Continuity Original Character
Age 17 on Arrival (January 2017)
18 Currently
Birthday April 16th
Species Magus (Half-Human, Half-Demon)
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Heterochromia; Brown (Left Eye), Green (Right Eye)
Height 4'11" (149.9 cm)
Weight 105 lbs. (47.6 kg)
District South (Currently living in the East)
Journal enchantressofore
Player Rizu
Theme Song None Currently

"I wish I could say for certain one way or another, but in truth I can only speak for myself."

World Summary

Still being fine-tuned, prone to change in the future!

Adela originates from an Earth-like world in late 12th century. Modern conveniences simply do not exist, agriculture and trades reign as the two most common ways of money-making, people craft their own commodities by hand, and while monarchical rule is common, kingdoms are small and not well-established. However, there are a few key differences in technology, namely within the existence of magic.

Magical creatures – those with the ability to change the world around them – are everywhere in the world. Nobility often will be in possession of gryphons or pegasi for fast transportation, virgin maidens can befriend the rarely-encountered unicorn, and dragons will opt to eat livestock when food in their mountain homes has become scarce. For the most part, people live in harmony with these creatures, but being able to wield magic aside from their own knowledge is a rare instance – not many humans are known to wield magic themselves. Those who do are deemed 'Magi' (may-gai, plural for Magus) and are treated with one of fear, respect, or desire. They are normally either given to the church for education in their own abilities to aid the common man (should their elements show to be generally helpful) or are otherwise enlisted in their kingdom's militia for further training and use under the crown afterwards. It does not happen in all cases however; Magi are usually given little choice in the matter, though it is normally placed upon Magi born within the capitol or within otherwise well-populated villages within any given country.

Most magical creatures, on the other hand, will view Magi quite differently. In most cases they will be viewed as any other human and will be treated as such, though some may approach them as a potential ally – temporary or otherwise. That, however, is not a typical reaction and as such most magical beings still treat anything they recognize as human with caution, regardless of whether they have magic of their own or not. The sole exceptions (as a whole) who willingly meddle in the affairs of mortal man are Incubi and Succubae, who are consequently the source of the power found within Magi. Even so, the reason is not out of benefit to humans, but rather the need for survival of Incubi and Succubae.

Incubi and Succubae feed off of the physical pleasure of humans, taking the energy released for their own in order to nourish themselves and to replenish depleted magic that may have been spent through use or natural depreciation over time. Generally they gain more efficient energy (and more of it) if the human they feed from is conscious and willing, but in order to allow themselves to feed peacefully most will opt for the secrecy of taking the pleasures of unconscious humans in deep dreams or under the safety of invisibility.

Sometimes, Incubi and Succubae show themselves to members of the common populace, although humans do not know this for certain that it is through them that Magi are born. An Incubus or Succubus can fertilize or take seed from a human of their choice in order to birth a Magi. Most will not fertilize often, only doing so if there is a human they wish to rear a child with or, in the case of some, simply to entertain themselves as they watch the chosen human react to the result of their exploits. Incubi and Succubae cannot mate with each other, so their options are limited to the mortal humans they use as food if they wish to reproduce at all.

Later in life – when they have fully awakened to their own power – a Magus can summon their Incubus or Succubus parent through thought in order to contact them. When this is done, the parent can offer for the Magus to make the choice to become immortal and gain access to more power. This is done at the cost of their mortality and the change of their basic needs from those of a human to those of an Incubus or Succubus. It also requires the experience of human death – their own death – at the hands of their Incubus or Succubus Parent; if the soul is strong enough to endure the experience, the Magus's body will heal and they will change forevermore into an Incubus or Succubus. If not, then the Magus will die mortal by their parent's hand. The change is a choice, however, and a Magus can alternatively choose to live out their life as a human being while retaining claim over their magic. Such strength of spirit is rarely seen, making this ritual rare and a successful rebirth even more so.

As a rule, Magi only have access to one type of magic. Said magic is normally of elemental nature, giving them dominion over a natural force or substance found within the earth. One person could control fire, whereas another could control gravity in a contained area. Regardless of what power they have, however, any one of them can feel the presence and see the aura in magical beings and items endowed with power.

