Bending Traces (dropped characters)

This is a list of the Bending traces of dropped characters. For current characters, see the here.

Player Characters

Abdul-Rahim Al-Jabiri A trail of these but with a few ones mixed in that are more like the color of his powers (assuming he ever gets his powers back via Bending).
Aerith Gainsborough A small white orb giving off a slightly green aura.
Alex Mercer Black and red tendril-like lines having no sense of direction that can be seen here when the logos shift between 0:46 and 0:53. And in this picture.
Alexander Wolfgang Even though he can't really Bend, he has done it a couple of times while he was insane. When he does manage to Bend every so often, they are marked with this black and white symbol.
Alexandra Roivas Flickering runes that change color from red-green-blue-purple and back to red again.
Alphonse Elric Alchemic symbols and arrays scroll past, similar to Edward's traces. Gold and blue lighting also reflect a matte metallic finish like his armor. There may also be some cat shapes lingering in there too.
Amber Fuji A multitude of tiny stars twinkling and sparkling. Each of the larger stars has a gold center with red rays and the whole of it is constantly shifting in shape. The smaller stars are blue sparkles and more numerous that drift in a stream between the larger stars as though being swept away. Reference for the larger stars.
America RED WHITE AND BLUE STRIPES as little silver stars float around it.
Anomie Very haphazard and chaotic, with mud and pond-scum colored forms that almost look like many blinking eyes.
Asrana Green satin ribbon occasionally marked with the image of a bull.
Asato Tsuzuki A large, spiral scorch mark with a purple, residual energy radiating from it.
Axel Varying shades of red that move and flicker like flames. This symbol slides throughout it.
Aya A tiny Interceptor flies through the space where she Bends.
Aya Brea Hers will be in a pattern of red cell-like shapes. They move very much like this, about 13 seconds in.
Blurr Splotches of blue that swirl with white, like streaky bits of clouds. The two mix and intertwine, but never blend.
Cain Extremely simplistic, thin, DNA-like strands of green and black.
Chie Satonaka It's a yellow smiley-face. That's pretty much it. It doesn't flash or do anything special.
Cho Hakkai Green vines. If you watch them long enough, you can count one thousand leaves on each of them.
Chuck A blue Burners logo like the one on his shirt.
Claire Stanfield red stains EVERYWHERE, messy as hell, sometimes seemingly shrouded in darkness that follows whatever it is in patterns like floating sludge (like rail tracer in the anime). yes i made that analogy what of it
Clover Splotches of bright color.
Conan Edogawa A bright blue glow that slowly shrinks down into the shape of a magnifying glass.
Dallas "Dally" Winston A shining, red hot switch blade, with small plumes of smoke coming from it.
Danny Fenton Aimless swirls of black and white stripes.
Dead End Like ribbons of black lace, shot through with threads of dark red, gray, yellow, blue and dark purple.
Demyx Various shades of blue, five wavy lines with music notes throughout.
Doctor Eggman Small, simple hologram-like representations of Eggman's face, featuring his trademark grin. Sort of like his production logo.
Dr. Finitevus The swirling diamond the doctor has on his head with branching off black lines. Example.
Dr. Holiday Little glowing orange hearts that look they're wounded and bleeding. To play on the "bleeding heart" thing in canon.
Dr. John Watson Brown calligraphy, like nice Victorian England cursive. It looks like it was written with the nib of a quill or fountain pen.
Draco Malfoy Green wispy grass snakes with silver/gray eyes.
Edward Elric Glowing alchemic symbols mainly in blue but shimmering in gold, encircled by a stream of arcane, illegible writing. Punctuated by a skull here and there.
England Emerald green and gold ivy and swirls of smoke.
Enigma Bright green question marks with wisps of pitch black shadow constantly drifting across them.
Eryun Garnet Bright pink, with a zigzagging pattern. Some small round shapes, the size of a plate, can be seen foaling around too.
Firo Prochainezo Like an endless string of toppling dominoes, the dots blood red instead of white. A swirl of gold spirals loosely around it.
Garrus Vakarian This symbol, on a blue background. Just a little tattered and worn.
Gellert Grindenwald A strong golden glow with gold or red sparks (like small fireworks/sparklers) and random small black voids, like little black holes.
Ginko Many small irregular blobs that look like various kinds of mushi. The shapes are mostly shades of green, but they flash silver when the light hits them right.
