th Doctor Who special, as Ten himself doesn't understand. The High Council of the Time Lords tries to put Gallifrey where the Earth is. The Doctor is caught between who should he kill in his last moments. The High Council or The Master. There's a long played dramatic pause if The Doctor should even shot at all. As he does click the revolver when he is told by The Master he doesn't have it in him to do this. Which The Doctor refused to do for the longest time to even hold a gun because that is how The Master started. In the end, The Doctor shoots the mainframe computer and since The Doctor spared The Master's life, The Master saves The Doctor from the High Council and The Earth is saved from both The Master and The Time Lords and the human race goes back to having individual faces. However, The Doctor still isn't done. His companion of sorts, Wilfred Mott, Donna's grandfather, follows The Doctor though most of this and Mott believes he will be safe behind thick glass doors that can keep radiation out - and in.

The Doctor fusses about his freaking compassion for having to save everyone and never getting or asking for anything in return. After all, Mott just had to go and trap himself in that box, didn't he? The Master's computers are on overload and even trying to fix them with the Sonic Screwdriver would set them off. Meanwhile, Wilfred Mott, Donna's grandfather, is trapped in a radiation booth. The only way to release him is for Ten to go into the other booth and press the button but at the cost of being trapped himself. After, his fuss and something of a temper tantrum he absorbs all the radiation. Which he knows will cause him to regenerate. The Doctor uses his final moments as Ten to go re-visit, Donna, Martha, Rose and Captain Jack. Before finally going into his regeneration and becoming the Eleventh Doctor.

  • In the 50th Doctor Who special, the 10 and 11 Doctors go back to the last day of The Great War on Gallifrey and helps himself as the 8 Doctor make a better choice. Rather than blowing up Gallifrey, they call in all 12 of The Doctor's regenerations and they circle the planet in the twelve T.A.R.D.I.S and place Gallifrey in a parallel universe and frozen in time. While the Dalek's get blown up in their own crossfire.

However, the 10th Doctor will not remember that happening but the 11th Doctor will remember all of that taking place since it is all in the 11th Doctor's past.


The biggest difference between this and all the other incarations of The Doctor, THIS version of The Doctor has the most human emotions

The Doctor finds human beings very fascinating. Mainly due to their cleverness and imagination. In Age of Steel, where a man named Lumic is suffering from disabilities creates an army of robots with human brains and plans to turn everyone himself into these robots. When Ten runs into he states, "Everything you did was to fight your sickness But that's brilliant. That is so human.Once you get rid of sickness and morality then what is there to strive for? The Cyberman won't advance you'll just stop. You'll stay like this forever. A metal Earth with metal men and metal thoughts. Lacking the one thing that makes this planet so alive! People! Ordinary stupid- brilliant people!"

The Time War is the main thing that The Doctor regrets. Even if that didn't happen in his regeneration of his current self but before the Tenth Doctor, Ten does remember the Time War still. The right decision to make to destroy Gallifrey with both the Time Lords and the Daleks was the only way to end the Time War. The Doctor in that lifetime knew that the war was going to escalate further with what the Council of the Time Lords at the time were going to plan. All those people on his planet dying forever haunts the Tenth Doctor and the choice that had been made that day. That hadn't been a choice The Doctor had wanted to do. The Doctor also regrets having lost Rose Tyler in the parallel universe only because he had fallen in love with her. Any people that The Doctor isn't able to save they become a burden on his conscious because there could have been another way! This is also his main motivation to keep helping others. To maybe wash his conscious clean of all the wrong in a previous life of his that he has committed. This also keeps his relationships at a friends only level. Even with him having had fallen in love with Rose Tyler, he could never fully tell her his feelings for her. This also keeps The Doctor from making many close friends as he is afraid of the monster he had been. The monster that he knows he can be because Ten had been born out of an end of a battle and woke up during a battle as his current regeneration. His feelings for Martha Jones got complicated as well. It wasn't until Donna Noble came into his life that Ten thought he needs a mate. Since Donna pointed out how scary Ten had been without someone when she witnesses his cruelty when fighting the Empress of Rancoss. Of course, The Doctor has other regrets as well. Like knowing that some things in history like the burning of City of Pompeii has to happen. That is something fixed in history. That he cannot save all of those people. As The Doctor states on why he couldn't save everyone in Pompeii; "Because that’s how I see the universe. Every waking second, I can see what is, what was, what could be and what must not. It’s the burden of the Time Lord, Donna.” Needless to say, having people around The Doctor as friends helps him wonders. However, otherwise, The Doctor will try to find the best solution to a situation with the least amount of people dying.

