Akane Tendo
Akane Tendo
Continuity Ranma 1/2 - Manga End
Age 16
Species Human
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
District Southern
Journal macho_tomboy
Player Eve
Theme Song "Paranoid" - Garbage

"Ranma, you idiot!"


Akane is the youngest of three sisters in the Tendo family. Her mother passed away when Akane was very young, but old enough to remember her mother with fondness. Her father, Soun, intended to pass the Tendo Dojo onto a son. Because he had only daughters, he entered into an agreement with an old friend, Genma Saotome, that his son Ranma would one day marry one of his daughters when he was of age. Akane seemed to be the only one of the three who showed any real interest in the family legacy, and as Soun had never mentioned this agreement to any of the three girls prior to Ranma's arrival, Akane trained with all due diligence to preserve the family tradition.

When she was sixteen, Soun informed them of the arrangement, showing them a postcard he'd received that indicated Genma and Ranma were on their way to the Tendo residence after training for many years in China. Akane was less than thrilled at the idea of an arranged marriage, but none of the three outright refused, and Nabiki seemed downright eager to meet him. That eagerness turned to stunned shock when Ranma arrived.

Ranma was a girl.

A huge fuss was made, and Akane couldn't help feeling somewhat bad for Ranma, who seemed to be far more embarrassed at the situation than anyone else. So Akane offered a hand of friendship and suggested a friendly spar. She was surprised at just how good Ranma was, unable to even touch her. Akane admitted that she was glad Ranma was a girl; she would have been pretty upset if she'd lost to a boy.

That evening, after Kasumi told Akane that she could take her bath, she went upstairs to find that Ranma's clothes were discarded in the outer changing room, and figured she was already in the bath. It wasn't uncommon for women to bathe together, so Akane undressed as well, took up her towel, and walked in…only to find a strange young man in the bath. Stark naked. Just like her. Akane closed the door. Put on a robe. Took a breath. And screamed, before racing downstairs to grab a table so she could drown the intruder. But before she got the chance, the man came into the room, introducing himself to the family as Ranma Saotome…once again. He explained that he and his father had trained at the accursed springs of Jusenkyo, and that he'd fallen into the Spring of Drowned Girl. Whenever he was splashed with cold water, his body became that of a young female. Kasumi and Nabiki instantly declared that Akane was the best choice to be his fiance. "You hate boys, right? Well Ranma is half-girl!" Nabiki reasoned. Akane protested heatedly, saying she wanted nothing to do with that pervert. Ranma argued right back, and when he said his female body was better built, she smashed him with the table.

Reluctantly Akane introduced Ranma to his new life in the city and at school, starting off the tour with her daily pounding of the mobs of sports enthusiasts who had been told that if they could defeat her in hand-to-hand combat, they would be allowed to date her. The one who had made this promise and inspired the resulting chaos was Upperclassman Tadewaki Kuno of the kendo team, who had also long desired to date Akane. His love was soon divided, but no less diminished, when he in turn fell in love with the 'Pig-Tailed Girl', Ranma's female half.

Akane and Ranma's relationship was incredibly rocky, especially in the beginning. She still had a crush on a man named Dr. Tofu, a skilled chiropracter and martial artist. But because Dr. Tofu was madly in love with Akane's oldest sister Kasumi, Akane kept her feelings to herself, and had strived to be more feminine like Kasumi for years in vain hope that he might love her the same way. She even grew her hair long. The day she realized that her hair was finally as long as Kasumi's was the day that Ranma's junior high school rival, Ryoga, tracked him down and demanded revenge for the suffering he'd endured because of Ranma. Their fight resulted in an errant bandanna being flung that whacked off Akane's long hair and left her in horrified shock. She couldn't speak, or move, simply staring. Ranma offered to let Akane punch him. Ryoga offered the same. (She obliged them both with a sound beating and went home.) After some help from Kasumi to trim it up, and a good cry at Dr. Tofu's, Akane started to feel better. Ranma gave her a rare compliment, saying that she looked good with short hair. The moment was awkward, and sweet, and Akane lightened the mood by poking his knee to nudge him off of the fence and into the river. He yelled that she was completely uncute, and she laughed.

