Akito/Agito Wanijima
Wanijima Akito / Agito
Continuity Post-Canon
Age 15
Species Human
Hair Color Dark Blue
Eye Color Amber/Gold
Height 4'8"
District North
Journal profile
Player Neth

"The fly has her spleen and the ant her gall."


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Akito is optimistic, quirky, and intuitive; Akito is the most integral part of the three personalities. While he isn't considered a genius in battle tactics like Agito, he has a keen eye for details and can pinpoint their enemy's methods of attack as well as notice things about people that others miss during battles.

He is fun-loving to the point of childishness at times - finding joy in the simple things that normal children had during childhood that he never had the chance to experience. Akito is an enthusiastic pillar of support, cheerfully going along with whatever ridiculous scheme Ikki or the rest of them come up with. Due to how he was raised and the lifestyle he lives currently, he can be considered quite socially stunted: uncertain as to what behaviors are normal and what isn't, though Kogarasumaru has helped. He also seems to have trouble distinguishing between topics that are socially acceptable or not, but this seems to be something brought on by how comfortable he is around who he's with. If he is unsure of how he is supposed to act, he generally will rely on mimicking what the people around him.

Originally loud and energetic, as he grew more accustomed to his freedom and Kogarasumaru began to be a higher target for danger, Akito withdrew more into their mind. He became softer-spoken, giving Kogarasumaru his strength through Agito, though his optimism and curiosity remains intact. It could be said that he simply has matured into a young adult, since his personality has calmed down greatly.

Akito is a very informal person - never really bowing in greeting or apology. The extent of his formality extends to suffixes (specifically '-san'), which he tends to give to most people he meets until he grows more comfortable with them. He also tends to speak more properly than his friends, never cursing or swearing, and often relates things to metaphors - explaining using them, as well as similes, much of the time. Additionally, he also comes across as a very practical person when the situation calls for it.

Generally, Akito can be found hanging out with the girls when times are more relaxed; going shopping with them, gossiping with them, and even dressing up with them. When the girls aren't around, he tends to stay quiet and listen rather than engage, though he'll jump at the chance to join in with the boys' antics, such as trashing hotel rooms or sneaking out on field trips.

In terms of interpersonal relationships, Akito is very easy-going. He is friendly and open to playing along with whatever his peers want him to, and enjoys being supportive and helpful - often giving advice in a way that allows the person to come to the proper conclusion on their own. He thrives on the company of others, though in canon he gives up most of the time they have to spend time with friends to Agito for practical reasons. He is prone to being jealous and even disdainful at times.

His most important relationships - aside from with Agito - are with Ikki and his "brother", Kaito. Having been raised since the age of around six (though he would only have been a few months old, chronologically, at the time according to what chapter 300 is saying) by Kaito, he loves him deeply despite the fear he has of him. He would defend Kaito at very high risk to himself if he had to because, even though he was severely abused, he also has many fond and happy memories with his "brother". Once learning of Kaito's real relation to him, Akito is quick to adjust to calling him 'Papa', for the most part.

With Ikki, Akito has an entirely different kind of love. He loves to kiss and cling to the other teen, proclaiming the deep romantic love he has for him through affectionate actions and the unwavering support he has in him. Without question, Akito would give his life for Ikki if asked to - and even if he wasn't. If it wasn't for Ikki he would still be locked in a cage, only dreaming of the sky. By the end of the series, however, Akito's love for Ikki has toned down. He's more than aware that Ikki will never return his feelings, and adjusts his feelings accordingly. There is still a deep love there, but Akito keeps most of it to himself.

With the rest of Kogarasumaru, Akito blends more into the background, preferring to listen and follow/join in rather than chime in and lead, though he makes himself heard when he wants to be. He learnt many of his social skills from his friends - gaining knowledge through watching and mimicking rather than asking. Because of this, his social skills are rather unconventional, though he does his best to fit in due to a want for affection he never received growing up. He seems to throw himself into relationships with others and hope for the best, which is both a strength and a weakness of his.

Akito's relationships with Onigiri and Buccha are never covered in much depth. They are friends and allies, and Akito would do anything he could for them. Buccha has played the role of physical shield to him in situations where he's without his Air Trecks, but aside from that there isn't any one-on-one interaction - or even any noticeable interaction - between Akito, Onigiri, and Buccha.

