Continuity Kingdom Hearts
Age Unknown (mid 20s?)
Species Nobody
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
District Northern District (Woke in West)
Journal flame_flurry
Player Kasarin
Theme Song "Axel Off" by Apartment 26 and "The 13th Anthology"

"Traitor? I don't know what you're talking about."

Please note that, while I tried to gloss over the major ones, the canon history section DOES include spoilers for 358/2 Days.



Before he lost his heart, Axel was a teenage boy by the name of Lea, living in Radiant Garden alongside his friend Isa. After Lea's heart was consumed by darkness, his strong will allowed his body and soul to continue on as a Nobody; the 'being' who came to be known as Axel. He joined Organization XIII as its Number VIII (the Flurry of Dancing Flames), alongside his former friend Isa (now Saïx), who became Number VII. It's known that Axel and Saïx had a secret, unknown plan that involved taking over the Organization, but the specifics are unclear.

Fast forward to the induction of Roxas into Organization XIII's ranks (as Number XIII). The Keyblade master's Nobody had no memory of his former life, and Axel frequently called him a "zombie". Despite being unsure of what to think of the young Nobody, Axel upheld his orders to train Roxas, and, over time, the two grew to be friends. However, their time together was interrupted when Axel received orders from Xemnas (through Saïx) to depart for Castle Oblivion … and to end the traitors there.

In Castle Oblivion, Axel became the Organization's trump card, acting as a double agent. First, he worked to gain the trust of Marluxia and Larxene, who were plotting to use the "witch" Naminé to gain control of Sora, then use him to take over the rest of the Organization. After some time (during which, among other things, Axel tested Sora's strength in battle), the opportunity to obtain that trust presented itself: Marluxia ordered him to eliminate senior Organization member Vexen, who was interfering with Marluxia and Larxene's plans. Axel did so without hesitation. (It's interesting to note that, in one of Axel's Secret Reports, he called this act "Pitiable, but unavoidable." This is in spite of the fact that he mocked the other Nobody before ending him.)

Having finally been accepted into their conspiracy, Axel was quick to betray the two, releasing Naminé from her captivity and derailing the process of modifying Sora's memories. (This led to Larxene going after Sora, which ended in her demise.) Axel then went to confront Marluxia, who finally realized that Axel had been acting as a double agent from the very beginning. Axel recited Marluxia's order to eliminate traitors, then attacked. He was completely undeterred by Marluxia using Naminé as a shield, but their fight was interrupted by Sora, who ended up fighting Axel when Marluxia made a hasty escape. After Sora defeated him, Axel vanished, giving Sora the impression that he'd been destroyed … but in reality, he simply left Marluxia's destruction to Sora, and retreated to another part of the castle.

In the castle basement, Axel collaborated with Zexion, informing him that Larxene had been eliminated and that Sora was on his way to destroy Marluxia. Zexion, who had been working to control Riku for the purpose of disposing of Marluxia, realized that they wouldn't be needing him anymore. Axel gave Zexion information on Riku's home world, and Zexion set off to dispose of him … only to return defeated. His 'welcome back' came in the form of Axel and the Riku Replica that Vexen had created before his destruction. Axel encouraged the Replica to gain the strength the real Riku didn't have, then said that Zexion was "as good a place to start as any." The Replica absorbed the protesting Zexion while Axel looked on.

(Axel's last words to Zexion differ drastically depending on which version of the game is being played. In the original Chain of Memories, he says, "Sorry, Zexy. Saving you doesn't seem half as entertaining as observing Sora and Riku." In Re:Chain of Memories, this line is changed to: "So sorry, Zexion. You just found out way too much." When Axel's own conspiracy with Saïx is taken into account, as well as his words from one of his Secret Reports (specifically the line about the traitors "who will get in his and my way"), the second version makes a good deal more sense. This line, unlike the first one, is delivered while Zexion is being absorbed; the original one was said just before.)

In the midst of all this betrayal, Axel had also been looking into the Replica Program, noting that he couldn't find "the other one". After all the other Organization members in the castle had been destroyed, and the other occupants (Sora, Donald, Goofy, Riku, Naminé, DiZ, and Mickey) moved elsewhere, Axel searched the castle for the Chamber of Waking. His efforts were in vain, and he eventually returned to the Castle That Never Was as the Organization's sole survivor of Castle Oblivion. There, he was reunited with Roxas … and found that he had no idea what to make of Roxas' new friend, Xion. He wasn't exactly pleased with having apparently been replaced during his time away, but, at Roxas' suggestion, the three began spending time together as a trio. Soon, Axel was able to see Xion's face, noting that she a) was a girl, and b) looked just like Naminé.

