Continuity Original Character
Age 17 on Arrival (January 2017)
18 Currently
Birthday April 16th
Species Magus (Half-Human, Half-Demon)
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Heterochromia; Brown (Left Eye), Green (Right Eye)
Height 4'11" (149.9 cm)
Weight 85 lbs. (38.5 kg)
District South (Currently living in the East)
Journal enchantressofore
Player Rizu
Theme Song None Currently

"I wish I could say for certain one way or another, but in truth I can only speak for myself."

World Summary

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Personal History


Still being fine-tuned, prone to change in the future!


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The following characters have not yet Woken in Nautilus but are still important to Adela. The following snippets contain spoilers regarding some of Adela's family members and her world at large that even Adela herself does not know of, so proceed with caution.

Fellow Wakened

Portgas D. Ace

The first person Adela has met in Nautilus, as well as her self-proclaimed "Nakama" and Captain. A pirate and in life the 2nd Division Captain of the Whitebeard Pirates. Adela often feels both overwhelmed and annoyed at the constant shows of affection from Ace, though over time and exposure she has become just a little more used to it. That he seems to understand her own feelings of not wishing to be abandoned helps her cope with Ace's more stand-out quirks, but it won't stop her from yelling at him or pointing her sword at him when he's crossed a line.

He is, as of this point, someone relatively important to Adela and someone she would defend at all costs, even if she might not realize it just yet. As of now, she's trying to coax Ace into at least asking first if he wants to drag her somewhere and to do something, though she has yet to be met with any modicum of success.

Roronoa Zoro

Adela's new swordplay teacher and mentor. Adela can find some of Zoro's training methods extreme, but she still intends to try as hard as she can and to match him at some point, even someday surpassing him if possible. He is the first person to show her explicit and complete trust in a way she could understand, in allowing her to borrow Wado Ichimonji for her own protection when she was struggling with an Akuma possessing her own sword. The action moved the girl to tears and caused her to finally start feeling like she belonged with Zoro and everyone else at the Dream of the All Blue. It also served to help her realize just how much she cares for all of them, and how it might actually be a good thing and not such a scary prospect as it formerly was.


Someone Adela is seeing as a dear friend different than any other she has made in Nautilus. Keith initially met her when she was turned into a cat thanks to a reality storm and treated her with kindness and respect. When she met him again in her own body, the two began to spar on a regular basis and found that they enjoyed the physical activity done together, among other things.

They shared a kiss during the cupid storm, causing Adela to panic once she had learned that she was Keith's first kiss. The two seemed to recover from that however and their friendship resumed, but then the Nautilus Academy storm happened. The two shared classes together, but what really changed things was the so-called "prank" pulled on Adela. When she nearly fell off of the roof, it was Keith who arrived to the scene and pulled her up to safety, and as her friend there she felt safe enough to cry in his arms from the scare and refused to let go for quite some time. They would both later attend the prom and dance together, spawning more affection in Adela that she doesn't quite know how to identify as of yet.

Over time she has started to care for him perhaps more than most of her friends, or at least in a different way. She has watched his house while he went to sleep to learn more of his own world, treated his wounds when he returned, and listened to his worries about his newly-found heritage. He is, as of this point, the only person Adela has explicitly shared her own heritage with, letting him know that she is a Magus, a half demon, and her own perils that come with her own blood. The experience has only brought the two closer.

In the Monster Invasion Reality Storm, Keith was badly injured, shocking and scaring Adela. While caring for him and being uncertain of his fate, it made her realize that, more and more, her feelings towards Keith were growing more romantic in nature. She realized that, above anyone else, she would have regretted not telling him of such things were he to disappear or to die suddenly. It was also eye-opening for Adela in that it showed her that leaving by choice was not the only way she would potentially lose people important to her.

At this time she is struggling on how to express her feelings to Keith without damaging the bond they have, for she holds his friendship near and dear to her heart as well. Only time will tell if she will cause the change in their relationship or if change will happen in other ways, but the only thing known for certain is that things will not remain the same forever.


She met Sanji almost at random when Ace kidnapped Adela to the Dream of the All Blue at one point. The two talked, and they found the connected almost right away as fellow crafters with similar passions, Sanji as a chef and Adela as a Blacksmith. Things became awkward after the forced romance of the Cupid Storm however, and to this day Adela keeps to herself that Sanji had taken her first kiss at the time. She still views Sanji as a good friend, referring to him as Sanji-Chan and seeking him out for advice of any sort whenever she may need it.

It is also of note he has taught her to dance during the Nautiulus Academy storm. Most modern clothing Adela now wears is also thanks to Sanji's input as he was the first to go clothes shopping with her, giving her some idea of what is normal clothing to wear out of her own want to at least try to fit more into the world she has found herself in.

