Aeryn Sun
Aeryn Sun
Continuity Farscape
Age Adult (approximately 80 earth years)
Species Sebacean
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
District North
Journal canbemore
Player Daranon
Theme Song Centuries by Fall Out Boy

"It is my duty, my breeding, since birth! It's what I am! "


Bred and born into a highly structured military life, Aeryn Sun was raised as any other Peacekeeper. Their skills in a firefight were far more important than instilling any sense of comradery, and they were taught the ways of strategy and combat from a very young age. Emotions such as compassion didn’t even have a proper translation into Sebacean language. The word simply didn’t exist, spoken or through action. The completion of a task or mission was the only goal, Peacekeepers would look out for each other only for the sake of the mission, if it happened not to impede them. Peacekeepers were also raised with a sense of superiority; all other forms of life were looked down upon. The strong were idolized, the weak scorned. Though her younger life was filled with such training and ideals, there was one night where a seed of doubt was quietly planted. To Aeryn it felt nothing more than a dream, but her mother had come to her bedside one night and explained that she was not conceived as other Peacekeepers were, not to fill the ranks nor because either one of her parents had been placed on a breeding roster. She was born out of love, and that had been kept hidden from her. Her mother was forced to chose between father and child, and ultimately, Aeryn’s life was spared and she was raised in the usual way.

Despite that one blip in her youth, the rest of Aeryn’s earlier years were pretty typical for a Peacekeeper. She rose quickly through the ranks and joined a group of Peacekeeper Special Commandos in the Pleisar Regiment, had a few relationships, the typical non-attached kind, and had been on Prowler duty until she was pulled from it and assigned to a Leviathan, a living ship. This ship was Moya, though Aeryn would only come to find that out later, and on it she encountered a man named Tam Velorek. He was unusual for a Peacekeeper, compassionate and full of strange ideas. They became lovers, but Velorek tried to convince Aeryn she was capable of the same, to think and feel more than just a mindless military drone would, to be more than she was. He also made allusions about Crais, their commanding officer, and to a bit of sabotage he had performed on the living ship. Moya was to be pregnant, but not with the usual kind of baby. Velorek believed the project was a danger to Moya’s health and had installed a shield to prevent the pregnancy from continuing. Aeryn found herself making a very difficult choice. Afraid of such a change, and wanting to return to Prowler duty, Aeryn turned Velorek in to Crais, who labeled the man a traitor and sent him back to his own homeworld. But, as Velorek was arrested, he was not angry with Aeryn’s decision, he was proud that she had made one of her own accord. It was a choice that never really sat well with Aeryn, despite the gains to her, personally.

Two cycles later, Aeryn was part of the Peacekeeper mission to recapture a Leviathan prison transport. This was Moya once again, though Aeryn was not aware of it, and it was also where Aeryn Sun was captured by the prisoners; D'Argo, Rygel, and Zhaan. They dumped hapless John Crichton into her cell, thinking he too was a Sebacean. After John woke, Aeryn pinned him to the ground without mercy, asking for his name, rank, and regiment. His answers, understandably, confused and irritated her as she believed him to be Sebacean such as herself. It was revealed that he was not, and the pair were taken to be fed while still in handcuffs. There the prisoners pressed Aeryn for information about the Peacekeeper presence in the area, but she said nothing, her expression was clearly one of disdain. Later, with John’s help, she was able to escape the cell. As they left, Aeryn expressed her plan to sabotage Moya. This horrified John, who pointed out that the prisoners hadn’t harmed them and treated them with compassion. That word got a very confused look from the Peacekeeper, and John boggled at that while he explained what it meant. Aeryn then replied that she did know what that feeling was and she hated it. John insisted he was going to stay on Moya, but when Aeryn washed her hands of it and told him he’d only die there, he followed after her to the planet below where the other prisoners were trying to make good their escape.

This led directly to the moment where Officer Aeryn Sun’s life changed forever. Crais cornered them on the planet’s surface, charging John Crichton with the death of his brother. A death, that Aeryn realized from her time spent with John, was an accident. She determined this not out of any sort of compassion, but because she’d judged John too soft and too clueless to have intentionally rammed the Prowler. When Aeryn intervened to explain the situation to Crais, that John couldn’t have possibly intended on killing the Peacekeeper, Crais turned on her, deemed her “irreversibly contaminated” and had her arrested alongside Moya’s prisoners. The sentence meant being stripped of her rank and death for Aeryn, which she would have followed through with had John not uttered one simple phrase while they escaped a second time.