It should be noted that Incubi and Succubae have the ability to tell different magics apart from one another, unlike Magi. They also have the ability to become completely invisible to non-magical beings and to affect the dreams of sleeping creatures at will for their own purposes. It is also known that, although Incubi and Succubae cannot perish from old age or illness, it is possible for them to die at the hands of mortal man, beasts, other magical beings, and their own neglect. Known methods are through Incubi and Succubae either suffering too much damage to their bodies for their magic to help them recover or from total loss of their magic for an extended period of time - usually three days at the most. It is a difficult feat to accomplish however, as Incubi and Succubae are typically careful to avoid any of those scenarios out of the desire for continued existence.

Where Adela lives is in Belcrest, one of the southern-most countries on the continent of Esteracre (modelled somewhat after late-12th century Italy). Although she does not live within the city's boundaries, her uncle and her forge have a home a half-mile away from the densely populated ocean-side city of Marblesea, one of the largest trade centers in the known world and home of Belcrest Castle. In particular, Marblesea is famous for its high quality wines, fabrics, pottery, and smith-crafted works – namely, weapons and armor.

Socially, men and women stand as near-equal. There are very few things that are off-limits to women (such as acting and priesthood), but education is open to all who can afford private tutoring or is otherwise offered to children through the church, meaning that a majority of the population can read, write, and do basic arithmetic. Usually, only those who have noble blood or have accomplished great deeds locally will apply for knighthood as part of the castle guard and are generally rewarded for their work with comfortable living, honor, and respect from all around them. However, trades and agriculture tend to be where money is most abundant, meaning that most of the people who are considered nobility are those who own a lot of land outside of the city.

Established approximately five hundred years before Adela's birth, Belcrest has taken in the religious order of Nehra, a Succubus who became revered a saintly deity for her work in aiding the people around her. In her life, it is known and scripted that she would always help those who needed it, being kind to everyone around her be they a friend or someone she'd never met before, and her reputation for charity spread she continued her deeds. Several churches around the country were built in her honour so that many could practice her ways, with the most elaborate and beautiful structure residing in the capitol city of Marblesea. Her philosophies are becoming more wide-spread and popular in recent years, most notably her promotion of equality in men and women and the desire for everyone to have the opportunity to access knowledge, as well as promoting chastity and monogamy. The people of Marblesea in particular take her teachings seriously, becoming intolerant of those who would dare betray those teachings within the city's walls to the point of driving naysayers away, regardless of what benefit they may bring to the city.

It is prosperous, but no society is without corruption. Behind closed doors and away from the eyes of the king, civil unrest begins to work as the call for more land and the desire for more power is a topic of constant debate within the court. Although things are peaceful now, it is but a passing dream and soon, the era of true prosperity will end.

Personal History


Still being fine-tuned, prone to change in the future!

Born to her father (Dominic) and the succubus Ada, Adela only knew her parents until she was about three years old. Although it is not an event she remembers beyond bare flashes of bad dreams, it is a night her uncle tells her of whenever asked; their home was burnt to the ground by bandits, a group intent on taking everything they owned for their own benefit. They were led by a magus, and after bitter combat against Ada, the only ones left afterwards were her mother and herself. That night, the two had lost everything but each other.

Ada, fearful that she would be unable to support Adela by herself, turned to her elder brother Silas in order to care for Adela. It was only a few short months later that Ada disappeared without a word, forevermore leaving her daughter in the care of her brother. To this day neither Adela nor Silas know exactly why Ada never returned, and even now Adela is hesitant on trying to contact her mother out of the fear that she might get an answer she isn't ready to hear – or, worse, no answer at all.

It was soon after this, during spring as she turned four years old, that the two moved to the outskirts of Marblesea. With Silas's forge built and ready for commission, Adela would often observe Silas's work while tending to the animals they cared for within their home. By the time she was eight, she was beginning to create weaponry with her uncle in the forge on top of her regular chores, and a few months afterwards she began to learn swordplay from him as well. It would eventually turn into a training regimen of four hours per day, with the rest of the day devoted to chores and masonry (occasionally broken up by trips into town in order to sell their wares and to purchase necessities).