More than any of the others at the Dream of the All Blue, Adela has started to see Sanji as an older brother. Someone she can confide in and rely on for advice and support, who will be gentle where needed but will not sugar-coat things or lie to her about important matters. It's a sort of relationship that is new to her, and one she would not dare change for the world.

Rose (Dragoon)

A mysterious and aloof woman, Adela doesn't know if she is on the other's good side or not. It has been easier since meeting the elder at the beach party and getting to know both her and her dragon Gabriel, but Adela is still unsure of how to approach Rose for anything at all. At the very least, there is mutual annoyance at one Portgas D. Ace for his insistently affectionate behaviour.

Kirika Yuumara

Someone Adela has come across several times in the past, and was her roommate during the Nautilus Academy storm. She occasionally wonders how the other girl is doing, though she hasn't seen her in quite some time. She unfortunately does not care explicitly about the other girl enough to seek her out at this time, but if she happens across Kirika she will respond to the other in a friendly manner for the time being.

Sunset Shimmer

A girl who has somehow wormed her way into Adela's life as a friend(?). Adela is unsure of how she feels about Sunset at this time, unsure of how to take someone as overtly friendly and aggressive about friendship as she is. She knows she can at least trust Sunset to be earnest about herself, but she is unwilling to actively let Sunset become closer to her at this time.

Franky (One Piece)

A new 'friend', Franky is an interesting person to Adela. She direly wishes that he would wear some pants (honestly…), but she is also interested in him as a craftsman and metal-worker. The two tend to bicker as often as they get along, and at the moment their relationship can almost be described as like one between two siblings.

Connie Maheswaran

A dedicated swordswoman and someone Adela admires. The girl is younger but almost her match, causing both envy and admiration in Adela. She thinks Connie can go far with her skill and motivation, though there is no stopping her own feelings of inadequacy in comparison.

Gabriel Agreste/Papillon

Currently only knows him as Papillon. Papillon fought against Adela and attempted to use an Akuma in her sword to turn her into a super villain, but a miraculous thing happened; Adela resisted the transformation entirely for an extended period of time. In the immediate time of the infection of her sword, Adela and Papillon fought viciously until Chat Noir's intervention, allowing Papillon to escape the confrontation. She currently only has feelings of apprehension and hostility towards Papillon.

Adrien Agreste/Chat Noir

Knows both Chat Noir and Adrien Agreste, but is closer to Chat Noir.

As Chat Noir: After fighting alongside him and fighting with him, the two have grown to be closer friends with an agreement to try for closer mutual trust. She confides in Chat about personal issues and is willing to listen should he wish to do the same. Each day she finds she trusts him more and is seeing him as a closer friend than most people she's met in Nautilus. That he seems to understand her fears and concerns with interpersonal relationships alleviates some of her own doubts about other people in general, and for that she's grateful to him.

As Adrien Agreste: She views him as a friendly acquaintance with some interest in fencing. She has agreed to do a rapier commission for Adrien and wishes to learn more of the swordplay style he knows that relies more on speed and finesse than it does on strength. She thinks he's very kind, considerate, and polite, and she wouldn't be averse to becoming more familiar with him.


The first deva Adela has formally met. Adela isn't entirely certain of if she should trust him, but she is grateful to him both for his efforts in fighting against the newly-crowned deva Endos and for cleansing her sword of the Akuma that had been plaguing it. She wants to believe in him and what he has said to her fellow wakened, but she has yet to fully commit to doing so.

Alya Césaire

An inquisitive girl with a lust for knowledge and truth. Adela isn't quite sure of how to talk to Alya, with the other girl insisting on more casual terms for one another, but Adela isn't entirely averse to getting to know her and is willing enough to at least hear her out or even try some of what Alya wants to try. She does think Alya is at least a little too pushy at points, however.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug

Knows only as Marinette and only knows Ladybug in passing or through Chat Noir's word. As Marinette, Adela views her as a very kind and almost timid girl. Perhaps because she can see a lot of similarities between herself and Marinette, she's been more open and accepting of her presence. The fact that she often brings by freshly-baked bread to the forge doesn't hurt, and she's always pleased to have a visit from Marinette in her day.


A very cute and very selfish(?) cat. Adela likes seeing him around, though she only ever seems to see him at the Dream of the All Blue or on the network. She knows he's a close friend of Ace, Sanji, Adrien, and Chat Noir, and she's willing to get to know him and to spoil him wherever possible as well. She knows she'd like to see more of him, but it's also pretty clear that Spark is usually busy elsewhere, so she'll just take visits whenever they occur.

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