Aya Brea
Aya Brea
Continuity Parasite Eve
Age 36 37
Species Human
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
District Eastern District
Journal agentminiskirt
Player Rev
FST Beyond Dreaming
Theme Songs Somnia Memorias by Shani Rigsbee
Kashmir by Led Zeppelin
Dark Moves Of Love by M83

"Do you know where we are?! WE'RE IN HELL'S KITCHEN!"


Born in Boston, Massachusetts on November 20 1972, Aya Brea had lived a normal life throughout her first five years, as any child should. With a typical family of a mother and father, and her sister, Maya, she was relatively as happy as any child could be. Until a fateful December day in 1977 proved to be the catalyst that would haunt Aya twenty years later… While behind the wheel, Mariko Brea, Aya’s mother, suffered a fatal heart attack, causing her to crash their car. Losing both her mother and sister in that accident, Aya herself barely survived.

Since she was born, Aya had a defect in her right eye. Maya had been an organ donor, whose right cornea served to salvage Aya’s vision after the accident. On that same night, there was another who had suffered organ failure, and received a transplant from the same donor: Maya Brea’s kidney was donated to a young girl named Melissa Pearce, who suffered an organ failure. What no one knew was that this operation would result in the New York Blockade Incident, decades later.

Throughout her upbringing, Aya had been raised by her father, who worked as a journalist. It was because of him that Aya, driven by her tomboyish and stubborn nature, strived to become a cop later on (also, it is never stated whether or not if Aya’s father is alive or passed on. Given that her profile refers to him in present tense, it is probably safe to assume that he is still alive, maybe still living in Boston). Aya has only fond memories of her father, who raised her as a single parent; he was the only family she had left.

When Aya decided to be a police officer, she attended the University of Virginia, where she studied criminology and partook in the ROTC (Reserve Officers’ Training Corps) program. Though there are no specific details stating that Aya had some kind of military background, it’s more than likely that she has history in combat training prior.

At age twenty-four, Aya was recruited to the NYPD of the 17th Precinct as a detective, partnered up with Daniel “Bo” Dollis. They quickly became the father-daughter team, as Daniel became something of a father-figure towards his partner. Aya had been on good terms with her colleagues, as they seemed like a tight-nit bunch that knew much of each other’s personal histories.

While still considered a rookie, Aya has what they would call a natural “cop instinct”. This would be tested on the night of Christmas Eve, 1997, where she was badgered into attending an opera on a whim at the Carnegie Hall, claiming that the ad had “caught her eye” in the newspaper. This was more like a call that had drawn her to the opera house that night, when the leading actress somehow transformed and set afire to all the staff and audience at the opera. The singer later introduced herself as, not Melissa Pearce, but as Eve. Aya, being the sole survivor of this massacre, took it upon herself to track Eve and bring an end to her devastation. This would only be the beginning of Aya’s struggle on the road to unveiling Melissa’s case, and finding out that she and Melissa had an eerie connection to one another, both linked by her dead sister.

As it turned out, that connection Aya shared also linked to Mitochondria Eve, said to be the first woman. While Mitochondria Eve had been found to be a woman in Africa, the First Eve attacked a place in Japan; but before she could successfully carry out her plan, she had been killed. Her goal to give birth to the “ultimate being” was also a failure, when the child had died in its father’s arms. The Second Eve possessing Melissa Pearce planned to finish what her former sister had started in Manhattan, New York.

The Second Eve’s appearance turned out to be much more grandiose, leading into more destruction following the slaughter at Carnegie Hall. The destruction led to the evacuation of the entire city, leaving the police department and the military to take care of the impending threat; but Aya alone was the only one capable of approaching Eve without immediately getting killed. With the help of Daniel and a scientist from Japan, Kunihiko Maeda, it became possible for Aya to successfully put a stop to Eve’s attempt in wiping out humankind.

This is where the timelines split, leading into alternate possibilities: In one scenario, Aya assisted the U.S. Military on a direct assault against Eve, before she could give birth to the Ultimate Being. After doing battle with Eve herself at Liberty Island, Aya won. But before they could revel in victory, the Ultimate Being emerged from the ocean, unleashing a powerful flow of energy that laid waste to several naval ships. Unable to defend against such a flow of energy, the military began to retreat, leaving Aya Brea once again alone to fend humanity against this threat.

When all else failed after a long and exhausting battle, Aya eventually got the bright idea to defeat the Ultimate Being the good old fashioned American way: Blow it the fuck up. It’s super effective!

