Western District

  • Tomb Raider: Giant Spiders Impervious to Cold.
  • Gravity Falls: Flying Eyeballs with bat wings.
  • Legend of Dragoon: Spider Urchin. Four legged freak of nature that are bigger than the average human. The four legs arch up out of a spindly ball with a green eyeball in the center, making it appear to look like a spider.
  • Princess Bride: R.O.U.S.. A big honking rat, the size of a child, with a taste for flesh, or really anything it can get its teeth into. Extra damage if rabid.

Eastern District

  • Legend of Zelda: Octorok. Rock shooting Octopi.
  • Tron: Gridbug. Vaguely insectoid digital nasties that eat literally anything in their path. Range in size from large insects to the size of vehicles and travel in groups (smaller ones can form large swarms).
  • Monty Python: The Rabbit of Caerbannog. Aww what a cute little bun— OH DEAR GOD IT'S A KILLER RABBIT

Ocean/Marine Life

  • FISH. WE HAVE FISH. I HOPE. (including shellfish and crustaceans and mollusks, LET'S JUST SAY MOST "NORMAL" SEA LIFE which is a hefty percentage in itself)
  • One Piece: Blue-Finned Elephant Tuna are in season every season.
  • I know we have other sea life in here somewhere come on

Northern District

  • Legend of Zelda: ReDead. Basically zombies.
  • Legend of Dragoon: Professor. This monster wears a green graduation robe and cap, has blue skin, and has a bulging red eye while the other one stays closed. It also has no legs so it just floats around. Literally all it does it put you to sleep, confuse, or stuns you with lectures. Occasionally it might throw a book at you.
  • Star Trek: Tribble. Small fuzzy balls that make noises and purr like a cat, but no other features other than being small purring little fuzzy balls that multiple at an alarming rate.

Southern District

  • Legend of Zelda: Stalfos. Skeletal soldiers.
  • Star Wars: Reek. Giant rhinoceros-like herbivore. Will generally leave you alone if you return the favor, but will charge aggressively if threatened or provoked.

All Districts

  • There are fireflies throughout the city, though they tend to congregate around green areas; this includes Not!Virginia in the South. The fireflies are also in unusual colors – in addition to the usual yellow, there are red, blue, green, orange, and violet fireflies. Note that the cooler colors like to fly higher up in the air.
  • Discworld: Swamp Dragon. A small dragon, about two feet in length, that explodes when it has indigestion or when it gets over-excited. Some will even explode when looking at themselves in a mirror.
  • Doctor Who: Weeping Angels. Anyone attacked by them will be randomly teleported to another district due to Nautilus’ chaotic nature not allowing them to work like canon. Also they may either end up older or younger in age as a side-effect of the teleportation. (Note: In the case of Time Lords, while they also get teleported too, they either get moved earlier in their timeline or later. They cannot change faces (like say, 10 turning into 11 or 9 into 10). )
  • Legend of Zelda: Cuccos Chickens that look harmless but will murder you if you mess with them or at least they don't like Link.

Monsters that no longer exist

Due to a mini-storm event for Halloween 2017, several monsters were cleared out and replaced with new ones


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Present Residents

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