“You can be more.”

Velorek said something similar, so perhaps that, along with the fact that she was effectively cut off from the Peacekeepers and her whole way of life, was why she follows along with the prisoners back to Moya. During their escape from Crais’ command carrier Aeryn took manual control over the Leviathan to sling-shot the ship away from the Peacekeeper’s immediate grasp by following John’s instruction. Afterwards, Aeryn blamed John for everything that had happened to her, adding that Crais would not relent in his search for Crichton.

Some time later, an alarm sounded on Moya. It was a homing beacon of Peacekeeper origin and if the crew couldn’t find a way to cut it out of Moya without killing her, they would be found and recaptured. So, they muffled the sound in the swamp of a nearby planet, buying a little time to find something to help Moya deal with the pain of having the device removed. While John, D’Argo, and Aeryn left the ship in search of the numbing substance that would help Moya, they stumbled across the planet’s native population who had never encountered aliens before. John split from the group, and eventually Aeryn had to circle back to the ship to deal with the device without the aid of anything to help the Leviathan. When Zhaan attempted to share the ship’s pain and was overwhelmed, Aeryn expressed concern for the ship and for Zhaan, but this, again, was not born out of compassion. Both were vital parts of a mission to flee the Peacekeepers, and as such, were important to Aeryn for that reason. In this case, they were able to complete their mission of removing the device.

Awhile later, it became apparent that Aeryn was still sticking to her Peacekeeper roots as she and John talked in the maintenance bay. She remained aloof, with an air of superiority about her that even John got irritated at. They didn’t get the chance to talk for too long, as Moya had picked up a space parasite, unbeknownst to the crew, and the temperature inside the ship had begun to rise. This proved to be very dangerous for Aeryn. Like all Sebaceans, Aeryn was susceptible to heat far sooner than a human would be. Heat, in Sebaceans, caused loss of basic motor functions, short and long term memories, eventually resulting in them succumbing to a ‘Living Death.’ This was a vegetative state, and the only time Sebaceans would kill their own out of mercy. She struggled to hold out as the ship lost more and more functions to what they now knew to be the parasites. It also allowed a special commando unit of Peacekeepers onboard the ship, though they started succumbing to the heat as well. Aeryn, feeling the onset of the Living Death, asked John to promise that he would kill her before she slipped away entirely. John, however, gambled her life to get the Peacekeepers commandos off the ship while Zhaan looked after her. The plan worked, the parasites left, and the temperature on board finally returned to normal. Aeryn, once feeling well enough, went up on the viewing deck of Moya; John found her there some time later. While they talked, she made a comment to the human that she used to think that lesser life forms should be crushed under-foot but now she knew better, further alluding that she was not referring to the parasite that had been on board but instead to John.

Some time after that, Rygel instigated a trade with the Tavleks, a mercenary group, who were intending to board the ship for the transaction. Aeryn refused to meet them without her weapons, which were banned from the trade. Unfortunately, without guns, the crew could not prevent the Tavleks from attacking and kidnapping Rygel, with the intention of using him as leverage against Moya’s crew for ransom. This led to Aeryn and John working together against D’Argo, who came under the effects of a stimulant weapon designed by the Tavleks, and taken from the one they’d managed to disarm in the skirmish. The stimulant made D’Argo overconfident and violent, and also made him turn to attack his crewmates. They ultimately subdued him and then headed down to the planet to find Rygel, who, as it turned out, had taken one of Moya’s control crystals important to navigation. Aeryn used that same weapon that D’Argo had and its effects got to her in the same way. Fortunately for John, D’Argo joined them planetside to knock Aeryn out before she could turn the weapon on him. She and D’Argo had a short conversation about how useless a planet full of Crichtons must be, but once again her ingrained sense of superiority reared its head as she made a snide comment about D’Argo’s species, the Luxans. In the end, they managed to retrieve Rygel, the control, crystal and themselves off of the planet and back to Moya.

Soon after, D’Argo left the ship in a rage and Aeryn found herself going beyond her training in ways she never anticipated. As a soldier she never had much patience for anything requiring tedious, scientific work, but when Rygel ingested foreign food on the planet below that turned his bodily fluids explosive, he was placed in cryostasis and it was Aeryn who was forced to do the work despite her trying to make John or Pilot do it. Out of necessity, the task fell to her to figure out what had caused this reaction in Rygel. There were several points where she got frustrated and wanted to give up, but when Pilot confided in her that complex sciences baffled him as well, it bolstered her own confidence. Even then, Aeryn was still surprised, but very openly pleased, to be the one to discover a cure for Rygel.