The Doctor isn't without his cruelty. In the episode Turnitalic text Left, you see how important for The Doctor to have someone at his side. Someone to tell him to stop. Due to the fact, Donna Noble makes another choice she creates an entire parallel world when she and The Doctor never met. Christmas Eve 2006, when Ten is fighting the Empress of Rancoss, this time, he didn't have Donna Noble to tell The Doctor to get out. He didn't have someone to tell him to stop and The Doctor wasn't able to get out in time and wasn't able to regenerate. The Doctor had died in this parallel universe because there had been no one hold him back.

Not that The Doctor is without forgiveness, compassion and understanding. In fact, Ten had been able to forgive The Master who saw himself above humanity, unlike The Doctor who finds humanity completely fascinating. When The Doctor has The Master where he wants him, Ten hugs The Master and says that he forgives him for having been so cruel. Even later, when The Doctor has the chance to shoot The Master or the leader of the Time Lords, he tells The Master to step aside and shoots the computer. Since he always, is looking for the win-win situation whenever possible. No one ending up dead. He is even able to agree with and defend one of the Daleks that merged with a human.Since that Dalek grew more of the awareness of the cruelty that the species is creating. Ten actually sided with that half human- half Dalek.

The Doctor is very daring. If not just for living in a T.A.R.D.I.S. that is always traveling through the time vortex but also for the fact of the manner is that he also never knows when or where he is going to end up or what is causing the trouble in the place that The Doctor is going to encounter in the place that summons him. Ten does love every moment of his daringness, however. As he has said, “The fear. The joy. The wonder. I get that! Why do you think I keep going?" As well as, The Doctor knowing he can take things better than the average human as well. Does The Doctor need to jump and land thirty feet down? Is there a reason that he has to be electrocuted by lighting for some reason? Not a problem he can handle that. He also believes himself to be 'simply brilliant'.

The Time War

A complied timeline of the Time War though the entire 50 year run of Doctor Who show


• Regeneration
• Language Translation
• Able to sense what is wrong or out of place in certain space - time
• Vast knowledge of Who universe
• Talented liar and quick talker
• Pocket Watch to transform into a human with human thoughts Desciption here
Time Lord technology with his suit pocket (bigger on the inside than the outside)
• Can change his molecules with the help of three ingredients ( ginger beer, something salty (but not too) and a shock). To keep himself from being poisoned.
• Swordfighter
Sonic Screwdriver
• Can withstand being stuck by regular lighting
• Able to land from 30 feet
Biology of a Time Lord

Bending Ablities

Items brought to Nautilus

Sonic Screwdriver (5 inches can extend to 7 inches)
• Psychic Paper
• Clever glasses
• Key to Tardis

Cross Canon Relationships


The first person 10 bonded with when arriving in a strange new world and spent a lot of time at the Tower at first. Azmuth is wonderful to chat too not only hold intellectual convenations but also someone else who is ancient with deep regrets and have seen so much change.

It's been a bit rocky lately, since 10 tried to poke at a scab on Azmuth about someone's love interest; 10 is hopeful that Azmuth will open up one day about their issues since 10 believes they both could benfit from each other and help each other heal deep wounds.


A muppet! 10 is a huge fan!

Clu 1.0

Dirk Cadwell;
When 10 first met Dirk, 10 was lying that 10 was a human named John Smith and Dirk - Dirk was a trigger happy (bad human!) nervous human with an addiction. After months of listening and being level minded, Dirk and 10 formed a friendship. However, when Dirk opened up - 10 continued to lie. It wasn't until the psychic storm in September of 2017; that Dirk got a glance into 'John Smiths' mind and saw others that didn't look like 10's face and what looked like 10's face involved in something crazy. As well as, the two of them were tackling each other and Dirk also felt 'Johns' two hearts.

