Asami Sato
Asami Sato
Continuity Legend of Korra
Age 22
Species Human
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Yellow-Green
District Eastern District
Journal paishodown
Player Lauren

"You can't be afraid to mix it up, sometimes."


Asami grew up in one of the richest households in her world, with her father being an industrial tycoon. She lost her mother at age six when a firebending triad broke into their home and killed her in the process of robbing it. After that, she was trained extensively in self defense. Her physical fitness and ability to protect herself is something that she clings to to this day.

By age eighteen, Asami is an accomplished mechanic, driver, martial artists, and heiress to her father's company, Future Industries. She is an avid fan of probending in spite of not being a bender herself. She (literally) runs into Mako while driving her moped, and asks him out to dinner as an apology. It's then that Mako discovers Asami's relation to her father, and being a fan of the Fire Ferrets, Asami convinces her dad to help them with a sticky financial situation so they can participate in the playoffs that season. After that, her dating relationship with Mako deepened.

When Mako and Bolin lose their home in the attic of the Pro-bending arena following an attack from Equalists (anti-bending extremists), Asami offers to let them stay at the Sato Estate. She invites Korra over for the day shortly after the brothers move in, eager to smooth out their rough start brought on mostly by Korra's inability to accept Asami because she "thought [she was] kinda prissy." They find that they actually get along quite well, but shortly after this, Korra overhears a conversation that leads her to believe Hiroshi is an Equalist. Asami absolutely refuses to believe this until the police find a secret factory below Hiroshi's workshop, where he's been building deadly weapons for the Equalists. This deeply wounds Asami when she walks in on her father, but she chooses to fight back, knocking out Hiroshi and the Equalists' lieutenant with the taser glove her father had given her in his hopes that she would join him. Asami then joins Mako, Bolin, and Korra on Air Temple Island. She and the brothers are constantly supportive of Korra throughout the Avatar's difficulties with her role in this conflict.

Together, the four friends form what Bolin affectionately refers to as the New Team Avatar, and Asami takes on the role as their driver as they prowl the streets for Equalists. She is arrested by Tarrlok for breaking nonbender curfew and defending the rights of nonviolent nonbenders. Korra, livid at the arrest of her friends, hunts down the corrupt Tarrlok but is captured by him. Asami takes part in the mission to rescue her. This is when she learns that Korra and Mako have kissed, and she becomes resentful of Mako, who very obviously has feelings for Korra. She calls him out on it, emphasizing that she likes Korra and has nothing against her, but points out that Mako hasn't been honest with her.

During the Equalists' final assault on Republic City, Asami rescues Tenzin from being captured and retreats underground with Team Avatar. She and Mako break up on good terms before she leaves with General Iroh of the United Forces (Republic City/The United Republic's armed forces) and Bolin to sabotage the Equalists' base of air operations. The team is held up by an electric fence and taken into Equalist custody, where Asami argues with her father that he doesn't feel love for her mother anymore; he's too full of hatred. The team is eventually saved by Naga, Korra's giant polar beardog. She is using one of her father's mecha tanks to destroy the planes when Hiroshi himself confronts her and tries to kill her. With Bolin's help, Asami fights back with a fury that very nearly kills Hiroshi, but she stops herself, clearly in an emotional struggle, and captures him harmlessly to be handed over to the police. With the rest of Team Avatar, Asami follows Korra, who has had her bending removed, down to the South Pole to be there for her healing process.

Upon her father's imprisonment, Asami assumes control of the sinking Future Industries. Six months into taking the job, the company is nearly bankrupt. She travels to the Souther Water Tribe to meet with eccentric entrepreneur Varrick in hopes of making a deal that would save Future Industries. At the same time, a civil war is brewing between the Northern and Southern Tribes, and Asami tries to help Korra with keeping the peace. When it became obvious that the North would become violent no matter what, Varrick (an avid supporter of the South) suggested that Asami sell mecha tanks to the South. When it becomes evident that the shipments to the South are being targeted and stolen, she and Mako (now a cop) set up a sting operation with the Triple Threat Triad to catch the thieves redhanded. This ends up being a ruse, and someone cleans out Asami's entire warehouse while they're gone. With Future Industries being the only thing left of her family, Asami is heartbroken and states that she's given up. Emotionally vulnerable and not willing to consider that this is PROBABLY A TERRIBLE IDEA, Asami starts dating Mako again. She ends up selling a controlling share of Future Industries to Varrick in hopes of keeping it alive. It's Varrick, however, who ends up being responsible for the thefts and frames Mako for them.

