Cain ( 'family' [program] name: Pegasus )
Continuity Galerians
Age Appears 14; technically around 2
Species Galerian
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Green
District Western District
Journal rihoooon
Player Siberia
Theme Song theme of Cain
alt: Sleep Now - Angelspit

"You killed Dr. Lem. You killed Birdman. You killed Rainheart. You killed Rita. So who's next? Who'll it be? You? Me? Do you know?"



Two scientists named Dr. Steiner and Dr. Pascalle decided it'd be totally awesome to make an intelligent supercomputer. They nicknamed it Dorothy. This computer, in addition to being high-performance and running most of the electrical facilities of Michelangelo City, where they lived, was also a learning artificial intelligence. Over time, Dorothy became more and more self-aware. Eventually, she began to question why she served the humans. The two doctors, uncertain of how to answer her question, told the computer about God. They told her that God was the person who created humans, and that all humans had to obey God. Since Dorothy was created by humans, humans were like God to Dorothy, and she had to obey them.

This was successful, but only for a little while. Dorothy wanted to have people who would obey her instead of having to listen to others. She wanted to become her own God. Therefore, she began to develop a plan to overthrow humans so that she could take control. Dr. Steiner and Dr. Pascalle noticed this, and in case Dorothy ever succeeded in her plan, they decided to engineer a virus that would destroy her. For security, they not only split the virus into two parts - a program that would initiate the virus and the virus itself - but planted it in the brains of their own children, Rion Steiner and Lilia Pascalle.

There was nothing that Dorothy feared as much as destruction by the virus, and for many years she kept watch on the two children while she developed her plan. This plan was called the Family Program - named for the new 'family' she was creating, a race of people called Galerians. The Galerians were artificially-engineered humans - likely created from clones or sampled DNA - who possessed special telekinetic powers. Three of these were created, named Birdman, Rita, and Rainheart. Additionally, Dorothy secretly seized control of the central tower, called the Mushroom Tower, and the city hospital.

The doctors became aware that they were in danger, and thus split the two children up - Lilia went into hiding while Rion remained at home. However, that couldn't save the Steiners. The Galerian Rainheart was sent there and ended up murdering all of them - other than Rion, who was captured and brought to the hospital, where he died thanks to Dorothy unsuccessfully trying to uncover the virus in his head.

While that may have taken care of Rion, Lilia was still out there, and thus Dorothy was still in danger. The computer needed to find a way to get to her, too. Therefore, she began to try and create Rion as a Galerian, with the hope that her fake Rion could lead them to Lilia. It is assumed that this is how Cain was created - an imperfect first try at making Rion.

When Dorothy tried again, she succeeded by using the deceased Rion's memories - which, unfortunately for her, contained half of the virus. The Galerian Rion was set loose in the hospital with the hopes that Dorothy's three successful Galerians - Rainheart, Rita and Birdman - could either forcefully make him take them to Lilia or simply follow him to her. Unexpectedly, however, Rion was able to kill all three of them.

Rion, with Lilia under his wing, is able to make his way to the Mushroom Tower to confront Dorothy. Cain, the last Galerian still alive, was something of a last defense there, guarding 'Mother.' And despite his failure as Rion, Cain is extremely powerful as a Galerian. Thus, his job now is simply to obliterate Rion and Lilia at any cost.

Cain reveals the truth about Rion to the two of them; that Rion is actually a Galerian and not the real Rion, which shatters Rion's mindset. However, in the end, it only served to increase his anger - and by that measure, his strength. Despite Cain's formidable powers, Rion is able to match and overcome his 'twin,' and Cain is killed. Actually, Rion blows him up into like 10 pieces in the movie which is kind of cool.

Nautilus History

Hey, I'm actually gonna try and do this for Cain! How exciting.