Thankfully, Dirk liked and trusted John enough to not freak out and shoot 'John' about all of that.

Needless, to say, 10 loves his Dirk human who has stopped the trigger happy and is less nervous. It's a bromance.

Gabriel Agreste/Papillon;
10 wanted to help Gabe, so very much at first and felt sorry for the human. However, the further 10 became involved between Gabriel and Adrien, the more twisted he saw this all was. 10 did promise if he ever did Ascend he'd go to their world to save Gabriel's wife; however, talks with Adrien it sounded like that saving her wasn't possible. When 10 did go there to make sure and found that moment was a fixed point in time; later.

To a point 10 was reasonable and held his tongue with Gabe but when it became clear that Gabe was obsessed to an unhealthy degree and wanted control and made it clear that accepting that things were beyond human control. Needless, to say there's complete HATE towards Gabe and 10 is also supscious after the Endos plot about Gabe also being Papillon as well…

Gabriel and Lady Me - 10 feels are his biggest failures in game

Kit Fisto;

The Doctor's senshi in The Force. "It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds the galaxy together" and in being able to do this feels less blinded.

Kit was also able to sense 'John' wasn't human and gently suggested that coming forward with the truth would be better if done by one's self than one pressed up against the wall.

Kit is his mentor and thanks a lot of Kit has learned to be better with his emotional control… Mostly and above all - learning to forgive one's self.

Again, some ancient to talk to besides one self.

Grasshopper has learned much and respects his Jedi Master much he does.

Irene Mallidias;

10's Ashura and currently try to get Irene to open up a bit.


Very clever, spunky and insightful. For sure companion material!

Leia Organa-Solo;

You know how a therapist needs a therapist? In this case, 10's is Leia and the biggest lesson she's working on with 10 is not to bottle things up.


Good kid can't say that 10 likes that Link got himself looped in time. However, Link has a lot of potential as a hero in his future.

Sunset Shimmer;

Mistaken 10 for a humaniod form of Dr. Whooves as well as; during the pony! storm was comparing on how magic is science in her universe. Needless to say interesting theories and good for intellectual chat.

A very interesting individual that also shares his love for Muppets and sword fighting.

The Orphans

Adrien Agreste/Chat Noir;

When 10 first met Adrien - saw a boy that is very clever but is also calling out for help, which turned out to be true. On how Gaberial his father imprisioned Adrien and kept sneaking Adrien out from Gaberial's nose. As well as a child that had been emotionally nelgectled and had self worth of a pile of rocks. But because Adrien cares for Gaberial, tried to help Gabe as well. Which failed - horribly. 10 and Rose spoiled Adrien with love and hugs. So many hugs! And Adrien is their son. They gave Adrien that proper feeling of a family as well as an safe escape. Needless, to say, 10 loves Adrien like a son and hence the rage at Gaberial. And keeps the secert of Chat secert even from his other selves or anyone besides Rose from The Doctor's own universe.
Chat, has been wise and insightful and 10 hopes one day that Adrien can be Chat Nior without the costume.

Alya Césaire

Doesn't know her very well but she's important to Mari, Adrien and Nino. Very nice and enthustic girl.

Connie Maheswaran

Very clever, strong and determinded girl. Connie has handled aliens before in her world and has her own crush on a half human and half Gem mate. When Ray Stanz went back to sleep and the last of Connie's Nautilus family. Ray's last request was to watch Connie till Ray returned. Despite being strong she still can be hurt; which happened when Papillon/Endos brainwashed her - and she had to live with her actions afterwards but is glad that nearly dying made Connie wake up and fight the control. Also, excellent sword sparring parnter. Trusts her to handle herself.


Poor, poor Kirika and not knowing her past. 10 wonders what caused that and why. However, 10 is glad that Kiri is willing to start a new life here. She just needs to lose the guns and learn other ways of self defense.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng/ LadyBug

One of the first that found out The Doctor wasn't human just by being Marinette. Which is - she randomly hugged him. Needless to say, she understand the importance of secerts and kept his secert as 10 has kept hers of being Ladybug! She's sweet, good hearted, very good cook and clumsy and has very human teenage moments.

