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The city was once a popular vacation/pleasure destination for Kalliste's Wakened before the war. However, Isis, being as obsessive with order as she was, didn't like fun things so she severed the connection between Kalliste and Arcas and it floated off into the Between. Without anyone alive to keep things running, Arcas eventually fell into decay, its power cut off, foliage decayed, and water gone. It's unknown what happened to the Aeon, but one thing was clear that Arcas eventually perished and became a dead city.

The city provided to be a great testing ground for Ursaems to experiment with his heightened Bending and Unmaking abilities. Not only did he destroy structures, he had also Unmade whole parts of the city. This was also the place Antovil and Calex found Ursaems while looking for the Dragon Eye and tried to fight him.

However, The Dragon Eye had been a red herring to lure the Deva out and Ursaems overwhelmed them both by infecting them with Chaos poisoning. Antovil and Calex fled for their lives and Ursaems abandoned what was left of Arcas to deal with Nautilus. As we all know, he was ultimately defeated in the second Battle of Kalliste and dragged down into the depths of Chaos by the Labyrinth.

Arcas then was left to float around all alone afterwards for months, possibly to be forgotten forever. But Areva, bored with wandering around just one city, decided to build one of her own. Building a whole world was cumbersome and tedious so a city would be the perfect size to be a fun project. Except she's lazy so she used Arcas as a template. She restored a great deal of it from her memories of its glory days but parts of it are more…


Since Arcas was riddled with holes and was crumbling, Areva needed to find something to fill the gaps and spruce up the city.

So she did some "Chaos Diving", venturing into Chaos to salvage pieces of potential and broken worlds. Most of which comes from disintegrated remains of Pink's World as it was a recently destroyed world and hadn't been fully absorbed back into the singularity of possibility.

Pink and Steven may or may not be alive, but there are a few residents in Arcas now that are very much from Pink's World; as well as a medley of those created by Areva or are pieces from different worlds (much like the sprites that run Furman's, etc).


This place is an entertainment destination for a wide demographic! Parts of Arcas are nice and classy while others are a little more rowdy. A lot of buildings are Mediterranean Revival style

For the sake of sanity, this place is small. About 200 acres. Which is the size of Disneyland + California Adventure. The water area would add another 200 total around this.

The city is mostly pink due to the pieces of Pink's World that were used but this means a wide range of pink! Pale pinks to neon pink. But there are normal colors here as well (such as with flora and fauna as well as water being their normal colors). There's also a lot of whites, reds, and golds from its glory days.

Many things look and feel like they might be made of stone, metal, or brick or something more old worldly but some of it is just for show.


There are several gates to this place much like Nautilus':

Almería Gate (Southern; main gate)

Tetouan Gate (Western; by Arcas Beach and Boardwalk)

Urfa Gate (Northern; outside of Happyland)

Volos Gate (Eastern; inside of Happyland)

These gates are connected to Nautilus through Nautilus' South Gate. Likewise, Wakened can only use the South Gate in Nautilus to reach any of Arcas' four gates from Nautilus.



- Arcas does not have a living Aeon or Heart. The Aeon passed on long ago.

- Arcas is only accessible from the South Gate in Nautilus. First, the Wakened must select Arcas as a destination from the gate itself. If it is the Wakened's first time at Arcas, they will automatically go to the main gate (Almeria). Future trips would allow them to select any of the other gates as well as a destination.

Those who are Ascended or accompanied by traveling Ascended can reach Arcas from the Beyond through any of the four gates.

- The survivors of Pink's World reside and work here. They are not considered Wakened since they did not answer the Call.

- - Arcas is open all day and all night most of any given month. However, Arcas will close a few hours before any given Reality Storm and then reopen once the storm has passed!

Anyone who is within Arcas at that time will find themselves (and their things) transported back at the Southern Gate in Nautilus. Any stragglers still within the city a split second before a Reality Storm will be teleported back automatically no matter what situation they are in.

The citizens of Arcas need that week to do monthly maintenance, but there is also another reason. Because the innocent inhabitants of Pink's World had already suffered tremendous hardship, Areva - in a rare act of consideration - has decided to protect them from further exposure to Chaos and stress associated with it by blocking all access during the Reality Storms. It just feels her feel bad to make talking houseware sad, alright?


Bending is blocked in Arcas. Areva made it impossible to use Bending in Arcas to protect the residents of Pink's World.


Pink's World residents as well as some others. This includes sentient housegoods and furniture, and Pink herself.


North District of Whirlwinds
East District Of Waterfalls
South District Of Forests
West District Of Infernos
The Central Plaza And Other Locations
The Heart Of Nautilus

The Between

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