Akito's relationship with Kazu is closer than that of Onigiri or Buccha's. Agito had spent many afternoons training Kazu in how to be a better Storm Rider, and Akito was there every step of the way as an observer. Kazu has always been kind to him; treating him like any of his other friends. He's one of the people Akito is most comfortable being around.

Emily and Yayoi - being the only girls of Kogarasumaru - are who Akito is the closest to, next to Ikki and Kazu. If the girls want to go shopping, they ask Akito, and Akito is more than happy to go along with them. Yayoi, however, is one of his best friends in Kogarasumaru. She has an innate ability as a Tuner (an A-T mechanic that can combine a Rider's biorhythms with the rhythm of their A-T), and Akito helps her nurture it until she can replace him as Agito's Tuner. They often spend time together outside of training.

Outside of Kogarasumaru Akito's best and closest friend is Udou Akira. Akira was his first friend, and the first person near his own age that he had the chance to interact with. This was due to the fact that he was assigned to be Agito's partner when they were still working with W-IND. Akira eventually betrayed him and Agito for a girl, breaking their hearts, but Akito holds no grudge against him for this and still considers him a close friend. Once all of the past issues between them were resolved, Akira, Akito, and Agito became even closer as friends despite not being able to spend much time together.

Akito's relationship with Agito is the most important to him. When Akito was scared and hopeless, Agito came to protect him and hasn't left his side since. Agito knows him better than anyone else. Agito is always there for him and always wants to do right by him. He is Akito's literal 'other half' - but even if he wasn't, he would still hold his place as the one who completes him. Just as Agito tries to do his best by Akito, Akito tries to do his best for Agito. He nudges Agito into making friends with Kogarasumaru. He supports him one-hundred percent in everything he does, even if he disagrees with it. He tries his best to always do for Agito what Akito has done for him.

His relationship with Lind, on the other hand, is anything but close. Lind is more of the metaphorical distant relative who you only see once in a blue moon. This is mostly due to the fact that Lind has all of Gazelle's memories - he lived his life already, and sees no need to take over his 'child's' life. There is, of course, a limit to this. In moments of extreme danger, Lind will take over control of their body in order to fight in their stead. He is often ruthless and unforgiving, and those moments terrify Akito to no end.

Once learning of Lind's true identity as Gazelle - his mother - Akito is more understanding. Lind calms down a fair deal once his true identity is revealed, though he still is an aspect of himself that frightens Akito more often than not.

By the end of the series, Akito has experienced the deaths of many friends, and killed enemies of his own. He participated in a war, but came out victorious at the other end, albeit with grievous injuries. He and his friends recovered, though Akito seems to have quieted down even more since the final battle against Takeuchi Sora. He's still a kind, supportive person - just much more toned down than at the beginning of canon.

Another thing to note is that Akito tends to adjust his social behaviours to match those of the people he spends time with, from what I have seen of his canon interactions.

Agito on the other hand is short-tempered, very intelligent, and aggressive; Agito is the backbone of their personalities and is usually the one in control of their body. He's confident and careful when it comes to Parts Wars, often spending weeks planning out every aspect of a future battle, though he's quick to lose control of his emotions - especially since joining with Kogarasumaru. His tactical genius is unmatched, and his keen senses allow him to seem almost omniscient when it comes to battles… When it comes to interpersonal relationships though, he's pretty clueless.

He prefers to stay by himself rather than with his friends, unless it involves training them/with them, but doesn't venture too far from them; enjoying listening in on their conversations and being able to spout out sharp commentary when he feels like it. The boys of Kogarasumaru enjoy flustering him with teasing and the other normal quirks of friendship, embarrassing Agito to the point where he often lashes out violently, cursing and swearing to make up for it. He's gotten better at accepting friendships since joining his team, originally reacting badly when told by Kazu and Onigiri that he was considered their friend - most likely due to the betrayal he suffered by Akira causing him to develop severe trust issues - whereas now he accepts it without question and will go out of his way to help and protect them. He still won't admit to any of these feelings, but his actions give him away to anyone observing.

