Continuity NPC
Age Unknown
Species Deva
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
District N/A
Journal antovil
Player Val and Sparrow (previously Jolta, Ren, Straya)
Theme Song (Optional)

"I'M FREE! Free at last! Ye loony bitch, I'm FREE! You bodged it up and now I'm one for the road!"


quick notes

- brainwashed during the War of Kalliste and became former Ashura of Isis
- killed during Isis' first attack on Nautilus
- returned free of Isis' influence
- Ascended to Deva: now the Deva of Direction
- Was the only Deva in Nautilus for some time after Hekket did away with his friends.
- Sometimes sticks around the Heart as a Lighthouse. He used to sit right on top of the Heart to keep Wakened from falling in, but he moved after he nearly got blown away by a surge of Chaos that pierced the Heart due to Ursaems' doing.
- Has taken to wandering away from the city more in wake of Ursaems' betrayal. He had thought he had figured everything out after Hekket's betrayal, but apparently not.
- Now a tree.


Antovil is (or perhaps once was) a fun-loving Deva who has a good head on his shoulders. He can be both the responsible role model as well as the mischievous but sweet 'bad boy'. This mostly came about because he was the sole Deva in Nautilus for some time. He is wiser from his experiences and provides good advice to Wakened but he's also the sort to push them off of buildings when he's teaching them about teleportation. In short, responsible, trustworthy, and mostly serious but with a mischievous streak.

After a chain of intense events and the ever-changing attitudes of the Wakened, his personality has shifted into a shadow of what he used to be. He has taken to being more elusive and reclusive of late to keep his bitterness at bay, only reappearing every so often to maintain the bonds between his remaining students.


Seeking: This is an Ashura ONLY ability. Antovil will be sharing a small part of his unique power with his new Ashura if they are open to learning it. Deva and very experienced Ashura (such as Aaron before his Re-Ascension) are able to send out psychic pings that influence others over a distance and cause them to feel a sudden, unavoidable desire to be somewhere specific. It's a lot like a subconscious calling. That power to reach out to others, mixed with Antovil's natural directional sense, allows him to perform Seeking – the act of finding specific individuals and pinpointing their location from a distance. It's a difficult ability to take on and master, however, reliant upon heavy focus (though not as difficult as a Psychic Calling, as that requires enough willpower to influence the minds of others) as well as the Ashura's connection to Antovil himself.

At first, the range the Ashura will be able to cover in Seeking will be small, perhaps only a block or two. In time and with a good deal of practice, they will be able to Seek across a maximum range equivalent of an entire district. Seeking will not allow them to reach beyond the gates in any way, however, so they will not be able to Seek in Helix or Kalliste unless they physically enter those cities. Seeking may also be used out in the multiverse in various worlds, though the same maximum range will still apply. Seeking can also only be used on those who are sentient and Awake (it can't be used on Constructs or inanimate objects) and only to find one person at a time.


Areva - the two of them used to date on and off. Though they're not exclusive (Areva is much too independent to settle), he still cares for her as a good friend.
Calex - fuzzy scamp.
Hekket - B(
Isis - the Deva who manipulated the Senate to gain control of Kalliste and the one who brainwashed Antovil to fight by her side. He got better though.
Klement - Friends from the old days of Kalliste.
Neriae - Fellow brainwashed Ashura that served Isis
Ursaems - Friends from the old days of Kalliste. He was the one that Ursaems leaned on the most after a suicide attempt upon learning of his family's death and country's destruction. The revelation that Ursaems had turned against Antovil and all Wakened has left Antovil quite distraught.

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