Big Ben Museum

The inside of Big Ben

The inside of Big Ben is exactly what you expect inside a very big clock: lots of whirling machinery to make it go, and much like the one back in England, a swirling staircase to go to the very top (no elevators, sorry). Newly put in, however, are little nooks toward the entrance that house small, plush chairs and bookcases filled with various tomes detailing some of the worlds that have people from the Nautilus. Most of the books are just fiction though, so nothing too extensive.

Halfway up the clock is the thing that Connie and Nita set out to make: a small museum, right at the heart of the thing, soundproofed so the constant ticking and gongs of the clock do not affect the curious museum goer. This place is dedicated to some of the people of the Nautilus now come and gone, from the Wakened to the Angelli, the Ashura, and some of the forgotten Deva. On the ceiling splendid frescos are dedicated to some of the major battles that have taken place in the Nautilus, all the way up to the current day where you can see battle with Endos and all those involved.

The museum even has a small garden at the very end, complete with a small babbling brook, where you can sit and contemplate the vastness of the worlds, or whatever you like, really. There's a holo vid here too, and if you choose to play it, it's Connie with this message.

Hello, museum goer! Thank you for taking the time to look through and see this project of mine and a friend! Our hope is to keep adding to this place, so anyone first arriving here can get a scope of what it's like in other worlds and what being in the Nautilus entails. Every world we've been taken from to be here, in our eyes, plays a part in our development, and we bring that special part of us here, and share it with other people we meet, until we all can sit and talk and laugh about how similar and different we all are. The heart of the Nautilus, in our opinion, is all of us, and what we can bring to each other. I hope you've enjoyed this place, and will bring a little bit of yourself here too, for us to take part in. Have a niec day!

The Spaceman
Note: anyone with Sight will see this was created with Tenth Doctor bending trace at Angelii level

Left by 10th Doctor; in this section of the Big Ben museum a holographic Ten will appear when the motion sensor senses someone walk by and remark the following;

"Hallo, I'm The Tenth Doctor. Welcome to Nautilus. [Big smile] Now, you probably know you're not in your own world anymore by now. Well - not only are you not in your world anymore you're in your own universe anymore.

Let me explain.

This is world. [A generic sphere is being held in his hands]

Isn't it great? [A big smile]

Your world is in its own Sol System with other planets and a star. [Which then the generic sphere is zoomed away from to show more genetic spheres orbiting a Sun]

Now, that star system in a galaxy - [which the star system in his hands is zoomed out to show a spiral galaxy]

And that galaxy is just one of billions that make up your universe.

Now, your universe isn't the only universe out thar. Thar are walls between universes and in these other universes, things are slightly different - somehow. In that in-between is a void - where time and space doesn't exist

Thar's also the chance you'll find others from your world from either your past or your future. You're not going crazy. You see most people assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually, from a nonlinear, non-subjective viewpoint, it's more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey… stuff. And Nautilus can and will pull beings from //every/ possible time, universe and place.

You might come across beings in this world that are a bit strange to you or maybe look just like you -

Don't feel insignificant in 900 years I haven't met a person that wasn't worth meeting. Including - you." [A big smile]

"Don't worry- when you return back to your world you'll return to the exact instant you left and found yourself here.

Just because someone doesn't look" like you doesn't mean thar not worth knowing or maybe they do look like and aren't like you at all. After all - " A hologram Blue Police Box materialize behind him with a windy grindy noise and a hologram girl walks out of that and tackles the holo Ten from behind and she has a big grin on her face and holo Ten slightly turns to her; "After all you ran away with a Spaceman." The Holo Ten swings the holo girl from his back to his front and holds her there and stares into her eyes and they're both smiling and gently puts her down.

"One more thing -" As the holo Ten holds the blonde girl's hand and a holo statue appears next to them and the Police Box; "These creatures are called Weeping Angels - and are in every district. If you see one - don't blink. Walk backwards, use something reflective if you have that on you- because the moment you blink they close in on you. And if they catch you they will either revert you back to a younger age or age you.

And Doctor if you're listening to this. You've been here before and trust me - it will be just fine."

Another hologram comes out of the holo Blue Police Box and begins to dance with the holo Doctor towards another section and The Doctor and the other man salute each other. The Doctor's hologram and the blonde girl go into the Police Box and just before Holo Ten closes the door states;

"Welcome to the multiverse." Then the Police Box disappears as well as the Weeping Angel.

Leaving the spotlight seems to be on this cheeky fella

As of March 2018

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