Bending Traces

Bending traces are evidence left behind from a character's Bending. More info can be found here.

For the Bending traces of dropped characters, please go here.

Player Characters

Adela red seed with a swirl from its tip to the center
Adrien Agreste Light green electricity with bits of black bubbles
Agatha Heterodyne Pseudo musical notes in gold with small gold trilobites in place of the note heads.
Albus Dumbledore fiery phoenix with its wings outstretched
Aries Mu sphere of a star
Azmuth The Omnitrix symbol with the black and green colors reversed.
Baymax Light blue hearts and plus signs (AKA Red Cross type crosses) inside white hexagons.
Clef Prismatic spray of colored light, softer or harsher depending on what he is doing
Clu 1.0 A digital wire-frame. With visible equations entwined in it if the object/area of effect is big enough.
Conan Edogawa A bright blue glow that slowly shrinks down into the shape of a magnifying glass.
Connie Maheswaran Pink bubbles with stars giving off a pleasantly low glow.
RK800 Connor Blue triangles with red and blue pixelation
Dirk Cadwell A forest green Gaelic tree of life symbol.
3rd Doctor A garish pink and orange swirled background with a clock pointing to the 3 o'clock position which fades into a TARDIS shape
4th Doctor Burgundy that flickers between super bright and fading out and a Tardis shape with the analog clock hands pointing to 4 o'clock
9th Doctor Dark blue with a kind of ice blue around the edges and a Tardis shape with the analog clock hands pointing to 9'o clock
10th Doctor Light and dark purple swirling together and with stars plus a Tardis shape with an analog clock hands pointing to 10' o clock; with a few rose petals that look like those are from Rose Tylers bending trace; vague ice blue around the edges that match 9's bending trace
Gwen Cooper Welsh dragon with the Welsh flag colors and Torchwood's colors
Hector Rivera music notes, but the noteheads are little sugar skulls and while the color is mostly white, there is a faint gold glow around each note
Ianto Jones Swirling red with hints of gold
Idris Cycles through all the languages that she knows that says; 'Doctor, Darling, Thief' in all those languages. Those are etched in gold but with a midnight blue accent; similar to an eclipse
Irene Mallidias A soft golden halo wrapped in green vines, with a small dark blue flame burning in the middle.
Captain Jack Harkness Gold like the vortex
Jedidiah Smith swirls of apple tree leaves in a denim blue color
Jiminy Cricket A twinkling star surrounded by a deep, night blue glow
John Connor This symbol
Juanita "Nita" Callahan A looping knot except golden in color.
Kaylin Neya Three dimensional words in whatever indecipherable language as is writ on her arms, but made of smoke or light depending if the spell is destructive or creative.
Kate Conner
Keith Intermixing red and purple threads with this symbol interspersed throughout.
KilGrave Purple slime
Kit Fisto These three symbols in soft, glowing green.
Lady Me Raven feathers
Leanne Tree surrounded by white wings
Leia Organa-Solo This against a starry background
Link Triforce of Courage only with an Ocarina on his third
Luke Skywalker
Marinette Dupain-Cheng Little rosey-red hearts, that are actually little flying ladybugs.
Miguel Rivera
Missile Small green paw prints.
Nino Lahiffe Swirl of green music notes
Papillion Dark and purple; if Gabriel Agreste should ever bend there is a match
Pinocchio A bright, light blue glow.
Portugas D. Ace Red & orange beads of flame, speckled with his hat's smiling & frowning faces, like so.
River Song Starbursts of like purple and blue with the image of her diary somewhere mixed in
RK800 Connor Blue triangles with red and blue pixelation
Rose A dark purple silhouette of a dragon. Like this!
Rose Tyler Gold wolf prints with rose petals blooming out from the center OFC; a few stars that look like those belong to 10th Doctor bending trace
Sanji Small, short blue spirals, with hints of waves/ocean in the blue. The spirals always spiral outwards counterclockwise. Sample image of spiral. (yes, it's his eyebrows…)
Shadow Link Black, wispy triangles
Spark orangey glow with a faint fish scale pattern of iridescence over it
Sora A golden crown emblem.
Sunset Shimmer Red and yellow with her cutie mark mixed in.
Suzaku Kururugi Chaotic but fluid streaks of red lines as if drawn with a dry calligraphy brush. It seems impressive but ultimately does not have a deliberate shape or form. The brushed kanji for "fortitude" (kennin) seems to linger sometimes and would be bold and clean among the rest of the chaos.
Taako Teal alchemic symbols.
Lord Tiamaris neat cluster of words (like the ones seen when first walking the Tower). They burn a low orange/gold.
V Elegant cursive script, interrupted for a few words in chickenscratch scrawls. The script is black, maroon, and red, the scrawls red and orange; both seem to be behind a sort of heat-shimmer.
Roronoa Zoro A red and black katana crossed over a white one. Resembles an asterisk.
Princess Zelda

Active NPC Characters (Ascended)

ANTOVIL Arrows. All different colors, crawling and moving across each other.
AREVA Pink and crimson lightning streaks that constantly shift, never making the same pattern twice.
LIXUE Crystallized plum blossoms
NICTYX Pattern
NAUTILUS Dark blue modernist spiral patterns, along with complex fractal designs, in pale blue

Active NPC Characters (Others)

AMIOR Pattern
ENDOS Blood-red mist with glowing demonic symbols.

Inactive/Fallen NPC Characters

AMERAS Green Art Noveau style swirls of English Ivy
CALEX Pattern
CYRUS Dark blue tribal spiral patterns and waves
FELTHIAS Fantastical feathers
HEKKET Green and full of various musical notes.
HURRDURR'GHA Small fish made of candy
ISIS Violet/Pink regular patterns of peacock feathers and crystals (Art Noveau)
JIN Delicate gold chains
KERGAN Flitting, Japanese symbols. Energetic looking. Bright orange.
NERIAE Looks like many bubbles chained together, usually in shades of light blue
ORPHEUS Lyre strings
SAVIEL Faintly blue glowing script
SOLARIS Gold Art Deco helixes, sunbursts, and abstract geometric shapes
URSAEMS A big orange bear paw glowing on top of blood orange claw marks
YMIRAS Cracked ice
ZANITH Will o the wisp of haunting colors
ZOR'DAVKI Plain, rock-looking. Blunt and obvious.
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