Ash Ketchum
Ash Ketchum
Continuity Pokémon: Indigo League - Before Championships
Age 10
Species Human
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
District North
Journal dumb_ash
Player Eve
Theme Song "All Star" - Smash Mouth

"It's great to have you. Welcome to the team."


Ash grew up in Pallet Town, a small and rural country type of place. For years he's been obsessed with Pokémon, collecting many Pokémon-related paraphenalia in his room, entering Pokémon-based contests (which is how he won his signature ballcap), and watching Pokémon matches. As soon as he turned ten, he eagerly began his journey to become a Pokémon master…by sleeping in. In a panic, he rushed to Professor Oak's lab to collect his first Pokémon, but he was beaten to the punch already by three other novice trainers, including his childhood rival Gary. Professor Oak took pity on the dejected Ash, allowing him to take a rather belligerent Pikachu with him. At first, the two didn't get along despite Ash's earnest efforts. But after protecting Pikachu with his own body from a fierce Fearow attack, Pikachu warmed up to Ash, and they became close friends.

As Ash traveled from gym to gym, he met two others who would later become traveling companions. He met Misty first, stealing and accidentally wrecking her bike in his haste to get Pikachu away from the flock of Fearows. He promised to pay her back, so she continues to stalk follow him along, stating that she won't leave until he replaces her bike. He next encountered Brock, a gym leader with a talent for Pokémon care, who decided to travel with Ash in order to improve his knowledge and skill.

His Pikachu was regarded as a rare and special Pokemon by two members of Team Rocket, James and Jesse along their "pet" Meowth. The two followed Ash relentlessly, intent on capturing his Pikachu to present to their master Giovanni. They've butted heads on numerous occasions, but once in a blue moon they work together for a greater purpose.

Ash has fought hard and travelled a great distance, expanding his collection of Pokémon….not-too-significantly, but he's proud of what he's got. He has just collected the last badge he needs to enter the championship rounds. He's on his way to the last stop…and this is where he wakes up in Nautilus.


Ash isn't all that complex. He has no deep-seated issues, and he makes no secrets about how he feels or what he's trying to do. He's an earnest, hard-working kid who's got his heart set on being the greatest Pokémon Master of all time. Why? He just loves Pokémon. That's all there is to it.

He has a number of endearing qualities to him that make him well-suited to making friends and training Pokémon. He's particularly compassionate toward the feelings of others, and in several cases won't hesitate to put someone else's needs before his own. He has a knack for helping people in need, and often delays his journey to lend a hand to people or Pokémon who need it. He has a good heart, and when it comes to determination, Ash bends all of his energy and then some into achieving his goals. He doesn't like to quit or give up, especially if it's important. He is, however, a good sport and accepts his losses pretty gracefully for a ten-year-old.

His Pokémon are extremely important to him, and it shows. He treats them more like friends than pets, respecting their individuality and free will. He gets excited when a Pokémon evolves, but Ash would never force an unwanted evolution. If he makes a mistake, he apologizes personally to the Pokémon and takes responsibility for his own actions.

Ash isn't particularly clever or intelligent, though this is mostly due to lack of experience in the field of Pokémon training. Occasionally he comes up with some pretty creative strategies to help him win his matches, and has a talent for understanding the strengths and limitations of the Pokémon on his team.

He's got his fair share of flaws as well. He can get a little too excitable at times, making impulsive and rash decisions which can sometimes end up with disastrous consequences. He's naive, stubborn, easily flattered, and given to moments of great pride.

But for all his weaknesses, Ash really does try hard to be a good person to humans and Pokémon alike, and always tries his best.


Ash himself doesn't have any powers. He can call on his Pokémon for assistance, all of whom possess a diverse set of abilities depending on their type. Pikachu seems to be his strongest Pokémon, which can discharge vast amounts of electricity. At the point of canon where he's taken, he has access to Squirtle, Charizard, Bulbasaur, and Pidgeotto. He has three other types stored at Professor Oak's: a Krabby, Muk, and a large number of Tauroses. Ash can catch more Pokémon by engaging in a Pokémon battle, and if he manages to weaken his target enough, he can catch it in a Pokéball.

Because of Bending's influence based on willpower, it is possible for Ash to capture non-Pokémon in his Pokéballs, so long as he actually believes he's truly capturing a Pokémon.

Ash's Current Pokémon


Ash's Former "Pokémon"

Since Ash is newly Awakened, none of his original team members are available to him. He has, however, begun an earnest effort to expand his team.


Only in Nautilus can such a doomed alliance be forged. Ash's training with Stripe was fairly short-lived before the Mogwai went back to sleep, and he had yet to learn any of Stripe's special moves.