Somehow, Aya manages to survive jumping off of a sinking naval cruiser and makes it back to land to reunite with Maeda and a seemingly unscathed Daniel, despite having been set aflame by the Ultimate Being earlier.

For some reason, the three return to Carnegie Hall some time later along with Daniel’s eight-year-old son, Ben. Supposedly, trying to finish the play that had been so rudely interrupted the first time was symbolic or something. Either way, things didn’t go quite as planned, as at some point during the performance, Aya’s mitochondria began to act up once again.

This is where the split timeline ends. Since the Second Eve had, on the night Aya’s mitochondria Awakened, warned the policewoman that the more she used her powers the more she would become like Eve, it is possible that Aya’s mitochondria inevitably took over. This is never specified, which results in the theory of a split timeline, turning Aya Brea into the new Mitochondria Eve.

Conversely, the second timeline hints that at some point in Aya’s struggles during the New York Blockade Incident, the policewoman had found herself called to the Chrysler Tower, rather than to the Second Eve. Upon climbing that tower (haha, easier said than done, I assure you), she discovered that Melissa Pearce had been nothing more than a decoy. The real Mitochondria Eve turned out to be Maya Brea herself, her body preserved and hadn’t aged a day from her time of supposed death. Aya was forced to fight her sister as well as the mitochondrial being that possessed her, which ended with an internal struggle between the two of forces sharing the same body.

It is likely that Aya lost most of her mitochondrial abilities in exchange for new Parasite Energy during the struggle. At first she believed that she had lost them altogether, regaining back at least some sense of normalcy, until Aya began to notice that she was still capable of generating energy such as heat, heal her own injuries at a much faster rate, et cetera. And just when she thought that the downfall of the Second Eve would have been the end, the creatures that had undergone force-evolution by their own mitochondria, began to migrate westward. This timeline carries away from the previous one (which hinted towards Aya becoming the next Mitochondria Eve), to the alternative timeline which led into her struggle for the next three years as a result of her confrontation with Maya/Eve.

After the New York Blockade Incident, Aya resigned from the police force to hunt after the creatures left behind by Eve’s destruction. She was then hired by MIST, a special organization based in Los Angeles that banded together specifically to hunt after the remnants. To make things easier when dealing with the public, MIST agents identified themselves as FBI that specialized in investigating serial killers and certain other disasters. They also referred to the monsters spawned from the aftermath of the New York Blockade Incident as NMCs (Neo Mitochondrial Creatures). MIST consisted of twelve agents, including other NMC hunters and members of intelligence. Aya often worked with Rupert Broderick, a hunter, Pierce Carradine from intelligence, and Jodie Bouquet the weapons expert. (More notably, Aya became good friends with Pierce, who had seemingly developed a crush on her over a period of time—because everyone develops a crush on Aya, it seems. But with her confounding inability to pay attention to people’s emotions of all things, she seemingly never noticed, and instead regarded Pierce’s compliments as a form of normalcy with Pierce’s character.)

On September of 2000, Aya was ordered to investigate an incident of a “terrorist attack” at the Akropolis Tower. There, Aya met up with Rupert Broderick, where they discovered a new type of NMC that could mimic human form, as well as others that were branded and seemingly controlled. With the prospect of someone remotely controlling NMCs providing no sense of comfort, the two hunters sought to beat a quick retreat. They then met Golem No. 9, a strange man who was apparently behind setting up bombs from within the building, killing a few dozen people in the aftermath. No. 9 himself, however, took off to the next building over, leaving Aya and Rupert to barely escape the Akropolis Tower before the final bombs detonated.

With Rupert out of commission from when he was attacked by Golem No. 9, Eric Baldwin, the commanding supervisor of the MIST organization, sent Aya out to investigate “cattle mutilations” in the small desert town of Dryfield, Nevada. The town had been practically derelict with the exception of one survivor, Gary Douglas, who proved useful in information and firearms, as well as providing an alternate source of transportation when Aya was in need of it.

Shortly after Aya arrived in Dryfield and met with Douglas, she encountered a rather shady private investigator in what was probably one of the most pathetic rescue attempts ever. She saved him from a water tower outside of her hotel room, where he’d been left stranded by a herd of NMCs on the ground level. After taking them out, the private investigator introduced himself as Kyle Madigan. They agreed to a truce, though without disclosing much information on either side. Professionalism and all.