Later, Moya came across a derelict Peacekeeper vessel. John wanted to leave but Aeryn wanted to know what ship it was. Rygel, however, recognized the ship as the Zelbinion, a famed Peacekeeper vessel that had gone missing over a hundred cycles (roughly, years) ago. Once onboard, Aeryn, John, and D’Argo discovered they were not alone. Gilina, a PK tech worker, tried to get away from them. D’Argo and Aeryn tried to attack her but John stopped them. Gilina recognized Aeryn and the others as the escaped prisoners and Aeryn recognized her as belonging to Crais’ ship. Aeryn ruthlessly interrogated Gilina, insisting the tech was lying to them, as that was the Peacekeeper way. When John protested again, Aeryn told him that this was her world and he needed to stay out of it. While exploring the ship they came across a fallen Peacekeeper whom Aeryn recognized as part of her former regiment. When she questioned Gilina about it the tech informed her that her team had been demoted and could only restore their proper rank upon her death.

While the crew was still there deciding what to do, Scavengers returned to the ship, and those aboard the Zelbinion were forced to work together to restore the defensive grid to shield them from the scavenger ship's blasts. John and Gilina were working a little too closely, a fact that very clearly got under Aeryn’s skin. She said it was none of her business, though she did admit to finding John interesting (if only for a moment) but then promptly hulked out, carrying a very large and very heavy container away from the pair, leaving them to each other. After the threat had passed and they were back on Moya, John suggested they let Gilina go and Aeryn for once, agreed with him. She reasoned that Gilina would lie to avoid being deemed irreversibly contaminated, and later in a private conversation with Gilina Aeryn lamented that she should have been that smart. John sought Aeryn out later to talk, as Aeryn was clearly troubled by the course of recent events. John insisted that loss was the hardest emotion to deal with, but Aeryn quickly countered that it was a sign of weakness and that John needed to stop implying he understood her. When John then mused about his own family and friends back home, Aeryn admitted that she stood corrected.

Aeryn’s next big crisis occurred when Moya and the crew found a scientist who, upon taking DNA samples from them, could provide star charts to their respective homes with courses that would avoid Peacekeeper space. The price was one of Pilot’s arms, which the crew (except John and Aeryn) quickly agreed to. Aeryn staunchly refused to participate and was quietly unsettled by the idea that the rest of the crew would find their homes and leave. She even went so far as to confide to John that she was afraid knowing he would some day leave, too, and that she had never been alone before. The Peacekeeper way of life meant she was always surrounded by fellow Peacekeepers, being alone was a terrifying thought. John offered to bring her along to Earth, but she refused, certain she wouldn’t fit in. This led directly to Aeryn’s decision to visit NamTar, the scientist, on her own, wanting to find a Sebacean colony that she could live in, away from the Peacekeepers, once everyone else had gone. Instead, NamTar injected some of Pilot’s DNA into Aeryn, unbeknownst to her. This started a transformation in Aeryn, turning her, slowly, into one of Pilot’s species. She started to understand the DRDs, her thoughts began running in multiple tracks as more and more of her transformed. When John discovered this, Aeryn told him she went because she was scared of being alone. They returned to the planet for answers, but Aeryn was captured by NamTar. John eventually rescued her and helped reverse the damage done, though it did leave her shaken. It also left her with an innate understanding of the systems Pilot used to interface with Moya.

Some time later Aeryn was trying to remove a bit of Peacekeeper technology from Moya and the rest of the crew was sweeping the ship deck by deck to uncover any other surprises that may have been left behind. D’Argo stumbled across a panel, which sent him down a chute and another panel that he kicked off before getting jettisoned into space. As it would turn out later, the second panel was installed by Velorek to prevent Moya’s pregnancy from beginning and once removed it sparked the catalyst for the pregnancy to begin. Aeryn saved D’Argo after he was sent adrift outside Moya without any protective gear, and after the ensuing chaos of discovering the Leviathan was pregnant she had a one on one conversation with the Luxan warrior. It was discovered he had a wife, a son, but more surprisingly that his wife was a Sebacean. Aeryn reminded him that the Peacekeepers did not condone such unions, but that she thought his wife was very beautiful. She also assured D’Argo that she would never tell anyone about his son.