Although the peaceful days were a little monotonous, the two were content with their almost solitary life. They would occasionally meet and converse with the people in town, and there were times when they would meet people seeking Silas specifically for his craft. Still, for the most part they had each other and the animals in their home, and that was enough for them.

Vigilant training and hard work as her uncle's apprentice paid off when, together, they forged a sword exclusively for Adela's use as a gift for her twelfth birthday. Excited to try it out, Adela slipped away from the forge and into the woods, where she knew a clearing with an ocean-side cliff to be. For a while she was fine, but as the sun began to set the area around her began to quiet. She hadn't noticed that, during her training, she had been surrounded.

The first bite into her shoulder was what brought her out of her focus, and that was only the start of the ambush; a wolf pack had found a still target in Adela, and the bite marks across her skin would forever be a reminder of that day. She fought hard, but when her sword slid out of her reach it felt like all hope was lost. Her only options were to jump into the rocks and ocean below the cliff, or to let the wolf pack eat her alive.

She opted for the former, fearful for her life as she tried to cling to the cliff-side during her descent in the vain hope that she would find a hold mid-fall. She had been about to crash into the rocks when she remembered herself screaming… But no impact came. The cool ocean mist sprayed against her back, but not the crushing waves that she had expected. After some time to recover, Adela realized that, somehow, her torso was sticking to the rock a mere five feet above the water. Later, upon her uncle finding and returning her home, Silas would tell her that it was the awakening of her element – of her powers as a Magus.

At first, they assumed that it was dominion over the earth itself and attempted to train her as such. It didn't take long for them to come to other conclusions, however; ordinary earth did not respond to her magic, but that with trace amounts of metals and ores did. Along with Adela's unnatural tendency to know exactly how ores would react to one another when melted and forged together, they eventually found out that her element was in fact metal. What had saved her on the cliff-side was chance, as they found out when they went back to look at it more closely; iron ore was embedded into the wall, and that was what Adela had managed to cling to during her fall. Were it not for that, she would have perished that day.

From that time onward, Adela knew the true identity of her uncle as an Incubus, and through him she began to learn how to hone her own element; although it was not his, he knew enough of it in order to help Adela grow and control her own magic. It was yet another discipline for her to master, making her determined to put all of her efforts into her magic, masonry, and swordplay.

In recent years she has begun to forge weapons herself, using her knowledge and effort to create true works of art that even Silas's works could not hope to match. Those efforts are instead met with his pride, and more often than not he hands over commissions to Adela – whether it is for a duke's décor, a knight's shield, or even a simple horse's shoe. Their life of hard work was beginning to truly pay off, with respect for them growing within the city of Marblesea itself and said respect beginning to spread throughout the western country-side of Belcrest.

However, in the past year Silas has become more distant towards Adela, earning her confusion and worry. Any attempts to consult him for the reason why have been met with no answer as of this point as well. Adela can take care of herself, but it's difficult to imagine life without her uncle there at her side. She's still unaware that it's only a matter of time before his absence will become total.


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Adela is 4'11" and has a light build. Although she is well-muscled from exercise, the type of exercise (namely, swordplay) leaves her lean and thin so that she can move quickly on her feet at the cost of physical strength. She has what would have been pale skin (tanned from her time spent in the sunny and warm area she lives), long red hair (often tied back at the top of her head in a long ponytail), and green and brown eyes (heterochromia). From practice and from the occasional scrap with a thief in town, Adela has several blade scars across the skin of her body, though they all indicate thin sliced cuts as opposed to stab wounds. The only scar not matching this trend is a clear bite mark on her right shoulder (explained in her history), several years old. She also has several calluses on her hands and burn marks on her forearms from her work as a smith and from her training with the sword. She will typically wear a hand-sewn green tunic (occasionally with brown undershirt) over black breeches and well-worn black boots, not really caring so much that her clothes will have out-of-place stitching and patchwork done on them since it was really all she could afford for quite some time.