When Aya met back up with Douglas, she began to hear screaming coming from across the town. However, Douglas, having a missing leg, was unable to check out the source of the screaming, Aya took it upon herself to investigate instead, and hoofed it to the sewers. However, the screaming turned out to not belong to a woman, but to yet another Stranger—the new breed of mitochondrial creatures that mimic human form. What more, Golem No. 9 was the one who killed it. Aya being Aya, was not up to negotiate with “terrorists”, and proceeded to fight the golem. It was then that No. 9 realized who Aya was, and her connection to Eve.

For some reason, the mere mention of Eve caused Aya to have some sort of mitochondrial meltdown, and in the middle of her freak-out, set No. 9 on fire altogether. Drained, Aya stumbled and collapsed.

By nightfall, Aya encountered Kyle Madigan once again, this time pointing a gun at her (god knows why, because he was apparently “playing dumb”, whatever that means). Either way, she retaliated by setting his hand on fire. Once surrendering, Kyle explained that he went to look for Aya after hearing where she was from Douglas, and thought to go check it out. He also informed her that she was the only one here, leaving No. 9’s charred corpse mysteriously missing. Either way, Aya and Kyle decide to team up this time. Because trusting a guy who was pointing a gun at you two seconds ago is totally a bright idea.

As it turned out, Kyle had acquired news about an underground shelter on the outskirts of Dryfield while he had stepped out of town. He went to find Aya so that the two of them could go check out the shelter together. As fate would have it, the car Aya drove into town with was completely totaled by some scavenger NMCs. And Kyle, having been attacked before coming to town, left them short of yet another vehicle. Good thing Douglas ran a scrap yard, which provided them with the necessities for wheels to get them to the shelter. And after a few incidents with some NMCs, a powernap, a shower, and another incident with a giant NMC, Aya and Kyle set off to the underground shelter.

Unfortunately, on the way to the entrance, the two were separated once again by more chaser NMCs, severely injuring Kyle. Aya told Kyle to book it and go on without her, which he wisely did. Except when Aya eventually caught up, she found that Kyle was nowhere to be seen, and assumed him to be dead, leaving Aya to go on ahead to check out the shelter alone.

The shelter had been bought over by some kind of shadow government, which goaled in creating and controlling NMCs; the place was crawling with them. This much Aya gathered when she met a talking ANMC, which swung from a hole in the ceiling, punched her in the boob, and delivered a foreboding warning that she will die soon.

Walking off that painful blow and the message, Aya made her way through the decontamination room, only to be caught in the fumigation system. With no other way out but the garbage chute, Aya beat her last hope for survival and escaped.

Into a pile of garbage.

Some Star Wars references later, Aya discovered that she’s not alone in the trash heap, and forced to fight with an obscenely gargantuan… trash monster. Seriously.

In the aftermath of the battle, Aya had become pretty close to getting roasty-toasty in the trash disposal system. But then she had Kyle to thank for escaping this brush with death, as he let her out before Aya herself became “well done”. Kyle then told her that he barely survived earlier when he’d been attacked by one of the chaser NMCs and fell down a gorge, back at the shelter entrance. Somehow the NMC broke his fall, and he managed to make his way into the shelter on his own.

The two stick together once again, but Aya side-tracks back to Dryfield when she begins to hear the barking of Douglas’ dog, Flint. Agreeing to meet up later, Aya and Kyle once again split up. She returns to town just in time to discover that Pierce had, against orders, left MIST headquarters to help Aya’s mission in Dryfield. Being a completely ineffective fighter who hates guns, Pierce immediately became targeted by some NMCs. Which meant Aya had to save his sorry skin.

Afterwards, Pierce stated that he followed Aya to Dryfield to “rescue” her. Obviously, this didn’t work out the way he’d intended. In any case, Aya and Pierce part, telling him to take a rest in her motel room. With that, she heads back to the shelter.

Once getting back, Aya hacked (yes, she apparently has some super secret hacking we never learned about or something) into one of the lab’s computers. Aya then discovered that the ANMCs were products of some genetic experiments, using none other but Aya Brea’s mitochondria to create them. Basically, all of the monsters that she had been fighting up to that point were created from her own cells. Nasty little toddlers.

Just then, the phone rang, and it turned out to be Pierce. Here she discovered that he had snuck into the shelter rather than resting. Aya, pretty annoyed, went to meet up with Pierce in some kind of chamber, located upstairs. There, she discovered that the shelter was housing a pupa, carrying some sort of airborne rector virus with the potential of infecting the entire country with the same virus that created the ANMCs. In other words, turning the entire global population into monsters in a force-evolution. However, tampering with the pupa could set off the virus as well.