Throughout her struggles in Republic City, Asami fosters a strong friendship with Bolin, and the two comfort each other in times of missing the old days. Bolin acts as something of an assistant to Asami, and she supports him in his film career.

Asami accompanies Team Avatar down to the South Pole for a cataclysmic event known as Harmonic Convergence. Put simply, Korra has to save the world, and there's an entire army being manipulated to stop her from doing so. Asami helps by transporting Korra and Mako into the thick of the action via airplane. She's shot down and captured with the rest of the team, returning to the Southern Tribe's healing huts with the injured to wait out the rest of the action. She is eager to know what's become of her friends and is relieved to know that Korra was successful and that everyone was okay.

Mere weeks after Harmonic Convergence, Asami sticks by Korra's side in Republic City, reassuring her when she grows frustrated with the public's negative opinion of her. When it becomes known that there are new airbenders popping up in Republic City, the two decide to go off and find them before a very awkward Mako (whom they have both broken up with) does. Asami suggests that Korra drives, and throughout the shaky lesson, the two clear the air between them about the disaster with Mako, expressing relief that it hadn't come between them. They end up distracting each other and nearly crashing into one of the many spirit vine growths that have been popping up all over the city.

Upon the decision that Team Avatar would travel the world in search of new airbenders, Asami provides them with a fully equipped airship. When recruiting airbenders to join the new Air Nation proves difficult, they put together an airbending show in hopes of attracting people. She shares a laugh with Korra while the Avatar tosses Mako around via airbending. Asami watches while the first airbender recruit begins his training.

Arriving in Ba Sing Se, Korra gets ordered around by the Earth Queen to collect tax payments from a dangerous area outside the city. Asami accompanies her, and the two have to fight off a team of bandits together. Korra wonders out loud if they're on the right side of this conflict. The two spar the next morning to help Korra blow off her frustration with the queen. Asami asks for a break when Korra accidentally airbends one of her kicks. Enter Bolin and Mako, who have discovered that the Queen is kidnapping new airbenders to form a personal army. They hide their knowledge from the Queen, and Asami buys them another night's stay by faking engine trouble with the airship. Upon rescuing the airbenders, Team Avatar separates from the new Air Nation and travels to Zaofu for another airbender.

While in Zaofu, Asami is privy to Lin's complicated relationship with her sister Suyin. She is shocked to find Varrick, who escaped prison during Harmonic Convergence, living and working in the city. Naturally, she's not pleased to see him. That night, she's awoken by the sound of chaos in Zaofu. Korra is being kidnapped by powerful benders. She is forced to wait behind one of the barriers, her skills not being adequate to go toe to toe with the kidnappers. She joins the rest of the team in the room where Korra makes her quick recovery from the paralytic used in her attempted kidnapping. Asami and the rest of Team Avatar to catch the traitor that let the kidnappers into Zaofu. The chase leads them out of Zaofu and to the desert, specifically the Misty Palms Oasis. They soon discover that they're on Wanted posters all over the settlement, thanks to the Earth Queen, and decide a different approach is necessary. Asami urges them to make a run for it when they seem to have bounty hunters eyeing them. They discover Aiwei's (the traior's) jeep, and Bolin and Mako break off from the girls and scout out the city in disguise, looking for the traitor.

Noticing that Korra is pensive, Asami asks if she's okay. Korra expresses frustration with not knowing what their enemies want with her. Asami then finds a note in Aiwei's jeep that clues them in that he'll meet Zaheer (lead kidnapper) at "Xai Bau's Grove." The girls can't find it on a map. The brothers return, saying that they were successful in locating Aiwei. The team rents an inn room across from his and sets a stakeout. While waiting, Asami passes the time by "destroying" Bolin at Pai Sho. Korra eventually loses patience and discovers Aiwei meditating into the Spirit World. She follows him in, but Zaheer's allies catch up with Team Avatar. Korra's body is helpless while her spirit is projected into the Spirit World, and Asami carries her away on Naga while Bolin and Mako fight Zaheer's allies, now known to be members of a secret organization known as The Red Lotus. Asami and Korra are captured by the Earth Queen's forces and taken to an airship headed for Ba Sing Se.

