Ascension Training

In order to learn/discover their newfound abilities, Ascended are always trained by Devas as they are more experienced and better equipped for the task than lower tier Ascended. In the case of Ashura, it also allows them to get to know their Deva a little better, as Ashura must be bound to one in order to keep their status. (Of note, Angelii do not need to be bound to anyone in order to remain as they are, though bonding with an Ashura is a common practice that helps establish and maintain a working partnership.)

In the past, training has been handled solely by Antovil, as he was Nautilus' only remaining Deva. However, as he had been joined by three others (Klement, Calex and Areva), he is not the only choice. Nowadays, Areva and Lixue are the only other options due to Klement and Calex leaving. If you so desire, your character can approach one of the other three two to ask about training from them instead of Antovil.

Lesson Pacing

Typically, Deva will spend about two weeks on each ability with each student before moving onto the next lesson, though a bit less with certain individuals if they pick things up fairly quickly. Lessons will also typically be scheduled for two or three times per week for a couple hours a day. Where and when will be up to each individual Deva conducting the lessons. (Whether lessons are handwaved or played out should be decided between the Deva handlers and the players of their students.)

Keep in mind that learning to use a certain power does not mean anyone will be perfect at it right away and mishaps may occur. (Trying to teleport to a nearby building roof? A new Angelii might miss and end up in someone's bathroom one floor down!) Further practice over the following weeks will be necessary to refine new abilities, but that is largely something newly Ascended will be able to do on their own time, whether wholly on their own or with their fellow students if they want to spot and encourage one another. Veteran Ascended may also assist the new Angelii with their practice rounds (such as if a seasoned Angelli proposes a super speed race around Nautilus to help a new Angelii practice the ability).

Instruction of Angelii Abilities

Angelii have two main jobs. They are 1) messengers and 2) glitch locaters. They're a speedy lot and generally very good benders, able to sense and hunt down errors in the coding of reality over great distances. The abilities they learn under Deva instruction are:

The Sight

This is the Angelii ability to see Bending Traces, the marks left behind when bending is used to create, alter, bind or even Unmake. Each mark is unique to its bender and also contains clues regarding form, function and purpose regarding whatever the mark is attached to. This is the ability used to spot errors in reality and can also be temporarily loaned out to both Wakened and Ashura, something that is taught in conjunction with how to use the Sight.

The most common instruction method for teaching The Sight is for a Deva to grant their students the ability to see what they as a Deva see in a very brief and limited way. Showing them much more would be incredibly overwhelming, as Deva don't just see in terms of Traces and coding of what actually exists, but also in Threads of energy and all that is possible. This quick look using Deva Sight will help the new Angelii get a feel for the Sight in general before they try it on their own. It will just take some practice to get it working fully and reliably.

NOTE: The sense that Angelii have for knowing that errors exist is instinctual and will come across as a feeling that something, somewhere is wrong. They will find that if they are in a world where flaws are present, they'll be automatically drawn to those flaws, though if they're far away, it may take them time to narrow down the exact location. Seeing the flaws and potentially determining a cause is another matter, though, which is why the Sight is a learned power. The ability to sense incoming reality storms is also something that doesn't need to be learned.


Even if a new Angelii character already possesses the "natural" ability to fly with their default form, this one will still be a valuable one to pick up. After all, what they're a Cybertronian with a jet mode but end up stuck as a human for a week for some reason? Knowing how to fly the Angelii way won't leave them grounded!

The concept for flight is relatively simple, almost deceptively so… Basically, throw yourself at the ground and miss. Technically, flight for Angelii is an automatic ability, but it does require something to jump start it. Leaping off a tall structure may be all that it takes to get it going, but in the weeks following, it may take some practice to add some finesse so your character isn't crashing into tree tops. Some Deva aren't above shoving their students off a tall building to see if that will make the ability work, though if it doesn't take right away, fear not! The whole purpose of having a Deva present is that they are quick enough to catch their students before they slam into the ground and end up dead or at least badly damaged. (After all, dying takes a minimum of a few days to come back and that would only foul up scheduled lesson plans.)