John was trying to recreate a wormhole, Aeryn was flying with him in his module, and while they manage to produce one it was very unstable. He didn’t respond to Aeryn’s commands at first, to pull out of the wormhole, because he was so fixated on it, but eventually he did listen but not before sustaining damages to his module. This sent them down to the nearby planet to get the module repaired, hopefully before the solar flares this planet was known for, ceased and John’s chances at creating a wormhole vanished with them. While on this planet they discovered that Crais had put a bounty on their heads, a holographic beacon device informed the local populace to be on the lookout for D’Argo, Zhaan, and Rygel. Aeryn took the device and uncovered a message from Crais to her, offering an honorable retirement should she turn in Moya and the prisoners. Later on, it became apparent that the bounty hunters were beginning to see through John and Aeryn’s rouse of being bounty hunters looking for Moya’s crew so Aeryn came up with a plan. Unfortunately, she was temporarily blinded by a strong solar flare, but despite this, she still managed to get the beacon device back out to the square she’d taken it from, where the bounty hunters could see it. It claimed, falsely thanks to being rewired, that Crais had to withdraw and therefore the bounty was no longer in effect. Aeryn seemed rather pleased her idea worked out, but when John asked her if she was seriously considering the offer Crais extended to her, Aeryn said she did for a moment, because it felt good to be wanted and the idea that she could return to her old life was still enticing, but ultimately an honorable retirement meant she would have been executed for being contaminated.

After a time, Aeryn was trying to teach John how to fly a transport pod, in order to train him on Leviathan technology so he would not be nearly as useless. More than once she voiced her opinion about how slow he was in picking all of this up, even balking at the idea she have a little ‘fun’ and loosen up some. Suddenly their pod was caught in something called The Flux, which was being used by space pirates to capture ships and raid them for valuables and the like. The transport pod was essentially dead, not moving, no functioning communications, nothing. They managed to escape The Flux but were sucked back into it again, only damaging the pod even more. The compartment flooded with oxygen, making blow torch repairs impossible unless they flushed out all the air first. When it was discovered that John’s helmet was broken, they forged a plan to essentially kill John with a Peacekeeper kill shot drug, do the repairs within four minutes and revive him once environmentals were back online. John didn’t trust the PK medicine to bring him back so he taught Aeryn CPR first, before going through with it. He also mused about the afterlife to which Aeryn remarked that Peacekeepers didn’t believe in one. She vowed not to let him down, administered the kill shot and got to work. Only, time quickly ran out forcing Aeryn to make a very un-Peacekeeper-like decision; she halted work on the repairs to restore what little oxygen they have left and revive John. She chose not to be alone. Convinced they were both going to die now and had nothing left to lose, they kissed and started to get physical…only to be interrupted by D’Argo. Afterwards they attributed it to the lack of breathable air, vowing it would never happen again, except when John asked Aeryn, as a joke, if she was sure she’s a female Sebacean she grabbed at his privates, eyebrows raised before turning to leave (much to the chagrin of every Aeryn and John shipper everywhere).

Aeryn’s next big moment came some months later, when the crew discovered a wormhole, and through the wormhole, Earth. John hurried to leave, saying his good-byes to the crew, but when it came to Aeryn he again offered her a place on Earth. She refused, and also refused to say farewell, but was clearly distraught as he left. John crashed landed in, he thought, Australia, but soon it became apparent something was amiss. He started recognizing people even if they didn’t seem to know him and the magazines for sale were all seven months old. Moya’s crew joined him on Earth shortly after, and were taken in by the government, Rygel was seemingly killed, prompting Aeryn to tell John, hotly, that not even Peacekeepers would murder a prisoner to study them. She was prepared to fight to the death before that happened to her, but John got her out of the facility after D’Argo was taken away. They drank and talked, John apologized for everything that had happened to her there, and back on Moya, but Aeryn remarked that his planet was very beautiful. Then she reminded John she’d rather die fighting. He came over to sit next to her, to comfort her. This led to them to sleeping together. The next day they tried to plan their way out without getting caught. Part of which had Aeryn ending up in a dress which she was not happy about. But the plan to blend in quickly came completely unglued when John himself did. He recognized more and more faces, he knew something was wrong. As it turned out it was a test from a race called the Ancients. The test was based on John’s memories of Earth and only Moya’s crew was actually real (meaning that time spent with Aeryn, at least, was not fabricated). They were all unharmed, even Rygel, and returned to Moya after the Ancients determined from John’s memories and reactions that heading to Earth to make it their home would be a Very Bad Idea.