Nino Lahiffe

Doesn't know so well but knows that Mari, Adrien and Alya are friends. Seems to have a good head on his shoulders.

Will Stanton

Older than he appears but still is able to have fun. Looking forward to see where things go.

Canon Relationships

Keep in mind for the following selves 10 recalls those lives and due to that is the underlining fear of forgetting himselves in this place with no time. As well as being the end result of all of them and how himselves will perceive their own future. As well as; 10 being the closest to human emotions within all the incarations and 4th Doctor being the most distant from human emotions and what yourselves might think of yourself; allowing yourself to feel so much for a human when regenerating.

3rd Doctor

After his messing up with 4 and 8; 10 is learning to listen to himself with this Doctor and most likely won't mess this up. But loves that this Doctor tried to see why his oldest self 'settled down'

4th Doctor;

10 loves Scarfy - even if 4 is currently is upset at 10. 10 regrads 4 to be his best life; next to 5 and doesn't understand that doesn't give 4 much of a future to look forward too if 4 is the best. However, 10 misses those days even if when The Doctor was just having adventures and finding new things in the universe! Even if the Time Lords did call upon this life from time to time - at least The Time Lords asked for The Doctor's help vs. later on with The Time War, The War Doctor basically just did what War Doctor wanted. As well as one day; 4 won't have a home to go back too and how for granted 4 takes that or any of him do before War.

This is also the life where The Doctor had to make a very big decision regarding The Daleks. Which is did this life of The Doctor have the right to commit genocide to The Daleks knowing all the pain and suffering that The Daleks have done up till that point

Needless to say, 10 hopes that 10 can patch things up with himself.

8th Doctor

Along, with other things going on; including Lady Me, this is a life that is a bit - foggy and learning about zagreus indirectly didn't help. Needless to say; 10 needs to fix the relationship here as well.

9th Doctor

These two b - frough a lot. Mostly because of Rose. Because they both knew Rose and Rose knew them both. Which meant 9 didn't have a long run. Not to mention how 10 strutting around like a peacock. However, after a lot of b - fighting; 10 did come to the conclusion that they can't make Rose choose between himselves because both of himselves are important to her and 10 knew where 9 was in 9's run; and knew 9 needed Rose.

Plus the shock of 9 also having been the first, other him to come here. But then anyone of him is better than 7 or War

In the end; 10 luffs his 9.

Captain Jack Harkness;

Jack is a very complicated indivdual; Jack has come a very long way from being a con man and The Doctor is very grateful for that. However, the fact that Jack will live forever and knows who the Face of Boe will be. Which of course, won't tell Jack, Jack's own future. Which turns into a - what HAS he done to Rose as well. Besides making a human so OBESSED with him. 10 loves Jack and has a lot of respect for Jack but also can't say that Jack's immortal life isn't The Doctor's fault; even if Rose is techincally the one who did the curse to Jack; which is so human; but because she wanted to be with The Doctor so much found a way back to him and looked into the Time Vortexx and gave Jack that immortal life.

As well as; apparently needing to be there for Jack now; 10 promised to be there for Jack in Nautilus; since 10 wasn't there for Jack for an event that will happen for 10 but has happened for Jack. Bottom loves Jack it's just complicated and timey wimey - thing.

Only 9, 10 and Rose know who the Face of Boe is

Luffs his Jack.

Ianto Jones;

Doesn't know him much but is important to Jack. At the very least Ianto understands how bad Torchwood 1 was between Battle of Canary Wharf and Sycorax slaughter.

River Song;
Even though she's not here. Ten is so sorry about not being able to save her. Only knows this is wife due to Lady Me and Bad Wolf! Rose.


When Rose first came to Nautilus, 10 had lost Rose at Torchwood and didn't let go of her hand and held on a bit extra when going though the Gates. Rose went along with his John Smith, BS story that he made up but for an entire month still kept her at arm's lenght despite the story. Finally, when confronted on the network on how those two act with each; as far as one doing the peacock mating dance and the other not replying and then when the other is about to walk away; the other one does the peacock mating dance but never synced. Needlessly to say, their behavior of this with those they met had those individuals corner 10 on the network and then turning the network off - got cornered by Rose waiting by the Tardis door, 'what do we tell them?'