As the days passed, Akane slowly began to warm up to Ranma. The bond they shared was hardly a passionate one…not in the romantic sense in any case, but it was certainly much deeper than friendship. He seemed to be developing feelings for her too, as he appeared to be awfully jealous of her little black pig P-chan…who was, in truth, Ryoga, but Akane never found out.

Akane wasn't the only one beset with insanely aggressive suitors. Ranma incidentally collected a large number of his own, some of which were male and stricken by the beauty of his female counterpart. Akane's reactions were far more severe and unforgiving toward his reactions to his suitors than his ever were with her, instigating numerous fights of varying degree. But most of the time, things worked themselves out in the end, and sometimes even brought them closer together. …And sometimes Akane just held a grudge for a week or two.

Despite their frequent head-butting, the most serious and dire situations were the ones that revealed just how deep their feelings for each other ran. In an attempt to save Ranma from having his body trapped and dissolved as nutrients for an enemy encasing himself in a giant egg, Akane ran to the top of the hot water pipe to turn it off, even though she'd been warned that the heat it gave off would kill her. She succeeded in saving him, but at a high price: all the moisture had been sucked out of her body, reducing her to the size of a small doll, with her life fading fast. Knowing that the only way to restore her was to douse her in the streams of the twin cold water pipe, he fought and defeated the newly-hatched and dreadfully powerful enemy, but it appeared to be too late. Akane's eyes had closed just before he could turn on the water. Her body was restored, but she wasn't moving. Ranma was devastated, confessing that he wished they were back home fighting with each other again. Then, to his surprise, Akane touched his cheek. She said she'd heard every word, but hadn't been able to move.

They returned to the Tendo household, where a wedding ceremony had been prepared. Even Akane agreed to it after all her previous protesting, but it turned out that her reasons were due to the extravagant gift of Jusenkyo water that, when Rama was dowsed in it, would restore him into a complete man forever. Their world being run on hijinks, however, led to several party crashers, and the spring water being mistaken for sake by a lecherous old pervert who drank it all. So they weren't married. But there were never two better friends who decided that maybe the other's company wasn't quite so bad after all.


"She's basically a sweet girl at heart, yet hopelessly violent." —Kasumi Tendo

Nothing could sum Akane up better. Her personality isn't as cut and dry as it might seem, with her somewhat <i>tsundere</i> characteristics. She's certainly a lot of things, but not to the extreme that other characters in the series tend to be. For example, she's often called a tomboy due to her skill in sports and love of martial arts. She's tough, busts cinder blocks and training dummies to relieve stress, and her knee-jerk reaction to dealing with a threat is to hit it really hard. But she's also very feminine as one can easily see from the way she decorates her room with pastel colors and girly things, and the way she dresses in cute dresses, skirts, and pajamas. She also expects to be treated like a girl, and can become grossly offended when she isn't.

Akane also gets along very well with her female classmates and has several female friends. Her male friends are few and far between, on the other hand, consisting of Dr. Tofu, Ranma, and Ryoga. Her classmates usually depend on Akane to keep them safe from perverts, as she's dependable and sympathetic, and fiercely loyal to those she cares about. They seem to think highly of her, and she has little problem getting along with most girls…as long as they're not psychotically in love with Ranma, anyway.

Compared to the other characters in the series, Akane is downright normal. Even her grades and intelligence are fairly average. Her test scores seem to hover in the 80% range, so it can be assumed that she takes her studies somewhat seriously, but she's no great brain.

She is, however, energetic and healthy, and takes good care of herself. She has a normal appetite and eats normal things, unafraid to indulge in sweets now and again or fretting over her diet in any particular way. Every morning begins with a vigorous jog around the neighborhood to wake her up, and she relies on physical exhertion even to help her deal with stress and frustration. When she's mad, she lifts weights, or practices her moves in the family dojo. Akane is proud of her skill in the martial arts, and admits that she hates to lose to a boy. (But when she does, she's a fairly good sport about it just the same.)

