Chie Satonaka
Chie Satonaka
Continuity Persona 4
Age 16
Species Human
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Brown
District East
Journal f_steak
Player Eve
Theme Song "Miss Independent" - Kelly Clarkson

"Aha! Is this our chance?"


Chie is a country girl, born and raised in the small town of Inaba, Japan. It's never been something she's minded, nor been thrilled about to any great regard. It's just how things are. As such, she seems to know most of the people around town, and they know her. She's been best friends with Yukiko Amagi since they were children, and they've always spent a lot of time together. When Yosuke moved into Inaba fairly recently, it's assumed that he and Chie hit it off, since she had no qualms about lending him one of her most highly-recommended kung fu DVD's. In short, she lived a fairly average, tomboyish life.

Things changed when Souji Seta moved to town.

The transfer student was given a seat right next to Chie, and she was happy to introduce herself and Yukiko to him. It was Chie who informed Souji and the others about the Midnight Channel rumors: that if you look at a TV screen at midnight on a rainy evening, it would show the face of the person you're destined to fall in love with. The rumors turned out to be true…somewhat. It did indeed show a person, but it was a female news announcer. Chie wasn't quite sure what to make of this. :| The mystery deepened when the news announcer's body turned up mysteriously in the Inaba neighborhood, hanging from a television antenna. Soon, Chie, Yosuke, and Souji found themselves unofficially investigating the matter, particularly when Souji tried to tell them that he was nearly sucked into his own television set. They went to the electronics department of the Junes store, where Souji proved the truth of his situation by sticking his entire head into the TV. That was proof enough! Through a chance accident, all three of them fell into the television, winding up in a strange, fog-filled world that gave Chie the creeps. There, they discovered a strange and eerie room that appeared to be the place where the news announcer had spent her final moments. They also met a strange creature named Teddie, who accused them of being responsible for making the TV world noisy. He helped them get back home by unceremoniously shoving them into a stack of televisions.

When another schoolmate was seen on the Midnight Channel and subsequently went missing before her dead body appeared, they resolved to go back despite former reservations. Chie stayed behind this time, holding a rope that was tied to Yosuke in order to pull them back out. But to her horror, the rope snapped, and she was left alone to fret and worry about the worst. Eventually they emerged, and Chie yelled at them for causing her so much distress before rushing home. At this point, she wanted nothing more to do with that creepy world OR the midnight channel.

At least, that was the plan. Yukiko was the next to appear on the Midnight Channel. When Yukiko failed to turn up to school the next day, Chie panicked. They called her cell, but there was no answer. Chie was reassured when she managed to get hold of her through the main line of the hotel that Yukiko's family was running, and Yukiko replied that she was fine…just busy dealing with the media, since the hotel was the last place the news announcer had been staying before her disappearance and murder. Everything seemed fine, until a very strange and flirtatious Yukiko appeared on the Midnight Channel, claiming that she was hunting for her Prince Charming. Alarmed at the strange behavior, Chie and the others went back to the TV world in an attempt to find and save Yukiko before she became the third victim. Unable to remain calm, Chie rushed ahead of the others.

As Souji and Yosuke fought through the dungeon to not only find Yukiko, but now Chie as well, they finally came across…two Chies! Or rather, a frozen and confused Chie, and Chie's Shadow — a manifestation of Chie's darker personality traits, brought to life and confronting her about her faults. The Shadow revealed Chie's jealousy of Yukiko, of how Yukiko was always admired by the boys. It said she needed Yukiko to rely on her in order to feel any kind of self-worth. Chie violently rejected the Shadow, insisting "You're not me!" Her rejection angered the Shadow, overwhelming Chie and crippling her, leaving Souji and Yosuke to fight it off. Finally, when the battle was over, Chie was able to come to terms with her failings, and apologized to her Shadow self and accepted it. Her Shadow became her Persona, Tomoe, and with its help she was able to fight alongside the others with increased capability. Through their combined efforts, they were able to rescue Yukiko as well as help her gain a Persona of her own. By now, Chie and the others were committed to solving the mystery of just who was abducting people and trying to kill them by throwing them into the television.