Meanwhile life aboard Moya continued to grow more interesting as the Leviathan's pregnancy developed. It become unpredictable and as the crew except Chiana, who was new to the ship and was shut out of the discussions, began arguing about leaving Moya. Aeryn chimed in that she wouldn’t leave, even if they did. Eventually Pilot informed them that they could be overheard and because he and Moya were most happy when serving a crew, Moya initiated a starburst jump to keep them with her. However, they hit something along the way that caused the ship to be damaged. It took some time to get to the source of the problem, but it ended with the crew coming around the table once again, but instead of arguing they were making jokes and telling stories with each other. Even Aeryn joined in on this, and also asked Pilot how he and Moya are handling their fears in the aftermath.

Soon, however, a Peacekeeper Marauder was heading for the ship and the crew had to feign it was still a viable prison Leviathan. John acted as its captain and pretended to be Sebacean with Aeryn as his Lieutenant. The captain of the Marauder, Larraq, commandeered the ship, directing Moya towards a secret Peacekeeper base and bringing a mysterious cargo on board. Aeryn became close to Larraq, but ultimately this nearly proved fatal when the virus that the Peacekeepers were transporting jumped hosts, killing all the Marauders one by one until only Larraq was left. Controlled by the virus he took Aeryn as a hostage and stabbed her, intending to use that as a distraction for his escape. Later, John was by Aeryn’s bedside as she regained consciousness, telling her that Larraq missed her heart. Aeryn replied with a cryptic “closer than you think”.

As it turned out Larraq had damaged her paraphoral nerve, a nerve that filtered toxins in a Sebacean’s body much like kidneys and liver function for humans. The damage would not heal and Aeryn then revealed she would die. The only way to save her was to get a tissue graft, but the only place to get it was the nearby Peacekeeper base that they were trying to get away from. John teamed up with Chiana to go down to the base and retrieve a tissue graft while the rest of Moya’s crew looked after her though not exactly kindly at first. Rygel kept bothering her and eventually she snapped at D’Argo, telling him she wished to die alone. Then she was hooked up to the Levithan to filter out the building toxins in her body.

John ran into Gilina in the base, and across a new, more dangerous enemy than Crais; Scorpius. Scorpius saw through the charade and captured John, who had been pretending to be Larraq, torturing him in the Aurora Chair and thereby discovering there was some hidden knowledge in the human’s brain. On board Moya, Aeryn was told the plan to filter her blood had been Pilot’s idea as D’Argo didn’t want her to know it was his, that he didn’t believe her wish to die alone. Gilina helped Chiana get a tissue graft off the base and to Aeryn, but there was still the question of getting John back…

Once recovered, Aeryn went down to the base herself to find John. She came across Gilina and thanked her her for her part in getting the graft. Then, with Gilina's help, Aeryn located John and his cellmate Stark, and freed them from their cell. Aeryn then took it upon herself to get a proper ident chip needed to leave the base, she found Crais in the Aurora Chair instead. He ordered her to release him, demanding to follow his command as a Peacekeeper would, but she scoffed at the idea of returning to her old life. She was no longer a Peacekeeper thanks to Crais, and it meant nothing to her anymore. Taking his chip, Aeryn turned on the torture chair, and left Crais to whatever fate that may befall him. As they were leaving Gilina questioned Aeryn about her feelings for John, but Aeryn brushed the question off.

Shortly after their escape and the birth of Moya’s baby, the crew took refuge in an asteroid field to hide from the Peacekeepers. While the others explored the asteroid, Pilot confided in Aeryn that she was the only one he could trust with a matter concerning Moya's son. Moya then requested Aeryn go aboard her son and help the two talk. Moya’s son was a hybrid ship, part Leviathan, part Peacekeeper warship. Moya’s baby and Aeryn soon started to communicate with each other, the ship lit up panels as Aeryn needed them, bleeping and whirling in response to her questions. They form a bond, enough to convince the baby to talk to Moya. Once everyone was back onboard the ship Aeryn informed John about Moya’s baby, how amazed she was by him. Pilot then told Aeryn that Moya wished her to name the baby, something that Aeryn felt very honored to do.