Over the course of 358/2 Days, Axel, Roxas, and Xion formed an "inseparable" trio of friends, meeting up for ice cream nearly every day after their missions. During this time, Axel demonstrated more and more genuine emotions, something he shouldn't have been capable of; he eventually called it a "bizarre illusion of humanity." However, their days together weren't to last: Xion discovered the truth about herself (which Axel had already learned, but hid from both Xion and Roxas), and left the Organization. Although Axel was able to bring her back (through force), the ball was already set in motion; despite Axel's struggles to keep both of his friends safe, the Organization needed only one of them, and Xion eventually chose to leave once again. After finding out that Axel had hidden Xion's true nature from him, and after Axel refused to answer Roxas' questions concerning his origins, Roxas left as well.

The next day, Axel was able to track Xion down, fighting her once more and bringing her unconscious form back to the Castle. However, the fight took its toll: Axel passed out from exhaustion after his return, and the still-unconscious Xion was taken from him. Soon after he recovered, Xion was defeated, and all of Axel's memories of her were wiped away.

Shortly after, Axel received orders to hunt the wayward Roxas down. He tracked him to DiZ's Simulated Twilight Town, but found that his best friend's memories had been replaced with artificial ones, and the younger Nobody didn't even recognize him. After his first attempt to bring his friend back was interrupted by DiZ, Axel received a bit of added incentive: he could either bring Roxas back, eliminate him, or be turned into a Dusk. With this in mind, Axel appeared before Roxas once again. For a moment, it seemed that he might not have to use force: Roxas mentioned them being best friends, and Axel, thinking that Roxas' memory was returning, responded with perfectly understandable excitement. However, a single question was enough to reveal that Roxas didn't really remember, and Axel prepared to fight him … only to be stopped by DiZ, who managed to freeze the town itself long enough for Roxas to escape.

Accepting that the Roxas he knew was "long gone", Axel went to confront the younger Nobody once again. Despite Roxas seeming to actually remember him, Axel told him it was "too late" and attacked. Roxas surprised him by somehow wielding two Keyblades, and Axel lost the fight. Choosing to abandon his mission, Axel told Roxas, "Let's meet again in the next life." Then he retreated, and Roxas was reunited with Sora (though 'absorbed' may be a more appropriate term).

Around this time, Riku entrusted Axel with the protection of Naminé, who DiZ had ordered him to eliminate. She told Axel that even Nobodies have people who are dear to them, and the assassin found himself strangely moved.

In an effort to bring Roxas back, Axel decided to turn Sora into a Heartless. After all, if he did so, then Roxas would be reborn. He kidnapped Kairi in an attempt to lure Sora out, then confronted the Keyblade master after the Battle of Hollow Bastion (formerly known as Radiant Garden). There, he informed Sora of Xemnas' plan to use him to destroy the Heartless. Sora quickly realized that Axel was the one who kidnapped Kairi, which Axel appeared completely unrepentant about. When Sora pressed, however, Axel apologized, but was unable to say anything else: Saïx appeared, and Axel fled.

Some time later, Kairi got away from Axel and was captured by Saïx. Axel managed to avoid capture himself, but was clearly running on fumes by the time he met Sora again. There, in the Betwixt and Between (the Corridor between Twilight Town and The World That Never Was), Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Mickey were trapped by swarms of Nobodies. Axel stepped in and fought alongside Sora, despite obviously being heavily fatigued. However, their numbers were too great, and Axel decided to pour all of his energy into one massive attack. Although it did the job, it was too much for Axel to handle; his body began to fade back into darkness. As he lay there fading, he apologized to Sora for what he did to Kairi, then explained that he'd wanted to see Roxas again, saying that Roxas made him feel like he had a heart … and Sora made him feel the same. After telling Sora to rescue Kairi, Axel used the last of his power to open a passageway into The World That Never Was, then faded back into darkness.


