Continuity Astroboy (2009 Movie)
Age 13/14
Species Robot
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
District South Western District
Journal character journal
Player Eiyoko
Theme Song Theme from Astro Boy

"I've got machine guns…in my BUTT?!"


The story does not begin with Astro. Instead, it begins with a bright, confident, cheerful lad named Toby Tenma. He made straight A's in school, his father was head of the Ministry of Science and father of modern robotics, he won many awards for his brilliance in various fields of science, he had a wonderful home in the glorious, floating Metro City…things were wonderful. Of course, all good things must come to an end, and Toby's in particular was sudden and tragic.

While being driven home by the clumsy yet well-meaning family robo-butler, Toby learned that his father would be unveiling the Peacekeeper, an incredibly powerful fighting robot. Toby, excited, changed course (via some clever rewiring of the family butler robot) to the Minstry of Science to tag along. Although initially allowed to come to the demonstration, the President quickly had a change of heart and ordered the guards to "take him to a safe place and keep him there".

The Peacekeeper's test-run was almost under way. The President was reluctant to power the robot with the Blue Core, an incredibly powerful and self-sustaining power source consisting of pure positive energy. He forced the scientists to load the Peacekeeper with the negatively-charged and unpredictable Red Core instead. Unknown to him, Dr. Tenma, and everyone else in the room, Toby had snuck into the room and was watching the demonstration, having snuck out of the closet he'd been locked in and past security.

The Peacekeeper was quickly labeled a success…until it turned and began attacking the scientists that created it. Dr. Tenma closed the emergency door, trapping the Peacekeeper behind it. Unfortunately, Toby was trapped inside as well. When the Peacekeeper attempted to break through the wall, Toby was caught in the crossfire with nowhere to hide, and nothing was left of him but his hat.

Devastated by the loss of his son, Dr. Tenma immediately set to work creating a robot replica, outfitted with "the most advanced defense systems ever created," as well as all of Toby's memories. The last piece of the puzzle was the Blue Core, acquired from his most trusted assistant and friend, Dr. Elefun. After days of neither eating nor sleeping, Tenma finally completed the robotic replica of his son and activated it. The robot, fully believing it was Toby Tenma, was a success.

On his very first day awake, the new Toby began homeschooling with his father, but after an incident in the living room reignited Dr. Tenma's sorrow over the loss of his (real) son, Toby was banished to his bedroom. It was then that Toby began to notice a few oddities with himself (especially after having fallen out his window by mistake), namely his increased hearing and ability to fly. Excited, Toby raced to his "father" to show these amazing new abilities to him, only to find that his father no longer even wanted to look at him. Tenma informed Toby that not only was he not his son, but he was a robot replica, and no longer wanted by the distraught father whom realized that the real Toby would never be back. Toby, now homeless and confused, left, but not before hearing a few small words of encouragement from Elefun that there was indeed a place in the world for him.

That evening, Toby was chased by the President's military for reasons unknown to him. While Toby managed to outrace them for the most part, an enormous barrage of missiles from the main military vessel sent him plummeting to the surface of the Earth, which had (for the most part) become Metro City's heavily polluted scrap heap. There, he befriended several orphans living on the surface shortly before being kidnapped by a robot activist group. However, his kidnapping did not last. After being given a name and information on an apparently neferious man named Hamegg, the orphans "rescued" Toby from the Robot Revolutionary Front and began leading him home.

Upon being asked his name, Toby adopted the name the RRF suggested for him - "Astro" - and began living as a normal orphan on the surface. Before long, he met Hamegg, whom welcomed Astro with open arms and didn't hesitate to give him a few words of encouragement.

As days went on, Astro began finding it increasingly difficult to hide his true identity as a robot, no thanks to the robot dog (fondly named "Trashcan") trying to hurry him along. After reviving and bringing back an enormous robot for Hamegg to work on for his Robot Games, Astro was finally beginning to feel at home. He even closely befriended Cora, the eldest of the orphans and former resident of Metro City. However, things came to a grinding halt when, on the day of the Robot Games, Astro confronted Hamegg on the nature of the event, exclaiming "I thought it was a show, not a slaughter!" when he learned that the main attraction was robots fighting and destroying one another. However, Hamegg replied that he had no problem with it, claiming that at the robots were really "just junk waiting to happen." Then, claiming that robots could not have real emotions, he attacked Astro, electrocuting him and revealing that he had known Astro was not a person but a very convincing robot. Astro remained awake just long enough to hear Hamegg telling the other orphans the truth before finally blacking out.

It was then that Astro woke in Nautilus.


Astro is an agreeable fellow, friendly to anyone he meets. He does his best to be encouraging or comforting to others, and is willing to be a friend to just about anyone. In any situation, Astro will try to look on the brighter side of things rather than the negative, though this doesn't prevent him from being discouraged from time to time. He's also curious, willing to test out ideas or try new things. Astro can also be a bit playful, and is all too eager to have a bit of fun. Above all of this, however, he is modest, polite and cooperative, especially with his superiors or authorities…though he can be a bit gullible. His thoughtful nature does lead him to be incredibly kind and generous, and he has no qualms with comforting anyone who may be upset or distressed.

Cheerful as he may be, Astro is not without his insecurities. He is often hesitant to tell others of his true identity as a robot, in fear that he will be rejected because of it. He's also a touch clumsy when getting used to new things, and at times is socially awkward. Astro finds the task of fitting in with others to be difficult because of who - and what - he is. This longing for acceptance has led him to be uncertain about many things, and he tends to be quiet more often than not in new situations, only speaking up when being spoken to directly.

