Alex Mercer
Alex Mercer
Continuity Prototype
Age 29
Species Altered Human
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
District Western District
Journal theviralsource
Player April
Theme Song "More Human Than Human" by White Zombie

"I am something less than human. But also something more."


Alex's past is very vague, but at one point he worked for a corporation called Gentek that dealt with genetic engineering. Due to many conspiracies of shady operations, a military special force entitled Blackwatch shuts down the corporation, and knowing he's to be eliminated, Alex steels a virus called Dx-1118 variant A and flees. He's eventually tracked down, and knowing he's got nowhere to go, Alex drops the virus to the floor, instantly infecting those around him and the city itself. Alex is eventually shot and killed, but the virus (codename: Zeus) becomes sentient and decides to enter his fallen body, reanimate him, and take on his identity; literally becoming Alex Mercer. Now believing that the virus itself is Alex, he believes he has not only suffered memory loss, but has become infected as well. Alex thinks he has become something less than human, but also more than human. Once he does discover the truth about what he really is, Alex wishes he hadn't found out. And stopping the nuke that would've destroyed New York, he continues to work on eliminating the outbreak.


Alex can be described as having a quiet demeanor. In fact, he is more a man of actions and less with words. He rarely speaks up when those around him are engaged in conversation, and unless spoken to directly, then he'll talk. People say he comes off as cold, and maybe he can be, but that's rarely the case. He doesn't like to make himself known, as he if often mistrustful. However, Alex is very to the point about things, or blunt as some would say, but he rarely ever lies. In fact, Alex would rather tell the truth about things as he is a man looking for his own answers. Alex is often predatory. He finds little trust in anyone and is constantly defensive. Rarely letting his guard down, Alex is ready to strike at any given moment, for if he does allow himself to let other's see what he considers to be a weakness, he fears it'll lead to a dire situation he'll pay for dearly; not for himself, but for those he cares for. Alex isn't one to open up so easily either, and that makes him distance himself from most. He feels little trust in people and the only person he can confide to is his sister Dana; and even with her there are secrets he hides.

Easily provoked, Alex is a strong willed and determined individual who'll take risks to get what he wants; especially when it comes to uncovering the truth. Revenge is something that stays with Alex and he's driven by its emotions. If you've wronged him then he'll find you. Anger is also an emotion Alex deals with and personal grudges run deep within his head. If you are one of those lucky individuals who befriends Alex and gains this trust, which won't be too soon, then you'll have a buddy for life. He's the type who cares deeply for his family and friends and will put his own life on the line to protect them. But as mentioned previously, Alex rarely considers anyone to be a friend and only an acquaintance. You'll hardly ever see that kinder side his sister has been fortunate enough to encounter, but even she has seen his bad side.

Despite his somewhat intimidating nature, Alex carries himself as someone with a dry sense of humor. His responses are witty and sarcastic which might anger some people. Alex knows that his way of responding is just a mechanism to cope with his situations, and he's fine with that. On the outside, Alex may appear dark, mysterious and distant, but inside, his mind is haunted with his actions and the memories of those he's consumed; no he feels plagued by them. He might appear cool and collected, but truthfully, Alex is a little unstable. He's constantly tormented and reminded daily of the lives he's taken and their last screams before they died. A part of him feels guilty and knows what he did was for his best interests, (and soon for New York) but his psyche is unnerved by these passing events on a daily basis. He knows that some of his victims deserved to die and a part of him is glad that they aren't around to cause any damage. In a way, it's in own sense of justice.

Alex is a man of many secrets, and though he appears silent on the exterior, his interior is constantly thinking. Highly intelligent even before his death, Alex is constantly planning, adapting, and learning. Upon discovering his newly gained powers, Alex can mimic his personality into those of the people he's consumed. All for the job. And in regards to the job, Alex can be manipulative, cunning, whatever is required. Though the real Alex Mercer may be dead, the virus, having taken over Alex's mind, personality, body, memories, etc, poses as the real Alex and whatever actions were taken. And the actions taken aren't something that sit right with him. In fact, Alex is upset with what happened before his death and now he feels it's his responsibility to clean up the disastrous mess that was left behind.


•Is the ability to grow an elongated double ended blade from the elbow and onward that turns the arm into a giant razor sharp cutting machine.

•Is the ability to transform hands into deadly bone-sharp claws that shred through flesh and bone.

•Is the ability to form the right arm to become a large bone-like club to smash targets.

•Is the ability to shift the mass of various muscles onto the arms for extra strength.

•Is the ability to grow a large tendril that can lash out and not only cut numerous enemies in half, but can be used to zip-line onto vehicles.

•Is the ability to see heat sources, allowing for clear vision of any military personnel, weapon or vehicle in any light condition.

•Is the ability to pick out infected targets in crowds of normal humans.

•Is the ability to to form the left hand into a shield around the body that takes in incoming attacks.

•Is the ability to cover one's entire body in segments of hardened biomass that act as armor against attacks.

•Is the ability to literally consume a living organism into ones own body, leaving behind no trace of said organism ever existing.

•Is the ability to take on the form of anyone consumed, as well as their memories and abilities. Disguises include a variety of civilians, soldiers, commanders, and so forth.

•Is the ability to release a portion of biomass under the surface once been smashed and soon erupts from the ground as deadly spikes.

•Is the ability to tap into the mind of the infected.

•Is the ability to get from one point to another by overcoming all obstacles in one's path. Which includes the ability to climb on walls and buildings.

•Is the ability to run faster, jump higher, and glide through the air.

•Is the ability to heal at a hastened pace, as well, as restructure ones entire body if destroyed.



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