Showed up. Moved in with Sari. Got in a pathetic drunken bar fight with Saïx. Later got his ass kicked by Demyx and Saïx. Xigbar gave him a swirly. Laid low for a while. Turned into his Other. Roxas showed up. Was extremely 8D, grabbed his friend, and moved in with Optimus for protection. Was a traitorous fucktard during the clone event, and orchestrated the death of Optimus' clone (which he also watched). Helped Wreck-Gar Bend a stadium. Talked to Demyx about what having a friend was like. Optimus disappeared. Got Saïx to help him look for him. Optimus showed up again. Killed the Isis-influenced Saïx. Helped fix the chains holding the city up with Aya. Traumatized little!Rip. Snarked at, flirted with, and pissed off Tony. Got a mirror that spoke with Tony's voice. Flirted more. Met Sora. Asked about the still-dead Saïx. Saïx came back. Turned into an AU version of himself and unleashed Heartless on the city. Roxas disappeared. Summoned more Heartless, just to set them on fire and watch them burn. Agreed to work together with Saïx. Optimus disappeared. Asked Sari what having hope was like. Did fire poi at the rave and danced shirtless with Tony and Starscream. Roxas showed up again. Saïx moved into Optimus' old house with him and Roxas.



Axel comes across as very contradictory. He's quite antagonistic, and sees no problem with mocking the plans of his fellow Nobodies. Since he's incapable of any "real" emotions, the entertainment he derives from mind-games and manipulation is really the best he can get. He's not at all above lying to someone to gain their trust, then stabbing them in the back as soon as they look away. Although he's certainly arrogant, he's careful not to let people know more than he wants them to. A schemer and a liar he may be, but he's also prone to moments of seemingly careless introspection.

When it comes to Roxas (and, by extension, Sora), things become a bit more complicated. Roxas was the only one who made Axel feel like he had a heart; he was his only friend. Roxas' desertion caused Axel to betray the Organization, and sparked a determination to get him back that bordered on obsession. He's both a heartless assassin and an incredibly devoted friend; a taunting obstacle and the only way out. It all depends on his "mood"; that is, what he gets out of the situation.

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Like so many Squeenix characters, Axel is easily identified by his gravity-defying hair. It's bright red and reaches his shoulders, sticking out from his head in long spikes. He's rather lanky and appears to be in his early twenties. He has bright green eyes with a purple reverse-teardrop shaped mark under each, as well as rather short eyebrows. Like the other members of Organization XIII, he wears a Black Coat, though his is worn tighter around his arms than the others. He also wears black gloves, black pants, and black boots.



Axel can create and manipulate fire. He can form walls or pillars of flame, as well as set his weapons (twin chakrams called Eternal Flame) on fire before hurling them at people like boomerangs. His chakrams can hit multiple times with a single throw, and can also be used as shields and melee weapons. In addition to fire, Axel can use the power of Darkness to create Corridors that act as a means of quick transportation. He can summon and command the Assassin Nobodies.


Forms: Can turn into a fox, a merman, a Cybertronian (alt mode: F-117 Nighthawk), another Cybertronian (alt mode: awesome car), a Dusk, a peacock, a very red cat, and fire itself. He can also turn himself human, both with his current appearance and with a far younger one, but this doesn't alter his emotions (or lack thereof).
Resistances: Completely immune to fire. After much work and Bending, he's also immunized himself to taking damage from water, ice, lightning, and wind.
Bending signature: Varying shades of red that move and flicker like flames. The Nobody symbol slides throughout it. (In addition to this, many of the things Axel creates have a tendency to be strangely white or have the Nobody symbol somewhere on them.)
Other notes: Received medical training from Ratchet.




Demyx and Axel's relationship has developed tremendously from what it was in their own world: that being an affable but not particularly close one. Over their years in Nautilus, they slowly grew to be friends, then close friends, then overprotective friends (at least on Axel's part), and finally into something more than friends. Neither are quick to put a label on it, and both are woefully inexperienced when it comes to 'romance'. But the now-human Demyx has called it "love", and Axel frequently wishes he were able to call it the same.

Sweet as it may sound, their relationship is far from perfect. Axel remains tight-lipped when it comes to his innermost thoughts, and maintains his habit of deflecting tough questions in favor of obscuring the truth. Despite Demyx's steady support, Axel is loathe to readily display any sort of vulnerability. While Axel trusts Demyx with his life, he still doesn't trust him with all of his secrets. And that's just scraping the surface of their issues.

Beyond that, there's the very nature of Axel's attachment to Demyx. This attachment is not one born of affection. Rather, it's his affection that's been born from attachment.