Adela is a hard-working and devoted teenager who puts everything she has into nearly everything she does. She also has a general distrust of nearly everyone around her due to being raised away from most general society (though the exception to this seems to be young children). She is determined, hardworking and not going to take any flak from anyone, but perhaps the ways she goes about not taking said flak can be improved upon, to put it politely.

She has a habit of lashing out at anyone who greatly irritates her (at least verbally), but Adela isn’t as violent as she might make herself seem. The only occasions where she’ll follow through with a terrible threat are when someone really makes her angry or otherwise does something that is just plain wrong by her. She has a very strong moral code that she follows and does not break for any reason whatsoever, even if it means harming or implicating her in some way or ending the lives of those who would threaten people important to her. In fact, this moral code is her way of trying to become the person she wants to be: her goal is to become truly noble, an ideal that her uncle implanted in her from childhood.

Adela was raised mostly alone with her uncle. She barely remembers it, but there was also an attack on her home, causing her to lose her father and most of everything else. After her mother left, the only person she really had frequent contact with was her uncle, and she didn't get the chance to socialize much as a child because of this. Those reasons are the root of her distrust in others – she never got the chance to learn how to truly reach out to other people. In fact, there is some distrust towards her uncle as well, knowing that if her own mother could bring herself to abandon her… Well, what limit was there?

She is passionate about her metal works. Partially because it is her element, but the methods of creation and the art that goes into it continue to fascinate Adela, as with every single work there seems to be something new for her to learn. It could be how adding an element like nickel to the mixture could affect the temper of the metal, finding a different way to create etching and colour on blades and hilts, or determining just how well she needs to distribute molten steel during forging in order to make a perfectly balanced blade. She views it as an art form and pours every ounce of her devotion into that.

With her sword creation comes weapons' training as well, and she enjoys that more than working in the forge. The technique behind it, the footwork and energy required, and the majesty of true mastery have allured Adela into wanting to become a master swordswoman as well as perfecting her smithing. She will train for hours as a means of enjoying herself on top of trying to improve her form.

Her work aside, she also enjoys nature – particularly flowers. Her favourites are Magnolias, White Lilies, and the rare-to-find (in Belcrest) Calla Lilies. Though she has no place to keep flowers, she'll often go out to just enjoy them, sometimes even climbing trees to watch them and falling asleep in them after training.

She keeps up a grouchy and defensive exterior but in all truth she’s shy and too thick-headed to admit to her shyness. However, she might approach someone who is obviously struggling with something she knows how to do and ‘help’ in her own way. Not exactly the best motivational speaker, but it is proof that she’s not completely heartless and against everyone around her. In fact she is easily embarrassed when it comes to things like compliments or topics not often spoken of in public. What seems to be an exception is when she can take pride in something she's done, such as work at the forge or her skill with the sword.

Adela absolutely hates not being in control of a situation as it makes her feel helpless. She'll react more violently when she starts feeling trapped in a situation like that, but if pushed she will become vulnerable, freeze up and be unable to act properly, even to the point of breaking down. However, at this point any vulnerability shown would be entirely involuntary, as she would try to keep any turmoil she feels hidden from the world.

Lastly, she has a very delicate sense of pride. Although she may come off as arrogant, the truth is that her confidence can be easily shattered. She can handle losing at something (this humility was drilled into her at a younger age), but what she can’t handle is not being taken seriously because of something outside of her control. And, because matters of her pride are something she feels are her problem and her problem alone, she also doesn’t like asking for help and will very likely reject offers for assistance. She’ll often let blows to her ego get to her very easily, causing her to sulk and lash out even more than normal. But, give her enough time and she’ll be able to get back up from the emotional blow she’s suffered and be back to normal. Most of the time, anyway.


Adela, in her own world, is what is called a Magus – a human being gifted with magic. She is the child of a Succubus and as such has inherited the abilities that come with it, as well as to wield a type of magic of her own. What she shares in common with all Magi is magic sight, which allows her to see items and beings endowed with magical power – regardless of any enchantments that may be on them. An example of this would be the ability to see something under invisibility magic, despite its effect to non-magical beings around her.

