Agent Six
Agent Six
Continuity Generator Rex
Age estimated late 20's/early 30's
Species Human
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
District Northern District
Journal sixthdeadliest
Player Cybra
Theme Song (Optional)

"The names and faces may change, but no matter how you slice it, war is war. You pick a side and you don't look back. I believe that now and I believed it then. What gets you in trouble is when you start second guessing. Forget what you're fighting for and you're finished."

Canon History

Very little is known about Six before his time with Providence. Back when he says he had nothing, Six was taken in by One, a mercenary and the most dangerous man on Earth. One raised him and trained him in a multitude of martial arts and weaponry. As his name implies, he was ranked as the sixth most dangerous person on the planet. He was in the mercenary business like his "father" for an indeterminate amount of time, working with his "siblings": Dos, Trey, IV, and Five, the other four students of One.

Not long after the Nanite Event, One started mutating into a monster just as many others had done. However, he managed to slow the process and maintained control of his mind through meditation and willpower alone. Still, he was locked up (most likely willingly) by his five students in a special house suspended over magma. Every forty-one minutes, he had to enter a code or have the house fall. It was probably about this time that Six left the mercenary business, perhaps to seek a cure for his teacher.

At some point Six ended up working with Providence, partnered up with a man named Knight. The pair worked to kill or contain these nanite-created monsters with the other recruits. The ones they captured were ultimately dissected by Dr. Fell. However, Six began to grow tired of this life, especially after seeing the ongoing futility of their actions. Fell kept getting the same data over and over again. Meanwhile, more and more of these monsters was showing up everyday. After watching the dissection of a spider he and Knight captured in Paris, Six decided to speak with Fell's assistant Doctor Holiday who'd made the suggestion of studying these "EVOs" (as she called them) in a natural environment. She proposed the idea of finding a cure.

The next time he went out with Knight, he hesitated before attacking the large biomechanical EVO, suggesting they attempt to take it alive. When he did attack, he struck at a weak point that ended with the creature launching him in a large mechanical fist just before it blew up. Due to the EM pulse the creature sent out upon destruction, he was unable to contact anyone. This was a bit more inconvenient than usual since he'd found a kid in the rubble, a kid who only remembered his first name of "Rex" who saved his life by actually curing an EVO.

He brought Rex back to Providence to show Holiday. She had wanted to get started on studying Rex right away, but he insisted that Rex must be kept secret. Unfortunately, Knight found out about Rex after forcing Holiday to talk. Knight took Rex to Fell who attempted to dissect him. During Six and Knight's fight, they accidentally activated the molecular dissection procedure. Though Six was winning, he was drugged by Fell near the end. He would've been trapped in the rapidly-closing chamber, but Knight tossed him to freedom, giving up his own chance to escape. Though Rex managed to stop the process mid-way, Six was forced to watch as his partner was bleached and rendered completely free of nanites.

Since then Six has been Rex's field partner and his trainer along with one of Rex's co-handlers (the other being Holiday) and Knight's second-in-command. He was also the one responsible for retrieving Rex each time he broke out. During one break out, Rex met another teenager named Noah Nixon who he quickly became friends with. When Six went to retrieve Rex, Rex, Noah, and Bobo were kidnapped by a trio of EVOs named Skalamander, Biowulf, and Breach, members of a group known as "The Pack". Rex, Noah, and Bobo ended up in Abysus, ground zero of the Nanite Event five years before, and met the leader of The Pack, Van Kleiss. The trio managed to escape and met up with Six who'd come with a small army of Providence foot soldiers (often referred to as simply "grunts"), but their transport had crashed after being attacked by vines which Van Kleiss was able to control. Six was the lone survivor of the crash. Together, they managed to escape Abysus, leaving Van Kleiss and The Pack behind.

