The United States of America/Alfred F. Jones
Continuity Axis Powers Hetalia
Age 19 233
Height 5' 9"
Species Human Anthropomorphic Nation
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
District Originally from the Western District, but lives in the South
Journal imthe_hero
Player Jean
Theme Song N/A

"Character Quote"


America was first discovered by Finland, Sweden, Spain too, technically France, and England However, England and France decided to compete with each other to decide which country would have America to be founded under their rule. France bribed America with his French cuisine, and when England realized he had nothing to give, he became depressed. Feeling bad for him, America wound up picking England to be his "older brother". Recognizing his loss, France buggered off. (Of course, in reality, this change in power was the French and Indian war. Which is then referenced later by a drunk England, despite it not. Have happened. What is this canon.)

Things continued pleasantly for a while. …Until America started to grow, that is. Literally growing from like two feet tall to five feet tall, now at the point where he was taller than England. (This is probably now around 1761.)

——(still reworking this)
But regardless, America still treated England as his older brother. But then, with age, America began to fight more and more with England, disagreeing on small things, and leading to all out arguments, and soon the Revolutionary war. It was at the point where America was almost defenseless, but still continued to say "England, I will choose liberty. I'm no longer your child, or your baby brother. From now on, I'm independent. Acknowledge it…!" England then saw there was no point in continuing to fight, and let America be his own country. From then on though, England has been disapproving of America, in order to disguise the fact he still cares.

The canon picks up again to show America as a fully grown country in World War 2 times, where he has decided to help the other countries fight off the Axis Powers from taking over Europe. He comes up with a series of ridiculous plans that most of the other countries ignore, but he isn't too bothered with that. The canon also has a series of side comics that run in more modern times than WW2, with current political relations, that takes place in a United Nations meeting. America starts off the meeting by saying "Please let me know now your sincere opinions," giving his idea on how to stop global warming (aka building a giant robot to shield the earth from the suns rays,) and then proceeded to say, "No contrary opinions are allowed."


His age in looks are that of a nineteen year old, most likely to represent his personality and lack of maturity in many instances. But his true age (to the current date) is around 233 years old.

America, or Alfred, is typically a happy type of guy, with moments of seriousness that he quickly covers up with an enthusiastic attitude. However, if something threatens the pursuit of Justice or Freedom, ANYWHERE, he's quick to stand up and fight for it, regardless of the circumstances that might befall him. To the point where he's sticking his nose in other people's business, thus annoying many of his fellow countries which leads to him not having too many close friends. Alfred also has a problem with reading the mood of a room, and then usually proceeds to make it worse. At least, that's how he acts. He really does know what's going on, and unless he cares enough to be serious about it, he'll feign ignorance. He is also said by other countries to have a bad sense of taste and appears to be the most naïve/just plain dumb, compared to other countries (fff aside from Italy).

On a more negative side, he's very self-absorbed, and egotistical. In short, an attention whore. He gets kind of upset if he isn't in the news, or is being ignored by someone. Hypocritically, he has a tendency to ignore everyone else's true needs. If someone is struggling and asks him for help, he'll probably only do it if it benefits him in some way.

His attitude is much different towards people who are his citizens. He becomes more self-less, and attempts to be as nice as possible to them, even if they don't return the favor. Particularly those who currently or have in the past served one of the branches of his government or army.

Also? Has a hero-obsession. He thinks of himself as a hero, a great defender, while looking up to comic book superheroes, at least the American ones. Especially Superman. Yes, he counts. And Captain America too.

When it comes to food, his absolute favorite, no questions asked, is the hamburger. Which, ironically, is a German food, but just pretends that he invented it anyway. And because of his obsession with fast food, he's been quickly spreading said fast food joints all over the globe. For the most part, other countries find them repulsive, but England sure seems to like them… He also has a habit of deep frying everything. Or just making it generally unhealthy. Ever heard of a Bacon Explosion? It's a 5,000 calories. Pancake and sausage on a stick? Got that too. Add that along with the Baskin-Robbins Large Chocolate Oreo Shake at 2600 calories, (also known as Diabetes In A Cup) and you've got yourself an American style meal. This is why America is fat. He eats these kinds of things all the time. It doesn't physically show, but at least he's know acknowledging he needs to go on a diet.


Before Nautilus: Super strength. He's had it ever since he was a child, strength strong enough to toss around buffaloes and drag along cars without a huge effort.

Can now see time as an aspect of space, along with beginning to speed up and slow down his movement along it.

Relationships List of everyone America has talked to ever.

Alexander Hamilton - AWESOME GUY, even if he and Jefferson would just constantly be bitchin' at each other. Fell back asleep.

Aya Brea - If America was to ever speak to her, it'd probably be along the lines of, "hey so sorry about blowing you up, but to be fair, I was a Nazi, and you were kind of setting everyone on fire."

Batman - Looks up to him, because he's a Hero too.

Canada - "Who were we talking about, again?" Fell back asleep.

Derek Rayne - Was Rip's boyfriend, and thus he and Derek became friends. They first met when Derek returned America's jacket to him, after he left it behind at Rip's Opera House, when she was, y'know, DONE TORTURING HIM. Stuff happened, they both got hideously drunk, kind of kissed. ONLY ONCE and he was only doing it to prove he could, so no homo. Then Derek turned into 417, and America kind of took advantage of that by pretending to be his superior officer. Derek was really kind of pissed off when he remembered that, but they eventually got over it. Oh yeah, an he FUCKING DIED.

England - This guy is so tsundere, it just hurts to look. They lived together in Monticello for a while. He makes terrible food. Oh yeah, and he fell asleep.

Fone Bone - AWESOME DUDE, they started talking about peaches and thing for a while. NEEDS TO CHILL WITH HIM MORE.

France - Tended to walk around naked. But that's kind of normal, so whatever. Also fell asleep. gd you.

James Sunderland - THEY KIND OF LOOKED THE SAME! They talked for a while about it. About being twins. Twinssss. you'd be a way cooler bro than canada

Jamie Hemeros -

John Adams

Kid Flash

Larry Butz

Molly Farber


Optimus Prime


Phoenix Wright


Pyramid Head - oh good god, stay awayyyyy

Rion Steiner

Rip van Winkle - CAN YOU SAY "COMPLEX"?

Squall Leonhart

Stitch - Was an awesome alien pet koala thing. Except the fact it destroyed the American History exhibit. Not cool, bro. Also, put out the swastika fire on Monticello's lawn. With himself. As I said, awesome alien pet.

Tally Youngblood

The Major

Thomas Jefferson - While other Presidents had come and gone, Jefferson had surprisingly been the one to stay the longest. "Surprisingly" is used here, because he often didn't think the other could really be social. But as things developed, America was consistently turning to his Boss for help or advice or just to talk to. He even lived in Monticello for a good while, and to say that America wasn't at least a tiny bit in love with him would be lying. At least, UNTIL THAT BITCH ISIS UNMADE HIM/KILLED HIM FOREVER. FUCK YOU ISIS, FUCK YOU. Yeah he's still in mourning.

Tony Stark


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