Anna Of Arendelle
Anna of Arendelle
Age 18
Species Human
Hair Color Strawberry-blond (formerly had a platinum blond streak)
Eye Color Turquoise blue
District Arrived in: East District
Resided in: North District
Journal sunshineprincess
Player Silas

"Do you wanna build a snowman?"


Anna was born the second Princess of Arendelle. With her sister, Elsa, she enjoyed the life of being a princess, mostly keeping themselves entertained with her older sister’s ability to create snow and ice. It was one night, when Anna couldn’t sleep, that she and Elsa went into the throne room to make snowmen with the use of Elsa’s power. When Anna suggests a game, she begins bouncing along snowdrifts, till she is accidentally struck by Elsa’s power. This is when Anna receives the platinum streak of blond in her red hair. Her parents, beside themselves, take Anna and Elsa to the trolls in the mountains for Anna to be cured. She is cured there, but has all traces of magic and the memories of that magic removed from her memory, as if it never happened.

The incident caused Elsa to withdraw and sever the friendship she had with Anna out of guilt. Since Anna didn’t remember the incident, she tried her best to rekindle the relationship with her sister well into her early teens. It was then that she decided that it would never happen again, since she was under the belief that Elsa despised her. Even after the funeral of the king and queen, Anna was no closer to rekindling anything with her sister.

Three years after the funeral, Elsa become eligible to become the Queen of Arendelle. This prospect excites Anna since it means that for the first time in a long time the doors would finally be open to the outside world. She hoped she could find a companion, or even better, some kind of romantic spark. The moment the doors were opened, Anna was out like a lightning bolt. She explored all over, her excitement shining through. It was during her time exploring that she quite literally ran into a prince named Hans. First there was anger at the apparent clumsiness of a stranger, since his horse knocked her down, but as she really looked him over, there was a spark of something else. They introduced themselves, immediately hitting it off. The coronation bells are what interrupted them from getting to know each other more at that moment, and she rushes off, biding Hans a shy farewell.

Upon standing side by side with Elsa, Anna has the first conversation with her sister in a long time. They’re both obviously delighted by this, and Anna tries to continue the conversation until they are interrupted by their steward Kai introducing the Duke of Weselton. When Elsa declines to dance the first dance with him, she playfully volunteers Anna to dance with him instead. She’s surprised by his dancing skills, and continues to dance with him after she sees how amused Elsa is by this. After the dance, Anna joins Elsa’s side again, bringing up their conversation again. Despite the awkwardness appearing to be gone, once Anna mentions how she wants things to go back to how they were, Elsa’s attitude changes, and she denies her sister’s wish without explaining why.

Anna leaves the ball broken hearted, and promptly runs into Hans again. He offers to dance with her, which then leads to them telling each other all sort of things about themselves. Since she had never thought anyone would want her romantically, his attention to her in such regards makes her believe that this is truly love at first sight. It’s after they share so many things in common with each other, such as interests and siblings, Anna finally believes she found someone to cure her loneliness and spend time with her. At the end of their conversation, Hans proposes, to which Anna happily accepts his offer. They return to Elsa’s side to inform her and to ask for her blessing. Things turn sour between the sisters as Elsa refuses, on the grounds that Anna shouldn’t marry someone she had just met. This causes a fight between them, in which Elsa orders the party to end and the castle to close again. Anna, distraught at the thought of being alone again behind the stone walls, objects and causes an uproar.

The fight escalates to the point where Elsa accidentally uses her powers, sending icicles towards Anna and the guests. With this reveal, Elsa runs away, Anna following her despite everyone telling her not to. She lets them know she doesn’t think of her sister as a monster and puts Hans in charge of her kingdom at that time.

Anna gets lost in the woods after a day of riding. After she also loses her horse and ruins her clothes, she runs across a humble little establishment run by Oaken. She gets lucky that he happens to have one more winter outfit in stock, which she was about to buy when a strange man walks on. This is Anna’s first encounter with Kristoff. Once she realizes he’s someone who knows where her sister might be, she buys his things for him after he is kicked out for insulting the shop keep. She uses this as a payment to be led to her sister, to which Kristoff eventually relents to since his reindeer Sven wanted the carrots, and he needed the supplies. He agrees to help her find the Snow Queen.