While still inside the asteroid field, Moya, her crew, and her baby attempted to avoid detection by the Peacekeepers but were put into direct danger when Rygel left the ship to barter their location for his own freedom. This set off a series of convoluted attempts of leaving the area. Moya continually refused to leave because her baby wasn't old enough to sustain starburst. Rygel brought Crais onboard, who sought amnesty. A plan was hatched to basically nuke the secret Peacekeeper base to draw the Peacekeeper command vessel away and they could retreat out of harm's way, Aeryn was to pick up John and D’Argo after they bailed out of the pod full of explosives. Pilot hailed Aeryn to inform her that the baby was not responding to Moya again, and Aeryn instructed Pilot to call the baby by it’s name; Talyn. This was Aeryn’s father’s name and she gave it to Moya’s baby. The plan went off but with Scorpius in charge of the command carrier, it ignored the peril to the base and closed in on Moya. John urged Moya to save herself so she could go save her baby. Aeryn wasn't able to get to John and D’argo right away, otherwise it would draw suspicion to herself, but eventually she made the rescue and found another asteroid with breathable air before the pair suffocated.

Unfortunately, it came at a cost. Aeryn had to strike a deal with Crais for the l, a fact she tried to keep hidden from John and D'Argo. Her payment was to help Crais teach Talyn to obey his commands, a fact that neither John nor D’Argo could believe she agreed to in the first place. She argued it was the only way to save them, since she would not have found the habitable asteroid in time to spare them from suffocating. Later, on board Moya, Aeryn confronted Zhaan who was trying to disconnect herself from all the chaos around her. Zhaan proclaimed she loved Aeryn, loved all life, but Aeryn countered that she was being short-sighted and selfish. That kind of love was too selfish for a soldier to understand, as Aeryn put it, and she would lay down her life for her comrades, and stormed off. Tensions grew as deals and counter-deals came undone, eventually leading to Talyn becoming frightened and confused. He made demands for Crais, and Aeryn said she’d go with him to keep an eye on him, but Talyn ultimately gave Crais direct control over his functions and Aeryn was run off the ship and back to Moya. During a later conversation with John and Pilot, Aeryn remarked that she had failed Talyn, but Pilot informed her that Talyn made the choice of his own volition. She then asked John if he would be alright, and they discussed how much he had changed, and how she had changed from when they first met.

Time passed and the crew stumbled across another Luxan who was dying, she convinced D’Argo to help her, and suddenly reclaimed her youth. Moya and Pilot are affected, Moya aging very quickly with Pilot not too far behind her. As Aeryn and Zhaan discuss the newcomer’s involvement Pilot called Aeryn aside to speak to her. Pilot revealed that he was dying and so is Moya, and this affected Aeryn greatly. She refused to simply just allow it to happen and sulked off to get back what was taken. Later on, Pilot thanked Aeryn, and they discussed how long he had to live, which turned out to be shorter than his usual life-span thanks to being bonded with Moya, but it was the trade-off his kind has to make in order to see space.

Awhile later, Aeryn once again proved she still had quite the temper despite how fond of the crew she had become. Chiana stole her prowler and landed on a planet below, meanwhile Aeryn made certain that everyone was clear just how angry she was about it. She remained wound up, snapping at John before heading off to find Chiana. When they spoke, Chiana revealed that the disc they found onboard Moya belonged to her brother, alerting her that he was dead. Chiana wished to remain on the planet until ‘The Gathering’ had been completed. The gathering was a sort of ritual to the local population, they would jump from a great height, some surviving thanks to a sound-net, others were not so lucky. Chiana was fixated on accomplishing the jump and Aeryn sided with Chiana, telling John that she understands that kind of loss.

After the crew brought onboard T’raltixx, who claimed to be able to mask Moya from being detected, things started to go horribly awry after Chiana brought on their new food supply of crackers. The crew turned paranoid on each other to an almost insane degree, fighting over the supply of crackers. John and Aeryn even shot at each other with little regard to the consequences. They eventually come around to the greater threat of T’raltixx, equipping John with items to protect himself since he was not affected by the light the alien was trying to produce. Aeryn and John apologize to each other afterwards.

When next we saw the crew, Chiana had found a recording that showed Aeryn being onboard Moya two cycles before John Crichton’s appearance. It showed the execution of Moya’s first pilot and Aeryn’s part in it. The crew was understandably upset, Pilot most of all. Aeryn said she would have spoken up about it had she realized this ship and Pilot were the same. Her relationship with Velorek came to light when John found Aeryn taking her frustrations out on a punching bag. She explained she kept John at a distance at times because she only had one purpose as a Peacekeeper, and falling in love was not that purpose. When Pilot disconnected himself from Moya out of shame for having replaced Moya's first Pilot, John and Aeryn went in to convince him to re-bond with Moya. In speaking with Pilot Aeryn accepted her part in the first Pilot's demise, telling Pilot that while she deserves to die the rest of the crew doesn’t. Later on, John told Aeryn that Velorek was right, that she would do well outside of Peacekeeper influences. Aeryn, in turn, commented that Velorek told her she could be more, just as John had on the first day they met. John then asked her if she loved this man, though which man he could be referring to, himself or Velorek, is left up to Aeryn. Picking up on this, Aeryn could not voice her feelings, but made sure she caught John's gaze and smiled fondly.

