Allenby Beardsley
Allenby Beardsley
Continuity Mobile Fighter G Gundam
Age Seventeen
Species Human
Hair Color Teal
Eye Color Green
District North
Journal character journal
Player Eileen
Theme Song (Optional)

"Character Quote"


Allenby was born in the space colony of Neo Sweden, but was orphaned at a young age and taken in by Neo-Sweden's Space Forces. They decided to turn the little girl into the perfect Gundam Fighter for their colony and forced her into a strict training regimen, as well as conducting experiments and performing medical experiments on her to enhance her speed, strength, and dexterity. These were often rather unpleasant, but by the time Allenby was seventeen years old, the results were a clear success. Neo-Sweden had created a top-notch Gundam Fighter who would be able to lead them to victory in the finals and give them control over the colonies. However, simply having an excellent fighter was not enough for Neo-Sweden's Gundam crew. The seal on Allenby's status as a perfect fighter was the Berserker system that they developed. Using radio frequencies fed into Nobel Gundam, the Berserker system transformed Allenby from simply a fighter into a mad, raging… berserker, obviously, increasing her fighting prowess by 120%. The system brought Allenbyand Neo-Swedena string of unbroken victories, all in under one minute. The underhanded method used kept her obscure, but Neo-Sweden didn't care about that as long as she reached the Neo Hong Kong Finals. Allenby, however, quickly grew to detest the Berserker system and what it did to her, both hating the feeling of it and hating that her victories were never quite her own. Her frequent requests that she be allowed to fight on her own went ignored by the head of Neo-Sweden's crew, who insisted upon its use to guarantee victory. Inside her Gundam, Allenby was unable to do anything when the crew triggered it except go nuts on her opponents.

When they reached Neo Hong Kong for the finals, Allenby chose to spend as much time away from the crew as possible, exploring the city on her own and taking every opportunity to not have to deal with the strict schedule and training that Neo-Sweden demanded. After her match with Argo Gulksi, defeating him in 48 seconds as a berserker, Allenby took the rest of the day to herself. She ended up in an arcade with a fighting simulator and ended up spending basically the entire evening inside of it, defeating every opponent who challenged her. The clean, independent fighting was something that she couldn't get enough of… so when a new challenger stepped up after her long string of victories, she took him on eagerly. She wasn't intimidated by the fact that it was the "King of Hearts," Domon Kasshu. Allenby was thrilled to discover that her opponent was able to match her in battle, the best fight she'd had all day. Their fighting was so intense that between the two of them, they managed to make the simulator break catastrophically. Allenby thought to flee the scene as the police sirens began to sound, but her opponent caught up to her for a moment. She complimented him on being the only person so far who could fight at her level and promised that she would win their next match with a grin on her face, and gave him her name before vanishing into the crowd.

Later that night during a scan and checkup, Allenby argued with the crew over their rigidness and insistance on the Berserker system, asking once again that she be allowed to fight on her own. When the crew leader held to his position, Allenby grew frustrated and snuck out later that night. She collided with Domon Kasshu again and ended up heading back with him to have dinner with his friends, and told Domon and Rain how she'd ended up as a Gundam Fighter. Allenby envied the closeness that Domon shared with his crew, so different than her own. The two of them decided that they would fight a real match the next day. When the two faced off against each other in their Gundams, both of them were clearly enjoying themselves, showing off their best moves to each other. Though they were both trying to win, they were treating it as more of a challenge and a game than a battle of superiority between nations. Disgruntled with that attitude, Neo-Sweden's crew leader decided to trigger Berserker Mode. Allenby once again flew into a savage rage and began assaulting Domon viciously, but lost all the heart that she had been putting into the fight. Though badly battered, Burning Gundam rose up again and entered Hyper Mode as Domon tried to break through the berserker state and reach Allenby, saying that now the fight was boring because there was no soul in her fists. Yes, really. He executed his Erupting Burning Finger attack on her, and the backlash from the <s>burning spirit</s> energy completely fried the Berserker System, both inside the Gundam and exploding the control panel the crew was operating. Restored to her proper state of mind, Allenby insisted on getting up and fighting to the end of the match. She and Domon exchanged a final set of strikes, but the effects of the Berserker system and Burning Finger had taken their toll on Allenby. She lost, but with satisfaction that she had fought her own battle.

