Cassie Hack

IC Info

Full Name: Cassandra "Cassie" Hack
Species: Human
Age: 23
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
District: Western

OOC Info

Series: Hack/Slash
Player: Sarah
Journal: slasherslayer

"I guess it's probably because if I don't do this, I have to join the real world…you know…where they work 9-5 jobs, and find true love, and have sex…and…maybe I'm afraid I'd find out what a freak I really am.

Or maybe I just like shooting things so evil and crazy that they stand up and get shot again."


Cassandra "Cassie" Hack, daughter of Dr. Jack and Delilah Hack, grew up in western Wisconsin. Her father left soon after she was born, leaving Cassie with her overbearing, eccentric mother who worked as a cook at a nearby high school. A timid wallflower, plain-looking and unattractive, young Cassie was verbally and physically abused by her classmates. Never having a friend, Cassie was ostracized because she wasn't pretty and was poor and ill-dressed. This prompted her unbalanced mother, the "Lunch Lady", to kill every child at Cassie's school that had somehow hurt or insulted Cassie and serve them as the school food. Cassie, witnessing her mother's last killing spree, promptly called the police. She managed to save the life of her mother's last victim, but was forced to witness her mother's death when she committed suicide. Cassie was placed in a foster home and attended a new school. She detested her fanatically religious foster parents, but endured, desiring to be accepted by someone. She began training in various martial arts and fighting techniques. In the meantime, she tried to find her father, utilizing the internet and whatever resources she could find. Two years later, children began disappearing once more, signalling the return of her mother, reborn as a vengeful "slasher" trying to continue its murderous spree. Feeling responsible for the deaths, Cassie confronted her mother once again and shot her. Driven by guilt and lacking any connection to anyone or anyplace, Cassie left her foster family and went on the road. Cassie became determined to seek out slashers and stop their rampages wherever she could. She also hoped that she might find a clue to the whereabouts of her father.

On one of her adventures, Cassie came to Chicago, where she hunted a killer known as the "the Meatman", who was responsible for the deaths of several teenagers. She eventually encountered the Meatman, but discovered that he was not responsible for the murders. Cassie befriended the Meatman, a misshapen man named Vlad, and together they hunted down the actual murderer, a local minister/assassin with Mafia connections. The two began travelling together in a van bought with Cassie's inheritance, with Vlad acting as her bodyguard and muscle.

The two travelling together, they went to Eminence, Indiana investigating a string of murders around a veterinary clinic. They rescued a vet, Lisa, from a slasher that was accidentally killed by Lisa's boyfriend. Then they went to Florida to investigate a murder at a beach resort hosting a "girls gone naughty" party. There they discovered a crazed Catholic schoolgirl, Laura Lochs, that had been killing sinful people by controlling an undead preacher named Father Wrath, who was killed by an alter server he tried to molest. They fought, and Vlad killed Father Wrath while Cassie set the entire building on fire, Laura trapped inside. They then went to a Philadelphia comic convention where they encountered a pair of deformed slashers that murdered various writers and illustrators for “destroying the comic series they loved.”

They travelled next to New Jersey, investigating the murder of six women near a strip club. They discovered it was done by Evil Ernie, a psychotic undead killer. Ernie saw into Cassie's soul and fell in love with her, believing them to be "two sides of the same coin." Cassie escaped, and fought with her feelings that she would be killing the one person who loves her. Vlad told Cassie he loves her, but she snapped and yelled at him, saying he only stayed with her because she was the only person that could stand being around him. She quickly apologized, though, and decided to hunt for Ernie. He attempted to kidnap Cassie, but upon getting her killed, he revived her and accidentally banished himself to Hell.
Lisa, who has stayed in contact with the two, told them that there have been a string of dream deaths, like Freddy Kreuger. They go to investigate, and meet their contact Jason who says it is done by a child named Ashley who was suffocated by his mother in an attempt to stop his destruction. Jason got killed, and Cassie decided to confront Ashley by getting put to sleep by sleeping gas. She fought and defeated him by reverting into a nightmare she has every night of killing her Revenant mother. As Cassie and Vlad departed, Lisa and Jason's ex-roommate Chris got together.

While setting a trap to find a slasher named "the Acid Angel," Cassie and Vlad discovered a company lead by an ex-Miss America, Emily Christy, that had captured slashers to perform experiments on them, trying to discover how to use their abilities to regenerate. However, as Cassie had told them it would happen, the captured slashers escaped. Emily took a Revenant drug to save her life, and turned into a slasher herself. Cassie and Vlad escaped, and heard news of Laura Lochs' return.

They went to find her, and discovered her using a strange voodoo amulet to switch bodies. She switched bodies with Vlad, and ran off. Cassie, hearing muffled sounds from a basement where Laura performed the voodoo spell, opened a cellar door and discovered the once-again risen doll-body of Chucky (yes, that Chucky). Begrudgingly working together, they followed Laura within Vlad and defeated her, giving him back his body. Chucky escaped, however, and Cassie went to find him. She followed him to a swamp where they battled, and where he got eaten by a crocodile, leaving Cassie injured, but at least alive.


Cassie is generally vulgar, angry, and ready to have a fight at the drop of a hat. Her average vocabulary includes a lot of vulgarity, but also with a dark sense of humor. Generally, she is very moody and sarcastic. Her people skills aren't that great, and she doesn't try to make them any better. She doesn't do her job to make friends, she does it to feel good, and pretty much considers all people, especially those that have incurred the wrath of slashers, to be dumbasses. The friends she does somehow make she can be abusive to, but stays incredibly loyal to them, especially Vlad, and will do anything to keep them safe from harm.

Outside she appears tough, no-nonsense, and quick on wit, but inside she is hurt and tormented. She's very much a little girl who just wants to be loved, but doesn't know how. She doesn't like to show this side of her, and often will resort to anger in place of it. The only person she's really cried in front of is Vlad, and even then she regrets it. As for love, she really doesn't know how to handle it or show it. That sort of emotion is incredibly foreign to her, and if it's directed at her, she emotionally reverts into a little girl, blushing and stammering in confusion. Overall, she's messed up and she knows it, therefore she treats the world how she thinks it treats her, or how she thinks it should.


Cassie has a limited martial arts ability from her younger courses in it, but is somehow amazing at close-combat battles. She usually attacks with her handy bat, adorned with spikes and with "Kiss It" etched into its side. She also is fairly proficient in firearms, and generally keeps a gun around with her at all times. In addition, she is very good and noticing improvised weapons, and will use almost anything she can get her hands on.


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