Aya met up with Pierce in the control room. After yelling at him some for being an idiot (he meant well, really), Pierce showed that his espionage attempt actually turned out to be fruitful to her advantage: Not only did he hack into the system, but he also discovered that, way down below, the shelter also accommodated a territory called Neo Ark. While Pierce can track anyone, including Aya and ANMCs, on the computers, Neo Ark was surrounded by an intense magnetic field, making the area even more dangerous. What does this mean? It means Aya has to go down there and take down the generators powering that magnetic field.

So she did, leaving Pierce in the control room, after he stated that there was still “something” he had to do. Aya left him to his own devices to venture down into Neo Ark. Down there, Aya learned that the generators were actually living creatures, that spoke their dying words that only she could hear. Aya did an almost-perfect impression of proto-Xemnas, made a speech, and left Neo Ark in time to locate the real power source.

That power source, the “queen”, seemingly the whole reason for Aya’s investigation (and possibly even Kyle Madigan’s as well) had actually been brainwashed into manipulating the hostile ANMCs. After taking out the ANMC guarding the queen, Aya encountered Kyle once again. The two of them confronted the queen, only for Aya to reveal that the girl shared her same face. Not only was the queen a clone of Aya Brea, but they also shared in similar mitochondrial powers.

Aya, convinced that the little girl was innocent and therefore not a danger to either of them, decided to get Eve out. During their discussion, Kyle revealed that he had some involvement at the incident that occurred at the Akropolis Tower. Before Aya could address this subject, the phone rang. It was Pierce again, having discovered something very important about who was behind the whole operation in the shelter. Unfortunately, the line was severed. Troubled by the manner in which she was cut off from Pierce and what he had uncovered, Aya and Kyle agreed to beat a retreat. However, just then, they were attacked by a handful of golems that had been released by No. 9 earlier. As poison gas began to fill the room, Kyle bought Aya and Eve more time to escape, donning on a gas mask, breaking the window into the lab next over, and then boarding up the room to block the gas from immediately flooding the next room over. They escaped up an elevator leading them right back to Neo Ark.

It wasn’t long before Eve and Aya were separated, though. Eve took off into Neo Ark, only to be apprehended by No. 9, who threatened Aya that he would break the little girl’s spine if Aya tried anything. That didn’t stop her from pursuing him after No. 9 made off with the child. With Eve taken, Kyle left behind, and Pierce gone missing after that worrying phone call, Aya had no other choice but to go on ahead. She began making her way to the helipad, only to encounter a whole hoard of golems waiting for her.

But hey, at least the military turned out to be pretty competent, and were prompt to intervene the golem’s assault. However, once discussing with the remaining soldiers, they had no news to offer Aya concerning Eve, No. 9, Kyle, or Pierce. With the knowledge of the virus that posed as a possible threat to the soldiers, Aya requested that she go back into the shelter instead. Outside, Aya met up with Jodie Bouquet, and learned what Pierce had exposed: Not only was their superior, Baldwin, leaking information to the shadow government running Neo Ark, but several other agents were also acting as moles as well. With Baldwin out of the picture, Rupert Broderick took command of MIST, and Jodie went off to meet with Aya on the outskirts of Dryfield.

Once prepared, Aya set out back to the shelter to rescue Pierce and Eve. She found Pierce huddled in a freeze chamber that once housed the golems. She then explained everything to him, and then ordered him to return to the military base with Jodie. The nerd guy had done enough Ramboing for them already.

Finding Eve wasn’t hard for Aya, since leaving behind a trail of charred golems and wounded soldiers was pretty freaking obvious. Using up so much of her power as she was, Aya feared the worst and that Eve would eventually burn herself out. She did locate Eve, but also found Kyle as well.

Kyle Madigan, who had been working with No. 9 the entire time, apparently… or so it seemed. It was a little hard to tell, during his weird speech (Kyle, the Illuminati is not a very good group to stick with), talking about his childhood, and all that other stuff before shooting Aya. Conveniently in the arm, so as not to kill her. But Aya cut him some slack, since it turned out to be a diversion long enough for him to turn around and shoot No. 9 in the face, displaying that Kyle has a pretty itchy trigger finger after all.

