Arc 5555 Fives
ARC-5555 (Fives)
Continuity Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Species Clone (Humanoid)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
District Eastern District
Journal notjustanumber
Player Aya
Theme Song (Optional)

"Look around. We're one and the same; same heart, same blood."


Like all clones, CT-5555's story began on Kamino, in the military training complex of Tipoca City. Developed, raised and trained to be soldiers, Clone Troopers were created from the DNA of a bounty hunter named Jango Fett, and were engineered to be a great army for the service of the Republic, although the details were fuzzy even to the Jedi as to the reasons, much less who exactly had cleared the decision to do so. However, with the rise of war against the Separatists, the Republic's clone army couldn't have come at a better time, and the troopers had proved an invaluable resource to them ever since.

As with all Clone Troopers, they chose nicknames for themselves rather than to go by their CT numbers, and so Fives derived his name from the number of fives in his. Once CT-5555 approached the end of his cadet training, he was placed with several others in a squad where their abilities and teamwork would be tested before they would be qualified to join the formal ranks of soldiers, or perhaps even that of ARC Troopers- Advanced Recon Commandos. Unfortunately, the Domino Squad wasn't exactly exhibiting the best results, and their lack of efficient teamwork cost them. His comrades in Domino Squad were Hevy, Echo, Cutup and Droidbait. While they all aspired to be excellent soldiers, their personalities clashed with each other on the battlefield, leading them to each take their own actions, and the lack of leadership and strategy doomed them to failure.

Fives and Echo got along with each other better than their brothers, and so after their failed test, met with Jedi Master Shaak Ti to request being transferred to another, better squad. Shaak Ti denied their request, but informed them that she would allow the Domino Squad to retake the test one more time in order to prove themselves. As they were meeting with the Jedi, the other members of their squad were also receiving inspiration in some form or another, and so it came that when their time for the test began, they finally managed to pull themselves together. Realizing their shortcomings and accepting that they needed to rely on each other, the Domino Squad showed determination and ingenuity that won them respect and recognition as soldiers.

The Domino Squad was soon shipped off to the Rishi Moon listening outpost, joining their brothers-in-arms tasked with monitoring for enemy invasion. It was a dull job that soon proved more eventful than they could have hoped for. Separatist droids managed to sneak past their security and infiltrate the base, leaving them no choice but to sneak out in order to figure out a way to fight back. Their efforts were not without casualties, and despite being joined by Captain Rex and Commander Cody who had been dispatched for base inspections, they found themselves stranded. Their only option was to destroy the base so that the Republic would realize something was wrong, and although they did succeed in the end, it was not without Hevy's sacrifice.

Fives and Echo were the only two remaining of Domino Squad to survive the Rishi outpost invasion. Both were admitted into the 501st under Rex's command, Anakin Skywalker's own troops. They returned to Kamino to prepare for a battle as Separatist communications had been intercepted, revealing plans for an attack. They now needed to defend the closest thing to home for clones, and when General Grievous and Asajj Ventress assaulted Tipoca City, the troopers fought valiantly alongside their brothers. While the battle was not without its losses, the Separatists were eventually turned back, their droids defeated and Grievous escaping with Ventress. Proving their worth as soldiers, both Fives and Echo were named by Commander Cody as ARC-Troopers.

It would be some time later when both ARC-Troopers were included in a stealth rescue mission, accompanying Jedi Anakin Skywalker and Obi Wan Kenobi, Captain Rex and Commander Cody aside from a small group of troopers in order to extract Jedi Master Even Piell from a Separatist prison known as the Citade on the planet of Lola Sayu. A secure fortress, getting in and out after breaking out prisoners was not going to be an easy task. Even with the surprise addition of Anakin's padawan Ahsoka Tano, making their way undetected through the Citadel for long proved difficult, and their presence having been noticed early on, they had no choice but to divide their group with the intent of rendezvousing at the rear landing pad of the prison. Despite further complications, they regrouped, although they came under heavy opposition from the Separatist droid armies. It was here that Echo was lost, caught between the blast of a turret and the explosion of their shuttle. With their numbers dwindling, Fives and the other troopers along with the Jedi were forced to escape into the rough terrain of Lola Sayu in order to find a new rendezvous point for extraction by Republic ships. Their efforts were not in vain as they were finally able to reach their destination, and Jedi Master Plo Kloon was able to retrieve the survivors and return with them to Coruscant.


A good soldier follows orders, but to what extent are those orders to be followed?