He was fully aware of the fact that Noah Nixon had originally been hired by Knight to act as Rex's friend. He took the blame for Rex finding out though it was actually Noah himself who'd revealed the truth by accident. The pair had been trapped in the Petting Zoo, hunted by Holiday's sister (who had been transformed into a spider-like EVO), when Rex's biometrics had plummeted, leaving the EVO teen powerless. After Holiday's sister was recaptured, Rex ran away from Providence, and Six went to retrieve the teen. He found Rex at a hidden village of engineers who'd been unwittingly assisting an AI called ZAG-RS that had been planning to use the antenna she'd manipulated the engineers and Rex to build to send out a kill signal to all nanites, effectively killing every living on Earth since every living thing was infested with nanites. Following ZAG-RS's defeat at Rex's hands, Six lied to Knight when the man called for an update, saying that he hadn't found Rex though Rex chose in the end to return to Providence of his own free will under the condition that they'd have a weekly Friday night "family" dinner of meatloaf and mashed potatoes with Holiday and Bobo.

When Rex took on too many nanites and was starting to overload, Six accompanied Holiday and Bobo to Paradise Base for Rex to offload. Unknown to them at the time, Weaver had been expecting Skalamander and Biowulf to collect nanites Weaver had managed to reactivate for Van Kleiss whose unstable body needed a constant supply of active nanites to survive. Though he, Bobo, and Holiday managed to take out Weaver's crew, the threesome was knocked out by gas and locked in a closet where Rex later found them. Biowulf and Skalamander managed to get inside the base, giving Weaver the opportunity to escape to the holding tank that was now filled with active nanites. Six, Holiday, Bobo, and Rex retreated when Weaver started to vent the holding tank, not realizing it was a trick. Unfortunately for Weaver, he was unable to stop the process and was ultimately infected by all the active nanites, turning into what Bobo would refer to as "a 50-foot freak show". Six and Rex battled the EVO'd Weaver, Rex attempting to shut down and absorb Weaver's nanites but ultimately overloading again. Once Weaver had been taken down, Six, Holiday, and Bobo transported Rex to Purgatory Base, the backup facility for him to properly offload the surplus nanites.

When Dr. Rylander, a scientist who'd worked on the Nanite Project that had ended in the Nanite Event, started sending boxes booby-trapped with a substance that could activate nanites to people around the globe, Six accompanied Rex, Holiday, and Bobo to retrieve Rylander's research. During the briefing it had been mentioned that Rylander had a son, and Six warned Rex not to get his hopes too high on finding out anything about his family. The Pack was also there to try and track down Rylander, the two groups running into each other at Rylander's facility. As The Pack battled with the group from Providence, Six ordered Rex to find Rylander while he, Bobo, Holiday, and the pair of jump jets that had been sent to secure the area held off The Pack. Rylander wasn't Rex's father as Rex had hoped but revealed that Rex had been purposely infested with the prototype batch of nanites in order to save his life following an accident, mentioning that Rex had a brother. Rylander injected Rex with something and was about to explain more about Rex's past when Van Kleiss came and struck him down. Rex and Van Kleiss fought, Rex losing until Rylander shoved both Van Kleiss and himself into the reactor, killing them both. The facility was destroyed, and Rylander's research was lost.

However, Van Kleiss would return when the unstable nanites of Abysus started spreading out of control. Six set up a diversion using Bobo so he, Holiday, and Rex could travel off the grid to check out the situation, meeting up with The Pack and an EVO girl named "Circe" whom Rex had met on a previous breakout though she'd ultimately joined The Pack. In order to stop the nanites from spreading, Rex refused the option of resurrecting Van Kleiss (which The Pack had tried to trick Rex into doing) and instead communicated with them. While this succeeded, it resulted in the nanites contracting. Six and Holiday nearly drowned in the gray ooze of nanites when Rex revived Van Kleiss. Van Kleiss took control over the nanites of Abysus and saved Six and Holiday's lives in exchange for Rex joining The Pack. However, Rex had only said that to get close enough to cure Van Kleiss, rendering him powerless. Unfortunately, The Pack was able to escape.