Although Kyle tried to call for aid, he received no callback from the radio. It was then that the concussion blasts began raining down, caused by the orbiting SDI Hypervelocity Railgun that were aimed at the pupa ANMC. As a result, Kyle lost his leg, falling unconscious after telling Aya that Eve had fallen through the floor with the pupa ANMC. This resulted in a pretty annoying, tedious battle against the pupa ANMC that looked like a ridiculous, overgrown baby or something.

Of course, Aya wasn’t given much reprieve to retrieve Eve, which sequentially resulted in yet another really irritating battle between the ANMC, now leaching off of Eve as a source of power. Afterwards, the ANMC seemingly gave Aya what looked like the Hug Of Death™ before dropping the two of them down into the broken up ground below. There was also some kind of odd, melodramatic falling sequence, too.

The next parts were pretty confusing, as Kyle showed up, seemingly having dragged himself all the way down with a missing leg (because he’s manly like that, I guess)… The two talked while Aya barely clung to consciousness, just in time to learn that Eve was okay. Kyle told her to get some rest, and that was the last Aya had seen of him…

Aya lost contact with Kyle. Everyone involved in the incident had been slapped with a gag order, but with Rupert in charge, Aya was able to adopt Eve with no questions asked. It also seemed that many of them had gone their separate ways; Pierce connected with Kunihiko Maeda where they worked on their mitochondrial theories, and Aya returned to New York with Eve. For Aya, things seemed to be going pretty well in spite of everything. Eve attended school and developed an keen desire to learn and make friends, and Aya worked. But still, she had not heard any word from Kyle Madigan, leaving behind no trace that he had ever existed. If he had not shot her, she would almost doubt that he even existed at all.

While Aya continued to look after Eve, she did not give up hope. Her search ended one year after the events which had taken place in Dryfield. Pierce had hooked Aya and Eve up with some tickets to the Nature Museum one day, where Kyle finally met up with the both of them. (With that, it’s possible that Kyle may have contacted Pierce—or vice versa—ahead of time to arrange this meeting.) Additionally, Kyle seemed to have obtained some kind of prosthetic leg.

Over the next few years, Aya watched Eve grow up and graduate. And not a single day did Aya herself seem to age. By age thirty-six, her mitochondria still allowed her to remain the appearance of a woman in her early-twenties.

At some point during the course of those years that dragged on by, Aya Awakened in Nautilus.