Asami convinces the guard to chain her to the wall rather than the floor, knowing that this airship was built by a competitor and not well put together. She is able to pull the railing she's chained to right off the wall, and with Korra's help of a distraction, knocks out the guard and breaks Korra out. The two move to take control of the ship, but Korra accidentally breaks the controls and the radio, crashing them in the desert. Asami spots a massive sandshark on the horizon, and the girls begin quickly repairing the damaged ship. The sandshark, however, destroys the ship completely, leaving behind only rubble before disappearing again. Asami then builds a makeshift sand sailor from the wreckage, which Korra powers with airbending to get them and the crew out of the desert. The girls rendezvous with Korra's father, Lord Zuko, and Lin back at Misty Palms. It is there that they hear of the Earth Queen's death at the hands of Zaheer.

The girls are later reunited with the brothers, who bring their family from Ba Sing Se after it fell into chaos. Their grandmother mistakes Asami for the Avatar before Mako and Bolin deliver the message that Zaheer plans to wipe out the new Air Nation unless Korra hands herself over to him. Korra attempts to chase Zaheer down in the Spirit World, and Asami keeps watch over her body while she meditates. Team Avatar travels with the Zaofu guards and the Beifong sisters to the Air Temple. Korra makes the decision to turn herself in, and Asami voices that she can't just expect them to let Zaheer take her and waits nervously while Korra radios Zaheer about her decision. Asami tells Korra to be careful, and after Team Avatar hugs, Korra leaves to turn herself over. Asami pilots an air ship to go pick up the airbenders with Mako and Bolin, but they end up trapped and barely able to escape with Tenzin. They meet up with the Beifongs and track down Korra and the airbenders. Asami takes down the guards and the group rescues the airbenders. She watches as Korra nearly dies in her fight with Zaheer.

Three weeks later, Asami is shown as Korra's caretaker, as the Avatar has taken severe physical and emotional damage from the fight. Asami prepares Korra for her formal appearance at Jinora's master ceremony and reminds her that nobody expects her to immediately bounce back, that she needs time to heal. Asami squeezes her hand, reassuring Korra that she's here for her, no matter what Korra needs. She attends the ceremony, standing with Korra and her family. After the ceremony, Asami and the others met with Korra at the docks, as she was going to leave for the Southern Water Tribe "for a few weeks" to recover. She reminded Korra that she would be happy to come with her, but Korra reassured her that some time alone would be good. So Asami waved good-bye with the rest of Team Avatar.

In the subsequent weeks/months/years, Asami wrote Korra, telling her she missed her, and that Republic City wasn't the same without her. Asami is the only member of Team Avatar Korra writes back to, revealing how hard the past two (at the time) years had been for her. Asami also reveals that she's landed a contract for redesigning the city's infrastructure to accommodate the rise of the spirits in Republic City. This is what keeps her busy for the next three years, culminating at the ribbon cutting ceremony of the city's new railway station. Asami, now twenty-two, meets Prince Wu of the Earth Kingdom at the ceremony, who makes a poor impression, before she speaks to Mako for the first time in what seems to be a while. They talk about how Korra is supposed to arrive soon, and Asami says that she can't wait to see her, and that it's "going to be weird," having the old Team Avatar back in the city after all these years. Throughout this time, it is also worth noting that she has received many letters from her father, but has never opened them. She allowed Mako and Bolin's family to remain living with her at the Sato Estate.

The night after the ribbon cutting, Asami goes to a dinner at Air Temple Island and follows everyone excitedly to the docks when a Southern Water Tribe ship arrives. This is when everyone learns that Korra had left the South Pole six months ago, and hasn't been seen since.


Asami presents herself as a refined and friendly woman. She is naturally socially adept, and this has only been supplemented by her childhood just on the edge of the public eye. Few people mistake her for "daddy's helpless little girl" anymore, now that she's successfully run her family's company for three years and rebuilt a city. Her sweet, feminine personality comes naturally to her, but it isn't a weakness. She isn't one to hold a grudge, and thinks about situations with a level head. She is intelligent and focused, and though she is forgiving, she is not a pushover. She doesn't get distracted with petty matters when there are more important things to be done. Asami is certain in her views and beliefs, and she will absolutely not let anyone make her choices for her.