This would not be the last they'd see of Van Kleiss. There were still EVOs willing to follow the de-powered Pack leader, and he used them to launch a successful assault on The Keep - a flying battleship used by Providence - while Rex was on board. He managed to drain Rex of his nanites, having studied the ones Rex had left behind when he'd cured Van Kleiss. He then had Biowulf throw the now powerless Rex out of The Keep. Six managed to catch Rex using his jump jet and brought him, Holiday, Bobo, and Noah back to Providence HQ. During an examination that confirmed what Van Kleiss had done, Holiday discovered what Rylander had injected Rex with: a special control nanite…though it had nothing to control. She theorized that an influx of nanites would be able to restore Rex's abilities but there was no time to test it since Van Kleiss had sent The Keep on a collision course with headquarters. While Rex, Bobo, and Noah went to Purgatory Base to test Holiday's theory, Six remained at headquarters to try and stop Van Kleiss who kept adding more soldiers to his EVO ranks using a new ability courtesy of Rex's stolen nanites that allowed him to create EVOs. Six managed to take down several of these EVOs but was nearly transformed into an EVO himself by Van Kleiss until Rex - powers restored and even improved - arrived back on the scene. Six held off more of Van Kleiss's minions while Rex took on Van Kleiss himself. Van Kleiss managed to escape while some of The Pack was imprisoned.

Unfortunately, a good chunk of Providence headquarters and The Keep had been destroyed during The Pack's attack. While Rex stayed with Noah while headquarters was getting rebuilt, Six preferred to stay at headquarters, Rex teasingly referring to him as a "ninja-hobo" since his temporary quarters consisted of him sleeping under his jump jet. When Noah was changed into an EVO by Van Kleiss and went on a rampage around the city, Six and Bobo made sure that civilians weren't hurt. Though Noah was cured, it had all been a diversion set up by Van Kleiss in order for Breach to steal Providence headquarters' new power core. Once again, Van Kleiss managed to escape.

Though Six did see Rex cure many EVOs over his time with Providence, it wasn't until after all this that he with the rest of One's students brought Rex to their teacher. Sadly, One turned out to be incurable. Six with Rex's help managed to defeat Dos through Five, protecting the EVO One with the intent of bringing him to Providence, Six wanting to take care of the man who'd taken care of him. During Rex's last attempt at a cure, One managed to speak through Rex, telling Six that he was proud of him just before he died. Despite having defeated the other most dangerous people on Earth, Six remained ranked as the sixth most dangerous, telling Rex that they weren't ranked by fighting abilities. (The ranking system will be explained in the "Personality" section.)

Six's promise to Rex upon first meeting him to help find the boy's family has somewhat been fulfilled with the appearance of Rex's brother Caesar, a brilliant if oddball scientist who'd worked on the nanite project with their parents. Six, however, is rather suspicious of him. Caesar had been missing for five years and had only returned to retrieve the Omega-1 nanite, the special control nanite in Rex.

Six was especially suspicious of Caesar after Rex ended up trapped in the middle of the desert with Van Kleiss and battled their enemy ZAG-RS. Her ruined housing along with her program was brought back to Providence. Caesar revealed that he'd been the one to create the AI. ZAG-RS had originally been a nanite containment program for the Nanite Project, instructed to destroy any nanites that escaped the scientists' holding tank. Caesar reboots the program, but Holiday notices that her memory has been wiped clean. Caesar claimed that Van Kleiss must've initiated a program dump when he weakened ZAG-RS, but there remained some doubt. Particularly since Van Kleiss - who'd also been present at ground zero during the Nanite Event - had claimed that it had been Caesar that had caused the Event. Though Van Kleiss isn't the most trustworthy person, without ZAG-RS's memory banks, there was no way to tell who was telling the truth.

Not long afterward, Six went to sleep in his quarters at Providence and Awoke in Nautilus.

Canon Update Chart and Episode Listing

The following is a list of season 1 and 2 episodes. Those titles in bold have been experienced. The rest will follow with future canon updates outside of Nautilus. (Shamelessly ganked from Rex Salazar's page.)

Season 1
1) The Day that Everything Changed
2) String Theory
3) Beyond the Sea
4) Lockdown
5) The Architect
6) Frostbite
7) Leader of the Pack
8) The Hunter
9) Breach
10) Dark Passage
11) The Forgotten
12) Operation Wingman
13) Rabble
14) Gravity
15) What Lies Beneath
16) The Swarm
17) Basic
18) Plague
19) Promises, Promises
20) Badlands
21) Payback

Season 2
1) Rampage
2) Waste Land
3) Lost Weekend
4) Alliance
5) Robo Bobo
6) Divide by Six
7) Mixed Signals
8) Outpost
9) Haunted
10) Moonlighting
11) Without a Paddle
12) Written in Sand (Point of Waking)
13) Night Falls
14) Hard Target
15) A Family Holiday (Canon Update #1, up to the moment Six falls unconscious and stops breathing)
16) Exposed
17) Grounded
18) Six Minus Six
19) Lions and Lambs
20) Back in Black
21) Crash and Burn
22) Heroes United (Ben 10/GR Crossover)


Six is a rather stoic man. He often comes across as cold, even unemotional. He doesn't say much, making what he doesn't say just as important if not more so than what he does. Because of the sunglasses he almost never takes off, he's very difficult to read.