Ash awoke in the Northern District, where he was promptly confused and bewildered by his surroundings. Through the guidance of others, including Lelouch and Jun, Ash has claimed a room of his own in the Northern Welcome House. On the night of his arrival, he met the evil cute and cuddly Mogwai, Stripe, and brought him back to his room. Ash's mission is to regain his former Pokémon teammates, train harder so he can be the best Pokémon Master, and to discover and catch brand new types of Pokémon wherever he may find them!

Official Pokédex Entries

Alphonse Elric: A STEEL- and FIGHTING-type Pokémon. Although amiable and cooperative in nature, it will attack its enemies with the use of alchemy and/or martial arts. This is usually the case when any close relations are threatened. Also works well in teams. Despite its outward appearance, it is not a robot.

Anomie: A Psychic-type Pokémon. It mimics enemies and friends by Pretending to be them, and copies their attacks, becoming more and more like them over time. It is well-known for forgetting what it is and assuming that everything else is a boggle, a word that makes up the bulk of it’s vocabulary.

Arcee: A STEEL-type Pokémon. This Pokémon is friendly and sociable towards others. A trainer with a Ratchet will find their Pokémon at a disadvantage to Arcee's unique TEASE MEDIC attack.

Axel: A Fire-type Pokémon. It surrounds its enemies with fire, then slices them with its twin chakrams. It is well-known for its unpredictable nature.

Beyond Birthday: A Transform Pokémon. Its transformation ability is perfect. However, if it is made to laugh, it can't maintain its disguise.

Blurr: A steel-type Pokémon. The Blurr's greatest asset is its incredible speed, which, coupled with its surprising stamina, allows it to outrun literally anything.

Dallas Winston: A fighting-type Pokémon. It uses brute force and its infamous 'cut' attack to defeat its opponents in battle. It is well known for being disobedient toward trainers and aggressive to other Pokémon. It is also widely known that this Pokémon, though it is a fighting type, has the ability to use the fire attack 'smokescreen'.

Demyx: A water type Pokémon. Easy-going and lazy, it's hard to get one to fight, but when it does it launches powerful attacks. They also love music.

The Doctor: A psychic type Pokémon. This type hates fighting, so it uses its intellect and favorite tools to outsmart opponents. Works best with a partner.

Garrus Vakarian: A Normal type. Beware: uses a long-range weapon with deadly accuracy.

Green Arrow: A fighting-type Pokémon. It shoots its enemies with arrows that have special features, such as a boxing glove. It is well known for possessing a temper and is highly defensive of other Pokémon, especially the Black Canary. Its diet consists primarily of extra-spicy chili.

Hazel Bently: An electrical-type Pokémon. It manipulates matter and energy fields to attack enemies, specializing in causing metal to melt and in dropping lamp-posts on enemies’ heads. Overly defensive, this easily angered Pokémon is well-known for disregarding common sense and safety while in pursuit of information.

H'ssssk: Commonly called Dr. Dinosaur due to having an unpronounceable name. The LOUD Pokémon, Dr. Dinosaurs are often found yelling at anything mammalian. They hold an affinity to crystals, and will often collect large amounts of them at a time. It is crafty, making it difficult to catch, and is not for beginner Pokémon trainers. Dr. Dinosaurs' science attack acts like a chainsaw, ensuring it quick victory.

Jadis: A dark-type Pokémon. It targets enemies with its turn-to-stone ability and attacks using brute force. It is well-known for setting fancy buildings on fire, and for its regal bearing and aggressive attacks against any perceived insults. It evolves into the White Witch, which gains ice attacks and a chilly disposition.

Jak: A Psychic/Flying-type Pokémon. The Jak often keeps to itself, shying away from others. While appearing much like a Normal-type, this Pokémon is able to trigger a series of Dark and Ghost-type attacks, depending on its mood. It is also able to absorb the traits of other Pokémon, then launch them back.

Jamie Hemeros: A Normal/Flying-type Pokémon. Timid and shy, it does not often venture far from its hiding place, although it may be lured out with baskets of unfolded laundry. When threatened, its first instinct is to run away screaming, but if flight is not an option, it will briefly evolve into the much more fierce annoying Wild Eagle until danger has passed. This ability to evolve and devolve at random is currently unexplained by science.

Jetstorm: A STEEL and FLYING type Pokémon! This Pokémon is easily excitable especially when paired with a Jetfire. It can produce destructive blasts with its WIND CANNONS.

Johanna Baker: A flying-type Pokémon. It charms its enemies with its grace and beauty. It is well known for being mild-mannered and somewhat skittish around trainers and other Pokémon, though it is very loyal to those who it forms bonds with.

Kairi: A normal type Pokémon. Kairis are caring, friendly Pokémon who care deeply about the people around them. They can attack opponents with their Keyblade, but do so rarely.