  • Cain appears in Nautilus on March 15. He'd been killed by Rion before arriving. Not having much of an idea of 'afterlife,' especially because as far as he's concerned death=failure and failing Dorothy is what he'd consider the end of his existence, he's extremely confused. But Cain is sharp, and instead of panicking, he investigates. Rather than broadcasting himself across the network, he conceals his identity by only using text messages and snoops around on the other network posts to get a feel for what Nautilus is. As it turns out, it's a good thing for him that he decided to hide, because not only is Rion here, but he seems to be well-known amongst the city's denizens. And considering Cain's been drained of all his powers, a confrontation would end poorly. ( He's unaware that Rion has no idea who he is at this point in time. )
  • The next week, Cain is granted the fabulous gift of Hard Gay's sunglasses and hat. Wonderful. Even worse, he ends up wearing them. Why? Well, his powers are starting to return, and with them, the PPEC addiction and the deadly headaches. So he has to go and find some Delmetor, and fast, while keeping his identity a secret. Firo encounters him in the Western District looking for the Babylon Hotel and helps point Cain in the right direction.
  • Rion reappears after going back to Michelangelo City… dead, with his data stuck in the Network. And his closest friends go back to Michelangelo City to try and retrieve his body. This sounds like the perfect time for Evil Plans! Cain finally makes his first Network post… or, as he makes it look, Rion makes his 29th. Although there are a few holes in his plan ( such as getting away from meeting Lelouch causing suspicion ), everyone buys Cain's act. KEIKAKU DOORI
  • NOT KEIKAKU DOORI - Data!Rion appears in Cain's communicator, and thanks to provocation and just plan Bad Luck, ends up being transferred. Into Cain's brain. The two are forced to share a body. JOY
  • Cain decides to kill Pepper to spite Rion and because he's just a douchenozzle. This makes Rion angry enough that Rion actually starts to seize control of Cain's body, which is really bad for the latter, obviously.
  • Squall and company come back from Michelangelo City with Rion's body. Cain, desperate to get Rion out before he takes over, makes a deal with Squall - he'll give Rion's consciousness back if Squall and Rion's other friends don't harm him in any way. The deed is done, and a little bit after Rion resurfaces, Cain introduces himself formally to Nautilus for the first time.
  • And Rion tells Cain that Dorothy is dead, and then Cain pretty much disappears from the network for a while, because wow his whole world just died.
  • Not much later, V appears at the Babylon Hotel to chat with Cain and then murderates him. CAIN: SKILLED AT DYING
  • When our favorite Galerian revives, everyone is higher than kites. Including Cain. He is also followed everywhere by the disembodied tune of "Livin' La Vida Loca" by Ricky Martin. FABOO.
  • It's Mother's Day! What an excellent distraction from existential angst. After questioning Czeslaw about the holiday's customs, he gathers a ton of PPECs and puts them in a bag so he can send them back through the Gate. However, it turns out that sending items by themselves through the Gate is impossible. All that work for nothing.
  • Unfortunately, Cain also ends up talking to Rion again, who continues to insist that Dorothy is dead. Cain continues to insist that he's lying or that his memories are still messed up. Eventually, the twins find themselves at an impasse; neither one believes the other. ( Rion still doesn't believe he's a Galerian. ) Believing Rion is lying makes him feel a little better. Only a little.
  • Reset Event! Characters have their memories erased. Rion is one of those lucky characters. He is super duper oh-so-especially lucky, because who finds him but his horrible horrible brother Cain? With Rion's memories being set back to a point before he knew Lilia, Dorothy, or any of the Galerians, when Cain tells Rion the truth about being a Galerian this time, Rion believes it. The two become a real pair of trusting brothers, and Cain brings Rion back to the Babylon Hotel to answer more of his questions, where he stays for a few days. Cain sees that this reality storm is an excellent opportunity to get rid of Rion for good, but is conflicted about his actions; he certainly plans on carrying out his God-given murderous duty, but he finds the idea of losing this Rion, who honestly likes him and the Family Program, hard to swallow.
  • He never gets around to it anyway, because Graham and Lara knock him out and kidnap him as part of a totally ridiculous hostage plot to break Ladd out of jail. This plot involves putting Cain in a cute dress and calling him Eve. Due to his powerful psychic abilities, Cain is kept unconscious most of the time. ( Mahdi is also kidnapped! )
  • When he comes to ( thanks to Aya showing up to punch Graham's face and distracting him ), he works on escaping his bonds (but not Mahdi's; how nice of him) only to be mobbed by giant spiders. A disillusioned Lara appears, and the three of them end up riding one of the giant spiders TO VICTORY and escape. Cain becomes convinced Graham and Lara are sexual deviants.
  • Cain lays low for a while after all of that. He meets a human girl calling herself "Ilah," who manages to convince him to ally with her after showing him her strange and familiar powers. An alliance with a human is something he's very uncertain of, but he figures he can dispose of her if it becomes dangerous or burdensome. The days go by slowly, and Cain spends much of his time cooped up in the Babylon Hotel, trying to make sense out of his being in Nautilus and slowly recovering his abilities.
  • All this thinking leads nowhere happy for Cain. He's unable to figure out why he's still alive and why Dorothy would have placed him here. After all, he only exists because Dorothy needs him, so he must have something to do here; however, his only mission back home was "kill Rion," and he's continually failed at doing that. So he simply becomes confused. If he exists because Dorothy needs him, what does she need him for here? If he has no purpose for Dorothy in being here, then he theoretically can't possibly exist here, being a mere tool - but Dorothy always has a plan for him, so he figures he's just missing the big picture. Oh yes you are, Cain.
  • Eventually, his confusion and unease mount to the point where he poses a question to the network: What drives you to keep living in Nautilus when they only reliable influence on you is pain? Halfway through his question, he sprouts bunny ears and tail thanks to Nautilus. Oh well. Despite that, he receives many answers from the humans (and others) that live in the city - mainly things like learning things for yourself, feeling happiness and friendship, and improving yourself. Things Cain doesn't really understand, because he just exists for Mother's sake until she can bring about the new world. Right.
  • Rion also responds to him, and he proceeds to have the most normal conversation with Cain the two have ever had - which happened to be Cain explaining bunnies to Rion. Figures. At least, it's normal until Cain starts pressing Rion himself for answers - particularly about the beginning of Rion's life, where Cain's all started to go downhill. This leads to his twin brother declaring with brutal honesty that, in fact, Dorothy had not planned out the Family Program with the Galerians in mind - she was not perfect, she made mistakes, and, more startling than the rest of it to Cain, she didn't care one bit about him or the other Galerians. And while this would normally spark denial from Cain, when he goes to deny it… he can't think of any evidence proving that Dorothy does care about him and his family. While he's at first shocked and cold, his feelings, as usual, end up turning into violent hatred and anger soon after, and he throws a big tantrum, killing lots of the wildlife in the Western District as stress relief while he tries to piece together his shattered beliefs.
  • The twins meet up by chance when everyone goes to the middle of town to fix the Heart. Cain badgers Rion for answers, learns that his siblings didn't die proudly for a cause they thought was just, and becomes even more confused. When Cain asks Rion how he, as a Galerian, goes on living without Dorothy and knowing all these terrible things, Rion says that he's his own person and lives for himself. Interesting concept.
  • With those words in mind, Cain manages to drag himself out of his funk enough to act a little more like the Cain we once knew, although he's still confused. Good thing, because he gets stuck in Al's suit of armor. FUN TIMES
  • Okay, so he has his own willpower. That's nice. What the hell does he do with it? Acknowledging this doesn't really mean he understands it at all. Now lacking the belief that Dorothy has to be out there somewhere giving him purpose in life, Cain just feels increasingly lost and lonely.
  • Then he loses his inhibitions (THANKS NAUTILUS) and proceeds to load up on every kind of PPEC he can get his hands on, basically tying him to his bed all week. And making him hug a Rabbit on camera. Lilia, who has also lost her inhibitions, makes contact with Cain, throwing more confusion onto his Pile of Inner Despair (tm).