After the match, Allenby ended up close to Domon. Overhearing a conversation where several defeated Gundam Fighters plotted to get their revenge on Domon and the Shuffle Alliance, Allenby warned Domon and ended up as a witness to the assassination attempt on the pilot of Carlos Andalusia, the only fighter who had spoken against the plan. She accompanied him on the chase into the building, where Domon had a confrontation with Michelo Chariot, Neo-Italy's fighter. Retracing their steps to where Allenby had eavesdropped, the two of them wound up talking to Wong Yun Fat, the Prime Minister. In the match against Neo-Italy the next day, Allenby settled down close to the ring to watch, but when things started to go south for Domon she ran up to Neo-Japan's crew platform and grabbed the comm (despite Rain and the crew's protests and the fact that she was from Neo-Sweden) and advised Domon on how to beat Chariot. Shortly after that, Allenby helped Domon and Shuffle Alliance member George de Sand when Gentle Chapman appeared again—like the others, Allenby barely batted an eye at the fact that this man had apparently risen from the grave, but entering the finals after having been disqualified? <i>That</i> was a crime. Along with Domon and Rain, she leapt through the giant window into the barrier control center during George's match and defeated Chariot, repairing the damage he had done to the civilian safety barrier and allowing George to win.

She continued to hang around Domon in her free time, even helping him to improve and upgrade Burning Gundam and quite casually sharing top-secret knowledge (although Rain took exception and kicked them both out of the cockpit). Later, Allenby and Domon witnessed a building collapse and went to investigate, and got a brief glimpse of Schwarz Bruder and Rain fleeing. The next second they were caught in a sweep by Neo-Hong Kong forces led by Michelo Chariot and Gentle Chapman, who mistook them for tresspassers on government property. Master Asia arrived on the scene and started <s>communicating with his fists</s> fighting with Domon, but then stopped and concluded that he and Allenby had not been the trespassers. Returning to Neo-Sweden's lodge, Allenby learned that she and Domon were to particpate in a 2-on-2 tag team match the next day and rushed back to tell him. At dawn, the two suited up and faced off against Neo-Malaysia and Neo-Singapore. But the fight was a set-up by Wong Yun Fat, who still believed them to be the intruders. As soon as Burning Gundam rushed into the ring it collapsed under the force of a super-powerful electromagnet, leaving Allenby to fight both Gundams alone. The special weapons on the other two Gundams, her concern over Domon, and the 2-on-1 odds quickly turned the fight against Allenby. Despite this, she refused to withdraw from the match and decided to fight 'till the end. Her determination made Domon trigger his Hyper Mode, breaking the grip of the magnet (and the magnet itself, because burning spirit > physics). The two fighters combined their skills, executing a double Burning Finger attack and defeating their opponents.

In Domon's subsequent matches against his fellow members of the Shuffle Alliance, Allenby happily assisted him in training against their new specialty techniques by doing things like having Nobel Gundam throw rocks at Domon so he could punch them apart with his bare fists, and keeping Neo-France's mobile suits away when they tried to interfere with the unofficial match with George de Sand. She sparred against Sai Saici before his match with Domon and was pretty impressed with the kid's talent and spirit. For Domon's match with Argo Gulski, they were paired up as a tag team again—Domon and Allenby versus Argo and Andrew Graham of Neo-Canada. The fight was another set-up. Prime Minister Wong had abducted the man who created the Berserker System and obtained information from him, and forcibly activated it during the match. Allenby tried to fight off its effects without success. After Domon and Argo finished their match, Allenby tried to attack Argo so she could fight Domon, but was stopped by Andrew Graham and severely injured him in the process. Medical helicopters arrived soon after, but while Graham was taken to the hospital, Allenby was redirected to Wong. He kept her in some kind of bio-pod thing for a few episodes to infect her with DG cells and then sent her out to Lantau Island for the Battle Royale, keeping her in a permanent berserker state. Wong's ultimate plan was to make her the new pilot of the Dark Gundam, realizing that the Dark Gundam's self-replicating and self-evolving system would reach its fullest capacity with a female pilot. Allenby, driven by the Berserker system and her own feelings for Domon, tried to fight him but was interrupted by Rain who arrived in the Rising Gundam. Although Rain was able to get her off of the island, Nobel Gundam then turned into an egg that hatched into Walter Gundam (yes really), one of the Four Heavenly Kings. She fought Rain outside of Wong's palace, the DG cells keeping her berserk even after Rain destroyed the radio transmitter. The battle continued until Walter Gundam's mouth chomped on Rising Gundam's hand, which allowed Rain to fire a beam arrow directly into the Gundam and bring it down. With the help of Rain and her father, Allenby was cured of the DG cells.