Akane's temper and patience can vary greatly, depending on the situation. Sometimes she reacts immediately with violence, and may have been the original inventor of Hammerspace (summoning a giant sledgehammer seemingly out of nowhere to hit Ranma on the head when she thinks he deserves it). Other times, she sniffs and turns away, claiming that she just doesn't care one whit. It's easy to get her mad, particularly where Ranma is concerned, as he's the one with the power to hurt her the most since she really does care about his opinion of her. She can be patient when dealing with the woes of others, but when her feelings are hurt, there's a strong possibility that she'll hear only the things that would set her off, ignoring the perfectly reasonable explanation until AFTER she's beat the living crap out of the 'offender'.

Despite her quick temper and violent tendencies, Akane really is a good-natured person. Even those who have treated her badly can be shown kindness, and she'll even try to help that person achieve their end goal if it's worthwhile. Several times she's tried to play peacemaker between Mousse and Shampoo despite how little they care for her or that they would never lend a hand of their own free will unless there was something to gain. She's sympathetic to the needs of others, and if she can find a way to help them, she probably will.

She's never been a flaky or unreliable person. She's a good sister and daughter to her family, and there's little she wouldn't do for them. Akane would never turn away from someone who asked for her help…with a few exceptions where Ranma is concerned since he usually deserves what he gets, but when the chips are down and he's truly in danger, she'd drop everything and fight for him.

Most would consider Akane to be a brave person. She's not afraid to face off against potential threats, such as home intruders, a monster of a man who would steal dojo signs, an orochi, or even the one-track-minded lecherous swordsman Tatewaki Kuno. She stands her ground with courage and determination. But even Akane gets scared sometimes, clinging to Ranma or Ryoga when ghosts began to pop up in a haunted cave for example. She's still just a sixteen-year-old girl at heart, after all, not a battle-hardened badass.

Though Akane is usually confident and has a reasonably good self-esteem, she tends to grow somewhat insecure in matters of the heart. When she was in love with Dr. Tofu, she kept her feelings to herself because she knew he was in love with her more feminine older sister. For a long time she tried to be more feminine herself, thinking that he might notice her if she grew her hair long like Kasumi. Ordinarily she could care less what most people think of her, but she greatly values her friends, and the more she loves someone, the greater their potential to wound her with words. This is why Ranma can affect her so easily, both with a compliment and a callous remark. The former can make her blush deeply, and even help lift her spirits. The latter? It can range from tears and depression to the far more typical bodily harm and ruthless violence.

Akane's skills in cooking and sewing are completely awful, and could be more readily described as an anti-talent. Her attempts to create cute things are usually interpreted poorly. ('It's a pig?' ' A DOG!') Her cooking in particular can be downright lethal, as she regularly grabs the wrong ingredients by mistake, and chops vegetables with such vehemence that pieces of the cutting board get tossed into the mix. But because she wants so badly to earn Ranma's respect, she keeps trying, and has even grown somewhat successful in making edible curry. Heaven knows how long it'll take her to expand upon her recipe repertoire, however, or if she even can.

She's had to deal with numerous rivals for Ranma's affection. But despite their relentless attempts to seduce him, and even numerous attempts to kill Akane, she doesn't seem to harbor any grudges or real hatred against them. Her anger is usually taken out on Ranma, since she blames him for catching their interest in the first place. She'll even try to help them out of sticky situations, if she can, with no ulterior motives.

Her relation to Ranma is extremely complicated. She honestly hated him at first, once she discovered that he wasn't really a girl, and detested the idea of being engaged to him. But as time went on, she grew to care about him as a real friend, even to the point where she started to fall in love. He protected her, and on a few rare occasions, tried to show he cared by cheering her up. It didn't always WORK, but when it did, the efforts weren't unappreciated. She knows that she can call on him for help if she's in danger, and would lay down her life for his without any hesitation. The relationship they share couldn't really be described as romantic, but it's deep, and it's true. Ranma is her best friend, and though he has the ability to make her mad or hurt her feelings the way no one else could, he also has the ability to make her feel like she's truly someone special and cherished. And in the end, maybe their arranged engagement isn't quite as bad as she thought.


None. Though Akane does occasionally get a boost, such as super strength from eating a special soba noodle, or being empowered by a living suit that allows her to easily defeat anyone, even Ranma, such things always end up being temporary. Akane is a fairly normal girl, though her constant training has made her ridiculously strong. Also, she can occasionally punt unwanted perverts several yards high when it is comically convenient.


Akane awoke in the Southern District.



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