Amy Rose
Amy Rose
Continuity Sonic the Comic
Age 15
Species Mobian Hedgehog
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Brown
District Southern District
Journal character journal
Player Chinchill
Theme Song (Optional)

"I'm not called 'Ames' for nothing!"


After Mobius was freed from Robotnik's reign, Amy continued to protect Mobius from numerous threats and takeover attempts, including working as an agent of the mysterious Eternity Ring.

Upon arriving in Nautilus, she's had more trouble adapting to the new 'versions' of her friends than the locale or the concept of bending.


Amy is a serious, dedicated Freedom Fighter with a strong sense of justice who never gives up, looking forward to a future where peace finally reigns over Mobius. While she has a flare of the temper present in other varients of her, she never lets it control her behaviour or her actions.

Sadly, due to the contrast threats to Mobius and her continuous work, she's always expecting a new adventure or danger to emerge which makes it difficult for her to switch off and just enjoy life. This isn't helped by the stress of seeing one of her best friend's die and her world nearly destroyed. She tries to hide her negative feelings; on Mobius so she could help her friends and take care of them, in Nautilus because nobody seems to understand or have gone through those events themselves.


Amy's natural abilities (those she arrived with) include archery, marksmanship and strategic planning.

Bending Abilities

With her strong will and past experience in creating objects with her imagination, Amy's bending powers have come somewhat naturally to her. Creating familiar objects has proven to be no trouble. She is currently training to use two new powers; the ability to summon forcefields and the ability to create portals through space.


Sonic the Hedgehog: A different, more mature and laidback hedgehog than the one she knew back home. The pair currently have an uneasy relationship, thrown off by how each behaves compared to what they're used to. Amy in particular finds him difficult to talk to; much of what he says is contraty to what her Sonic has told her before.

Tails Prower: While not the Tails she knows, this one is remarkably similar - aside from his ingenuity with machinery. Amy has found him to be the easiest person to slip back into friendship with, although she does worry about him and knows that there things he might not be telling her, just as there are things she's hiding from him.

Nott Lovell: A good friend, despite his constant flirting. Amy and Nott get along well, probably helped by the fact that Nott has no assumptions from knowing a version of her beforehand. Having helped her when she arrived, she already considers him a trustworthy ally.

Knuckles the Echidna: While she was eager to meet Knuckles, the death of herself in his world has been a stumbling block to their relationship. Thankfully they've started to hang out and Amy's quickly shown herself to be very different to the Amy he knew, while he remains as stubborn and hard hitting as she remembers.

Shadow the Hedgehog: Mysterious. Amy doesn't know what to make of this 'King' yet. Their experiences together have shown him to be somewhat trustworthy, but there's a certain air of engimaty that confuses Amy and makes her want to understand him better.

Inventory and Residence

Amy is currently building a home for herself with the help of Tails, in the Southern District.

She owns a grey replica Chaos Emerald, a pink hoverboard (ala Back to the Future 2) and has two pet Chao, Quartz and Tiny.


Names Quartz, Tiny
Species Chao
Type Neutral Fly/Swim/Run, Hero Power/Run

Quartz (the pink one) and Tiny (the not-pink one) were obtained as part of a Reality storm that altered Nautilus to be more like the Zones of Mobius. Amy became smitten with Quartz right away due to their similar appearances, inviting her home - Tiny, who happened to be in Amy's lap, immediately agreed as well, leading to Amy adopting the pair of them. Tiny is fast and extremely strong, capable of knocking fruit from trees with a single shake. Unlike Quartz however, he completely lacks the ability to fly or swim. Both are quick thinkers and are often eager to help Amy when she enlists their help, although they're just as happy spending lazy days around the house.

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