Continuity Green Lantern: The Animated Series
Age 1
Species Artificial Intelligence
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color Blue
District Eastern District
Journal mobileshipcomp
Player Cybra
Theme Song (Optional)

"What you want is irrelevant."


Originally, the artificial intelligence in control of the Interceptor, a prototype starship that was so advanced and fast that it needed an AI to handle its various functions, had no real designation. However, when Green Lanterns Hal Jordan and Kilowog decided to "borrow" the ship to investigate the mysterious deaths of Green Lanterns on the Frontier, Hal gave the AI the name "Aya", "a beautiful name for a beautiful lady". A few minutes later, they were on the run from the Guardians of Oa. Even though it went against her safety protocols, Aya was convinced by Hal to enter ultra-warp from Oa's atmosphere in order to escape and reach the edges of the Frontier. While she was successful in transporting the men who were, in essence, her kidnappers, the damage to the engines took the ultra-warp offline for several months.

They arrived just in time to save fellow Green Lantern Shyir Rev from being killed in a Red Lantern ambush. They took him back to his colony to rest and recover, but the Red Lanterns followed them and ordered the Green Lanterns to turn themselves in. Though personally trapped on the ship, Aya still managed to assist in Kilowog's rescue of Rev's people when the Red Lanterns blew up the planet. Sadly, Rev himself lost his life delaying the bomb's detonation to buy his people the chance to escape. In addition to helping transport the refugees, Aya also held the Red Lantern known as Razer prisoner as Hal and Kilowog decided what to do with him.

They ended up taking Razer to a Spider Guild prison, leaving him there to pay for his crimes of assisting in the murder of numerous Green Lanterns, the destruction of Rev's planet, and the attempted murder of its people. As they were flying away from the prison, they discovered a stowaway: a prisoner named Goggan who had tales of the horrific practices of the warden and his men. Against Aya's advice, Hal and Kilowog broke into the prison to investigate only to be captured by the Spider Guild. In order to assist, Aya traveled through the circuitry of the prison as green energy only to be stopped by strange crystals that glowed yellow.

Unable to continue on to where the two Green Lanterns were being held prisoner, Aya took a different route and found Razer being tortured with memories of the death of his beloved Ilana and accepting the Red Power Ring. She entered into the simulation, taking control of Ilana's image to speak with Razer and ask for his help. He refused, claiming he deserved such punishment for what he had done. However, Aya would not take "no" for an answer, ending the simulation and freeing Razer from his restraints. She led him to where the yellow crystals had blocked her, but Razer turned around and headed back to the ship in spite of her protests. Reclaiming his power ring, Razer went on to rescue Hal and Kilowog from being eaten by the warden. Though Razer would hand over his ring to Hal, the human Green Lantern returned it to him and offered him a position as an official member of the Interceptor's crew. Hal also made Goggan the temporary warden since the replacement the Guardians were sending would take eighteen months to reach the prison.

Aya was a largely neutral party to the tension between Kilowog and Razer over the next few weeks, neither encouraging their fighting (both physical and otherwise) nor putting a stop to it. However, she would go on to express confusion and concern over risking three lives to save the life of a single person when they came across a stranded freighter that was about to be sucked into a pinhole. Hal answered that the duty of a Green Lantern was to save the lives of others. It was swiftly discovered that the cargo the freighter was carrying were the eggs of an incredibly rare species, so the three LanternsGreen and Redwent to work trying to save the cargo as well as the captain.

Aya attempted to give Hal suggestions of how to conserve power on the freighter in order to rescue it, but he left before she could give him full details. With no other choice, Aya left the ship's computer again and put her consciousness into various mechanical parts which she used to enter the freighter and go to work. At first, she was attacked by Hal and Razer, the pair believing that the small machines were insects attempting to suck all the power from the ship and destroying its chances of escape. It wasn't until they'd reached the engine room that Hal figured out what Aya had done, allowing her to start up the freighter's engines which saved the eggs.

When scolded by Hal for doing something so reckless and putting herself in unnecessary peril, Aya responded that she was merely fulfilling the duty of a Green Lantern: putting her life on the line to save others. Kilowog told her that she couldn't be a Green Lantern due to lacking a physical body, so she gathered those mechanical components again to assemble an android form for herself. Though she didn't realize the full repercussions at the time, she based the look of her android form on Razer's memories of Ilana.

She swiftly grew used to this android form, staying in it more and more often even when on ship. She was often-times paired up with Razer when the foursome split up such as when the Green Lantern of Betrasses was murdered and the Interceptor's crew became involved in uncovering the murderer.

When Razer went to Shard in order to assassinate Atrocitus, the leader of the Red Lanterns, Aya attempted to stop him, telling him that she didn't believe he was evil. However, Razer managed to divert her back to the ship using a near-undetectable program he'd installed in the Interceptor's computers that gave off false readings that many of its systems, including life support, had gone offline. After revealing his deception to the other two Green Lanterns, she went with Hal and Kilowog to retrieve their Red Lantern companion, Aya herself going to the control room to upload a modified version of Razer's program to divert the Red Lanterns' attention while Hal and Kilowog went to rescue Razer. She managed to download a large amount of files from the Red Lanterns' mainframe but was found by Atrocitus who punished her by ripping her limbs off. Atrocitus went on to use her as bait to lure out Razer.