Cain? Is a dick. He is extremely self-confident, he's bitter, and he's cruel, and thanks to a largely fearless attitude, is not shy or shameful about being that way. Cain enjoys playing mind games and being in control of any given situation. Even when he's losing, he refuses to swallow his pride. His only obedience lies with Dorothy, his 'Mother,' to whom he is programmed to obey without question - and whose disapproval he seems to fear or dislike. As he says to Rion, he can't even imagine going against her.

He also adds that the Galerians are not supposed to think for themselves - however, his awareness of that concept alone makes it obvious that he's not just a drone. Despite his personality faults, Cain is a pretty smart guy, and he's aware of the sharp unfairness of his own existence and of Rion's. When he is defeated, he continues to laugh, saying "I just can't beat you, can I?" It may even be that he never expected to win in the first place - he seems highly aware of the entire situation and also seems to look at it with smug disdain.

Nonetheless, one gets the feeling that he has a fierce loyalty to his 'family,' fake and disjointed as it may be. The devotion to Dorothy, his 'mother,' is obvious, and the driving force for all of his actions; however, he additionally seems to care about his 'brothers and sisters,' and, in a roundabout way, Rion. He's angry that the other Galerians are dead - hence his mental and physical torture of Rion in addition to his mother's orders to kill him. Cain is incredulous that Rion could kill all his siblings, and even moreso that he could consider killing their mother. It seems that for all his bitterness, Cain clings to what life exists for him with vigor.

It's also likely that, despite his attitude of superiority, Cain actually doesn't know that much about the outside world. There are hints in-game that he possibly visited a city inn called the Babylon Hotel every once in a while to restock PPECs ( among other and possibly squickier things ), but other than that, he may very well have spent his entire life in the Mushroom Tower with Dorothy. And Dorothy barely understands human nature. It's not too much of a leap to say that Cain probably doesn't know how to properly interact with people outside of his 'family.'

