Asch The Bloody
Asch (Originally Luke fon Fabre)
Continuity Tales of the Abyss
Age 18
Species Human
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
District West
Journal originalflame
Player Darkfeather
Theme Song Promise

"There are no guarantees in this world."


N.D. 2000 - In Kimlasca shall be born one who inherits the power of Lorelei. He will be a boy of royal blood with hair of red. He shall be called the Light of the Sacred Flame. And he will lead Kimlasca-Lanvaldear to new prosperity.

Luke fon Fabre is the literal fulfillment of this prophecy in Yulia's Score. In the year ND 2000 on Loreleiday, Lorelei-Decan 48 a son was born to Duke Crymson Herzog fon Fabre and Susanne fon Fabre. Duke Fabre being the brother of the king of Kimlasca, and thus being royalty. In fact, Luke was intended to be the next king of Kimlasca by marrying the king's daughter, Natalia. Having been betrothed to her at a young age. The two became very close during their childhood, and made promises to each other that they would make their country better when they grew up.

N.D. 2018 - The young scion of Lorelei's power shall bring his people to the miner's city. There, the youth will turn power to calamity and be as a weapon of Kimlasca, destroying himself and the city. Thereafter, the land of Rugnica will be enveloped in war, and Malkuth shall lose territory. Kimlasca-Lanvaldear shall thrive, and this shall lead to unprecedented prosperity.

However, according to the Score, which was followed to the letter by all of society on Auldrant, Luke was destined to die. His father knew this, and thus was very cold in the child's upbringing. Keeping his distance from his son while grooming him for the monarchy. Someone else though, a mentor, had other plans in mind for the young scion of Lorelei's power.

When he was 10 years old, Luke was kidnapped by Van Grants. In need of the boy's power, Van created a replica of the child through fomicry. The newly born replica was sent back to Kimlasca to take the original's place, while Van intended to train and use Luke for his own purposes. Eventually, Luke escaped and ran back home. Not being recognized by the guards at his home, he managed to climb over a wall and into the gardens. It was there that he witnessed his replacement interacting with his family and friends. His replica having usurped his life. Devastated and traumatized, he was convinced to return with Van and start a new life. A life as Van's servant and protege, a God General in the Oracle Knights. And with that new life, came a new name. Instead of Luke, the Light of the Sacred Flame, he became Asch, the Charred Remnants of the Sacred Flame.

Asch loyaly served the Order and his Master for several years. He willingly followed Van's plans to destroy the Score. However, this changed after he again came in contact with his replica and learned Van's true plan. To destroy all life on Auldrant and replace it with replicas. From there on, he secretly worked in the background as a double agent for both Van and the replica Luke and his friends. Intending to defeat and kill his master. He came to Luke and his friends aid many times, despite his loathing for his replica. Providing them with information, saving Luke and Natalia from execution, and helping to lower the outer lands and eliminate the miasma. He also employed a group known as The Dark Wings to assist him.

This all lead to the point where they all had to face Van in a final battle on Eldrant. But before that could happen, both Asch and Luke fell into a trap where only one of them could make it out. Thus they had a battle to figuratively determine who the real Luke fon Fabre was, and who would defeat Van. Asch lost this battle. Luke was then allowed to escape while he held off a group of Oracle Knights intending to stop them. While he managed to kill all of them, Asch was mortally wounded in the process. It was there that he died, his fonons being transferred to his replica shortly after his death.


Due to his upbringing, Asch is on the surface very cold and impersonable. This being a result of his father keeping him at arm's length. He takes everything very seriously, and practically never smiles. After all, he doesn't really have all that much to smile about. With everything that's happened to him, he's detached himself from his old life. Separating his emotions from his external appearance, he's very difficult to read sometimes. That having been his intention, especially as he worked as a double agent against Van.

However, there is also a lot of anger, bitterness, and hatred in this one. He hates replicas, especially his own, as he had taken everything away from him. His home, his family, and his happiness. Despite his often cold and calm demeanor, he's also very short tempered, prone to flying off the handle and yelling in a rage when he's angered. Though despite his hatred for replicas, he doesn't hate the man who created fomicry that allowed replicas to exist in the first place. Nor Fon Master Ion. Go to show that there is some reasoning in his head, despite it being inconsistent. Most of his anger stemming from his own personal emotions and the trauma he experienced rather than any one one person.

Underneath it all, there is a softer side to Asch. While he outwardly rejected Natalia and his family, he still has feelings for them. While traveling with the Dark Wings, he spoke about Natalia often. And he also deeply cares for his mother, going out of his way to find a mushroom to make the medicine that she needs. He's also shown to be a really nice guy deep down. Willing to do acts of kindness for those in need, though quick to brush it off when it's mentioned. He also has a tremendous amount of pride, and loves his country as well. He took his role as future king very seriously, wanting to make it a better place for everyone and so that there would be no wars. He hasn't forgotten about these ambitions, despite having given up his claim to the throne.

Needless to say, he's a bit of a complicated mess. Asch does what needs to be done, for the good of the people. Yet he's really not all that good at getting along with people either.


Asch is a swordsman. He fights using the Albert style which relies on heavy blows and sacrifices speed for defense. However, as is common in his world, his fighting involves magic artes. Mostly in the form of strike artes that revolves around his bladework. But he is also able to use a few fonic artes that require casting. He is also ambidextrous. Having been born left handed but taught to use his right hand at a young age for table manners.

He is also a seventh fonist, which means he has an affinity to the seventh fonon. Not something that everyone has. Because of this, he's able to perform hyperresonance. Normally hyperresonance would occur when two seventh fonists use their abilities together. However, being a part of Lorelei, he's able to do it himself. It's a very powerful and dangerous ability that's difficult to control, and can literally obliterate anything in its vicinity. A hyperresonance destroyed an entire island, for example.


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