While he may not have a genius-level intellect, Six is rather intelligent, able to analyze a situation swiftly and efficiently. Particularly on the battlefield. For example, while an EVO'd Noah had been on the rampage, Six managed to stop a pedestrian bridge from falling by using his katanas to slice through a pair of light poles and maneuver them into place to support the bridge. (Full details on these swords are in the "Powers" section.)

As a former mercenary, orders are orders though he'll choose to ignore them if he finds them unreasonable enough. He can also be rather suspicious, constantly keeping an eye on his surroundings in case of a threat. He'll also spend a good chunk of his off-hours training.

However, there's more to Six's personality than the unemotional soldier. He can be incredibly stubborn when he puts his mind to it. He has occasionally shown a rather dry sense of humor though Noah has complained that he hates it when Six "tries to be funny". Most of these flashes, however, seem to occur only when in the company of those people he chooses to protect and possibly care for.

Also, he has at times acted a bit paternal towards Rex. As explained in the "History" section, he'd been willing to walk away and leave Rex behind in the hidden village of engineers, even telling the boy that it was a nice place as a hint. Of course, he's obviously not the perfect parent. While he will offer some words of advice, there are some topics which he's no help on, one example being women whom he admits he doesn't have a clue about.

Six mentioned to Rex that he'd once been well on his way to becoming the new One. What changed that was Six meeting Rex. Coupled with his statement to Dos that the Spaniard's problem was that he lacked mercy and the fact that Six had been unwilling to show his father figure the "mercy" of death like his "siblings" had when it became obvious that One was incurable, it's easy to deduce that what ranks Six last among the six most dangerous people on Earth is because he isn't as ruthless and merciless as the others.

He also possesses a sense of honor. When Holiday's sister had been re-captured, Knight had demanded to know why she was still alive. Six reminded Knight that the deal Holiday had made was that as long as her sister didn't kill anyone, it was allowed to stay in the special pen designed for her. He'd even ordered the troops to handle Holiday's sister carefully.


In addition to knowing scores of martial arts, Six is incredibly agile and fast, at times resembling little more than a blur. His reaction time is remarkably quick. Amazingly enough, these abilities seem to be naturally trained as opposed to being the result of any actual super powers. Little wonder he became the sixth most dangerous man on Earth.

He carries a small arsenal of sharp weapons on him such as numerous shuriken. However, his most notable weapons are a pair of katanas which can fold up into their handles. They're kept in the sleeves of his suit. These blades are capable of cutting through almost anything and can be joined together to form a sort of bladed staff or a tuning-fork like device that can be used to manipulate metallic objects such as an entire car.

He also has a hoverboard which allows him to fly without the use of a jet.


Italics indicate cast mate.

Alphonse Elric
Six thinks that Alphonse is a good kid, having met him while they were unknowingly kidnapped by the Dark Aeon. He's rather impressed with the kid's alchemy and martial arts ability, particularly since he's good enough to perform a flying kick while wearing a suit of armor. Six is unaware that Alphonse is, in fact, a soul bonded to that same armor rather than simply wearing it all the time.

Six tries to keep an eye out for Alphonse and his brother Edward when possible.

Six never really met Blurr before he was temporarily shifted back to the age of sixteen when he ended up tying a bunch of cans to Blurr's bumper as a joke. Blurr got his revenge by dumping water all over him. Six felt a bit guilty for such childish behavior, but Blurr told him that it was important to play and he should give Rex a bit more freedom to do so.

Chie Satonaka
Six thinks Chie is rather cheerful and energetic. He’s impressed with her control and discipline in regards to her martial arts that time that they sparred. When talking with her, he’ll be very polite.

