Continuity NPC
Age Unknown
Species Deva
Hair Color Dark Raspberry Red
Eye Color Hazel
District Western
Journal areva
Player Val
Theme Song I'm Like a Bird by Nelly Furtado

"The joy of living comes from the flow of constant experience. Stagnant water always grows stale."


-One of the last Wakened to Awaken on her own.

- Had a fling with Antovil once upon a time. And still shamelessly flirts with him.

- Was the Ashura of Elation. Ascended to become the Deva of Thrills.


Areva is bubbly but by no means a ditz. She is a fun-loving free-spirited woman who values the thrills of an exciting life over a dull but stable existence. How could one truly live until they stared risks in the face and laughed?

She tackles challenges head-on but is also a fickle sort so her attention is easily swayed to things that she deems more interesting. She cares for her friends but is also quick to tease and to place them in dangerous situations if she believes they could handle it (though takes little consideration about if they'd enjoy it or not.).

She is also quite a bit of a flirt and not at all serious about her advances. Is she ever serious? No one truly knows.


Character's abilities.


Antovil - has had casual flings back in the day. Though they aren't together, she is still fond of him and flirts openly with him.

Calex - Kitttyyyyyyyy. All the belly rubs.

Klement - She might think he's old hat at times but she trusts 'Klemmy' to be the dependable one. So she doesn't have to do the work.

Death the Kid - Her Angelii student who has the chops but could use a little bit of loosening up. She enjoys pushing him outside his comfort zone during training sessions and is rather pleased that he hasn't died yet.

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