Short on supplies, Moya’s crew found themselves on a planet familiar to Chiana. This food shortage affected Zhaan most of all, and when Aeryn began to make a salve to help her, Zhaan went catatonic. Spores began to come off of Zhaan, who was a plant-based life form, crippling Moya. When Aeryn attempted to help further, it backfired on her, Zhaan accused the ex-Peacekeeper of trying to kill her. Eventually, Zhaan even attacked Aeryn directly, but then later asked Aeryn to help her. Aeryn does so by knocking her out. The pair reconcile after the danger has passed.

While coming under attack, the crew tried to raise Moya’s defensive shields, which had been installed during their encounter with the Zelbinion. They were successful but the interaction of beam and shield had a strange affect on the crew. They had switched bodies. Aeryn ended up in Rygel’s body first, and in John’s body when they switched again. Zhaan eventually returned them to their proper bodies, but in the end Aeryn revealed to John that while he was messing around with her shoes (thanks to her not understanding his quirky human speech), she was in his pants…John grinned at that comment as Aeryn walked off, also smiling, and he chased after her.

Some time later, Aeryn and John were in the maintenance bay where Aeryn was teaching him some evasive actions he could take in the Prowler. He stopped to comment on her hair, that it smelled nice and in the course of their conversation Aeryn revealed she did so to see if he’d notice. When John told her he found her pleasing, not the oils she put in her hair, Aeryn left him in the Farscape module, afraid to face a future that might include being committed to him. She refused to speak with him later, wanting some space. They came across a planet of Sebaceans who were no longer affiliated with the Peacekeepers. Their world was neutral, but Moya’s crew arrived at coronation time, and the princess is looking for a compatible mate. Aeryn refused to participate in the festivities, expressing clear annoyance with John and the entire affair. Once John was swept up the the planet’s politics, having been found compatible with the Princess and engaged to her, Chiana tried to convince Aeryn to talk to John and tell him how she really felt about him. However, when Aeryn did get the chance to speak to John, she told him she’s proud of him for never giving up. John replied that he was tired and asked her what he was supposed to do when he had no fight left in him, to which Aeryn replied he should run away. When he asked if it would be with her, Aeryn staunchly replied it would be with the crew, which only seemed to depress John further. Aeryn tried to tell John that he could not simply give up, but she could see she wasn’t getting through to him and so took her leave. Aeryn then spent time with a man named Dregon, who confessed to having feelings for Aeryn. Aeryn pointedly stated that she had no feelings for him in return. They talk of emotional pain caused by love and Dregon remarked that it was a shame that Aeryn had not told John that she loved him. After politics have been sorted through, and the engagement broken off, Aeryn wordlessly produced a bottle of substance used to test compatibility with the Princess, a chemical that could immediately determine if herself and John could have children together. As it turned out, they could.

Soon after this, Aeryn found John in his room, muttering to himself. Concerned, Aeryn questioned him on it and John clammed up so Aeryn chalked it up to the effects of space travel. However, Aeryn became convinced there was something to it all when John ‘saw’ Scorpius behind her and took a shot. She was more apt to believe him when they spoke of it again, and he finally revealed to her that he had been seeing images of Scorpius. Aeryn asked if he needed some help, but he refused, claiming he wouldn’t lose his mind, it was all he had left.

Stark returned to Moya, telling the crew they had the chance to buy D’Argo’s lost son from a slave auction. They simply needed the money to do it. Stark's plan was basically to rob the local branch of Bad Guys R Us Bank and use the funds at the auction. Aeryn joined in on the raid, but it went south in a hurry when Scorpius arrived to make a withdrawal. She also had to deal with John, who was succumbing to the neural chip implanted in his brain. At one point, John wanted to tell her how he felt because he was convinced something would happen to him, but Aeryn stopped him, saying she already knew. Scorpius ended up buying the lot that D’Argo son was in, and offered a trade D'Argo's son for Crichton. John relented, turning himself over before the others could make a decision either way, but Aeryn headed up a rescue attempt to get him back. This was successful for a brief time until John became convinced that he would be a danger to the others, because of the neural chip he now knew Scorpius had implanted in his brain and his lack of control over it. Aeryn and John were reunited, and in lull that followed Aeryn heard a voice, a tug on her consciousness, a Call to Wake…


