Western District

  • Tomb Raider: Giant Spiders Impervious to Cold.
  • Earthbound: Spiteful Crows that like to steal Cookies.
  • Earthbound: Belch Monster. It's a pile that puke that attacks you. Seriously.
  • King of Thorn: Regular Ol' Bats.
  • Parasite Eve: Have some not-so regular ol' bats as well. They're mutations of the normal ones.
  • Suikoden: Blade Bunnies. No, really. They're bunnies with axes. They throw the axes at whoever is within range and they have pretty good aim. They can also be found within the western border of the Southern District.

Eastern District

  • Beast Wars: Some crabs scuttling around the Eastern/Southern border.
  • Multicolored rabbits in Wreck-Gar's Junkyard.
  • Parasite Eve: Some mutated rats crawl around in the sewers and in dark, abandoned warehouses, and they have no problem with jumping to attack. About the size of a large dog, their bites are vicious and they send fireballs from their tail. But don't worry, they're easy to dodge.

Ocean/Marine Life

  • Sharktopus: I…don't remember if we had an actual sharktopus or if I imagined it SOURCE NEEDS CITATION
  • A four-eyed Fur Seal pup lives on the northeastern parts of the shoreline.
  • I know we have other sea life in here somewhere come on
  • FISH. WE HAVE FISH. I HOPE. (including shellfish and crustaceans and mollusks, LET'S JUST SAY MOST "NORMAL" SEA LIFE which is a hefty percentage in itself)
  • One Piece: Blue-Finned Elephant Tuna are in season every season.

Northern District

  • Generator Rex: EVOs in the PLAINS (see All Districts for info)
  • Suikoden: Wild Boars are running around somewhere — sometimes right where the plains meet the city streets. They will run anyone down if they get the chance to do it.(Info listed within). The Holly Boys can be found bouncing around here. They just bounce and hit.

Southern District

  • Some gray birds that fly in a circular motion.
  • Wildlife in the Virginia area (deer, groundhogs, rabbits, et cetera).
  • Gunnerkrigg Court: Open meadows near the Western border might sport a herd of laser cows. They keep the grass trim. Just like real cows! Only with lasers.
  • Suikoden: there are a couple of monsters from Suiko-verse about the city now:
    • Holly Boys run around in the general forested areas. (Listed within) They bounce and hit you.
    • Neclordias lurking in the deep wooded areas. Please don't get seduced by them. Lacking undead lackies, they summon and strike with a bolt of light.

All Districts

  • There are fireflies throughout the city, though they tend to congregate around green areas; this includes Not!Virginia in the South. The fireflies are also in unusual colors – in addition to the usual yellow, there are red, blue, green, orange, and violet fireflies. Note that the cooler colors like to fly higher up in the air.
  • Final Fantasy VIII: Arrived during the Lunar Cry event. After terrorizing the city for a few days, the monsters migrated to the areas outside the Northern, Eastern, and Southern Districts of the city. They can be found and fought there at any time.
  • Generator Rex: A dozen different types of EVOs that arrived during the EVO Invasion event. Much like the Lunar Cry monsters, these creatures rampaged throughout Nautilus for a few days before retreating to the city outskirts. They can be found and fought at any time, though the danger of nanite contamination for those free of nanites is possible in the case of wound-to-wound contact, or if EVO saliva, blood or other fluids come into contact with mucus membranes of the uninfected (such as if blood gets in someone's eyes or mouth). Cybertronians may also be infected via EVO blood invading their fuel lines. (In canon, nanites don't actually infect the mechanical, so this is something we decided on based on Cybertronians having an active life force (the spark) and on how Nautilus operates.) If you would like your character to get infected, this is possible. Just be sure that you clear turning with the mods ahead of time so the shift doesn't interrupt another event and because the change will ping almost the entire GR cast, Rex especially, and force them to drop whatever they're doing to go deal with your character. By default, all non-canon GR EVOs are curable.
  • Tales of Vesperia: Recent additions to Nautilus after Yuri Lowell and Raven arrived.
  • Recent Novembers have brought up the appearance of hand-shaped crayon turkeys that look like they've been drawn by a five-year-old. When touched, they turn into real turkeys. There was a 50/50 chance of getting "real" turkey as oppose to one that tastes like wax.
  • Although a few of the creatures from the Suikoden canon are sprinkled about certain city districts, the Unicombie (yes, you read right) is found in all districts. They may even appear more frequently than the resident city unicorn Elizabeth, but they are nowhere near friendly and pure. Or alive, for that matter. And yes, everyone can see them, virgin or not. They won't surround you with bursts of ghost flame and warp you into oblivion, but they will attack head-on with that ghostly burning horn of theirs. Try not to get stabbed. (More info within)
  • The presence of Star Wars characters contributed to the appearance of a herd of wild Bantha. Thankfully there are no Tusken Raiders to be seen.


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