To put it bluntly: Axel depends on Demyx. Time and time again, Axel has lost everyone and everything that he cares for … with the sole exception of Demyx. Demyx has always been in Nautilus; he was there before Axel, and he's never returned to Sleep. Everyone that Axel has cared for, he's lost, but Demyx has always been there. In Axel's mind, Demyx will always be there. He depends on Demyx, relying on him – alone among everything in the City of Change – to remain constant.

It's tough to call this dependency "healthy". Out of it, however, Axel's incomplete heart has formed genuine feelings of affection for Demyx. It's been slow going, and it's a complete reversal of how one might expect a relationship to develop (that being, affection leading to attachment). But no matter how it started, the feelings are genuine, and his relationship with Demyx remains one of Axel's most important.

Isa is the boy that Saïx was before losing his heart. Axel is far from the boy named Lea, who called Isa his best friend. Their relationship is, in a word, complicated. On the one hand, Axel is glad that Isa has a second chance at life: a life where he won't lose his heart to darkness. On the other hand, Isa is a constant reminder of what Axel has lost, and what he'll never be again.

Axel believes that he's a disappointment to Isa. He knows that Isa wants Lea back, and he knows that – no matter how much Isa insists on calling him "Lea" – he will never be the boy's best friend again. As much as Axel would like to make Isa happy, he suspects that his simply being there is a major obstacle in making that happen.

To complicate things further, Axel still misses Saïx, and the friendship that they had rebuilt in Nautilus. He knows that, now that Isa has Woken, he'll never get a chance to say the things he should have before Saïx returned to Sleep. Selfishly, he wishes he had the chance: he wishes he could have both Isa and Saïx. It's a wish so selfish that even he is disgusted by it, and he suppresses it as best he can.

The Call to Wake has been answered by Roxas three times. The first time, he Woke at what seemed to be the end of Sora's journey, after having been reunited with the keybearer. Their reunion was a happy one, and for a time, they were able to enjoy their friendship in peace. When Roxas returned to Sleep, Axel reacted with almost systematic violence; a desire to feel anger, but no ability to feel it.

The second time Roxas Woke, he was from a different time: a time in which he was still a member of the Organization, before things fell apart. In order to prevent Roxas from having to go through the same pain he did in their world, Axel molded his life around this, and strove to keep up the appearance that the Organization was still intact. However, the Organization that had reformed in Nautilus eventually fell apart, and the illusion was destroyed. Some time later, Roxas returned to Sleep once more, and Axel regained the ability to grieve.

The third time that Roxas Woke, he was once again from what seemed to be the end of Sora's story. And, once again, he had no memory of having been in Nautilus. Although Axel wished the memories hadn't been lost, he resolved that they would simply have to make new ones. And so they set about to do just that. The two best friends became closer than ever, their bond – already able to transcend death – becoming even stronger than before.

Axel and Roxas have been through some tough times in Nautilus. Some of these times have put considerable strain on their friendship, but their bond has never broken. Roxas remains Axel's best friend, and he always will be. After having lost Roxas so many times, Axel is intensely protective of the younger Nobody, and will quite literally do anything to keep him safe. No matter what may happen, he refuses to lose his friend again.

Sora (needs updating)
Like Roxas and Xion, Sora has the ability to actually make Axel feel. He's not quite sure what the significance of this is, though it's very obvious that it stems from the connection between Nobody and Other. Quite frankly, he'd rather not dwell on it. Sora was the last person Axel saw before he arrived in Nautilus (since he Woke just after fading away), and Axel was the first that Sora met after Waking. Axel would actually like to get to know his best friend's Somebody better, especially as more and more Nobodies continue to Wake.

Xemnas (needs updating)
The leader of Organization XIII, which Axel just so happened to, y'know, betray. Although they managed to stay on civil terms for over five months, even going so far as to work together on things, a reality storm that ended in Xemnas turning Axel into a Dusk utterly destroyed their mutual tolerance. Axel has since openly defied the Superior, and refuses to take orders from him again.

Fellow Wakened

Aya Brea
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To be added.

Helen Magnus
To be added.

To be added.

To be added.