GLaDOS Orange ASCII images; the most common is the Aperture Science Logo. Basically, an assortment of the images in the corner of the ending credits.
Graham Specter Rusty colored, violently twisted around lines. They look like they were impacted with something, and the dents stayed.
Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez Glowing blue blades in sets of five, like this. Throughout them stalks what appears to be a white panther.
Israfel Oleski Ribbons of purple and teal light, shot through with gold, which appear to take on various animal shapes as they weave and spiral together.
Jack Frost Lots glowing blue swirls, particles, and snowflakes in constant motion. Example.
Jack Skellington The brightly glowing outline of a creepy jack o lantern.
Jadis Black, with red marbling, and gold filagree patterns like you find in old style European palaces.
Jaime Reyes A bright blue glowing insignia of a scarab.
Johanna Barker Clusters of tiny fluttering birds, changing in color from green to blue.
Jun Very bright shapes in red, orange, and white. Mostly very angular and messy-looking, but red-and-white circles are a recurring motif scattered throughout.
Ken Ichijouji Purple and dark grey swirly lines with the Crest of Kindness (the flower symbol) dispersed through it.
Klonoa Fluffy white and blue swirls with a bit of a dawn-pink glow mixed in, as well as little yellow symbols that look like Pacman for some reason.
Kovu A totally not cliche lion symbol, like this, but with a mane and a scar over the left eye.
Kyubey A faint, off-white haze.
Ladd Russo Messy, messy, torn-around-the-edges white and red. Vague appearance of having been done on purpose somehow.
Lara Croft Hieroglyphs and runes of varying cultures set in stone.
Lavi Black ink, wet and can be smeared when fresh but turns to brown and fades as time passes
Leslie Vernon Brown, dark red, and brain matter-colored pink blades slicing into each other, over black skull heads.
Leviathan Bears the imprint of a silvery-blue crystalline snowflake, with the faint sheen of circuitry running through it.
Lua Klein Glows vaguely in white. taking shapes reminiscent of flower petals. sparse and disjointed, organization has no logical flow yet somehow it works.
Mahdi Clare Soft, round bubbles of varying sizes (anywhere from a quarter inch to about three inches in diameter), glowing gently in lavender, baby pink and light gold.
Manuela Hidalgo Delicate and slightly uneven soft angles, usually a dull brown, sometimes 'warming up' to orange colors (think hot metal).
Mao A fragmented line of fuschia, occasionally branching off into several strands before coming together again.
Megamind Black tendrils, shot through with blue lightening bolts that race and dash over the creation.
Megatron Gears, machinery and electronics twined together, all moving and working in perfect, ordered unison. Typically black, gray and a deep, dark purple - very different from Isis' lighter tones. Tends to form jagged, if ordered, shapes, such as cubes, spheres and pyramids. The constructs tend to blend and flow together where they meet, forming something greater.
Mike Chilton Short description: green and skull-shaped tire smoke.
Miles Edgeworth Predominantly maroon in color, threaded through with a pattern of fleur de lis. Something like this.
Monday Stylised steampunk clock hands and clock faces, intertwined with strange words. Gold and brown, with a warm orange-yellow glow.
Monoko Black and white in color, with a faint, alternating red/green glow surrounding the monochromatic objects. Think "arm motif" - swirling patterns, usually nongeometric, composed of arms and hands holding onto one another.
Noon Black and dark blue fire, with frequent sparks of gold that are much brighter than the rest.
Orihime Inoue The remnants of her will had broken apart into six uniform pieces, much like the hairpins she wore, with each piece disintegrating into softly glowing shards, like petals or drifting snow.
Pepper Potts If she were to Bend, her signature would would appear organized, with clean, corporate-looking thin blue and red lines. Scrolling text as if someone was typing on a computer.
Phoenix Wright His involves heavy-looking chains and red locks that is much like an ability he has in canon to see when people have secrets. A made-up example I found. This ranges from a single lock (two crossing chains) to five locks and many chains. The more complex the Bending, the more locks and chains. At the moment, his is mostly one or two lock attempts. As he advances in Bending, it could go to the max of five. Spoilish example of a 5 lock = here at around :20.
Pitch Black A combination of dark blue, purple, and black wisps that have the texture of sand.
Plastic Man Red, with lines of yellow and black, and in constant motion.
Predaking It looks a lot like fire though at times it almost seems like there are predacon like creatures that take shape in the flames from time to time.
Pyramid Head Looks like extremely rusted (or very bloody) barbed wire.
