Castle That Never Was

While not as large as its canon counterpart, The Castle That Never Was is still a massive, looming structure, visible from most of the Northern District. Despite its imposing – or even menacing – design, its residents are generally an amiable sort, and aren't opposed to visitors … provided their unique 'security system' gets a heads up.


The Castle That Never Was has a surprisingly colorful history. Originally, it was located in the Southern District, and was as ordinary a house as any proportionate to a Cybertronian could be. After the house's owner returned to Sleep, it was inherited by a Nobody: Axel, who had been living there for several months. He was soon joined by more Nobodies, and – due to their combined influence – the house began to change. Bit by bit, it transformed, becoming more and more like the castle that the members of Organization XIII had lived in before Waking.

After Xemnas Woke, the structure moved districts entirely, taking up its current location in the Northern District. As more Nobodies moved in, the structure continue to shift, eventually becoming the massive castle that has become something of a staple of the Northern District's skyline.

Control of the Castle has passed through several hands. The original Cybertronian-sized house belonged to Optimus Prime. After he fell to Sleep, its ownership passed to Axel, who was the only remaining resident. Although Optimus later Woke again, he remembered none of his time in Nautilus: as such, Axel didn't offer to return the building.

As more Nobodies Woke and moved in, control of the Castle shifted to Xemnas. And so it remained for quite some time, until the reestablished Organization fell to pieces. At that time, control was seized by Marluxia and Larxene. Their reign came to an abrupt end when Axel threw out (in one case quite literally) all residents but his friends, and reclaimed the Castle as his house.

This claim of ownership has been challenged by Xemnas in the past. At present, however, its owner remains Axel. And then there was One.





nobody%20emblem.png The castle is primarily an extensive network of corridors, rooms large and small, open spaces, ramps, staircases, strange shortcuts, weird roundabout pathways, and pretty impossible architecture. It's color scheme is mostly gray and more gray, but there are many rather fantastic areas with seemingly no floor to speak of (and panels that alight beneath ones feet, when stepped upon), areas of white on white, areas where vibrant color seems to spring from nowhere, and so on. Without some exploring, however, it may seem that the entire place is colored in shades of gray.

The more frequently occupied areas of the Castle have often been made more colorful by its residents. Some rooms are so drastically altered, they give the impression that one has just entered another building entirely.

Throughout the Castle, there is an abundance of the Nobody's Emblem (pictured on the left). This symbol appears with far more frequency in the areas where residents don't usually visit.

The Yard

The yard is a large, grassy, and a lovely shade of green. It's a perfect location for making snowmen in the winter, and the trees scattered across it drop enough leaves in autumn to make for some truly epic leaf piles. It's large enough to fight and train upon without risking damage to the Castle itself.


Attached to the back of the Castle itself is a stable, so perfectly camouflaged that it takes serious effort to find. Within this stable can be found a truly magnificent white horse by the name of Xebulans that craves the attention of any who come across it. The horse itself is something of a mystery; it comes and goes when it pleases, but it never truly leaves. How it comes and goes when the stable – like the rest of the Castle – floats a good twenty feet off the ground is a mystery for the ages.

Living Room

There are many, many rooms in the Castle that could be called living areas. However, the main living area is relatively close to the large double-doors that serve as the Castle's entrance. It has a huge fireplace, lofty ceilings tall enough to accommodate a massive Christmas tree, and a truly enormous couch. This couch is the last remnant of what the Castle used to be: that being the house of a Cybertronian. The couch is so large that a grown man needs to climb and clamber to get up onto it, and it's hard to see anyone who might be on it when standing at its base.


The kitchen has been burned and burned and burned again. As such, it goes through some sort of remodel quite often. It's a very large space – large enough for as many as seven people to prepare food quite comfortably. The refrigerator is always stocked, though not all of its food may be appealing to the person searching it.

Attached to the kitchen is a dining area with a large table. Like the rest of the kitchen, this area been damaged more than once, and it's frequently subjected to some sort of repair.



Most of the books in the library have grey covers and are generally very dull-looking. The library itself is hardly inviting, either, and certainly isn't a comfortable place to read. If one can ignore the room's initial shortcomings, however, there's a surprisingly wide (if strange) assortment of books to be found.

A fair portion of the books are clearly the work of scientists: extensive reports on all sorts of subjects. (These books definitely have the most dust on them.) Those books not firmly in the nonfiction category cover a wide range, spanning from poetry to plays to children's literature. Although certainly eclectic and by no means as extensive as Yggdrasil's collection, the selection isn't bad at all.

Unfortunately, the library's selection doesn't automatically adjust to the tastes of the Castle's residents. As such, any additions must be added by the residents themselves. Furthermore, if a book is destroyed, it won't automatically reform on the shelves.


Since the departure of Marluxia, this particular location has fallen into disuse. Currently, it also bears a large number of scorch marks: evidence of Axel burning Marluxia's plants after throwing the man out. However, it remains a fantastic facility, if one became so inclined to clean it up and try it out.

Music Room

The music room contains all manner of instruments, both familiar and exotic. If a person wants to find something specific, they'll probably find it, even if they do have to search in some dusty corner.


Where Nothing Gathers

More commonly known as The Round Room. This room has no doors, windows, or any other visible means of entry. It is accessible only by a Corridor of Darkness or by teleportation.

The room itself doesn't contain much; just thirteen white thrones – all tall, varying in height – bearing the symbol of the Organization upon them. The thrones all surround a sort of platform, on which the Organization's symbol is again present.

At once time, the room was used as a meeting place for the Organization. Since it no longer serves that purpose, it has been all but abandoned. Occasionally, however, it still finds use as a place to hide those in need of protection.


Each resident has their own bedroom. They all start out extremely plain. Naturally, residents are able to customize them as much as they please, including making them larger. Each bedroom has a full bathroom attached.

Along with the rooms of current residents, several bedrooms belonging to former residents still exist. Most have been stripped of their contents, but the physical modifications to the rooms are largely still present. For example, Marluxia's former room contains numerous scorch marks – evidence again of Axel burning plants. Other previously occupied rooms, such as that one that belonged to Saïx, have been sealed off.

Training Areas

Located in a remote, generally unused portion of the Castle are two rooms. In one is an enormous machine capable of generating extremely powerful lightning, which squarely strikes a large X on the floor. In the other room is a wind tunnel, capable of generating massive winds that are easily capable of knocking a person straight off their feet.

Neither of these rooms have been used in some time, but the machines are still in perfectly good shape.


Since Vexen's departure, these labs have been out of use. While most of the labs are still in excellent condition, the majority of equipment in one is either destroyed or severely damaged; evidently, there was a major fight in it, and no one bothered to clean up the wreckage.

Interestingly, some of the equipment tucked away once belonged to Tony Stark. Of it, Axel is quite protective.


Proof Of Existence

This sloping room near the top of the Castle contains twelve very similar markers. Each one consists of a panel on the floor, and shows a member of the Organization's weapon, rank, and title. At the head of each panel is a large, 'headstone'-like portal, tall enough for a grown man to pass through. The panels are either red or blue: those currently Awake are blue, while those who are Asleep (or dead) are red. Of the members of the Organization, only Xemnas and Xion do not have markers.

Adjacent to this room, but carefully hidden behind a wall, is another room containing pictures of individuals who have gone to Sleep. Beneath each picture is information about the individual. Currently, the majority of those pictured are individuals who Axel was close to. However, a few were put in place by Sideswipe.

Altar Of Naught

Also known as the top of the castle. more description will go hurrrr


Computer Room

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Grey Area

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