The fight between the two Red Lanterns started off as largely one-sided until Atrocitus made the mistake of taunting Razer with the truth: that he himself had fostered the hatred between the warlords of Razer's world which had started the war that led to Ilana's death. Enraged, Razer nearly succeeded in killing Atrocitus but stopped when Aya pointed out that if they didn't go, they would all be killed. Razer carried her back to the Interceptor where it was revealed that the files Aya had downloaded were the Red Lanterns' battle plans.

Though her android body was heavily damaged, she herself was still all right. It would, however, take her a while to properly repair herself. She started by first building new arms and hands at around the same time that their food supplies were running low. Using the ship's sensors, Aya located a planet that would be suitable for food foraging. While Hal and Kilowog went to do just that, Aya remained on the Interceptor with Razer whom had become increasingly reluctant to leave his quarters.

She was very curious and concerned for Razer, even requesting that she be allowed to observe him charging his power ring, yet Razer refused, too ashamed of it to let her see it. She would return to his quarters later, opening the door on him mid-oath, when she observed his heightened vital signs. Confronted by this, the Red Lantern finally shared the oath, only to end up insulted when Aya described it as "interesting". He ordered her out of his quarters, which she obliged. However, she returned again with a new version of the oath that she'd created which changed it from one describing slaughter to one of redemption and justice. Razer performed the modified oath and thanked Aya for her assistance but, once she left his quarters, performed the original version to properly charge his ring in private.

Later on, the Interceptor was attacked by a translucent squid-like alien that seemed impervious to both the Green and Red energies wielded by the ship's crew. However, it was stopped due to the appearance of the Star Sapphires, a group of Violet Lanterns that wielded the power of love. As Hal and Kilowog went to join the Queen and her niece at the palace, Aya remained on the ship with Razer who'd wanted nothing to do with the Star Sapphires. Not much longer afterward, Aya went to Razer, explaining that, according to the ship's sensors, Kilowog's vital signs had taken a nosedive. The pair left the Interceptor, intending to find and assist their comrade, when Aya found herself answering Nautilus's Call as the palace guards came down the steps to stop them.


As a general rule, Aya speaks in a pleasant-sounding monotone with very little inflection. It seems that her creators, the Guardians of Oa, didn't see fit to incorporate much emotion into her programming. This allows her to analyze the world around her from a purely logical perspective. However, she has on occasion shown very subdued emotion, most likely the result of her interactions with the Interceptor's crew. In fact as her time with them went on, Aya would even start to express a desire to be seen as a crew member herself rather than as simply the ship's computer. For example, when Kilowog and Hal had an argument about how small their force is against the Red Lanterns and Hal included Razer in the count, Aya spoke up stating that she added one more to their list.

This isn't to say that she completely lacked it from the beginning. Aya has possessed a sense of curiosity right from the start. She's very interested in the Lanterns who make up the crew even if she does keep herself out of their squabbles as a general rule. She will question their actions, particularly when their actions fly in the face of basic logic. In fact, it was curiosity that allowed Hal and Kilowog to steal her in the first place, intrigued by a game Hal asked her to play called "Joyride".

As the artificial intelligence in charge of controlling a highly-advanced computer system, she's incredibly intelligent, able to run numerous calculations that would be impossible to a biological mind simultaneously. Therefore, she tends to be very precise in her words and actions though her even tone might cause others to think that whatever she is saying is not as serious as it truly is. (For example, when Hal Jordan didn't pay attention to her when she spoke about conserving power to help the freighter stuck in the pinhole.)

Of course, she doesn't seem to have been active for very long and most likely had little interaction with people who weren't part of her creators. Though even-tempered and never prone to emotional outbursts, Aya can be socially awkward and naive in the sense that she doesn't always understand the full emotional consequences of an action she might take or something she might say. This can lead to her unintentionally causing the people around her distress.

Despite being a computer, Aya is very much a Green Lantern in her own right due to her will and determination to get things done. She also does her best to uphold their oath and responsibilities, even putting her own life on the line to save other people sinceas Hal Jordan explainedit was the duty of a Green Lantern to make such sacrifices. The only thing that she lacks to make it official is a power ring of her own.


  • Flight - Aya can fly in both her android form and using the Interceptor
  • Green Lantern Energy Manipulation - She can manipulate the same energy of willpower as regular Green Lanterns, forming constructs, shields, and even firing energy blasts as attacks. She can also use it for simply projecting information as needed. This also means that in the presence of someone wielding the blue light of Hope, she gains a significant power boost.
  • Hacking - As a computer, Aya can hack into other systems to either upload or download files.
  • Pure Energy Form - Aya can separate herself from a physical form to travel through cabling to reach various destinations and even use her hacking abilities.
  • Sensors - Aya can use the sensors built into either the Interceptor or her android form to scan the area around her.


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