Captain Hammer
Captain Hammer
Continuity Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog - Before the Beginning
Age 37
Species Human
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
District South
Journal hammerless
Player Eve
Theme Song "E-Pro" - Beck

"It's curtains for you, Dr. Horrible…lacy, gently-wafting curtains."


Very little of Captain Hammer's roots are shown. What IS known is that he's a fairly well-established superhero in the Los Angeles area, publically adored by the common citizens, and that his arch-nemesis is Dr. Horrible. As for where he got his powers, who can say? He claims that his build is just natural, and doesn't require a gym, so it's assumed that he was just born that way.

It's unknown how long he's been practicing as a superhero, but it seems long enough for him to establish a secret hideout and a few support vehicles as well. He's lived a fairly carefree life, taking down villains, posturing dramatically, and enjoying a string of throw-away romances (he never sleeps with the same girl twice). Captain Hammer is taken from a point before the actual miniseries begins, and as such, he has never met Penny. This is mostly to keep him from being introduced as a weeping wreck of a man who has finally tasted pain, and is terrified of it.


Captain Hammer is a dick. The end.

But since that would make for a boring Wikipage, let's elaborate!

He has very few redeeming qualities. He's generally a selfish man who enjoys the public attention and popularity his heroic antics generate. It seems to be what primarily drives him: his ego is ravenous. The people he saves are held in no real regard, save perhaps condescending pity. They're weak, helpless, easily swayed, and he's pretty much got them eating out of the palm of his hand.

Hammer is also something of a womanizer. He never fails to pass up a pretty face, but after bedding them, he dumps them. The only reason he seems to have kept Penny around was because of the extra positive publicity her image generated. She made him look even better to the masses, and he had no scruples against exploiting their relationship to further build up his self image.

He has no mercy, compassion, or sympathy. However, when it comes to criminals and supervillains, this lack of humanity manifests even more strongly, simply because his schoolyard-bully methods are not only acceptable, but applauded by the media and citizens. Criminal scum deserves no quarter, and the people love seeing a bad guy get what's coming to them.

Still, Captain Hammer isn't ALL bad. He does maintain a certain degree of justice, even if it is a little warped. He honestly sees himself as a great hero, and he strives to stop villainy in general. Why not? It's easy for him, and the benefits are great.

So yes. He's a dick. But at least he's a dick fighting on the side of the good guys, and that's better than the alternative.


Captain Hammer possesses super strength, and near-invulnerability. He's got fairly good reflexes. His catch phrases, however, leave something to be desired.


Captain Hammer isn't having an easy time finding his niche in the city, and considers the majority of the residents to be unwelcoming, ungrateful, and rude. Not at all like his legion of loving fans, which he's far more accustomed to. An argument with [[Ezio Auditore]] led him to host the very first Sexy-Off: a beauty pageant for males.


Kaywinnit Lee "Kaylee" Frye: Hammer thought she was cute at first, but it was pretty clear she didn't return the attraction, so his stance toward her shifted to a somewhat bemused 'daddy' or other older guardian, once he heard that he greatly resembled her ship's captain…IN THE FUTURE. As such, he thinks his heroic genes have been passed down through the ages, and he's fairly pleased about that. Though she's not interested in him romantically, at least she tolerates him without being snide or sarcastic, so he likes her.

Lua Klein: He likes her. This might not be a rare thing where he came from, but in Nautilus, there aren't too many that Hammer actually genuinely likes. She seems nice, and her quiet nature prompts that innate desire to protect her and maybe flex a little more when she's around. While there are a large number of attractive women in Nautilus, Lua is probably the one that Hammer feels most romantically attracted to.

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