Her element, however, is what makes her magic unique. Adela has the ability to manipulate the properties of metal, the specific types of ore found within the natural earth that is not the earth itself. She can change it to any shape she pleases, affect its magnetism in relation to other metals (or to her own body, as she can give herself a magnetic field), and knowledge inherited from birth about the properties of each metal she comes into contact with.

Adela's manipulation of metal does have its limits; she cannot cause metal to exceed its natural mass to create something new, nor can she create new metal out of thin air. She can only create magnetic fields for metals for a short period of time if they do not have natural polarity, and the same can be said for if she gives it to her own body (whether to attract or repel). She cannot give a magnetic field to any entities outside of herself that isn't already metallic in nature. It is also difficult for her to pull minute portions of ore from the earth, only being able to easily affect them if they are in chunks visible to the human eye.

Knowledge of each metal she has ever come into contact with floods into her because of her magic. She will instantly be able to tell what kind of metal it is, how hard it is, and how it will react when put under strain of heat, how much heat is needed to bring it to melting point, and how it will hold when forged anew into new types of metal (such as steel or brass).

As with any physical endeavour, Adela's magic is also limited by Adela herself. Using magic expends her energy, and if she is weakened by physical means (from a fight, from hunger, or from lack of sleep for example), she will have weakened control over her magic and it can go to the point of being unusable without proper rest and care.



The following characters have not yet Woken in Nautilus but are still important to Adela. The following snippets contain spoilers regarding some of Adela's family members and her world at large that even Adela herself does not know of, so proceed with caution. If you wish to skip over these, please proceed to her Fellow Wakened in relationships.

Silas – Adela's Uncle

Adela's uncle, mentor, and a master blacksmith and swordsman for who she is an apprentice. Silas is a stern man who, for a time, would try his utmost to keep his niece out of harm's way. This changed when Adela proved that she would be too stubborn to be deterred from dangerous pursuits, in which he opted to instead teach her if only so that she wouldn't kill herself along the way.

Adela still respects this man as he is the most influential person in her life and, so far as she can see, protects her – though she fears it is out of a sense of duty rather than any real affection he may hold. Probably because the man himself is terrible at expressing such emotions and, even according to Adela herself, was terrible with children. There is no doubt to those who can see the two interact that he does indeed care for her as his family, debatable seeing her as his own daughter by this time.

As an Incubus, there are times when he must find people to sleep with in order to sustain himself. He will often wear an entirely different persona, warm and welcoming for the prospect of casual sex with those willing in the nearby city. Adela is aware of his purposes for such acts, though it does not make them less embarrassing for her to speak of or think about. Mercifully, such things do not seem to occur often as they really do not need to with the quiet life the two tend to lead.

He has recently left Adela behind in their shared home, only giving Adela the explanation that he was seeking someone out to speak with them about something important. It has been three weeks prior to Adela's waking in Nautilus since this has happened, and it is now to the point where she fears Silas may have in fact left her for dead.

Ada – Adela's Mother

Not much is known about the succubus woman who married the man Dominic and moved to the country with him to build her family. There is much Silas has not said of his estranged younger sister, more that he keeps from Adela than he would speak to anyone else. In reality she is a flippant woman, stubborn and prideful to a degree that has only seemed to be matched by her daughter. She is also greatly ambitious, seeking to influence the world of men for her own purposes, though said purposes have yet to rear their head.

As of this point she is still alive, though missing. She is in truth wrapped up in the politics of Belcrest and the surrounding kingdoms, seeking power of her own and using any and all means at her disposal to get it. Silas does not doubt that for all of her ambition she did love her husband Dominic while he was still alive, but it is debatable whether she feels love for Adela at all, seeing how quick she was to abandon her own child to her brother. It is a truth Silas has tried to shield Adela from, though Adela herself suspects that she was not abandoned from simple grief at the loss of Dominic several years ago.