Possibly the toughest of the abilities to learn, as it involves learning to think differently about how to get from Point A to Point B. We generally think of the most efficient route as a straight line, but in using teleportation, it's more like imagining the world being bent. As Neriae used to teach it, put two dots on a sheet of paper, then fold the paper so the dots are alongside one another. That's the basic concept.

To help teach this ability, a Deva will take the Angelii around Nautilus via teleportation one by one to give them a better feel for that particular power. It will take a lot of practice and focus to get it right as they discover how to unlock it and, in the meantime, they may end up accidentally missing their marks and, say…teleporting into someone's bathroom instead of onto the roof of that same building. Getting lost will be an issue for a bit and practice, practice, practice will be required into order to lengthen the distance the students can cover with teleportation.

Angelii Speed

With this power, it isn't just moving very quickly. Rather it becomes possible when an Angelii speeds up time for themselves so they can move at speeds that would otherwise be impossible for the mechanics of their body. It's like moving along time, itself. This can't be used to move forward or backward in time, however, just to increase personal speed to crazy Flash-like levels.

Much like teleportation, this is something a Deva will do with their students at first to give them a feel for it. So if you've ever wanted to run alongside a Deva, this is your chance to do so!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Teleportation and super speed can't be used offensively. Neither can be used to attack or to set up an attack position. However, both can be used to run like hell if necessary or for other non-violent tasks.

Instruction of Ashura Abilities

Ashura are the coders and repair workers. They're typically excellent benders who work maintenance on worlds, fixing things, refining code, etc. If they encounter a flaw in reality by chance, they can usually see it, but they require the assistance of an Angelii to locate an error over distance. 

In order to keep their power, Ashura must always be bound to a Deva, otherwise they'll revert to being Angelii again. The contract is a verbal one that is sealed with a transfer of power; the Deva removes their blindfold and allows their new Ashura to look into their eyes, opening a channel between them. (As a note of interest, normal Wakened and Angelii cannot gaze into the exposed eyes of a Deva without feeling unsettled and disturbed, as well as a strong need to avert their own eyes quickly, hence the use of blindfolds.)

The abilities the Ashura will learn under Deva instruction are:

Weaving and Unweaving

Weaving is the ability to alter the coding of what others have already bent into existence. This is also the manner by which Ashura are able to repair and stabilize the coding of damaged worlds. Unweaving is the precise undoing of certain areas of code, such as removing certain ingrained abilities from non-living, animated Constructs (such as the monsters Isis set loose in Kalliste). This is very difficult, however, and sometimes simply outright attacking and defending with regular combat bending is far more effective. However there may be times when Unweaving may be needed to achieve a certain goal.

The method a Deva will use to teach these abilities will be very hands on. At the start, the Deva will direct their Ashura to planted bits of code within practice areas, then assist them in altering the code. Mishaps are likely to occur at first, possibly with items or practice targets malfunctioning or coming wholly undone. The more they practice at this, however, the better they will become. 

Stabilizing Chaosflow

This is how Ashura can fend off the affects of a reality storm as long as they're aware of themselves and can manage the ability to bend. Such an act is not easily accomplished, however, and usually takes about a day to manage. This particular ability is best learned in the field, as it were, as it is a matter of focus and willpower, as well as being able to ward off the residual Chaos that causes storms.


While another type of shielding based on bubbles was taught to some by Neriae before her death, wall-style shielding and deflection/redirection is something that all Ashura should know how to do. 

Aside from instruction on how to use such defensive powers, a Deva will also test the strength of their students' shields repeatedly to build up their strength and ability to sustain shielding.

Teleporting Offensively

Using teleportation to attack is something that is less of an ability that needs to be picked up and more like a previously learned ability that can now be used in new and different ways. Ashura cannot teleport as blindingly fast as Angelii can, but it's still fast enough to make a real difference in a fight.

Typically, a Deva will spar with their Ashura and help them fine tune their teleportation, getting them accustomed to properly setting up attacks and to teleport as instinctively as they fight. They will advise their students on how to effectively use momentum in conjunction with teleportation, as miscalculations might cause missed strikes or even unfortunate meetings with the ground or nearby walls. Fortunately, the presence of more than one Ashura also means they can practice against one another while their instructor is busy with Deva duties or other students.

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