Not long after, Neo-Japan's military under the orders of Ulube came in to take Dr. Mikamura back to the colony, and Rain elected to go with him—Allenby delivered Rain's goodbye message to Domon when he ran into her in the hospital later that day. When Ulube revived the Dark Gundam using Rain, he declared that Japan would thenceforth rule the universe without challenge and that there would be no more Gundam Fights. This instantly drove the rest of the Federation to attack Neo-Japan, but their weapons were useless against the Dark Gundam (even the Statue of Liberty cannon!), leaving the task to the Shuffle Alliance. However, just the five of them were not enough. Neo-Sweden quickly organized an operation to launch all able Gundams into space to assist, including Allenby in the repaired Nobel Gundam. (They rode up there by clinging to rockets, for the record.) She took a leading role in battling the Dark Gundam's tentacles, and they even managed to destroy some, but the self-recovering properties of the Gundam made it a losing battle. In the end, it fell to Domon to infiltrate the Dark Gundam's core to try and reach Rain, but he despaired of breaking through to her. Hearing this, Allenby contacted Domon and told him that all he had to do was tell Rain that he loved her, despite the fact that she was in love with him herself. Realizing the truth of it, Domon finally reached Rain and she broke out of the Dark Gundam. The two of them finished it off by combining their spirits in an Erupting Burning Finger Sekiha LOVE LOVE Tenkyouken, summoning the essence of the King of Hearts and blasting a <i>heart-shaped hole</i> through the core unit of the Dark Gundam. Which doesn't have quite so much to do with Allenby, but it would be criminal to leave that out.

Anyway Allenby was really happy when she saw Domon and Rain together after that. Seriously, she had this OMG YAY look on her face that 'shippers get when they see their couple finally kiss on-screen. Also, the world was saved and it looked as though the colonies were going to enact some major reforms on the Gundam Fight so that it wouldn't affect the Earth so badly. So things ended on a hopeful note.


Allenby arrived in Nautilus not long after the defeat of the Dark Gundam and was greeting by talking wolf-people and giant robots, among others. She also met a man who says that he is the entire country of Sweden. So all-in-all, she got dropped in the deep end of the general weirdness and surreality of the place, and has been trying to take it in stride ever since. Her success on that endeavour has been varied, but she's gotten mostly-used to what life is like in Nautilus.

She's come to a couple of conclusions about the place. For instance, the Hetalia countries? She thinks that what happened is that the essence of the nation "woke up" into Nautilus and coalesced into a body. Most of her other conclusions, though, are something like "this place is totally insane."


Allenby loves fighting. It's basically a prerequisite to becoming a Gundam fighter, and even though that path wasn't her own choice Allenby throws herself into it with great enthusiasm. She doesn't fight because she has any kind of chip on her shoulder—she does it because it is <i>fun</i> and she knows that she is very, very good at it. There's a real joy in it for her, which isn't to say that she doesn't take it seriously. To her, the best kind of fight is a true challenge against someone who is either as good at fighting or better than she is, and it's a way of bonding for her… a fight with Allenby is the quickest route to friendship. She most definitely fits into the TALK WITH YOUR FISTS philosophy embraced by so many Gundam Fighters.

Outside of fighting, Allenby is still very friendly and generally seems to be an energetic, fun-loving and rather chipper girl. She loves friends, good food, and sharing good food with friends, especially if there's a prospect of a sparring match afterwards. While she's sometimes a little shy about being introduced to a group of people, it's a passing thing and it doesn't take her long to warm up. She's always ready to lend a hand to her friends as well, even if it means helping a fighter from another nation. She has a genuinely generous spirit, even if it comes at the cost of herself—although she was in love with Domon, she encouraged him to declare his love to Rain because she knew that was who he truly did love. The bonds of friendship are more important to her than rules and regulations and if anyone doesn't like it, well, that's their tough luck. There is definitely a streak of hard-headedness in her. On her own, Allenby still shows the same boundless energy and shows no hesitation in running, bounding, and springing from Point A to Point B just for the hell of it.