Rarity The glowing outline of three light blue diamonds patterned like her cutie mark.
Ratchet Ratchet's broken chevron with base, an Autobrand over the base part. The entire thing appears to be made out of glowing red and white circuit board. It all sits upon a single, slowly rotating golden gear. The "eyes" of the brand glow blue.
Raye Hino A softly glowing flame framing the kanji of a sacred symbol. The symbols cycle endlessly, one fading for another to appear and take its place.
The Riddler Parts of green question-marks that, to see the trace clearly, you need to line up to form correctly as in Batman Arkham Asylum (3:37-3:44 in video to make more sense, although it would more more pieces than just the dot and form.)
Rion Steiner A strange and chaotic pattern that looks sort of like this.
Rip van Winkle Linked diagonal black bars, twisting in and out around each other with frayed edges, with thin, small bright blue and gold sniper shells jumping in and around the bars.
Riyaz Silver-white, intricate patterns, like the trim on this guy's robe, particularly the sash. White wing-like or bird-like patterns, similar to the insignia on the sash, are prevalent.
Saint Walker Blue smoke with tiny silver-blue lantern symbols floating about like confetti.
Saïx A little more elegant than the others, pointy but swirling. Yellow, sort of a moon-ish glow to it.
Sally Wispy and smoke-like, with the butterfly depicted at 3:44.
Samus Aran These symbols In bright green with background of zeros and ones.
Sanderson Mansnoozie Trails of shifting yellow and gold with the texture of sand. The trails sometimes take the shape of marine life, usually dolphins and manta rays.
Sari Sumdac Lines and lines of neon blue and yellow text, looking like Wingdings font.
Severus Snape The Dark Mark.
Shinji Ikari All that appears for Shinji is a white circle with black letter type that says 01 on it. Much like how it appears on his plug suit.
Skywarp Hasn't been Bending yet, but a series of dark purple intertwining cables that seem to fade in and out of existence.
Soul Eater Evans An orange angry skull. Like this.
Sora Stylized hearts, like the ones featured in the game logo, in several shades of blue, interspersed with yellow crown shapes, all connected by faint silvery shimmers of light.
Squall Leonhart Silver, with lion motifs (particularly Griever) throughout.
Sqwydd Swirls of black cloud with the occasional appearance of a green tentacle as though something is swimming through the dark mist.
Starscream Criss-crossing parallel lines, like claw-marks, overlaid with small, handwritten Cybertronian text. It all glows a faint maroon.
Sunstreaker and Hunter O'nion A stylized sun design (think tribal tattoo) in glowing gold with a red fox head in the center that looks like an elongated version of an Autobrand. The edges of the sun shift and rotate.
Takato Matsuda A swirling golden red data pattern like this.
Tally Youngblood Swirling Celtic knots laced with ivy.
Te'ijal Ravenfoot Blood-red arrows, with a fang instead of an arrowhead.
Toothiana A trail of lilac smoke with translucent blue, green, and yellow fellows that circle it.
Tony Stark Red and gold, of course, wires and gears all fitting together. Gears typically red, wires typically gold. While it all works together, they're always turning, shifting, moving. Constantly going. Reactor symbol throughout.
Vlad Masters/Plasmius A black "V" that glows red and then emits a hot pink aura.
Wasp Green gears and electronics, but in an almost unordered and jumbled fashion. There's no seeming pattern or reason to how it appears, and it shifts depending on the angle it's seen from.
Wendy Darling Bright blues, and the depth that might go with the imagination. Any writing is almost Victorian, though it looks unrefined and unfinished, like a child's.
Wheeljack You know the saying "there's a method to the madness"? If one looks for it, there is a pattern in the seemingly chaotic, random jumble of gears, wires, connectors, cables, and the like, with Cybertronian script running underneath, all in white and mid-grey, with shots of green, red, and orange, and the Autobrand sliding throughout.
William Jesse Grant Black and a warm candle-light color/glow, looking like crosses and musical notes on old paper.
Wing A gold colored technical drawing of the Great Sword. The gem glows blue.
Wreck-Gar Jumbly Cybertronian-like writing; initially orange with a blue glow.
Xavier Martez His traces are a bright, average blue, and hang stagnant in the air.
Yuffie Kisaragi A single transparent orb that pulses with colored light, changing from blue to purple to yellow to green to red, cycling through at random.
Zack Fair Blue and green blended with each other, interwoven by feathers. The blue appears more prominent than the green, however.
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