Lara Croft
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Lelouch vi Britannia (needs updating)
In a word, Axel respects Lelouch. This may seem a small thing, and nothing really noteworthy. However, Axel's respect is not something easily gained, much less kept. Lelouch has, through both actions and words, managed to win the honest respect of a man who – to this day – is always taking note of the weaknesses in others. Lelouch's willingness to help, and the extent to which he's gone to do so, have also secured him a place on Axel's (quite exclusive) list of people he genuinely trusts. This combination of respect, trust, and truly liking someone is so intensely rare, even Axel's not entirely sure what to make of it. Although Axel has no interest in following the orders of another, he thinks that Lelouch would make for a good leader, and is pretty pleased that he's Ascended to Ashura. He'd just rather continue thinking of the other man as a much-respected friend.

To be added.

Optimus Prime
When Roxas Woke in Nautilus for the first time, Axel asked Optimus Prime for his help in keeping the younger Nobody safe. The two Nobodies wound up moving in with the Autobot, where they lived for several months. During that time, Axel came to trust (and like) Optimus as much as he was able to, lacking a heart and all. However, it wasn't to last: the Autobot went back to Sleep shortly after Roxas, and Axel was left to his own devices once again. Although Optimus later re-answered the Call to Wake, he had no memory of his months in Nautilus, and Axel saw no pressing reason to reestablish the relationship they once had. These days, they are little more than acquaintances, with Axel choosing to keep his memories of their time as almost-friends to himself.

Orihime Inoue
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To be added.

Rion Steiner
A friend that Roxas made the second time he Woke who takes some kind of drugs to fuel his power and screams a lot. Axel considers him something of a danger, since he accidentally almost killed Roxas once. Nevertheless, he's friendly enough with the Galerian. Their conversations are typically few and far between, but they leave Axel curious to know more.

Despite knowing firsthand that Sideswipe is argumentative, immature, and even more arrogant than himself, Axel considers Sideswipe to be an extremely close friend. Initially, he spoke to Sideswipe simply for his own entertainment. But over time, that "entertainment" grew to fondness, and eventually, a genuine desire for friendship.

Actions make the man – or bot, in this case – and Sideswipe has proven himself time and time again. After winding up on the receiving end of Sideswipe's heroics more than once, Axel has come to trust Sideswipe with his very life. More telling, he trusts him to take care of Roxas. However, Axel's faith in Sideswipe is not without certain limits: he knows what Sideswipe thinks of traitors, and as a result, he's decided to never reveal the less savory aspects of his past. He doesn't want to risk destroying the friendship that they have, even if it means hiding things. (Because this tactic has worked so well in the past, right?)

That Sideswipe evidently finds him attractive is … somewhat awkward. But Axel figures that if Sideswipe ever gets too serious about that attraction, he can still distract the Autobot with a well-placed mirror.

This guy almost always gives Axel the impression of being on the verge of a nervous breakdown. He agreed to take care of Pluto after the dog showed up and wouldn't leave Axel alone. Axel keeps making a note to visit, but he has never actually gotten around to it. In spite of Thomas' nervous nature, Axel has grown to like the guy well enough, and tries to offer encouragement when he can. More often than not, his attempts to encourage are simply awkward, but Thomas appears to appreciate them nonetheless.

Wendy Darling
Back when he was newly Wakened, Axel lived under Optimus' Prime's roof, as did Wendy. The two spoke often, but didn't become much more than acquaintances before Wendy returned to Sleep. Now that Wendy has returned to Nautilus, they continue to talk on and off. Their conversations are a strange thing for Axel, in that he finds himself acting the role of the 'nice guy' around the girl more often than not, even when such acting isn't really required. He figures this habit is probably left over from the time they lived together with Optimus, and Axel had to make sure that he would remain welcome. The oddity of their conversations aside, Wendy remains a sweet girl, albeit not one that Axel is particularly close to.

Returned to Sleep

Buffy Summers
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Crawford Sands
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To be added.

Karen Larkins
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Larxene (needs updating)
Before Axel betrayed her and Marluxia, these two got along quite well. Larxene was prone to making rather flirtatious advances, with Axel generally ignored … but he didn't object to her hanging all over him, either. Of course, any semblance of comradeship was royally screwed the moment Axel let Naminé go, which led to Larxene's demise. Although he initially intended to play somewhat innocent in Nautilus, and act as though his betrayal wasn't intentional, he eventually decided it was a waste of time.

Leslie Vernon
To be added.

Luxord (needs updating)
Prior to Axel's defection from the Organization, Luxord and Axel got along rather well. Axel was always up for a game of cards, regardless of how thoroughly Luxord would beat him. Since arriving in Nautilus, things didn't seem to change all that much. However, when Luxord made no attempt to stop the events that unfolded during the Reboot Event (which led to Axel being turned into a Dusk), Axel decided to kick him out of Headquarters, along with his enemies.