KITT: A Ground and Electric-type Pokémon. It corners enemies by chasing them down and then pinning them to a wall or corner with its body. It's also been known to use an electrical emission attack to scramble its enemies' senses. It uses non-lethal force only, being incapable of willingly harming another living being. It is well-known for its polite attitude, its protectiveness of allies even to the point of disregarding its own life, and its ready submission to its trainer.

Kovu: A normal-type Pokémon. It intimidates enemies with its deafening roar attack. It is well known for being defiant towards trainers and other humans, and seems to have a short temper. And it can use hyperbeam.

Lara Croft: A British/Fighting-type Pokémon. It stuns its enemies with its two large assets before finishing the job with its guns. Can be lured with promises of tea and biscuits.

Luna Noah: A Normal-type Pokémon. Can use its singing ability to fight or heal. A friendly Pokémon, it will often approach the trainer before it even steps into the grass. Or near it. In fact the trainer can just be chilling at home and it'll walk in and say hello. Use the moon stone to evolve it into Goddess Althena.

Lymle Lemuri Phi: A Psychic-type Pokémon. Though small and cute, this Pokémon is not to be underestimated. It can use a wide range of elemental attacks and heal itself. It may occasionally teleport during battle to avoid being attacked but cannot teleport very far. If riled, beware the Lymle's bodyguard, Cerberus.

Ratchet: A Steel and Electric type Pokémon that can generate both bursts of lightning and electro-magnetic pulses to deal with enemies. It can be quite grouchy some of the time and generally does not care too much for strangers, but can also be fiercely loyal to its trainer friends and is solid-as-a-rock dependable in a bad situation. Is not likely to attack first; RATCHET usually requires provocation before it will strike. Entering battle against a trainer with an ARCEE is ill-advised. Chances of victory are almost nil.

Rex: A Steel Pokémon with a unique transformation ability that allows it to shift briefly between evolved forms of Steel and Ground, Steel and Flying, and Steel and Fighting. It is an all-terrain terror with a tendency to punch, kick, jump, throw rocks and swing blades at its enemies. The cost for maintaining REX is unfortunately high, however… It requires large amounts of Tex-Mex, pizza and anything with sugar in it to maintain top form. While not always obedient outside of a battle, REX is known to be very loyal and dependable when the chips are down and the stakes are high. Generally friendly toward strangers, though difficult to catch and contain. Keep away from electronic devices.

Sae: A NORMAL/PSYCHIC type Pokémon. Incredibly timid, but occasionally curious, and tends to lack the confidence to act. Cares very deeply for its trainer, often to the point of clinginess - Sae fears abandonment above all.

Samus Aran: A Steel-type Pokémon. A loner, the reclusive Samus isn't easily found. Try looking in secluded ruins or bars, or follow the screams of dying space pirates. Weak against Dragon-type.

Sephiroth: A Dark-type Pokémon. In battle, this Pokémon wields a long blade known as the masamune. The Sephiroth appears anti-social and tends to pick its friends carefully. It can be difficult to get along with but once a trainer has won its trust, the Sephiroth will become much more compliant. However, the Sephiroth will not make this trust obvious, waiting for the trainer to realize on his or her own.

Shockwave: A POISON/FLYING-type Pokémon. Solitary by nature, the Shockwave is rarely seen. It is commonly found around chemicals and favors french toast. When provoked the Shockwave will stare down its enemy. And it is prone to considering that all trainers are idiots.

Sideswipe: A Steel-Type Pokémon. One of the fastest known species, it dazzles enemies with its bright silver armor, before skating in and cutting them to ribbons. It is well-known for its vanity and pride.

Skyfire: A Steel/Flying type Pokémon. Friendly, gentle and curious, it will easily bond with its trainer. Although reluctant to fight unless provoked, its size and strength mean it has powerful attacks.

Sora: A NORMAL/FIGHTING type Pokémon. Very cheerful and agreeable, gets along with almost everybody, and is willing to do anything to protect its trainer and teammates - a firm believer in the power of friendship. Though it doesn't look like much of a threat, its attacks are surprisingly powerful; it's highly suggested that you don't make Sora angry.

Soren: A Rock-type Pokémon. Frequently mistaken for a brick, Soren sits and waits in libraries, confident its fantastic camouflage will keep it from being disturbed by idiots.

Soundwave: A Psychic/Steel-type Pokémon! It uses other Pokémon's abilities against them by reading their minds, as well as confusing them with sonic-based attacks. It doesn't work well with others unless they are more powerful than he is.

Starscream: A Dark-Flying type Pokémon. It's untrustworthy, sly and cunning. It prefers to attack its enemies from behind; it's also been known to turn on it's trainer.

