Caren Velázquez
Caren Velázquez
Continuity Dino Crisis 3
Age 300
Species Android
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Grey/Silver
District Awoke in Eastern District and now lives in Northern District
Journal artificial02
Player Lisa
Theme Song I'm Just A Little Shy - Natasha Thomas

"Please Patrick, escape while you can! I'm not human, I can't go to Earth…"


Caren is an H-IIIA android, put into operation in 2248 on board the colony galactic spaceship, the Ozymandias, on its way to a distant planet called Alpha 2. When cosmic rays killed the crew, Caren was put under the command of the ship’s main computer, MTHR, and forced to helped in creating new humans to colonize Alpha 2. In failure to do so, MTHR then mixed human DNA with that of ‘Dinosaurs’ stored on board, which apparently held out against the cosmic rays. Thus, after many failed attempt, a Hybrid race was born.

Upon reaching Alpha 2 (by which 3 centuries had passed) and finding its natural habitat unfit for life, MTHR, having gone insane over the years, set a course for Earth, and underwent a mass production of H-IIIA androids; that would mother and nurture the Hybrid babies into adulthood.

Caren, unaware of her copies, continued to work under MTHR’s watchful eye, oblivious to her copies and the wicked deeds in store for her and Earth.

When MTHR set many of the failed experiments to compensate power needed to care for her ‘children’, Caren was ordered into her sleeping unit until the Ozymandias reached Earth.

However Caren was awakened early by MTHR, warning her that dangerous humans had boarded the ship, and that they were not to be trusted. Caren set forth to the Hanger sector as instructed, unable to help feeling doubt from MTHR's words. Why was she being ordered to lure the humans into a trap, when humans were the liveforms they were programmed to protect?

Caren wasn’t given the opportunity to find out why, when a pack of failed experiments surrounded her. Fortunately someone came to the rescue. The sound of gunfire ricocheted, killing the monasteries, but before Caren was given the chance to meet her savior the world blanked out. It was then, Caren Awakened.


Because Caren is installed with an AI-neuron, she is capable of experiencing emotions just like any other human being. She comes off rather young than her psychical age of late teens depicts. Her true age is really 300, though centuries of isolation have contributed to her innocent and child like manner. She is shy, very timid with little to no social skills, speaking only when spoken to, if rarely at all. She will tend stay away from those she is not familiar with and avoid interacting with others, unless they are in some form of peril, or she is convinced otherwise. Those she does confine in will realize she has a good heart on her and is considerate in the well being of others, and will strive to take care of them, even if she does not know how, or they refuse her help.

Most of the time Caren can seem withdrawn, as if she is in deep thought, or taking in all that is being said around her. She will rarely word her opinion, but rather stand back watchfully over a conversation or the event taking place, unless she is asked, or feels the strong urge to intervene. Because of MTHR, Caren is used to being ordered around, and so will do as she is asked without little question or hesitate, but only if it does not result in hurting others or herself.

With a little understanding for the outside world, each sight, sound and touch will intrigue and fascinate her with every new experience. She’ll be tempted to inspect every room of its contained, and may easily wander astray outside if something catches her eye. Despite her naïve understanding, Caren is unusually intelligent with a sharp mind that is quick to learn. Anything she doesn’t know she will pick up, without having it to be repeated or reread.

Caren can get excited very, very easily by the simplest of things. If she has not seen a friend in little less than a day, she will greet them with a smile and a hyperactive hug, whether they are comfortable or not with her doing so. But, just as easily as she is made happy, can she too be frightened. If scared by anyone or anything, that alone will send her into panic mode. With no combat experience, Caren’s only defense is to run or hide, but, if a life of another is on the line, she will bring forth the courage to protect them, even if it results in her ‘death’ so that they may live.

Her honesty is sometimes not always truthful as her kindness. She holds great reluctance to say where she came from or that she is an android, and will attempt to mimic the requirements a humans beings needs (Such as sleeping, washing and breathing) so not to be found out, fearing if she is they will treat her wrongly, something she does not want to happen. Holding such secrets have lead Caren to developed a habit of sucking her lip whenever she is anxious, or unwilling to give away information.

Modesty is not an issue for Caren, noticeable in the clothing she wears (or lack of it). She won’t be embarrassed if seen in the nude or be fazed by any awkward situations life might throw at her. The one human emotion that Caren is missing is lust, having no desirers for a lover, since also having no bodily functions of the female anatomy. She treasure friendship closely, but if she can feel anything beyond that is unclear to others and even to her unwary self.


Though Caren is a high tech piece of technology, it does not make her invulnerable to attacks. She can break easily, and if too much damage is taken she will cease to function and a program will initialize for her body to disintegrate, something over which she has no control.

Natural elements such as the cold and heat won’t affect her, but if the scales tip too much on one or the other, risk of frost damage or overheating is a high probability. The same goes for liquids; though Caren is built watertight, any broken seals or compartments that are breeched maybe be fatal.

Fortunately Caren has a few advantages compared to the average human being. She does not require sleep, oxygen or food intake to survive and will never tire, so long as there is light for the micro solar panels, hidden beneath her skin to feed off of. If incased in pitch darkness too long, Caren will shut down. However, she can easily reactive if brought out into the light again.

With the capacity to learn, it is possible for Caren to master a profession if taught correctly. This doesn’t go for all subjects that require brute strength.

Another skill she owns is the ability to interface with any type of radio or communicator; however, it doesn’t give her the capability to hack and can only be used as a means of commutation.


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