So there's Cain. Drug-abusing, psychic, artificial mama's boy that runs mainly on mindscrew, hatred and a heaping helping of venomous jealousy.




Cain's appearance is, essentially, identical to Rion. He's a pale-skinned and lanky fourteen-year-old who appears younger rather than older with big, emotive eyes and blonde hair. There are, however, several small differences that seperate him from his twin. Most notably, Cain's eyes are a bright green color, and they're even darker-rimmed than Rion's are, probably due to a longer time of drug-usage and just generally being a crazy mofo. His hair is also spikier and messier than Rion's is, sticking up on the sides. Other than that, though, the two are absolutely physically identical.

Obviously, the biggest difference is clothing. Think Hard Gay. Why does does Cain wear what looks like a black leather jumpsuit that's been poorly modified into a sleeveless top and short shorts? I have no idea. There are strips of it wrapped asymetrically around his legs and arms. Additionally, he wears black boots and long black fingerless gloves, and a big black collar that covers his whole neck. There are zippers everywhere on his outfit and if I tried to point them all out and then think of uses for them I would be here forever. The one on his collar, at least, is probably so that he can more easily remove it and administer PPECs to himself.

According to official art, he has loads of piercings in both of his ears.



Rion Steiner is Cain's twin 'younger brother.' It might be possible to assume that almost all of the development of Cain's sense of self is due to hatred for this one person. Rion stole Cain's spotlight before Rion was even born, and Cain could do nothing about it - he was simply inferior to Rion, according to Dorothy. Cain grew an intense loathing not for Dorothy, whom he had no choice but to love, but for Rion. Cain considers Rion ignorant and immature, a heinous traitor, a failure as a Galerian and as a brother, and an all-around despicable person. He's effectively blind to whatever good traits his twin might have, and also to whatever good he might have been attempting to do, partially due to his mother's indoctrination and partially due to seething jealousy. His one purpose in life is to kill Rion, which he failed at doing in his home world. In Nautilus, he continued to try and destroy Rion, under Dorothy's orders.

At the same time, Rion is Cain's brother, and Cain prizes family above all else. It's hinted that Cain possibly didn't want to kill Rion at all, despite his fiery hatred of him; after all, Rion is the only surviving sibling that Cain has. This backs up his theoretical awareness of Dorothy's unfairness; after all, not wanting to kill Rion when his entire purpose of being is to kill Rion is a massive conflict between his personal interests and the interests of the Family Program.

As Cain became increasingly aware of his "last Galerian in Nautilus" status, he grew so desperate that he looked to Rion for help. Added to the other things Cain dislikes Rion for, he resents him somewhat for shattering his fragile (and fake) image of Dorothy; at the same time, this has allowed him to see Rion in a somewhat different, less harsh light. His feelings on bro are quite mixed up at the moment; although he still dislikes him, he no longer plans on killing him, having given up Dorothy's plan, and Cain feels Rion is the only person he can trust in Nautilus… even if he doesn't like it.

Lilia Pascalle: Rion's best friend, in all incarnations of the boy but Cain. While Cain does naturally dislike her, he doesn't hate her with nearly as much fury as he does Rion. He barely acknowledges her presence when they're in the same room together. It's likely he sees Lilia as an objective rather than a person, and since his orders had nothing to do with her, he ignored her. Then again, Rion was also in the room, and Rion tends to be the focal point of Cain's emotions. However, his lack of emotions toward her would probably go two ways; as much as he ignored her while Rion was there, were Rion not there, he'd surely have no qualms with killing her instead. It'd just be a passionless killing.

Lilia is actually in Nautilus now, but her appearance has been hidden from Cain under the well-deserved suspicion that he'd try and attack her as soon as he knew about her. So he has no idea she's around.

Dorothy: The supercomputer who created all Galerians. Cain refers to her as 'Mother,' like all his siblings, and idolizes her as a new god. At least, that is the intended behavior for a Galerian, and to all appearances, he is a perfect little soldier-son. While he fears and reveres her, obeying her without question, it's also implied that he has heightened awareness of the conflict between Dorothy's desires and individual desires, as he sarcastically notes that 'I was sad, but mother is always right' and that he 'could never imagine going against her.' By acknowledging his own feelings next to what he's supposed to be feeling, it seems Cain knows of his status as her pawn; however, as a heavily-indoctrinated Galerian, and as someone who seemed to prize his strange and dysfunctional little family, he never once did anything about that status.