Stripe: The THREE RULES TRANSFORMATION Pokémon. It is allergic to sunlight and is rarely seen during the day. It has a mischievous nature and will sometimes attack without reason. The Stripe loves water, and can be very disobedient. When threatened it will use almost any item like a weapon. It has more than one evolutionary form, it is unknown how many. The least seen attack of this Pokémon is SING.

Thomas: A BLAND NORMAL-type Pokémon. Its 'fight or flight' mechanisms are haphazard. Despite its quiet and nervous nature, it has been proven to be loyal toward allies and trainers along with gathering high levels of determination whenever necessary. It also has a taste for sweet curry.

Thundercracker: A Steel/Flying-type Pokémon. Well-known for its disdain of non-Flying-types, it possesses the ability to unleash powerful sonic booms on its targets. It is typically solitary and has a rather haughty, brooding nature, though it will become extremely protective of those who manage to earn its trust.

Tieria Erde: Steel and Psychic type Pokémon. It shoots enemies with twin bazookas and shoulder blasters. It also has telepathic abilities with other steel type Pokémon. The first thing it'll say to any prospective trainers is: "You are unfit to be a trainer."

Ulquiorra: (This is much better when seen with pictures. Ha ha ha!)

V: A Fighting/Fire-type Pokémon. Possessed of an explosive temper and excellent memory, this Pokémon is relentless in its pursuit of revenge for any perceived wrong. Although it appears no more than ‘mischevious,’ it is extremely dangerous when angered and brutal in battle. Capture is ill-advised.
Type: Revolutionary
Ability: Vital Spirit: Hypnosis fails.
Moveset: Explosion, Slash, Payback and special attack SOPHISTRY (effect: induce existential crisis)

Wheeljack: A Steel and Ground-type Pokémon. It shoots its enemies with its hand-held blaster or an array of attacks from its shoulder cannon meant to harm or just incapacitate. It is well-known for its open and friendly nature, loyalty, intelligence, eccentricity, and propensity for tinkering and inventing all manner of devices.

William Jesse Grant: A normal-type Pokémon. It believes in the divine grace that is prevenient in all living things and refuses to be involved in violence. Commonly found in churches, this peaceful creature has no useful abilities whatsoever but will still try to help or defend its trainer.

Wing: A Flying and Steel type Pokémon. It incapacitates its enemies with palms to the face. Its Great Sword attack drains its health but is usually super effective. It bonds easily with trainers and has a laid back nature. Usually found with Drift Pokemon.

Xemnas: A DARK and NOTHING-type Pokémon. There is not enough information on this Pokémon. It vanquishes its enemies with its ETHEREAL BLADES and the powers of DARKNESS. It is stoic and prefers its solitary existence. There are times when it is prone to being wordy. Dislikes everything - actually liking something is rare.

Zack Fair: A Ghost-type Pokémon. Generally affectionate and playful in nature towards its trainers, unless provoked, in which it strikes hard and fast with its oversized sword. When training, be sure to raise them near fields of flowers, to increase their happiness.


Jun: As a fellow trainer close to Ash's own age, how could they not become fast friends? Both seem happy to have someone around with a love for Pokémon in common, and Ash thinks Jun's Chimchar is REALLY cool. Naturally, Ash is determined to have a Pokémon battle with Jun, though he lacks his teammates. It seems they may turn out to be friendly rivals.

Lelouch vi Britannia: Lelouch was one of the first people that Ash met, who led him to the Welcome House in the northern district. He seems very polite and respectable, so Ash tries to be on his best behavior around him. They don't talk much, probably because Lelouch doesn't seem all that interested in Pokemon, but Ash likes him well enough.

Lymle Lemuri Phi: Ash isn't a cootie-phobe, and usually doesn't see any problem with having guys and girls as friends. Admittedly, he enjoys Lymle's company a great deal, especially since she doesn't nag him or yell at him like a certain redheaded gym leader he knows. She's always been friendly with Ash, and he likes that they can share each other's love of Pokemon (or what he believes to be Pokemon). Lymle's a cool girl!

Rex: Rex is sort of like that cool older kid that younger kids can't help gravitating towards. If he were a Pokemon trainer, then Ash would be a full-blown fanboy. Instead, he just feels kind of awkward, like Ash needs to prove himself somehow to be as 'mature' and savvy as Rex is. Ash knows he's got a lot to learn about this Nautilus place, and if Rex isn't careful, he might wind up having a tentative tag-along trying to pick up the basics based on his example.

Stripe: Ash mistook the Mogwai for a Pokémon on the same night of his arrival in town. Feeling sorry for Stripe, Ash took him back to his room, impressed by Stripe's immense vocabulary (for a Pokémon) and ability to communicate. After asking Stripe if he wanted to join his team and battle, Stripe eagerly agreed. Ash has no idea what he's really in for.

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