Beneath that, though, Allenby is her government's Fighter. It's a fact of her life and she doesn't always like it. While she is allowed a degree of freedom by her crew, it isn't like the bond that Domon and Chibodee share with theirs; it's a militaristic relationship and ultimately she has to do what they tell her to. She resents the way she was forced to become a Gundam fighter and resists being managed or handled. While she likes to fight, Allenby wants to fight in her <i>own</i> way and under her own control without anyone micromanaging her or any outside influences changing her nature… it's not her victory then. On top of which the Berserker system is absolute hell on her (turning into a red-eyed rage monster of doom sucks). She detests cheating and has no patience for people who complain about their losses, feeling that doing so marks that person as a sore loser and not a true Gundam Fighter.

Abilities & Equipment

In G Gundam, the laws of physics are weak, feeble things compared to the power of BURNING SPIRIT. So although Allenby isn't magical, she is a Gundam Fighter. And they frequently display the ability to jump over houses and punch through walls with what I can only assume is their BURNING SPIRIT, even when not in their Gundams. They're also able to execute energy attacks on a smaller scale of what their Gundams enable them to do, which is either burning spirit or a side-effect from prolonged training and fighting in their Gundams.

In Nautilus, Allenby has become an okay bender through a lot of effort. She's managed to construct a small-scale model of the beam ribbon that Nobel Gundam uses as a primary weapon. It is basically one of those ribbon-dancer things that are used in gymnastics. Only it's beam. And will hurt like hell if she gets you with it.


Sweden: Her country! Apparently. Allenby thinks that Sweden is an okay guy. He told her that he believes in her to win the Gundam Fight, which makes her feel good inside because hey, SOMEONE from Sweden thinks she can do it without a stupid cheating Berserker system. He's pretty quiet and she's not quite sure what he's thinking most of the time, which is very unlike herself. Although she considers him a friend and has fought for his honor, there is a part of Allenby that doesn't quite trust the guy. After all, Neo-Sweden forcibly turned her into a Gundam Fighter, and even though Nautilus' Sweden is from way before Future Century, that does color Allenby's perception of him. Now asleep.

Kairi: SO. DAMN. CUTE. She's a little younger than Allenby was when she lost her parents and is probably a little too sweet and innocent for her own good, so Allenby wants to keep an eye on her. By "keep an eye on," Allenby means that she'll beat the tar out of anyone who gives the kid any problems and has told Kairi to call on her for such a purpose, should she ever need it.

Russia: At first, Allenby thought this guy was a creep who needed to be punched in the face for mocking Sweden and tried to do just that. She doesn't regret this. Then, the city turned Russia into a little boy who seemed lost and even a little lonely, wanting to be strong to protect his citizens. So Allenby tried to give him some advice on how to do that and be a decent person—things like "don't hit people unless they deserve it." When an anonymous person posted to the network later asking what friendship was, Allenby offered to try and be friends with them, and when Russia accidentally revealed himself she decided to stick by that. Maybe if he's got a real friend he won't be a creep, who knows?

Suzaku Kururugi: Mecha pal! Whether he knows it or not. Suzaku's Japanese kid, judging by the name, and a soldier. He showed off his skill piloting a type of mech called a Knightmare Frame at a festival, which Allenby was pretty impressed with. She thinks it's kind of funny how polite and modest he is, even though he's obviously got a lot of skill with that piloting. He's also a soldier who's fought in war, which is something Allenby would like to ask him about at some point—she finds it hard to picture him killing innocent people. Being from a world where war's been replaced with the Gundam Fight, her military experience is quite a bit different from his.

Lelouch vi Britannia: A guy who's been in Nautilus a long time, seems to know everything, and surprisingly isn't that much older than Allenby. Also lives in a huge frigging house. She might be a little bit intimidated by his apparent intellect, but he seems all right to her. His calm, collected attitude reminds her a little bit of George de Sand.

Mitham: Some kid from who-knows-where that's been horribly treated by, apparently, his world in general. This pisses Allenby off. A lot. She'd like for him to trust her because it's obvious that the kid needs a friend. And like Kairi, if she catches wind of anyone hurting him she is going to beat the tar out of whoever's responsible.



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