Which is when 10 decided he couldn't run anymore from what they are and enjoyed a very long snog. Told Rose that she was his soul mate.

Which isn't to say that they didn't have their problems; 10 caught Rose wearing the leather jacket when she told he wasn't looking and took a bunch of 10 plushes from GothDonalds and hoarded them and slobbered all over one.
Rose kissing his 9th self on Christmas Day of 2016 resulted in Rose and 9 being screamed at in a jealous rage.

10 even asking Rose when 10 found out about Dr. Hooves before splitering off himself - about which face Rose would love and has asked on several occassions since then.

Rose and 10 having a big fall out on Valentine's Day; which end resulted in 10 saying that he can see Rose as an equal; as he's seen her grow over several months.

Needless to say; Rose and 10 have worked though a lot of understanding in almost two years; including with Rose becoming Bad Wolf. After taking in a bunch of children - Rose needs to learn to be a mom. It's a work in progress.

And still luffs her with both his hearts. And married to her. Fight him, River.

Romana II aka Fred;
Ten hasn't seen Romana since his adventures with her as his 4th face. Needlessly to say, Ten is so very glad to have Romana here. Gives both his hearts the warm fuzzies. Plus happy puppy because another Time Lord - which is something his version hasn't seen since the death of The Master. However, it's awkward to speak to due her since Romana hasn't gone on any adventures in her point in time and hopes that in time they can re-connect.

Rusty the Dalek;

Lady Me;

Almost regrets allowing Lady Me to live with him and Rose in the Tardis from the first day Me came and knocked on the Box door. The only thing that made any of his failure worth it was the few genuine smiles 10 was able to get out of Me but in the end - couldn't help her and doesn't understand why an A.U. him in the future would do what he did to Me because 10 knows that Jack Harkness is cursed and at times even 10 feels old in those bones of his and just wants to rest.


Ten woke in Nautilus on 7/24/2016
Ten's waking gift was a snowglobe with the capitial of Gallifrey

Confessing feelings to Rose and publicly told everyone what he was 10/3/2016

A wild Lady Me appears 11/6/2016

Split off #1 (9th Doctor) 12/2/2016

Marriage Purposal to Rose 12/24/2016

Spilt off #2 (4th Doctor) 1/30/2017

Split off #3 (8th Doctor) 3/31/2017

April 2017 - Ascended

Gallifryan mountains appear in West (for one year versy present) 8/2/2017

Canon Update with Rose 9/5/2017 (Coming back after having found Rose again and been shot by a Dalek)

Rose accepts 10's marriage prospal from Christmas of 2016 9/11/2017

Captain Jack arrives 9/15/2017

Romana II aka Fred arrives 12/20/2017

Rusty The Dalek invades 12/21/2017

Split off #4 (3rd Doctor) 1/2/2018


He stole her to see the universe

Canon Loses after Canon update 9/5/2017

Madame De Pompadour
The Master
River Song

John Smith

For the first few months when the 10th Doctor first woke, he made up a BS backstory. Which is the following;

John Smith was born in London, England in the year 5025. Attended the University of London, and majored in astrophysics and minor in art. While, being an intern at Torchwood. In, 5047, met his soon be to wife, Rose Tyler while going to his dorms she slipped into the pond due to following John Smith and he helped her out and took her out to dinner. In 5048, the two where married. A year later, having a child named Boe. During the same here, both of them were employed to Torchwood. John was asked to lead a project for an interdimensional matter transporter. John's wife, Rose was one of his assistants. When the transporter was functioning in 5050, the Daleks came through the gateway. John tried to close the gateway but couldn't and Rose saves John from being exterminated. The two hide in a bunker (TARDIS) and end up becoming cryogenically frozen for 100 years as the radition from the wreckage the Daleks did tampers off.
Emerges from the ashes and gathers those humans still alive to help reverse all of this and put the Daleks into the void. Which is successful but at the price of losing Rose Tyler.

Nicknamed, The Doctor; For the reason of;His lab team said he could fix any of the glitches found in the machines. Or problem solve solve the best. Find the errors in the equations.

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