On their way to find Elsa, Kristoff inquires as to how this happened. As Anna explains the situation, he stops her and calls her out on getting engaged to a stranger, doubting that Hans is Anna’s one true love. They are attacked by wolves before the situation continues, in which Anna shows her wit when it comes to situations like this, and they manage to escape. In the process, the sled is destroyed, and Anna has to promise Kristoff that she will get him a new sled when this is all over. She goes off on her own, and Kristoff proceeds to talk it over with his reindeer. He reluctantly agrees to help Anna, with Sven’s help.

The next day they see just how much the curse has affected the kingdom. Anna, remaining positive, refuses to back down from their journey when Kristoff voices his doubt that the curse can ever be reversed. She has faith that her sister isn’t evil. They travel further into the forest, Anna finds it beautiful and enchanting. This is where they meet Olaf, Anna panics and tries to get rid of him. When things calm down, Olaf introduces himself. Anna remembers building Olaf with Elsa as a child, so she does not hesitate to trust the little snowman, who is more than happy to show them where Elsa’s ice palace was.

When they arrive at the ice palace, Anna is overcome with how beautiful it is. The sister’s reunion, happy at first, soon turns sour as Elsa orders Anna to leave. Anna tries to encourage her sister to come back, which Elsa refuses. Ann then tell her she needs to reverse the curse. This news distresses Elsa, and in her shock and disappointment, strikes Anna in the heart on accident with her magic. Neither sister realizes what this will cause, and continue their argument even when Kristoff tries to get Anna to leave. Elsa winds up creating a bodyguard to chase them away from her palace. Once Anna and the others are safe, Kristoff notices that her hair was turning white. He figures out that this might come from Anna being struck in the heart, and he believes he knows a cure.

Kristoff takes her to the same trolls that had cured her when Anna was a child, though she doesn’t know this at that time. The trolls tell her that an act of true love will cure her of her curse. After they had tried to marry her off to Kristoff. Deciding she needed to be reunited with Hans, Kristoff takes Anna back to the castle so she can receive her “true love’s kiss”.

Unbeknownst to them, Elsa has been captured during this time. They arrive at the castle shortly after, Kristoff leaving Anna with her servants who had been looking for her. When she is reunited with Hans, she pleads for him to kiss her, so the curse can be broken. He refuses, revealing his plans that he had planned on marrying Anna, killing Elsa, and becoming king of Arendelle. Since Anna was dying and Elsa was deemed a monster, he says that the kingdom is his for the taking. As he leave, Hans locks Anna up in the library, where she succumbs even more to the curse, confusion and embarrassment seemingly hastening the curse, her hair turning completely white as she shivers and tries to hold on.

Olaf manages to get into the room as the castle starts turning icy. He finds Anna dying even faster than before and manages to light a fire. Anna’s conversation about Hans turns to her admitting that she doesn’t know what love is. Olaf explains that real love is putting someone else’s needs before your own, using Kristoff as the example. Anna learns that Kristoff is the one she needs to share her true love’s kiss with, and she and Olaf rush out of the castle just as the curse has turned into a full blizzard outside. Olaf is swept away by the gales, leaving Anna to find Kristoff on her own.

As the winds die down, Anna saw the person she had been looking for: Kristoff. Just as she’s about to rush to him, she hears a sword being drawn. In a moment of decision, Anna chooses to save her sister by sacrificing her own life instead of rushing to Kristoff for the kiss. Just as the sword is about to hit Elsa, Anna jumps in front and raises her arm. The frozen heart at this moment turns her completely into ice, against which the sword shatters. Her last breath can be seen just as everyone realizes what happened.

Overcome with loss, Elsa and the others grieve for Anna. As Elsa sobs, Anna’s body starts thawing, starting around her heart, and within a matter of moments, both sisters are once again reunited. Anna saving her sister with her sacrifice was an act of true love, which saved them both in the end. Elsa is overjoyed to see her sister, though surprised as to why her sister would want to sacrifice her life for her. Olaf explains that an act of true love will thaw a frozen heart, Elsa comes to the realization that love could is the key to controlling her powers, so she lifts the curse off of the kingdom. Hans stands up, and Anna has to keep Kristoff from attacking him. Instead, she is the one to confront the prince, punching him hard enough to knock him off of the ship into the waters below. It’s after this that Elsa and Anna hug again, rekindling their sisterly bond.