Nautilus History

- Aya arrives in Nautilus May 30th. After wandering for a day, she is nearly attacked by a talking tiger, who turns out to be Dead End. They chill out on the beach.
- After a few weeks, Aya wants to know what the hell happened to the government. Turns out, there is none! Hooray. She’s not too thrilled about this.
- At least Thomas Jefferson seemed to have approved of Aya’s attempts to help, after proposing the 39th Declaration. She proposes a task force herself, after things kind of went downhill before that.
- Having nothing better to do, Aya chills out at Furman’s and chats it up with Daniel Dreiberg.
- Laser Tag.
- Most of her time spent in Nautilus is Aya working on Bending. So she does this. A lot.
- Aya decides to try and return home July 29th.
- She returns to Nautilus September 11th after an unpleasant attempt to go home, only to find that she’s more or less trapped. She meets Graham Specter after this. For some reason he’s determined to fight her after this encounter.
- But hey, she’s back just in time to have to deal with the aftermath of Isis fucking up the city. She is helped by Princess Peach and Robin.
- In attempt to drive Isis out of the city, Aya helps Dead End by taking out her element of power—glass. Along the way they run into James Matthew B and a glassed Tally Youngblood. The three of them combine their wills to undo Isis’ damage.
- Oh crap, the city’s falling into chaos! What more, Aya wakes up stuck as a ‘67 Cadillac Eldorado. This does not bode well when Graham appears again and tries to take her apart. Aya takes off and Graham chases after her, not realizing that he’s just turned into a Model A car himself. Eventually Graham starts to break down because he’s an idiot.
- Manhattan appears in the Eastern District. Aya sets up home in a townhouse, and guest rooms in the event of visitors (or Eve).
- Aya meets Riyaz, who is apparently a psychic. She offers him Bending lessons. He’s a well-adjusted bamf.
- Aya muses over other people’s return home, revealing that she had been stuck in something of a time loop for well over a month when she made the attempt. Squall Leonhart divulges that he’s had a similar experience when he tried to return—only this was more of a time compression thing than anything else. Still, it was interesting.
- But that’s okay, because Eve wakes up! Aya is between worried and relieved by this, as she’s reunited with her clone daughter again.
- Aya tells Eve to meet up with her at Rocky Rickaby’s dance, where she runs into Graham again and… rather than fighting her, just wants to dance. Weirdo.
- At some point Aya also became acquainted with Graham’s very strange and homicidal friend, Ladd Russo. He likes to kill people. That’s nice.
- Things seem to go downhill when, after Aya takes Eve home, she changes. What could be the meaning of this? The A.U. reality storm, of course! Turns out Aya changed into an alternate self in which she became the next Mitochondria Eve. Aya exacts some abuse on a very poor and confused little Eve. She also winds up beating the crap out of Riyaz and setting him on fire; luckily Katherine swoops in and saves the day—or Riyaz, at least. Oh, and Graham for some reason is immortal and tries to kill Aya. This doesn’t work out so well, because she causes his cells to degenerate and explode. Aya kills Graham. Great job.
- During the same incident, Axel and Saix unleash a shitton of Heartless throughout the city. Aya has fun slaughtering them. And Giygas as well, apparently.
- M. Aya’s rampage comes to an end when Eve organizes her downfall. Apparently the Major made some plans to have America carpet bomb a single person—he should probably feel bad about that if not for the fact that Aya nearly set America on fire while in the airplane and made him severely sick afterwards. (Oh, and the fact that she was also killing and terrorizing and destroying Manhattan over the course of the week.) Lysander Arleyas followed up on the bombing by taking her out with lightning, while Batman helped accompany Eve. Eve corners Aya as she is dying, and does the finishing blow. Unfortunately, she kills Aya just in time for the event to be over! Go go guilt complex!
- A couple weeks of being dead, Aya returns to Nautilus. Only feeling like she probably shouldn’t have returned so “soon”, because damn is she in a lot of pain! Being in her human skin is agonizing, so she changes into a ‘67 Cadillac Eldorado for the time being. She decides against announcing her return immediately, due to her own guilt.
- In spite of that, she goes to the rave… but just watches. And stays in darker areas. And wears a hooded coat. Because that is totally the perfect disguise when you’re at raves, right?
- Ladd wonders where Graham is. Aya, having difficulty using the network in human form, contacts him anonymously, explaining that she (but not stating who) killed the mechanic. For some reason she feels bad about this, because she’s worried that she permanently killed Graham. But Ladd’s just pissed.
- Still anonymous, Aya apologizes to Eve over the network. Eve thinks she’s talking to a ghost. Aya fails to clarify that she’s still alive and disconnects. That bitch.
- During these few weeks she’d returned, Aya exerts her limits by rebuilding what she had destroyed, raising Manhattan again. She collapses, as maintaining her human form is still a pain in the ass. Eve is pissed. Riyaz is not (for some reason). Princess Peach is relieved. And Dead End drives her to the medbay to rest. Aya is unconscious for quite a few days for pushing her Bending limits.
- Eve visits Aya. They apologize and pretty much just agree to put the whole thing behind them, so Eve can move back in with Aya (as she had been staying with Lelouch vi Britannia at the time).
- Graham returns from being dead, waking up on a bench without his wrench while wearing a pink YARANAIKA apron. Thank you, Nautilus… Aya wakes him up in the most obnoxious way possible—with a foghorn.
- Aya starts to head home, only to run into Graham. Again. She Bends him back his wrench. Only it turns into a leek if he tries to hurt a person with it.
- Aya meets Pip Bernadotte. She decides to go on a “date” because it apparently upsets her stalker oh-so much.
- Guess what? It’s December 5th: The Prohibition is over! Or it was back in 1933. Graham and Ladd are amused. They drag Aya out for drinks. Yay for alcoholism.

Aaand obviously there is more that has happened since December, but Rev is a lazybutt and probably won’t ever get around to writing the rest of it because lol time. What is it.

Posting her activity here makes things a load easier, though.


Aya is a fighter. Not because she wants to be, but because circumstances have always seemed to call her to the front line—she was, after all, the only one affected by Eve during the New York Blockade Incident. Left to fight her own battles in situations when no one else could, Aya may have developed a feeling of isolation, maybe even loneliness. While she has a sense of working with others or, at least, she has worked with organized groups in the past, she tends to act alone. As such, she feels that she’s more effective doing things solo.