Since Astro is so powerful, it may come as little surprise that he has the bravery to match. Should his friends (or the general public) be threatened, Astro is willing and ready to throw a punch or even offer his life in exchange for their safety. Even should he fight, Astro closely follows the Laws of Robotics (while he is apparently exempt from them, he follows them voluntarily): he will not harm a human, and will not allow himself to be the cause of harm to a human. Even without this law, Astro is still somewhat of a pacifist, having once stated "I really don't want to harm anybody." In any case, though, Astro is often first to act, and will sometimes ignore any protest he may receive, favoring others' safety before his own. Still, he'd rather avoid conflict, and if there's any way to solve something peacefully, that'll be the first thing he tries, be it negotiating, submitting, or simply fleeing.


When Tenma stated "I won't lose my son again," he wasn't kidding. Astro is nigh indestructible, and can take a very heavy beating without sustaining substantial damage, if any at all. He has been thrown through multiple buildings, sent falling from impossible heights, and even sent skidding through the street without sustaining a scratch (though the impact did leave him dazed). He's also incredibly strong, capable of not only lifting an iron beam, but flying around with it and swinging it around as well. With enough effort, he can even lift a solid iron robot at least twenty times his size (weighing "hundreds of tons"). Astro can also dig through solid rock with his own hands at speeds matching and exceeding most drills. On top of that, he also has rocket launchers built into his feet, allowing him the capability for flight at incredible speeds with some impressive maneuverability, and even laser canons in his arms. His vision is aided by bright blue lights built into his eyes (which are equipped with x-ray vision), and his hearing is very strongly amplified.

He also has machine guns. In his butt.

On top of it all, Astro is powered by blue core energy, a self-sustaining and very powerful energy source composed of pure positive energy. He is capable of lending this energy to other electronics or robots to revive them, much like recharging a dead battery, either directly from the core or through his fingers. If this core comes in contact with the Red Core, they will both be destroyed, effectively killing Astro. In addition, he can't stay awake and running full-blast all the time. He does need to rest and recharge every so often, not unlike a human being, and any constant fighting can quickly wear him out.

Many things can prevent Astro from using his abilities. Aside from just being plain worn out after he overuses them, he still isn't experienced with or aware of most of them, even if they're programmed to appear when deemed necessary. There's also the fact that he'd rather not fight unless he really has to, and being bound, dazed, exhausted, or other similar situations can also prevent him from acting.

On the more mundane side of things, Astro is incredibly brilliant in the realms of physics and robotics (although he's terribly modest about it, merely stating "I know a thing or two about robots."). He can solve equations and problems very quickly, often coming up with unique solutions. He's also built to be a very convincing human being, with the capability of shedding tears and fairly good imitation skin.

Abilities in Nautilus:

  • Bending - Astro has a basic grasp of bending so far.
  • Blue Core Energy - Astro's power source, a self-sustaining core powered by pure positive energy. Astro can also transfer some of his energy to other robots or devices to give them a bit of a power boost, either through his fingers or directly from the core while it's still in his chest compartment.
  • Durability - Crashing through multiple buildings? Sliding through pavement? Hit by a barrage of missiles? Falling to the surface from a city floating in the sky? Not a single scratch on him. It's still entirely possible to knock him unconscious or wear him out, though.
  • Flight - Thanks to the rockets in his boots, Astro is capable of flight. He is very fast and agile in the air, although at his highest speeds he does sacrifice some agility.
  • Super Strength - Astro is capable of lifting incredibly heavy loads. He can use his strength in tandem with his flight to pull things, plow into things, throw things through the air, or dig through even solid rock. Can combine this with the rockets in his boots to carry heavy loads in the air, even capable of slowing a falling city's descent all on his lonesome this way.
  • Enhanced Hearing - Supposedly, up to a thousand times better than normal human hearing.
  • X-Ray Vision - What it says on the tin.
  • Eye Lamps - Flashlights in his eyes. They tend to accompany his use of X-Ray vision.

Inactive Abilities:

  • Laser Arm Cannons - While they do pack a bit of a punch, they've also got some strong recoil if Astro isn't prepared for them. Essentially, when these activate, Astro's arms morph into laser cannons.
  • Machine Guns - In his butt.


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  • Caesar Salazar - While Astro does find that he has a few oddities, he can't help but respect Caesar's skill. The man was also almost immediately welcoming and accommodating, eager to show him his lab and help him get settled in. The subtle eagerness and wit isn't lost on him, either. Astro trusts Caesar, having been pleasantly surprised by his unbiased, caring side in times of distress when Astro was dealing with either stress or even life-threatening danger.
  • Hiro Hamada - It's hard to resist Hiro's energy and enthusiasm, although at times Astro finds himself taken off guard by how casual Hiro can be. Even with the occasional bouts of cockiness, Hiro's a pretty friendly kid, plus it's nice to have someone his age who shares his skill and passion for similar things. Although sometimes Hiro's impeccable observation skills tend to make Astro feel a little ill at ease, he's thankful that Hiro isn't the nosy type.
  • Rex Salazar - One of the first people Astro met in Nautilus, and the one who invited him to live the Holiday Inn. Rex has helped Astro in many ways ever since he first came to Nautilus, from teaching him about bending and Nautilus's various oddities to giving him a home and eventually a new family. Despite a brief bout of tension and fear when Astro discovered Rex's technopathic abilities, Astro sees Rex as an older brother, and has a deep sense of trust in him.
  • Tadashi Hamada - Hiro's (remarkably calmer) older brother, Tadashi is as perceptive as he is friendly. His enthusiasm about his pet project, Baymax, is absolutely endearing, and as one of the calmer members of the household, Astro finds him easy to talk to and be around. The big-brother attitude has done much to help him feel at ease, as well, even on difficult subjects like his father.
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