Bending Traces

Bending traces are evidence left behind from a character's Bending. More info can be found here.

For the Bending traces of dropped characters, please go here.

Player Characters

Aeryn Sun An orb of light (aka a yellow-ish star!)
Ahsoka Tano This symbol, white with a bright green outline.
Akito/Agito Wanijima Akito: a trail of white feathers swirling as though in a breeze, Agito, same except black feathers, Lind: same except white feather w/black tips. If more than one Bends, they swirl around each other.
Agatha pseudo musical notesin gold with small gold trilobites in place of the note heads.
AM A very dark, almost grungy red/black cloud with binary written into it in a sort of glowing, golden lettering. (For anyone curious, the binary translates to 'cogito ergo sum' over and over again.)
Amy Rose (Fleetway Comic)
Antoine D'Coolette (Archie Comic) A sharp line of steel gray, like a swiftly moving sword.
ARC-5555 (Fives)
Asch the Bloody Glowing red letter 'A' from the Fonic Alphabet.
Asriel Dreemur A bright yellow flower.
Augustus A pair of cat masks; Comedy and Tragedy.
Azmuth The Omnitrix symbol with the black and green colors reversed.
Billy Cranston crystal blue crackles of electricity frozen
Bowser Jr. (Super Mario Sunshine)
Bumblebee (RiD) Yellow and black checkerboard with a streak of energon blue running through it.
Captain Jack Harkness Gold like the vortex
Uncle Chuck (Archie Comic) Light blue blur with gears.
Clef prismatic spray of colored light, softer or harsher depending on what he is doing
Clu 1.0 A digital wire-frame. With visible equations entwined in it if the object/area of effect is big enough.
Connie Maheswaran Pink bubbles with stars giving off a pleasantly low glow.
Dana Tan Metallic blue that ripples like silk.
Dark Leonardo Crawling blue scorpions.
Darth Vader An always shifting, deep black cloud, occasionally flashing with dark red lightning within.
Dead End (G1 Animated) Like ribbons of black lace, shot through with threads of maroon and violet.
Deadpool/Wade Wilson (Marvel 616)
Death Black that seems to glow blue at the edges. With skull and bones motif.
Denzel Crocker Mix of light green and light blue magic looking with Binary code in the mix. Extra sparkles when an Ascended move is used
Dirk Cadwell A forest green Gaelic tree of life symbol.
3rd Doctor A garish pink and orange swirled background with a clock pointing to the 3 o'clock position which fades into a TARDIS shape
4th Doctor Burgundy that flickers between super bright and fading out and a Tardis shape with the analog clock hands pointing to 4 o'clock
8th Doctor Green with flicking golden butterflies and a Tardis shape with the analog clock hands pointing to 8' o clock; a canon update closer to The Time War; sparks of flame with a forest green and a Tardis shape with the analog clock hands pointing to 8' o clock
9th Doctor Dark blue with a kind of ice blue around the edges and a Tardis shape with the analog clock hands pointing to 9'o clock
10th Doctor Light and dark purple swirling together and with stars plus a Tardis shape with an analog clock hands pointing to 10' o clock; with a few rose petals that look like those are from Rose Tylers bending trace; vague ice blue around the edges that match 9's bending trace
Donna Noble Stardust magnolia
Eric (The Cavalier) If he ever gets to it, his patterns are reminiscent of a roller coaster track. It's probably bright yellow.
Evgeniy Eldarov
Fon Master Ion
Frank Castle A tiny skull like so!
Frederic Francois Chopin
Fritz Koch A broken bottle that's on fire.
Gabriel (Eden-IX-17Beta) It's basically a small hazy bout of green binary against black, spelling out "help me remember", if anyone is curious.
General Hux
Harley Quinn A black diamond and a red heart pattern.
Hei A simple purple lightning bolt like the one on his mask.
Helga G. Pataki
Ianto Jones swirling red with hints of gold
Iason Mink Long and blue square/rectangles much like a digital pattern, elegant and simple.
Irene Mallidias A soft golden halo wrapped in green vines, with a small dark blue flame burning in the middle.
Izaya Orihara A shogi piece.
Jake Long Jake's looks like the center of his show logo, a red dragon with his silhouette in the middle.
Jane Foster A small, scattering of glittery confetti in the shape of stars like this, but purple and opalescent.
Jedidiah Smith
Jendayi Looks like swirls and currents of air carrying leaves. Like magical glowing wind often seen in animations. Example.
Jiminy Cricket A twinkling star surrounded by a deep, night blue glow
John Crichton Looks blue and swirly like wormholes.
Kale Brangaine A tiger footprint!
Kanan Jarrus
Kanon Shizeno Opalescent threads weaving together,
Keith Intermixing red and purple threads with this symbol interspersed throughout.
Kevin Flynn
King Shadow This symbol
Kit Fisto These three symbols in soft, glowing green.
Knock Out (TFP) This swirly red ribbony-like deal with this criss crossy purple design on it.
Knuckles the Echidna (Game) A red mist with some ancient symbols/hieroglyphics.
Kylo Ren A flickering fiery shape giving off red sparks.
Lady Me Raven feathers
Leanne A pair of white wings wrapped around a tree.
Link Triforce of Courage only with an Ocarina on his third
Lucas Kovach A pale blue, glowing hand print.
Luke fon Fabre
Luke Skywalker
Luna A somewhat cartoon-y looking cat head with a crescent moon. (This without the antenna.)
Lysander Gabriel Fox
Manic Hedgehog
Mary Poppins White, lace-like patterns with bits of cherry red thrown in from time to time.
Marinette Dupain-Cheng Little rosey-red hearts, that are actually little flying ladybugs.
Martha Jones a silvery-white skeletal hand with a red projection of Earth resting in it
Miles "Tails" Prower (Game) A soft yellow-orange sort of glow, split down the middle and tipped in white, like a pair of fox tails.
Missile small green paw prints.
Nash Latkje Mainly teal that tapers in and out, occasionally flitting like the flap of a bird's wing, although sometimes shot through with parallel lines of black and white.
Nita Callahan A looping knot except golden in color.
Nott Lovell Green flames with copper-coloured sparks.
Obi-Wan Kenobi This glowing blue symbol.
Papillion Dark and purple; if Gabriel Agreste should ever bend there is a match
Phoenix Ikki
Piper Cardenas Slowly turning golden hourglasses with purple glitter inside instead of sand. If you look closely, you can see that some of the glitter sand is shifting back into the top of the glass mysteriously, instead of falling through to the bottom, despite how the glass is turned.
Portugas D. Ace Red & orange beads of flame, speckled with his hat's smiling & frowning faces, like so.
Prisoner Number 6 Looks like dark thunderclouds with intermittent bolts going through it occasionally.
Ray Stantz Little Ghostbusters logos.
Relius Clover His emblem.
Rose A dark purple silhouette of a dragon. Like this!
Rose Tyler Gold wolf prints with rose petals blooming out from the center OFC; a few stars that look like those belong to 10th Doctor bending trace
Rung Tiny images of his goggles.
Sabine Wren
Sanji Small, short blue spirals, with hints of waves/ocean in the blue. The spirals always spiral outwards counterclockwise. Sample image of spiral. (yes, it's his eyebrows…)
Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comic) A blur. Of blue. Maybe throw in some special sparklies when he uses an angelii ability.
Suzaku Kururugi Chaotic but fluid streaks of red lines as if drawn with a dry calligraphy brush. It seems impressive but ultimately does not have a deliberate shape or form. The brushed kanji for "fortitude" (kennin) seems to linger sometimes and would be bold and clean among the rest of the chaos.
Thomas In a word: plain. In more words: neutral, earthy tones in an orderly, simplistic pattern. Like…squares. The pattern tends to be disrupted at times, however, depending on the situation.
Tikal A Peach Fuzzy Glow (like the hint balls in Sonic Adventure 1)
The Onceler Exactly what he puts on his door: "The Once-ler's" in cheerful green lettering.
V Elegant cursive script, interrupted for a few words in chickenscratch scrawls. The script is black, maroon, and red, the scrawls red and orange; both seem to be behind a sort of heat-shimmer.
W.D Gaster
Xehanort (Young) Superimposed clock hands that sweep with a pronounced spiky blue trail that grows larger the further the hands go around the circle.
Xemnas Silver, white, and/or black spiraling lines (sometimes the silver or white as a reflective, contrasty setting) with sharp edges. It shares the same characteristics of the Twilight Thorn ability, but in the non-lethal sense. Lately, a bright, nearly stinging violet reflects on some of those sharp twists.
Roronoa Zoro A red and black katana crossed over a white one. Resembles an asterisk.