For all his animalistic quirks, the strongest aspect of Agito's nature is the drive to protect the ones he cares about. He's at his most powerful when he's fighting to protect someone, which is no surprise considering that he came into existence to protect Akito. Underneath his crude and violent attitude, Agito has a very tender heart.

Agito's relationship with Kaito is much more complicated than Akito's, as he began to endure the brunt of the abuse after gaining consciousness. If Kaito has favourites, Agito definitely wasn't it. But it was through his brutal treatment that Agito became as strong as he did, and learnt as much as he did. Despite disliking Kaito he does hold a great respect for him. If he had wanted to, he could have escaped WIND years ago, so it says something that Agito actually stayed.

His relationship with Ikki is less complicated than Akito's. He snarls and snaps at Kogarasumaru, fearing that being friends with them will ruin them all, but they have none of it - especially Ikki. Agito is often manhandled by him, and though he gripes about it he doesn't respond violently to it as he would in the beginning. In a way, it could be said that Agito somehow became Ikki's pet, of sorts, receiving pats on the head for doing something good, and even going so far as to hand feed him when he notes he hasn't eaten.

Agito cares deeply for Ikki (and the rest of Kogarasumaru) even if he prefers not to show it. He has a particularly interesting relationship with Yayoi, since she has a crush on him and so is around him as much as she can possibly be. Since he noticed her penchant for abilities only Tuners tend to have he began to pay a bit more attention to her capabilities. He's grown used to her presence and somewhat fond of it, though he doesn't return her romantic feelings - he simply views her as a friend, as much as he can admit to himself that any of them are friends. He saves her life during the battle with Orca though is unable to bring himself to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, instead opting to use a bamboo stick to blow air into her lungs. After Yayoi proves to be a capable Tuner for him in place of Akito he shows a more active interest in making sure she can defend herself, if only to listen in while Onigiri and Kazu teach her hand-to-hand combat to make sure they don't mess it up.

His best friend is Akira, and even with their complicated past of pain and betrayal, Agito was willing to give it all up in order to show Akira freedom again. It was in the arc where Kogarasumaru fought Behemoth that it really became evident just how loyal Agito is. He spent weeks carefully planning out how to challenge Akira's team in a way that would allow the newly-formed Kogarasumaru to win, and therefore release Akira of whatever duty he felt he had to Behemoth.

Even when Ikki ruined his plans Agito didn't back down, and was prepared to fight to his 'death' to defeat Akira, both freeing his friend from his self-imposed cage, as well as give Akito back the Regalia as his first and final gift' from him. After achieving what he set out to do, Agito seemed honestly happy for the first time that we're shown, and the strong, silent connection and understanding between the two Fang Kings is really revealed.

Lind is powerful, aggressive, casual, and confident from what we've seen of him so far. His technique and physical power is more advanced than both Akito and Agito and he's entirely secure in his ability. He's not afraid to use people for his own purposes, and cares for both Akito and Agito in a strange way - protecting them and watching as they grow up into strong, independent personalities. He is the personality that Akito and Agito both originated from (Agito explaining it as Lind being a rock thrown into a pond, and he and Akito being the ripples it caused) and is therefore the first personality, like he said when he was first revealed.

He loathes being disrespected, reacting violently when forced into perverted situations, or when he loses control of the situation, and generally prefers to keep to himself within their mind. He's disdainful, could probably be described as being somewhat apathetic until more recently in the series. The only time he really shows an honest interest in being around another person is when Kaito is there, attacking the ones who hurt him and then allowing him to hold him close once the battle is seemingly over. When it comes to others, if it's not an enemy or they prove to be less than useful, he appears to deem them unimportant and not worth his time. For example, Lind saved Yayoi and complimented her, then a few pages later brushes her off when she's in danger, saying that there are 'four billion others just like her', implying that she's replaceable. Akito has described Lind as being so much more heartless than everyone, and having such a cool and calm decisiveness that it is surprising.

Of the three current personalities that make up the Wanijima son, Lind is the oldest. He is Prototype #00 - the first attempt at a 'Brain Charge', and is the original Thorn Queen. He doesn't really work in conjuction with Akito or Agito, keeping to himself as well as keeping important information from them unless it's prudent that they be informed. Lind does look out for them in his own way such as loaning his strength to Agito in a particularly difficult fight, or take the place of both of them if it's apparent that they won't win. In some ways, his treatment of Akito and Agito could be described as 'motherly' - being proud when Agito finds the strength to force him back into their mind, trying to guide them and give advice, and coming out to protect their body in difficult fights - which makes Lind's personality being that of their mother's much less surprising.