Six and Drift's meeting wasn't under ideal circumstances. (Drift chased Six down, thinking he was a leftover Shadow. It ended relatively well, all things considered.) The pair mostly snipe at one another when they meet, but Six respects a fellow swordsman even if he's a giant robot.

Over time, the pair have become rather good friends in their own way. The two have remarkably similar lines of thinking, this coming to the front while they were unknowingly trapped within the Dark Aeon's copy of Nautilus. Six trusts Drift enough to watch over Rex and Holiday when he's not around and to "take him off the board" should he become an out of control EVO that can't be contained.

Edward Elric
The pair met near the end of the Shadows reality storm when Edward and Alphonse had returned from a visit to their home. Six led Edward safely to Edward's home after they had to battle a pack of lesser Shadows that looked like Nina, a girl who'd been transformed into a chimera by her father back on Ed's world. Six is intrigued by the kid's alchemy and wonders why Edward has a metal arm and leg but doesn't ask. He also has yet to learn how excitable Edward can be when the boy's height is mentioned.

Since their meeting, they've met a few more times, and Six has taken a liking to him. He understands the bare minimum of alchemy thanks to Edward and his brother Alphonse though he himself doesn't plan to attempt it any time soon, preferring to leave that to the experts. He does try to keep an eye out for Ed and Al though.

Ezio Auditore
Six respects Ezio as another mercenary/assassin. They don't pal around much though.

Haruhi Fujioka
Six didn't meet Haruhi under the best of circumstances. He was under the effects of a reality storm that changed him into a life energy sucking villain obsessed with resurrecting Queen Serenity, and Haruhi was one of his victims.

Hikaru Hitachiin
Six has bumped into Hikaru once or twice but, for the most part, has no real opinion on the kid. Hikaru and his twin Kaoru tried to confuse him by not telling him who was who, but he didn't rise to the bait. (He couldn't tell them apart anyway.)

Kaoru Hitachiin (Returned to Sleep)
Six didn't really have much time to get to know Kaoru. His one memory of Kaoru was him and his twin Hikaru trying to confuse him by not telling him who was who, but he refused to play ball. (He couldn't tell them apart anyway.)

He brought her to her mate Kovu upon her arrival in Nautilus. Since then he hasn't talked much with her.

Six was initially wary of Kitt since his experiences with ZAG-RS made him automatically wary of artificial intelligence. However, during their first brief conversation, Six decided to reserve judgment, particularly after Kitt explained that Asimov’s Three Laws were first and foremost in his programming.

Kovu (Returned to Sleep)
Six and Kovu hadn't spent much time together before Kovu returned to Sleep. Six did, however, bring his mate Kiara to him upon her arrival in Nautilus.

Lelouch vi Britannia
He respects Lelouch as an accomplished bender though he chooses to study under Rex instead.

Orihime Inoue
He met her by chance when she found a coupon in the newspaper that had him delivering doughnuts to her. He finds her to be a rather energetic and cheerful sort. He’s generally very polite to her.

They've formed a bit of a friendship, particularly since Orihime insists on including Six in the various events around Nautilus including Tanabata and V's Halloween party. He's also cooked alongside her before at her bakery which he found to be quite enjoyable.

The Paperboy
While he doesn’t have a personal vendetta against the paperboy like Holiday seems to, Six doesn’t care much for the boy either. He’d like to go through one Saturday morning without Holiday raging at the kid as they clean up the latest mess.

Raye Hino
He was initially distrustful of the girl since he met her maybe a day or two after his arrival in Nautilus. He treats her with respect since she’s a shrine maiden and will speak politely to her but isn’t openly friendly with her.

Dr. Rebecca Holiday
Six’s partner of sorts in taking care of Rex. He deeply respects her, preferring to call her by her title or simply “Holiday”. The chances of him using her first name are extremely slim unless he wants to ensure her full attention. Though their personalities couldn’t be more opposing of one another, both share the common ideal that one day a real cure for the worldwide plague of nanites can be developed. In some ways, Holiday is part of Six’s hope for a better world one day, so he’s just as protective of her as he is of Rex.

He’s aware of her flirtations towards him though he has yet to respond. To be honest, he does care about her and would be willing to die for her if the result would grant her a measure of happiness but just like with Rex, he doesn’t show this very often.