Fives, like all his brothers, is eager to fight and do his duty for the Republic. It's what he's been engineered to do, to serve to the best of his abilities. At first, his goals to serve on the front lines had blinded him from looking out for the rest of his team, a lesson he eventually learned with the rest of Domino Squad during their cadet trials. He learned that teamwork and that brotherly bond shared by clones is the foundation of success in any battle they faced. "Look around. We're one and the same; same heart, same blood."

His eagerness translated to recklessness during his days as a Shiny- a clone trooper fresh out of the cadet ranks. Thankfully, through the experience on Rishi's moon, Fives learned that leaping headlong into battle would only get you shot up quicker, and the sacrifice of their former Domino Squad head was a sobering reminder of what true soldiers should be prepared to do in the line of duty. With only him and Echo being the remaining of their original cadet squad, they looked out for each other and worked together well, a drastic difference from their days in cadet training.

He seems to have some apprehensiveness regarding droids. Perhaps it's because most of the time that's what they're fighting, but his trust in them at first doesn't appear to go very far. For example, when learning that their way into the Citadel relied upon the astromech droid R2-D2 and a small squad of reprogrammed Separatist droids, Fives wasn't terribly convinced that they'd succeed. His perspective of them changes when he later meets AZ-3, whom although at first annoys him, then becomes a trusted and willing accomplice in trying to get to the bottom of things. His comment about droids being droids differs from the tone he initially takes, showing his acceptance in them, and that they can be quite capable at times.

Resourcefulness, ingenuity, and taking initiative are the usual qualities looked for in ARC Troopers, and Fives has certainly stepped outside of the box by way of thinking and doing. Things are simple when the mission objectives are clear. Take out the enemy. Look out for your allies, take care of your brothers. Don't be a hero. He's a good Trooper, respectful of good leaders, especially when they're willing to fight alongside him. Given that the Jedi general that he's most familiar with is usually pretty casual with his troops, Fives isn't afraid to speak his mind, or make a smart comment despite the situation. He tries to have a positive outlook of things, but he's also very realistic about situations as well.

When it comes to matters, be it battle or off the field, Fives usually takes the supportive role. It's a natural place to be when you're given orders, and so long as he has no objections, he'll do what he has to do. It's an important space to fill, as he's relied upon by others, and he knows it, and won't fail them if he can help it. When he's worked with others long enough, his actions and where he chooses to be are all anticipated without a command. Fives knows his strengths and weaknesses, and taking these into account, he'll settle into the best position he knows he can fit.

It's when he does have objections that he will adamantly speak his mind on the matter as he can. He refuses to be treated as something less than human, and dislikes those who do. This he made this quite clear when they were charged under General Krell's authority, in which Fives told Rex that he's not just another number. His concerns for his brothers, his fellow troops outweighed the consequences he knew he would face in going against the general's orders, but he knew that there was something wrong with Krell's tactics, and the lack of respect and concern that the Jedi had for the clones just underlined the facts. Even when Rex wouldn't say things to Krell, Fives did, speaking his mind on the matter, even though he was quickly shut up for stepping out of line. A lightsaber held inches from your helmet will do that, you know.

If he believes something to be right, Fives will pull out all the stops and do whatever it takes to see it through. Infiltrating the enemy base, blowing up their own ship- they seemed the best course of action, even if risky, but he was willing to accept those risks. His convictions later on that there's more to Tup's episode, and his willingness to defy anyone and everyone to try and relay the truth, further proves his stock as a loyal soldier, except that his duties are of a deeper nature that only few other clones might be able to understand. Such independent thinking and response is what sets him apart, even if ultimately it is what brings about his unfortunate downfall.


Clone troopers are engineered to be strong, fast, smart and obedient. Their growth process is sped up to a certain point, and they are immediately put through extensive and intensive training to develop their minds and their physical bodies. While they are not super soldiers, they still possess a notable endurance and agility. Fives is trained for combat, whether it be close quarters or ranged. His weapons of choice are blaster pistols or a blaster rifle, the former of which he can dual wield, similarly to Rex. Blasters can be set to stun aside from standard laser fire.

An important part of a Trooper is his armor. Fives' helmet is equipped with a scope, night vision and ability to scan for energy sources such as hidden mines. Aside from his firearms, his utility belt includes an ascension cable with a grapple.

As part of his training, Fives is an able mechanic and can figure out technical equipment given some time and tinkering. It's assumed that he's had some pilot training as well, as well as the use of heavier artillery such as guns aboard star cruisers.


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