Her vast knowledge in firearms makes her somewhat stand out, despite the fact that it does comes with the job. Aya is more skilled in guns and melee combat, although given her history in the police force and a potential military background; it’s more than likely that she has some experience in hand-to-hand combat as well. The fact that she’s able to carry around massive weapons like assault rifles (and even bigger artillery) like it’s nothing may also indicate that Aya is much stronger than she looks. It’s not something that she flaunts around often, though, but she is pretty effective on the battlefield. Her time on the police force and natural intuition has taught her to trust her gut instinct, and she is fairly good about following it. For the most part.

She tends to be pretty sarcastic, cold, and brooding, though she isn’t without a sense of humor. Really, you could say she fits more into the “deadpan snarker” category. It doesn’t help that Aya has a bad habit of not being able to take people seriously sometimes, particularly when they express any sort of interest in her; she tends to brush them off. It’s easier for her to pretend that people are just being insincere most of the time.

In any case, she prefers to keep things professional anyway; mostly where a professional relationship is concerned (i.e. the police force), and very rarely does she ever like to get herself involved in any intimate affairs. Surprisingly, however, she can be pretty patient. It’s just that when her patience finally runs thin that she has a danger of losing her temper, going against that professionalism and letting her thoughts and emotions get ahead of her.

On the flipside, Aya can be gentle and nurturing, almost maternal—especially when it comes to children. She does like kids, regardless of the fact that she’s never had any herself (where Eve is concerned, the girl’s only relation to Aya is the fact that she was cultured from Aya’s cells. However, Aya still took it upon herself to raise the girl like a sister/mother figure). She approaches with a welcoming nature to most, mostly when it comes to kids. In Nautilus, it helps since most of the kids there are without parents, anyway. The problem is that she tends to bury herself in work to really fulfill that mother role.

She’s often self-sacrificing. This could be considered her greatest strength, or her greatest weakness, as she has a penchant for putting the wants and needs of others before her own wants and needs. If someone is in danger, she can be pretty compulsive without always thinking things through. For instance, while working for MIST she developed this track record for acting recklessly and going against orders (which seemingly put a dent in her salary. Oh well. Like she cared).

Ultimately, there is one thing that she is not proud of: The guilt that weighs down on her. This is most likely the result of various incidents… her surviving the car accident that killed both her mother and her sister. Being the sole survivor of the opera massacre that led into the New York Blockade Incident. The fighter pilots that acted as a shield so that Aya would live to fight against Eve. One could very well interpret Aya’s inclination for self-sacrifice as a product of her survivor’s guilt. So yeah, she pretty much hates it when people put themselves on the line for her, no matter how inevitable it is.

Oftentimes Aya feels alienated, being so different from everyone else. She considers herself a monster; fearing of becoming the monster that Eve said she would be, and the fear of hurting the people she loves follows her. For that reason, and the fact that her Parasite Energy had a way of making the people around her uncomfortable (at least, it did when she was home, where not everyone was a freakshow like she was), Aya doesn’t make a habit out of using her powers in front of other people. Considering that her powers have a way of manipulating the mitochondria of organisms around her, this is probably a good thing, though.

At times she struggles with the realization that she may not be all human herself, but something else entirely. What that something is, she has yet to figure out… if there is even a name to give a being like her.


Being of Asian and Caucasian descent, Aya displays features from both her Japanese mother and her American father, with her narrow eyes and facial structure in contrast to her blue eyes and platinum blonde hair (although it is possible that her hair is dyed; most likely it is naturally black as she does have dark highlights).

While on occasion she isn’t too timid to dress in anything fancy, Aya has a casual, modest manner of attire. Mostly due to the fact that it’s not practical at all to enter the field in shorts, skirts, and dresses (unless circumstances catch her by surprise). For the most part she dresses fairly simple. Her casual attire consists of either black or white tee-shirts, and jeans. Depending on the weather (and in Manhattan it is usually fairly cold in the winter), she tends to dress in her leather or jean jacket.

Aya is attractive, though she never uses sexuality to an advantage. Instead she relies on her cocky personality when dealing with people. She is lithe in figure, but not frail; she is fairly agile, and while she’s not exactly super strong enough to lift monoliths, she is by no means weak, either.

Another noteworthy trait is that Aya looks nothing like her age. While she is physically thirty-six, she still appears young since the day her mitochondria awakened at twenty-five. She looks as though she has not aged a day since, and could very well possibly be considered ageless due to her awakened genes.


