Canada/Matthew Williams
Continuity Axis Powers Hetalia
Age 19 79!? but since he's a country birthdays work different and start from independence i guess!? SHOULD ONE GO WITH FIRST EUROPEAN CONTACT OR EVEN EARLIER? OR FIRST EUROPEAN SETTLEMENTS? AAAAAAA
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
District Started in Northern District, now is in whatever district the Maple and Burger Trees are in
Journal baggedmilk
Player Renee
Theme Song O CANADA (of course)

"Yeah, okay, fine, I'm Mr. Blandy Bland! Dammit— Argh, today I'm gonna show 'em!

"… But what argument can I make…?"






Not much. Okay bender, nothing special. The end.

Currently a vampire.


America - They are twin bros. Well, twins in that they look alike, at least. Canada believes that everything that goes wrong in his life can basically be attributed to his connection and resemblance to America. They can't be in a log together without at least one of them getting hit in the vital regions. Still, Canada worries over and appreciates his bro. When appropriate. Canada hates it when America doesn't tell him important things like "oh hey I was tortured today", though. He usually finds out months after the fact.

Bumblebee - They were paired in the Game event. Canada felt bad about dragging him down. Is asleep.

Derek Rayne - They haven't spoken much, and Canada feels he should reserve judgement on him despite his relationship with Rip van Winkle.

Dexter Morgan - Even though he was probably just trying to give America a hard time, this made Canada like him quite a bit.

France - Even though he's a creep, Canada still has a French heart… pfft. Is asleep.

Kid Flash - Someone that regularly remembers Canada and even threw a birthday party for him. Also, ice cream.

Larry Butz - They made a promise to never forget one anothers' names. Awesome but derpy friends. Is asleep.

Lelouch vi Britannia - The two are on pretty good terms, although Canada feels bad for terrorizing him during the High event.

Pepper Potts - Have only vaguely spoken, but Canada likes her already.

Plastic Man - Another friend that remembers Canada regularly. Aww yeah.

Rip van Winkle - One of the few that can trigger max passive-aggressive mode for Canada. Unfortunately, this launched a series of events culminating in Rip accidentally turning him into a vampire. Canada wasn't around for the change of her relationship with America to one of pure animosity to one of friendship, but he's glad for the change all the same, whether he understands it or not. Still, much of the time, Canada doesn't quite "get" her, but he tries all the same. He secretly appreciates her practical joke on America (when she pretended to think he was Canada). And by secretly I mean he's embarrassed that he is thankful about it simply because it meant she remembered him.

Russia - Canada tries to stay on good terms with Russia, despite America's rivalry with him. Maybe even "because of". Canada's sure that admitting it to him would upset him somehow, but he actually feels sorry for Russia, and, thus, tries his best to understand him even when he's being a creep.

Thomas Jefferson - TJ encouraging America to be more like Canada was basically the highlight of the latter's life in Nautilus. Is unmade (and it makes Canada sad).


Wreck-Gar - Canada is slightly depress that Wreck-Gar does not remember him, despite the friendship that began when the both of them forgot their own names during Canada's first time at Nautilus.

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