Active NPC Characters (Ascended)

ANTOVIL Arrows. All different colors, crawling and moving across each other.
AREVA Pink and crimson lightning streaks that constantly shift, never making the same pattern twice.
CALEX Pattern
NAUTILUS Dark blue modernist spiral patterns, along with complex fractal designs, in pale blue

Active NPC Characters (Others)

AMIOR Pattern
ENDOS Blood-red mist with glowing demonic symbols.

Inactive/Fallen NPC Characters

AMERAS Green Art Noveau style swirls of English Ivy
CYRUS Dark blue tribal spiral patterns and waves
FELTHIAS Fantastical feathers
HEKKET Green and full of various musical notes.
HURRDURR'GHA Small fish made of candy
ISIS Violet/Pink regular patterns of peacock feathers and crystals (Art Noveau)
JIN Delicate gold chains
KERGAN Flitting, Japanese symbols. Energetic looking. Bright orange.
NERIAE Looks like many bubbles chained together, usually in shades of light blue
ORPHEUS Lyre strings
SAVIEL Faintly blue glowing script
SOLARIS Gold Art Deco helixes, sunbursts, and abstract geometric shapes
URSAEMS A big orange bear paw glowing on top of blood orange claw marks
YMIRAS Cracked ice
ZANITH Will o the wisp of haunting colors
ZOR'DAVKI Plain, rock-looking. Blunt and obvious.
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