Many of Aya’s powers had been weakened since her encounter with the real Mitochondria Eve in the Chrysler Tower. For instance, she no longer has the ability to change her entire form into the mitochondrial being as a mean of attack. Instead, she relies on what she has left. Aya’s main power is pyrokinesis, the ability to excite molecules to the point of inciting fire. Depending on the strength of the pyrokinesis itself would determine the radius it can reach.

She also has the ability to heal herself. This ability is unfortunately limited to only her own body, as she does not possess the power to control the mitochondria of others to the point where she could manipulate them into healing their host. Although she can heal her own injuries and fix herself if she is ever poisoned, she can’t do much in the ways of if another person is injured.

Aya’s cells themselves also have a special type of genetic code. Scientists had used them before to create monsters and mutations, which is not limited to shaping human beings themselves. It is also because of these genes that Aya hasn’t aged a day since December of 1997. By now she is thirty-six, but she still appears to be in her early twenties. Whatever her mitochondria wants, really.

While her powers are valuable in battle, Aya is an experienced combatant. She is highly trained and skilled in firearms. In terms of melee, she makes use of the tonfa baton, as well as other attachments such as a bayonet so she does not always rely on long-distance weapons.

Her knowledge with weaponry is pretty extensive on her vast field of training. Interestingly enough, she’s also had some experience with unconventional weapons, such as the Gunblade. God knows where it came from. Gee, it couldn’t possibly have anything to do with some guy named Nomura, would it?


- ‘67 Cadillac Eldorado: While she does not have a full-out robot form, Aya can turn into her late-car, Carrie.
- LIBERATION: During the A.U. Event, Aya has re-learned how to change into her Liberation form, an ability she lost twelve years ago after killing the true Eve within her sister, Maya Brea. She will be able to carry out several attacks before it ultimately drains her of all her power, incapacitating her for several minutes afterwards. This is an attach only used for desperate situations.

- She has also gained other feats from the aforementioned A.U. event, mostly in that her physical endurance has increased, and she is much more acrobatic than she was before. Although she is not as powerful as, say, an Angelii, she can perform feats such as running up walls to evade attacks.
- Conjuring and building abilities are adequate. She helped rebuild the major chains in the Eastern District, as well as the buildings that had been destroyed. Suffice to say she’s practiced enough to be able to mend things.



Daniel "Bo" Dollis - Badass Normal/Black Best Friend: Aya's partner from the NYPD, and was something of a father figure to Aya while she had been a rookie. This badass motherfucker jumped out of a moving helicopter, burst into flames in midair, but still managed to toss Aya some ammo during her fight with the Ultimate Being before plunging into the Atlantic Ocean. Somehow, he manages to survive unscathed.
Eric "Hal" Baldwin - Treacherous Advisor:
Eve Brea - Mysterious Waif:
Jodie Bouquet - Cast From Hit Points: The weapon expert and distributor for MIST.
Kunihiko Maeda - Chekhovs Gun: Nerdy scientist guy from Japan who flew in during the New York Blockade incident, to help Aya out against her fight with Eve. His research in mitochondria proved to be useful when taking down Eve. He appeared to have developed feelings for Aya towards the end.
Kyle Madigan - Double Agent: A ~*MYSTERIOUS*~ P.I from Los Angeles. Kyle and Aya worked together during her mission in Dryfield, Nevada. Kyle had ulterior motives, but meant well in the end. He flirts with Aya a lot, and as such, obviously has feelings for her.
Melissa Pearce/Eve - Body Horror: Melissa was the catalyst for the New York Blockade Incident, back in 1997. She was an actress who had Maya Brea's kidney transplanted due to organ failure, twenty years prior.
Pierce Carradine - Non Action Guy: Pretty much Aya's friend and confident, as well as partner in MIST; a computer specialist who manages data collection and informative updates. Surprise! He had a crush on Aya, too! B|
Rupert Broderick - Badass Normal/Black Best Friend: Aya's partner on field missions. He also wound up taking over MIST. Rupert was the one who arranged the adoption paperwork for Aya and Eve.



Firo Prochainezo
Garrus Vakarian
Graham Specter (Sort of? I have no idea.)
Lelouch vi Britannia
Miles Edgeworth
Nash Latkje
Pepper Potts
Phoenix Wright
Squall Leonhart
Tony Stark
Zack Fair


Chane Laforet
Claire Stanfield
Harry Dresden
Lara Croft
Leslie Vernon
Lua Klein
Samus Aran
Suzaku Kururugi
Tally Youngblood


Caerula Sanguis
Dead End
Princess Peach

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