That is not to say that Ada did not care for his loss at all – to the contrary, she had an unprecedented rage leave her, causing the fires of their home to grow and to kill all but herself and her child. It was the level of care that frightened her, and she felt that the pain she felt that night was worth experiencing again. Perhaps she would return to her child in the future, knowing that the girl still had her uses, but until then she has left the girl alive and in the care of her trusted brother Silas.

Dominic – Adela's Father

A seemingly unremarkable man of red hair and bright green eyes. He was passive, shy, warm, and caring, often bending to the whims of those important to him out of the desire to see them happy. He had been known to be stern and have his limits, and he had been pushed to this point before. It was that he had a spine when it mattered and his passions in life generally that attracted Ada to him on a personal level, though she had her eye on him for another reason; his position.

Dominic was the former crown prince of another country to the north, having abdicated his throne to his younger sister, a now yet-unnamed queen. So far as the world knows, he disappeared after he abdicated the throne and was presumed dead. He ran away with Ada to start a much more simple life away from war and politics, something Ada had initially been displeased with. However, learning how to have a simple life and having child together caused Ada to soften her disposition to that sort of life, thanks in no small part to Dominic's enthusiasm towards the newer and fresher experience.

It was not to last. When bandits attacked their home – possibly seeking out the former prince himself – he was lost in the raid. It was Dominic who shielded their daughter from harm, carrying the small child out of their burning home and ensuring she and her mother would survive, even if it meant he was slain in the process. Ada has said to Silas that, for some odd reason, it seemed as if Dominic died smiling, as if fulfilled. Even if short, it was clear that the former prince was satisfied with the life he led and the choices he made, much to the bafflement of the immortal being he had called his wife for a time.

Adela only remembers shreds of her father's name and voice, having lost him at a very young age. She remembers a very warm and caring man, though unfortunately not much else. She can only ever guess at what sort of life he would have wanted for her, and sadly Silas isn't a very good source of information, having never met the man himself. Perhaps more will be revealed of Dominic in the future.

Fellow Wakened

Portgas D. Ace

The first person Adela has met in Nautilus, as well as her self-proclaimed "Nakama" and Captain. A pirate and in life the 2nd Division Captain of the Whitebeard Pirates. Adela often feels both overwhelmed and annoyed at the constant shows of affection from Ace, though over time and exposure she has become just a little more used to it. That he seems to understand her own feelings of not wishing to be abandoned helps her cope with Ace's more stand-out quirks, but it won't stop her from yelling at him or pointing her sword at him when he's crossed a line.

He is, as of this point, someone relatively important to Adela and someone she would defend at all costs, even if she might not realize it just yet. As of now, she's trying to coax Ace into at least asking first if he wants to drag her somewhere and to do something, though she has yet to be met with any modicum of success.

Roronoa Zoro

Adela's new swordplay teacher and mentor. Adela can find some of Zoro's training methods extreme, but she still intends to try as hard as she can and to match him at some point, even someday surpassing him if possible. He is the first person to show her explicit and complete trust in a way she could understand, in allowing her to borrow Wado Ichimonji for her own protection when she was struggling with an Akuma possessing her own sword. The action moved the girl to tears and caused her to finally start feeling like she belonged with Zoro and everyone else at the Dream of the All Blue. It also served to help her realize just how much she cares for all of them, and how it might actually be a good thing and not such a scary prospect as it formerly was.


Someone Adela is seeing as a dear friend different than any other she has made in Nautilus. Keith initially met her when she was turned into a cat thanks to a reality storm and treated her with kindness and respect. When she met him again in her own body, the two began to spar on a regular basis and found that they enjoyed the physical activity done together, among other things.

They shared a kiss during the cupid storm, causing Adela to panic once she had learned that she was Keith's first kiss. The two seemed to recover from that however and their friendship resumed, but then the Nautilus Academy storm happened. The two shared classes together, but what really changed things was the so-called "prank" pulled on Adela. When she nearly fell off of the roof, it was Keith who arrived to the scene and pulled her up to safety, and as her friend there she felt safe enough to cry in his arms from the scare and refused to let go for quite some time. They would both later attend the prom and dance together, spawning more affection in Adela that she doesn't quite know how to identify as of yet.