Anna is very eccentric, optimistic, energetic, awkward, and far from elegant. Unlike her sister. Her love of the outside world, and the yearning to be a part of it after being locked inside of the castle most of the life, shows she’s a free spirited person. Anna is also whimsical, goofy, hyper-active, and eccentric. She will run through the castle and flip over furniture to entertain herself, and talking to paintings as if they were real people, things she learned to do after years of isolation. Her impulsive attitude gets her into trouble, such as when she decides to fight Marshmallow, despite the creature being much bigger than her. There doesn’t seem to be anything that really brings her down except when it comes to her sister. Anna is also a pure and hopeless romantic. She truly believes that the moment the doors of the castle are open that she’ll find romance. Her heart is so set on it, she finds no problems with marrying Hans even if they had just met each other that day since she truly believes he’s her love that she’d been looking for. This shows that she can be rather naïve about how the world outside of the walls can work.

Despite being overly romantic, Anna values her relationship with her sister above all else. Since they were children, those two had been as thick as thieves, never one without the other. Even when they spent all those years locked away from each other, Anna never stopped loving her sister. At the end of the film, when Anna sacrifices herself for her sister, it’s shown that Anna still loves Elsa unconditionally.

Her optimism shines through when she assures everyone that she’ll bring her sister back, or when Kristoff questions Anna as to whether they can get Elsa to reverse the curse. She doesn’t waver, on either, making it clear that she knows they’ll be able to get to Elsa and save everyone. She is the only character in the entire movie who has faith in Elsa, even when Kristoff expresses his fear, and the Duke of Weselton calls Elsa a monster. The loyalty she has for her sister also shines through whenever someone doubts Elsa, such as when Hans tells Anna he’ll kill Elsa, and Anna replies with “You’re no match for Elsa.” She is also loyal to her friends, and is not above and beyond going out of her way for others, or putting them above her own well-being

Anna can be rather awkward and not very elegant. The first example of this is when she runs into Hans, having never really interacted with men outside of the servants and guards. She stumbles on her words and trips backwards, pulling Hans down into the boat with her. She seems to have a harder time keeping up the elegant demeanor like her sister, seemingly preferring to be herself, such as when she’s talking animatedly enough with Hans that she punches him. It’s a stark contrast to the demure and quiet elegance that her sister has. With how Anna acts, Kristoff had a hard time believing she was a princess at first when they made their way towards Elsa’s ice palace.

Anna has quite a temper. She reacts aggressively with either words or with a punch, such as when she punches Hans. This is due to her not liking when others make remarks about her sister or friends, and sometimes, herself. Her temper also makes her stubborn. When someone tells her that she can’t do something, or she has to leave in Elsa’s case, she will fight it till she either gets her way or something happens to drag her away.

Even though she smiles a lot, and s more than happy to spend time with others, Anna is rather insecure. She doesn’t think much about herself in comparison to her sister, seeing herself as plain and average. This translates into her latching onto the first person to show interest in her, thinking it was true love, to cover up the fact she was extremely lonely and wanting nothing more than a companion at her side.

Despite all of the flaws she has, Anna is a very sweet and loving person.


She knows how to fight, knows some basic winter survival skills, pretty agile, likes to climb on things, and knows how to run rather fast. Otherwise she’s just an average human being. Animals love her.

While in Nautilus she excelled in making food and tools.

Relationships in Nautilus

Elsa - Her older sister and the most important person in her life. Anna had been there for a few months before her sister arrived, and it thrilled the princess to have her back. She was working on Bending snow just for Elsa.

Nita - Good friend since the first time they met. Anna learned a lot about other magics from different worlds because of Nita.

Fon Master Ion - A young man whom Anna started to look as as a little brother. He lived with her and Elsa in Bag End, where he was always included in everything they did as a family.

Hiro Yamada - One of the first people she met, and boy, was it a meeting. Despite almost being crushed to death by one of his inventions, they became fast friends and like family over the short period Anna knew him. He introduced her to a variety of modern conveniences, such as DVD's and gummy worms.

Aqua - Though the Master Keybearer wasn't there long, Anna became firm friends with her. hey had a rocky start when Anna became a wendigo for Halloween and Aqua a vampire, as they attacked and tired to kill each other. After the event, the two of them bonded when Anna made a cake explode that she had been trying to make for Aqua.

Danser - A horse she received from Nautilus. He is willful, stubborn, overprotective, but one of the dearest friends Anna could ask for in Nautilus. They went everywhere together when they could.

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