Mahdi Clare
To be added.

Marluxia (needs updating)
In Castle Oblivion, Axel was under Marluxia's command, and executed every order (including eliminating Vexen) perfectly … right up until he betrayed the Eleventh and kicked off a chain of events that wound up causing Marluxia's demise. Understandably, this would put them on extremely bad terms. However, when Marluxia showed up with no memory of this betrayal, Axel decided to attempt to secure the other Nobody's trust. This worked just as planned, right up until Axel's lies were exposed (primarily by Saïx), and the Eighth decided there was no point in continuing to hide what he'd done. He admitted his actions, which put Marluxia firmly into the category of enemy. After Marluxia later took advantage of the events of a reality storm to take over the Organization, Axel quite literally threw him out of the Castle.

Naminé (needs updating)
Initially, Axel saw Naminé as little more than a tool. He helped keep her captive in Castle Oblivion, until the time came to set her free and ruin Marluxia and Larxene's plans. This may have improved their relationship, had Axel not then stated that he wouldn't hesitate to cut through Naminé to get to Marluxia, who was using the girl as a shield. (In the manga, he goes so far as to attack.) However, much, much later (after Roxas is absorbed into Sora), Riku placed Naminé in Axel's care, and the assassin found himself strangely moved by her words. In Nautilus, he's trying to see her as something more than a tool, and has begun to make some progress … but for the most part, he's far too busy figuring out how to keep her from being used.

Pepper Potts (needs updating)
Initially, Axel's interest in her lay in the fact that she was someone important to Tony Stark. However, somewhere between her helping him get over a massive hangover, her inadvertently triggering the Organization to begin making breakfast together, and her adamant refusal to fight, he began looking at her as an individual, rather than just an extension of Tony. Over the course of several months, Axel's come to be quite certain that if he could like her, he would. (A hallucination of a possibility!Pepper that was obviously involved with him kinda confirmed this.) But, as he can't, it's something of a moot point.

To be added.

Rip van Winkle (needs updating)
Although they'd spoken before, Axel's first noteworthy interaction with Rip occurred when the city had turned her into a child. Having just killed his former friend, Saïx, Axel's normally far-too-clever mind was a bit distracted; as such, he made the mistake of informing Rip that she wasn't meant to be a child, and that she eventually turned into a vampire, which effectively traumatized the young girl. This quite understandably put them on rather bad terms, once Rip returned to her normal self. However, due in large part to Roxas' insistence on helping Rip in her war against the Major, Axel began trying to undo some of the damage he'd done. After a conversation in which Axel managed to get her to laugh by mocking his own lack of a heart, he somehow managed to worm his way back onto her … well, not her bad side. Since then, they've actually grown to be allies.

Saïx (needs updating)
Although they were friends before becoming Nobodies, numerous factors drove Axel and Saïx apart, leaving them outright hostile by the time they arrived in Nautilus. However, the combination of time, several city shifts, and Axel actually killing Saix during Isis' invasion forced the two to begin to come to terms with each other. They have agreed to work together again, and are attempting to repair the long-broken trust between them. This has extended to Axel agreeing to try and be more honest, which is a constant uphill battle for him. Ultimately, Saïx is a constant reminder of what Axel has lost, as well as a reason to try and get it back.

Sari Sumdac (needs updating)
Sari was one of the first people to help Axel out after he arrived in Nautilus. Despite the fact that his presence got her house destroyed, the girl didn't seem to hold a grudge (against him), and Axel wound up teaching her exactly how Saïx fought. She's one that Axel knows he'd like if he could, to say nothing of the fact that she has enough connections to make a very useful ally; as such, he tries to appear as friendly as possible when speaking with her. When Optimus Prime went back to Sleep, he agreed to try and keep the Cybertronian's old house from changing entirely for her sake: she had hope, and he didn't want her to lose it.

To be added.

Starscream (needs updating)
From their very first conversation, Starscream reminded Axel of himself. As such, Axel was both interested in and understandably cautious around the Decepticon. He typically followed Starscream's lead in their conversations, all the while being careful not to insult the giant war machine too much. When Starscream started expressing an interest in interfacing with him, Axel played along … right up until it was too late to back down. Interfacing with Starscream wound up triggering an unintentional exchange of memories, which made things quite tense for a while. Although Axel did manage to secure Starscream as an ally, rather than wavering between that and potential threat, it's not an experience Axel had any interest in repeating. Over a long period of time, contact between the two gradually waned as they went their separate ways, until it eventually ceased entirely. At present, Axel has crossed Starscream off of his mental list of allies; he has too much to protect now, and Starscream has never quite made the grade on trust.