Asami grew up young. She lost her mother to a firebending triad when she was six years old, and this caused her to grow up very close to her father, who raised her to be the successor of Future Industries, the company he built himself. Asami's and her father Hiroshi's very different reactions to the murder of her mother highlight Asami's level-headed nature. While her father developed an all-consuming hatred for bending in general, Asami didn't let the loss color her opinion of benders. This is obvious in her expressing to Mako that he makes her feel safe; she doesn't even mention how her mother died when they talk about it. The love and loss she feels for her mother outweighs her anger. This is a carrying trend in how Asami experiences loss, evidenced in the eventual loss of her father, and the shaky, gradual loss of her relationship with Mako. During the final conflict with the Equalists, her father went so far as to try to kill her. He has since been put in prison, and Asami never makes a mention of hating him, or even being angry at all. His betrayal and loss affect her deeply, though, and she can't bring herself to even go to the Republic City prison for any other reason because it reminds her of him. When Mako, her boyfriend at the time, was showing obvious interest in Korra, she confronted him about it, only growing annoyed when he denied that there was any problem. Asami even made it a point to say that she wasn't angry at Korra. She is not a jealous person; everything just happened to go wrong at the worst possible time. Mako began drifting away at the same time Asami lost her father, the only family she had left and someone whom she was very close to. She just expects the best of people, and wants the same honesty from others that she gives them. When she's annoyed, one can definitely see sass and sarcasm come into her demeanor. If she's angry with you, you're going to know it. Asami is a naturally gentle soul, though she will not hesitate to stand up for herself in the moment.

With a rich businessman for a father, she has been brought up in a life of privilege in Republic City. Mansion, servants, etiquette lessons, the works. This lifestyle has fostered a materialist streak in Asami. Though she isn't greedy, or even spoiled, she's used to having a lot of stuff. Her tastes are definitely on the girly side, and she's never seen out of the house without makeup and carefully done hair. In spite of her life of privilege, she isn't ignorant of those not as fortunate as she. Asami doesn't treat anybody differently, be it better or worse, based on their social standing. She is independent and hard-working in matters both small and large, whether it's being the only one to help Pema with the dishes or taking over the head position of an enormous public company with very little notice as a nineteen year old woman. There is nothing skittish about Asami. She jumps head-first into everything she does.

Those closer to her see a looser version of Asami. Her independence and wilder side come further forward. She is very expressive and affectionate with her friends, and she can definitely have fun teasing them. She and Korra end up bonding over the disaster that was their respective romances with Mako. Asami is the kind of person who, unless she has a reason not to, will try to get along with most people. She is extremely loyal to those she cares about as well as to her own moral code. She is an avid sports fan, never missing Probending night at the Republic City Arena. Further reinforcing her ability to take care of herself, she is very physically fit and an extremely capable martial artist. Even at her young age, Asami has already spent a good deal of time working on cars, boats, and airplanes. She knows how they work, and even works as a designer and engineer for Future Industries. Though her father invented the biplane, Asami becomes the one to perfect it for commercial use. She also works as a test pilot. She's been racing ("testing") cars at the Future Industries track since she was old enough to drive. She's very adept at working with her hands, and is a naturally talented and well experienced operator of pretty much anything with a motor. She describes driving as "relaxing," and it is a very central part of her life. She is among Republic City's scientific elites, and was personally requested by the president himself to co-engineer a solution to Kuvira's deadly spirit weapon.

Asami easily becomes attached to people who are supportive of her and believe in her, especially at this point in her life. She has no family left, and the three years have been filled with lonely, tireless nights in the office, drafting and building and designing as she works at the forefront of rebuilding Republic City after Harmonic Convergence. Future Industries is, she says, all that she has left of her family, and she has essentially become married to her job. Her passion lies in innovating and creating, but this lifestyle can also get very draining for Asami, and she never minds an excuse to take a break.

One of Asami's greatest weaknesses used to be her naive nature. She has historically been too quick to trust, too quick to lean on an offered shoulder. This is, to an extent, understandable, given the lonely nature of her life until this point. But it is a problem she has grown out of, in her nearly four years of owning Future Industries. She is still naturally trusting, but has grown a businesswoman's eye for bullshit.


Asami has no superhuman abilities. She is, however, among the top two inventive minds in Republic City, possessing advanced knowledge in electronics, automotives, and aerodynamics in her world. She is also an extremely capable martial artist.

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