Upon arrival in Nautilus, Six has set up shop as her roommate/guard dog. He claims that this is a temporary situation until he’s certain she can get along on her own, guilt-tripped by her claim that she’d starve. However, he’s not sure exactly how to deal with Holiday anymore. While he hasn’t seen such major differences in Holiday such as he’s seen with Rex, he still isn’t sure he really knows her like he used to.

After he returned from a visit home believing he was dead, Six was filled with various regrets, one of which was that he'd never really expressed his own feelings for Holiday. Therefore, he decided to correct a few of these, asking her out to Furman's along with a long walk on the Eastern beach in the moonlight. She was completely unaware that Six didn't know that (a) he was still alive and (b) he'd asked her to dinner back at home as well.

Rex Salazar
Six’s young field partner that he rescued and brought back to Providence after seeing the boy cure an EVO. In some ways, Rex has become Six’s beacon of hope that one day things will be all right again which could be one reason that he’s very protective of the boy. Six will put himself at risk time and time again to ensure that Rex is safe.

Though he can get irritated with the teenager (particularly following one of his breakouts), Six does care for his young charge and in some ways acts as a father figure to the boy. However, it’s very rare for the unemotional mask to crack and show just how much he really does care for Rex.

Since arriving in Nautilus, Six has become very uncertain of how to deal with Rex due to the year-long separation Rex had from him. Despite knowing in his head that Rex has been in the city a great deal longer than him, from his perspective Rex matured literally overnight.

The two have grown closer, and Six works to be a bit more openly expressive with his affections for Rex…though to most it would probably seem like no change.

Rialynn Kollman
Six found a newly-arrived Rialynn wandering around after returning to Nautilus following the Dark Aeon's attack. He took her to the Northern welcome house and ended up having to rescue her not long afterwards from Drift who mistook her for a threat. He generally speaks politely to her though he's not very close to her at the moment.

Serena Tsukino
Their first meeting wasn't so great. She was upset over bunny ears appearing on her head. He wasn't happy that her yelling over the Network just about blew out his eardrums.

As irritating as Six finds this Cybertronian, he can’t help but be slightly amused by him. He won’t actively seek out Sideswipe, but he doesn’t go out of his way to avoid him either.

He doesn't know much about this kid that he met outside the Northern Gate. At the time, Sora was pretty upset about seeing the most recent events of his home on a loop.

Souji Seta
They fought alongside one another during the Shadows reality storm when fighting against Rex and later Orihime's Shadows. Souji earned Six's respect by stepping up to assist in any way he could for those hectic two weeks.

Six’s relationship with Sqwydd is rocky. They met in Hong Kong during a bank heist in which he chased Sqwydd only to lose him. Six was unaware that Rex had let the other EVO teen go at the time. Upon discovering Sqwydd in Nautilus, gave chase to the EVO during an attempt at a threat assessment. Now that he’s more aware of the situation, he remains wary of the young EVO as part of his cautious, protective nature but will not engage Sqwydd per Rex’s request.

Six is grateful to V for some of the information he provided upon Six’s original arrival in Nautilus. They didn't talk much for quite some time.

Following an age regression to sixteen and with encouragement from Rex to go out and have fun, Six pranked V by putting paper mache jack-o-lanterns over the heads of the dinosaur skeletons at the museum. He helped take those down after he reverted to normal.

William Jesse Grant
Six met the good reverend while searching for Holiday one night. (It turned out that she'd been getting herself wasted at Furman's.) He finds Reverend Jesse to be a calming presence though he's not close with the man.

When he returned from his world believing he was dead, Six ended up talking to Reverend Grant about death rather than upsetting Rex and Holiday with his thoughts on it all. It bought him a measure of peace and the ability to accept what he believed had happened.

He hasn’t spoken much at all with the Cybertronian though he is impressed that Wing had the respect to make sure he’d finished meditating before speaking.

Xavier Martez (Returned to Sleep)
Six wasn't sure what to make of Xavier at first. He watched the kid for about a week from a distance before actually meeting the boy Holiday had all but adopted. He thinks Xavier's a good kid and keeps an eye out for him per Holiday's request. In some ways, Xavier has become Six's second not-son which made it hurt when Xavier went back to Sleep though he dealt with that pain privately.

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