Over time she has started to care for him perhaps more than most of her friends, or at least in a different way. She has watched his house while he went to sleep to learn more of his own world, treated his wounds when he returned, and listened to his worries about his newly-found heritage. He is, as of this point, the only person Adela has explicitly shared her own heritage with, letting him know that she is a Magus, a half demon, and her own perils that come with her own blood. The experience has only brought the two closer, and whether something more will blossom from this friendship or if it will solidify into an unbreakable comradery has yet to be determined.

At this time she worries for him and admires his enthusiasm and passion, as well as his skill with his own sword.


She met Sanji almost at random when Ace kidnapped Adela to the Dream of the All Blue at one point. The two talked, and they found the connected almost right away as fellow crafters with similar passions, Sanji as a chef and Adela as a Blacksmith. Things became awkward after the forced romance of the Cupid Storm however, and to this day Adela keeps to herself that Sanji had taken her first kiss at the time. She still views Sanji as a good friend, referring to him as Sanji-Chan and seeking him out for advice of any sort whenever she may need it.

It is also of note he has taught her to dance during the Nautiulus Academy storm. Most modern clothing Adela now wears is also thanks to Sanji's input as he was the first to go clothes shopping with her, giving her some idea of what is normal clothing to wear out of her own want to at least try to fit more into the world she has found herself in.

Rose (Dragoon)

A mysterious and aloof woman, Adela doesn't know if she is on the other's good side or not. It has been easier since meeting the elder at the beach party and getting to know both her and her dragon Gabriel, but Adela is still unsure of how to approach Rose for anything at all. At the very least, there is mutual annoyance at one Portgas D. Ace for his insistently affectionate behaviour.

Kirika Yuumara

Someone Adela has come across several times in the past, and was her roommate during the Nautilus Academy storm. She occasionally wonders how the other girl is doing, though she hasn't seen her in quite some time. She unfortunately does not care explicitly about the other girl enough to seek her out at this time, but if she happens across Kirika she will respond to the other in a friendly manner for the time being.

Sunset Shimmer

A girl who has somehow wormed her way into Adela's life as a friend(?). Adela is unsure of how she feels about Sunset at this time, unsure of how to take someone as overtly friendly and aggressive about friendship as she is. She knows she can at least trust Sunset to be earnest about herself, but she is unwilling to actively let Sunset become closer to her at this time.

Franky (One Piece)

A new 'friend', Franky is an interesting person to Adela. She direly wishes that he would wear some pants (honestly…), but she is also interested in him as a craftsman and metal-worker. The two tend to bicker as often as they get along, and at the moment their relationship can almost be described as like one between two siblings.

Connie Maheswaran

A dedicated swordswoman and someone Adela admires. The girl is younger but almost her match, causing both envy and admiration in Adela. She thinks Connie can go far with her skill and motivation, though there is no stopping her own feelings of inadequacy in comparison.

Gabriel Agreste/Papillon

Currently only knows him as Papillon. Papillon fought against Adela and attempted to use an Akuma in her sword to turn her into a super villain, but a miraculous thing happened; Adela resisted the transformation entirely for an extended period of time. In the immediate time of the infection of her sword, Adela and Papillon fought viciously until Chat Noir's intervention, allowing Papillon to escape the confrontation. She currently only has feelings of apprehension and hostility towards Papillon.

Adrien Agreste/Chat Noir

Currently only knows him as Chat Noir. A trusted ally who has fought at her side when Papillon attacked her, though Adela has her own grievances with Chat. She has defended him from attack (from Ace) before, but his recently kidnapping has soured her view a little bit, though as it is something Ace does on a regular basis she is willing to take it with a grain of salt. The two have recently had a heart to heart talk, and it makes her a little more willing to at least listen to what Chat might have to say to her, and to be there for him as an ally and potential friend as well.


The first deva Adela has formally met. Adela isn't entirely certain of if she should trust him, but she is grateful to him both for his efforts in fighting against the newly-crowned deva Endos and for cleansing her sword of the Akuma that had been plaguing it. She wants to believe in him and what he has said to her fellow wakened, but she has yet to fully commit to doing so.

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