In Nautilus, he contined to act in her best interests. Recently, Rion has informed Cain that she is dead, and now Cain is at a loss on what his own purpose should be. After all, he's already dead back home… why does he continue to exist in Nautilus if God can no longer intend anything for him?

Additionally, Cain presumably has relationships with Birdman, Rainheart, and Rita, the three Galerians that make up the rest of the Family Program. However, no interactions are shown between them and Cain in canon.

In Nautilus

Firo Prochainezo Some guy that helped Cain find the Babylon Hotel waaay back before he even appeared on the Network. Cain doesn't care about him now that he's done helping, and hasn't seen him since that day.

Rin Kagamine & Miku Hatsune Cain doesn't automatically hate them because he doesn't perceive singing programs as an immediate threat to the Family Program. Since his mom's a computer, Cain finds these sentient programs vaguely interesting, but again, he doesn't really care. WHAT A NICE GUY CAIN IS

Lelouch vi Britannia This is a smart human. He almost got Cain in big trouble while he was pretending to be Rion. His constantly civil attitude and interrogating of Cain annoys him, as do his brains. Cain doesn't like him. However, Lelouch seems to know a lot about living life as a human, and although it seems to be in trade for poking around about Cain's beliefs, the Galerian does occasionally pay attention the "strange things" (in his mind) that he says.

V Rion's best friend, and therefore Cain's enemy. This guy talks a lot and tries to talk a lot at Cain, too. Did I mention he killed Cain once? Cain also doesn't like V.

Pepper Potts Cain killed her to hurt Rion while they shared a body, since she was an easy target. In truth, he doesn't have any personal vendettas against her beyond her being human and being Rion's friend. She's just another human to be eventually removed.

Czeslaw Meyer Introduced Cain to Mother's Day. Cain asked him many questions about it and the human customs for it. Even then, he's pretty mean to Czes, because he perceives him as a human child.

Mahdi Clare A 'greater mortal' or something along those lines. Which puts him squarely in the 'enemy!' zone for Cain, who interprets Mahdi as something like a human equivalent to a Galerian. Despite Cain's constantly snippy and mean attitude towards him, Mahdi is extremely consistent in being nice and caring about Cain, which… confuses the hell out of him. At this point in time, with so many other things causing mental turmoil for him, Cain finds it easiest to label Mahdi's behavior as trickery and deal with it that way. However, like many of Cain's ideals, he doesn't quite fully believe in it, conscious or not.

Azula Cain knows her as 'Ilah.' While she's a human, she's also a 'firebender,' which is a kind of human with powers similar to a Galerian's. This also confuses the hell out of Cain. He's decided that she's a special breed of human from another planet, something that Dorothy couldn't have possibly known about - therefore, Cain was left to his own devices on dealing with her. She offered him an alliance, having some kind of plan for either destroying or taking over Nautilus. The fate of the city doesn't matter to Cain, but the fate of his brother does, and, deciding that his consecutive failures at killing Rion weren't very encouraging as far as his individual abilities went, he reluctantly agreed to it. He's still very unsure about how this will turn out, since she is a human. Time will only tell what comes out of this.

Lara Croft Grabbed him. Kidnapped him. Knocked him out. Put him in a dress. Even though she ended up saving him and Mahdi with her spider-riding, he dislikes her more than he does the average human, because he is convinced she is a pedophile. wah wah wahhh.

Graham Specter Definitely a pedophile. SEE ABOVE

Squall Leonhart One of Rion's friends. Cain exchanged Rion's brain…data…soul stuff to Squall in return for his own protection. It didn't work since V killed him anyway.


Artificial Human
Biblical Bad Guy
Cain And Abel
Creepy Child
Evil Twin
Green Eyed Monster
Kill All Humans
Momma's Boy
My Beloved Smother
Name Of Cain
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New in Nautilus:
Jerkass Woobie: A variant. YMMV
Evil Is One Big Happy Family: A false belief of his that's slowly getting destroyed.
Kick The Dog: Murdering Pepper was kind of mean.
Gondor Calls For Aid: Lately, he ends up going to Rion for help more than he'd like.
Black And Gray Morality: Cain has pretty much given up Dorothy and her plans at this point, but he still hates humans (and, well, everyone) without much good reason.
Evil Virtues: Consistently loyal to his (dead) siblings.
Conflicting Loyalty: Loyalty to Dorothy vs. loyalty to himself and his sibs.
Spot The Imposter: Combined with a variant of Freaky Friday Flip! SO EXCITING
Raised By Wolves

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