To be added.

Tony Stark (needs updating)
To Axel, Tony is one of the most interesting people in Nautilus. Not because of anything about him, but because he provides some of the most engaging conversation. These two are constantly either bantering or mock-flirting, and Axel gets as much entertainment out of it as a Nobody can. Despite being well aware of Axel's inability to feel, Tony nonetheless worried about his safety during Chaos' attack on the Western District, something that Axel distantly wished he was able to appreciate. The two have had their ups and downs, but in the end, Axel knows that he'd consider Tony a friend … if he could feel it.

To be added.

Vexen (needs updating)
Even before Axel eliminated him on Marluxia's orders, these two weren't on terribly good terms. The fact that Axel blatantly mocked the pleading Nobody before killing him obviously put a major damper on any attempts at reconciliation. During Vexen's first stay in Nautilus, their relationship started out rocky and only got worse as time went on. When the Fourth returned, Axel considered trying to make amends, but old habits won out, and he decided it wasn't worth the effort. Vexen's experimentation on him while Axel was a Dusk only made things worse; Axel would greatly 'enjoy' repaying Vexen in kind.

To be added.

To be added.

Xion (needs updating)
The second friend that Axel made within the Organization, Xion too is capable of making Axel feel, albeit to a slightly lesser degree than Roxas and Sora. Initially confused by her strong resemblance to Naminé, and later completely thrown by the girl's true origins, it took Axel some time to completely accept her. Once he did, he grew to genuinely care about her; although he's not willing to put her safety above his own, he's more than willing to defend and protect her as best he can, even when circumstances spiral out of control. An unfortunate series of events led to Xion being completely erased from Axel's memory in canon, and it's only thank to the Labyrinth that he remembers the dark haired girl.

Zack Fair
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Anti Villain: An unapologetic villain at first. It's only due to his friendship with Roxas and Xion that he changes.
Big Brother Instinct: Towards Roxas. (Kind of a Knight Templar Big Brother.)
Breakout Character: An important villain in CoM, he was intended to die after serving as a tutorial boss in KH2. However, both fans and the staff liked him too much, so his role was extended. And extended. And extended.
The Caretaker: Towards Roxas and Xion.
Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: Self-explanatory.
Dragon With An Agenda: He and Saïx had been planning on overthrowing Xemnas together, with Axel evidently following Saïx's plan throughout CoM. His friendship with Roxas and Xion ultimately led him away from it.
Evil Red Head: In the beginning, at least.
Expy: See Reno, of Final Fantasy VII fame.
Facial Markings
Finger Snap Lighter
Friendly Enemy: Towards Sora in CoM, though it's mainly to manipulate him.
Go Out With A Smile
Heroic Sacrifice: Destroys himself in order to save Sora.
I Have Your Wife: Kidnaps Kairi to lure Sora out.
Jerkass Woobie
Launcher Of A Thousand Ships: Undoubtedly the fandom's bicycle.
Let's Get Dangerous: "You really do remember me this time? I'm SO FLATTERED."
Letter Motif: All the members of Organization XIII have an X in their name. Also ties into Let X Be The Unknown.
Lovable Traitor
Magnificent/Manipulative Bastard
Names To Run Away From Really Fast: Of the Xtreme Kool Letterz variety. Made more obvious when you realize there's no single method of transliterating X in Japanese.
Playing With Fire
Poisonous Friend: His obsession with keeping Roxas and Xion as his friends (as well as helping and protecting them) leads him to lie to their faces, do all kinds of stuff behind their backs, and eventually try to keep them with him by force. Most of this is in complete disregard of their actual wishes.
Red Baron: The Flurry of Dancing Flames.
Red Oni: To Saïx's Blue. Complete with matching hair colors!
Redemption Equals Death: Finally does the right thing, and winds up sacrificing his life in doing so.
Rings Of Death: His chakrams.
Significant Anagram: Lea + X = Axel.
The Soulless: Though in his case, it's not a soul he's lacking: it's a heart.
Would Hit A Girl: Knocks Xion out to bring her back to the Organization. Twice.

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