Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias
Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias
Continuity Watchmen (Movie)
Age 35
Species Human
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
District Northern District
Journal crooked-timbers
Player Holly
Theme Song Boys Boys Boys by Lady Gaga

"Daniel, Daniel, Daniel. Do grow up."


Read Watchmen. Then watch the movie.


Kills a lot of people. Kills his cat. He's a crazy bastard.

Yeah. I'll write this better later.


Adrian likes kittens, and squids, and world peace. He's also fierce as hell, bitches. He'll tl;dr it up with lots of pretty vocabulary words and vague concepts involving "the greater good" and "utilitarianism." He's also a very good citizen who loves humanity so much that he wouldn't mind killing 15 million people to ensure its continued existence. He's darling. And flamboyant.

He's usually nice to the other citizens of Nautilus in a removed and detached way, unless they act like complete jerks (which plenty of them do). Mostly, he just wants his obvious superiority to be recognized and for peace to reign in Nautilus: really, that's all he wants. He also would also prefer people not find out that he's a murdering psychopath. People just can't be expected to understand that it was obviously the only responsible thing to do.

Most of his time he spends browsing the network like a creeper, working on that Bending stuff, and chilling with his "LYNX-THING" (now in kitten form!)


-Mad craziness
-some kind of kung-fu or something like that.


Alex: Adrian likes him. He seems laid back, possessed with a cutting sense of humor, and moderately intelligent.

Crawford: Has no manners and needs to grow up. Swings back and forth from completely loathing the surly redhead to almost enjoying talking with him.

Wrek-Gar: Finds him to be adorable in a very removed and detached way.

Tony Stark: It's Tony 'effin Stark. Tony is rich, intelligent, and naive compassionate. Of course Adrian likes him.

Rip: Helped Bend the dead giant squid that appeared in his house to a reasonable size and brought it back to life. Too bad she's Nazi. Adrian finds that very offensive. She gave him a Bavarian Doll at his New Year's Party. They've bonded. It's weird, but kind of sweet?

Jack Harkness: Adrian's new housemate. I don't even.

Maria: He's her gay biffle.

Pepper: Tony Stark's secretary. Finds her slightly endearing and is regretful her first week in Nautilus was shit.

Lelouch: An intelligent and aristocratic young man with MANNERS. Adrian appreciates this. In addition, he seems like a person who genuinely cares for the city and its people. How ideal.

City Shifts

- Giant Squid
- Flamboyant Keyblade
- Hot Chocolate, which he never drank — too fattening!! :( :( :(
- Smiley face pin and glowing octopus salad
- A pair of Nikes (Chew Toys for Bubastis)
- A copy of "My Immortal."

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