When we first meet Aeryn, she is as cold and ruthless as any Peacekeeper. Her formative years were spent in rigorous military training where precision and ability were valued over any kind of emotional health. As such, Aeryn comes off as being rather calculated, calloused, and very, very blunt. She has no qualms about showing her dislike for the prisoners on board Moya. They are not Peacekeepers and therefore, beneath her. She does not even know the word compassion, and when it is explained to her, Aeryn states she's heard of that feeling and hates it. The nature of Peacekeeper training weeds out the weak, leaving only the strong, but even then there is no true sense of comradery between soldiers. At the start, Aeryn is perfectly willing to do what is necessary to ensure their survival, though her actions are not out of compassion. Personal relationships are just another sign of weakness and as such she remains aloof and distant from the rest of the crew for quite some time.

However, Aeryn is so used to being in a unit that once she is cut off from being around fellow Peacekeepers the inner turmoil it causes begins to find cracks in that hard outer shell. There are actions in her past that she regrets, a feeling that she can't shake once John brings it to light. She can be more, but facing that proves to be a difficult path, and will continue to be so throughout the series. Aeryn clings to her military upbringing, defaulting to it in emotionally stressful situations, withdrawing to her more aloof nature because it is familiar and safe. Gradually, she begins to form connections with the crew, eventually forming bonds of friendship with them. Several times Aeryn is more than willing to put herself on the line and do what is necessary for their sake. She develops a deep sense of compassion for Pilot, Moya, and Talyn, respect for D’Argo and Zhaan, and love for John Crichton. That love takes the longest for her to come to terms with. It is often unvoiced, and Aeryn tends to pull away, uncertain of what the future that will mean. Still, it’s apparent that despite how much John annoys and frustrates her, she’s intrigued by him in equal measure. As these feelings come to the surface and these bonds form, Aeryn tends to be less distant physically as well, whether stroking Pilot’s face to comfort him or nearly tackling John to the floor in relief that they’re back in their correct bodies.

There are times also where Aeryn is so very openly amused or pleased about a situation. When Aeryn accomplishes a task that requires her to go beyond her training, her pride in herself is readily apparent upon her success. She grins ear to ear when her plan for the beacon works and gets bounty hunters to lay off of the crew for awhile. Her sense of humor is often very dry, or scathing, which seems to be a Peacekeeper norm. Sometimes it’s even disguised as an insult, though John starts to see through that when Aeryn mentions she doesn’t see lesser life forms as useless anymore. Despite not being so scientifically minded, Aeryn’s also extremely pleased when her tests on Rygel finds the problem with his body’s chemistry. As she becomes more comfortable around the crew, she’s more open with these kinds of emotions.

Anger is one emotion that Aeryn has never had a problem with displaying. She also has little patience for those she believes to be idiots. She can be quick to anger and a force to be reckoned with if you happen to be on her bad side, though Rygel does seem to enjoy riling her up from time to time. It can be easy to push her buttons given the right set of circumstances. Her annoyance with John’s perceived slowness at picking up Leviathan technology training harkens back directly to her Peacekeeper roots. He wouldn’t have survived training, but she doesn’t want him to be a liability. This is how Aeryn most often expresses her concern, framing in it the way she understands best, through the lens of a soldier. Her actions mean more to her than her words.

Though she is becoming more emotional and breaking from the Peacekeeper mold, Aeryn has a tendency to rely heavily on that training, especially in new situations. But once one breaks past all of this, they’ll find a loyal, compassionate comrade in Aeryn Sun.


Sebacean heritage: improved eyesight, no redundant internal organs (the reason for the paraphoral nerve as a toxin filter), but a weakness to heat. Otherwise they are striking in their resemblance to humans.

Military training: Hand to hand combat, weapons training, tactics, and pilot training are all areas that were drilled to precision. Aeryn was basically a special ops commando so she knows her stuff. She’s also very physically fit as a result.

Affinity for understanding Levithan technology: Thanks to sharing DNA with Pilot, Aeryn has an innate sense of how the ship controls work. Which probably won’t ever be handy in Nautilus, but one never knows for sure.


In a relationship with John Crichton.

Trying to figure out the power of friendship.

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