It was revealed in chapter 301 and 302 that not only is Lind actually Gazelle, but he holds all of her memories as well - including her feelings for Kaito, as is evident in how he works so hard to protect him. (Compilation of pages indicating Lind is Gazelle and holds all of the memories: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Compared to her upbeat and more Akito-esque personality as Gazelle, in her life as Lind she has become much more cold and serious, resembling her lover. He core personality seems to be the same as it was while he was Gazelle - hopeful and caring; quick to protect. Lind is a more learned Gazelle; he knows what the world is like now, and it's made him have a slightly more cynical view on things. Because of Kaito's influence on his life as well as the courage their sons have shown in battle, he isn't afraid to fight and use his wings any longer, though the stress he puts on their body is immense. To spare their body weak body from the stress, Lind used up almost all of his own energy.

Lind is a master of the Thorn Road, but as Gazelle could never master the Fang. It was through Akito and Agito's efforts to better themselves and perfect the Fang (ref: 1) in new and more powerful ways that allows Lind to use the attack now, melding it together with his own Thorn Road to create devastatingly powerful attacks. Despite having slept for the initial years of Akito and Agito's lives, Lind is connected to them very strongly, and considers their 'Fang' the ability that connects them even further.


They have an incredibly strong senses of smell and hearing. If your character smells inhuman (for example, if a werewolf smells more animal than human) or has bodily sounds that differ from the average human (such as a pacemaker, or prosthetic limbs), he generally will be able to tell if he is paying attention (though for sound Akito has to be in close physical proximity to the person). It's part of the reason he and Agito are called a 'shark'.

Akito, as a former Fang King (and the first of the three personalities to achieve the title), is actually stronger than Agito, though he refuses/cannot ride A-T any longer due to the violent things his 'brother' forced him to do despite Akito's pacifist nature. He is still able to fight indirectly, however, by lending his strength to Agito and boosting his other's abilities quite significantly.

Akito was also Agito's 'Tuner' (A-T mechanic) before Nakayama's abilities came to fruition, though because he doesn't have the innate 'Time Counter for Sound' he is unable to distinguish biorhythms - a key ability in being able to bring out the full potential of a King's Regalia. He knows almost everything there is to know about Air Trecks, and loves to teach people about them. He’s also good at explaining things to people in a way where he half-explains with hints and clues, leading the other person to find the answer on their own, as shown when he teaches Ikki about Tuning.

In addition, he is also incredibly intuitive and observant, often being able to read and interpret people's actions when others cannot. While Agito is the tactician of the two, he also manages to miss important and minute details that Akito catches and fills him in on.

He is the 'center' of the three personalities, supporting Agito, and sometimes Lind, in their important battles. His intelligence is also at a level where one might call him a prodigy, though he seems to prefer keeping this information to himself.

Agito, as the current Fang King, is ranked among the top Storm Riders in the A-T world, and is also the strongest (subjective) and most experienced member of Kogarasumaru. He has sharp senses and keen instincts, allowing him to defeat almost any enemy in combat with unrivaled focus. Agito is considered to be a Genius Fighter, and while once was unrefined and ruthless in battle, he has now sharpened his abilities and mastered his Tricks to a deadly precision.

Agito is also a gifted coach, although very harsh and cruel. He is capable of seeing the potential in people once his bias fades, and knows exactly how to push them to help them succeed, as seen during the pre-Behemoth training arc, and later on when he coaches Kazu privately.

Formerly the Thorn Queen Gazelle, Lind is the strongest of the three with a battle level of around 360. He combines Sonia Road's incredible flexibility with the Bloody Road's sharp, destructive power to create an unbeatable hybrid of attacks. As a Brain Charger, and being mentally older than the other two personalities, he also holds a very keen intelligence that would border the level of 'genius'.

Currently, Akito and Agito's battle level is around 200 (post-canon), as opposed to the 88 they were at in the beginning of the series.


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