One by one, they rescued the victims introduced to the TV world, and the party number of investigators gradually increased. The party's confidence was shaken when one of the murders suddenly broke the pattern, but when a certain detective made it clear that the mystery was far from solved, their resolution grew firm once more, and they found the inspiration they needed to see this case through to the end.


Chie is fiercely protective, not only of her friends, but of anyone who needs help. She thinks of herself as a sort of guardian for Yukiko, protecting her from over-amarous boys, bullies, and other mundane threats to be found in the countryside. Her overprotectiveness has softened ever since she faced her Shadow self, and in seeing Yukiko grow stronger and more self-assertive during the course of the game. While Chie doesn't necessarily think of herself as brave, she definitely has the guts to stand up to any threat, no matter how scared she might be.

Upbeat and friendly, Chie is easily an extrovert and has no problems meeting with and talking to strangers. She has a warm and cheerful personality, and is generally helpful and easy-going around others. But though she appears confident, Chie has her own insecurities. For one thing, she definitely knows she'll never be as popular with the boys as Yukiko is. Chie's a tomboy, she loves kung fu movies, and she lacks the sort of delicate femininity that surrounds her best friend. She's often been hurt in the past because of it, attracted to boys who only talked to her in order to get to the more shy and reserved Yukiko. Even in the presence of other pretty girls, Chie usually sighs that she's beaten in every category. (Chin up, Chie. Those girls can't kick tanks like you can.) Her insecurity leads to easy embarrassment or even denial when she is complimented on her looks, and though she acts shocked, it secretly makes her very happy.

Chie does have a few fans around the school, however, though none of them have exactly made their affections prominent. She racked up a fair number of votes in the school beauty pageant (where she lied about her favorite food being pudding, rather than steak, to appear more girly). But despite her lack of luck in the romance department, she's still a good sport and remains forever optimistic.

She has a fairly quick temper, and is quick to shout when she feels she's been offended…usually at Yosuke, given his habit of speaking before he thinks. But though they fight and argue a great deal, the two of them actually get along pretty well, enough that others have commented openly on the compatibility of their friendship. But when it was suggested that they date, Chie just smiled and immediately replied "Never!" Whether she really means it, or if she just likes shooting Yosuke down due to his slobbering over all the other cute girls, who can say. Chie's not telling. As expressive and boisterous as she is, her more tender feelings are very well-hidden.

When it comes to brains, Chie's not exactly at the top of the list. Schoolwork is tough for her, even when she bends all of her efforts to studying. The only subject she truly enjoys and excels in is P.E. Whenever she's offered a chance to study with a group, Chie gladly leaps at the opportunity, and becomes a very humble learner indeed.

Though she's got her failings, Chie comes across as a likeable, good-hearted person. She's a complete pushover, particularly when it comes to kids and pets, and she has an inherently sweet nature with a mild streak of mischief. But push her too far, and Chie will retaliate without hesitation, and without regret (i.e. signing up all the boys in the cross-dressing pageant when she and the other girls were signed up for the beauty pageant without their consent).


Outside of the television world, there's nothing particularly special about Chie. She's a healthy, athletic girl, skilled in kung fu and able to deliver horrible, horrible kicks to a man's nether regions when he breaks her DVD and runs off with a hastily-delivered apology. But with the power of her Persona, Tomoe (later Suzuka Gongen), Chie becomes a real force to be reckoned with. Tomoe's powers focus mainly on low- to medium-level ice spells, and powerful enhanced physical attacks…including the ability to punt a freaking TANK into outer space.


Chie is still relatively new to the city. She has, however, volunteered to take on the responsibilities of maintaining the Welcome House in the Eastern District with Rion's help in generating supplies (as Bending is still beyond her grasp at the moment).


Rion Steiner - Chie doesn't know him particularly well, but he's been helpful to her in getting her situated as the director of the Eastern District's Welcome House. She usually goes to him for help in obtaining supplies that she can't find in the market.

Souji Seta - Even though she's pretty sure he has no romantic attachments to her, Souji is still the one most likely to fluster Chie and make her blush with a well-timed compliment. She'll probably always harbor a little bit of a crush. Who could blame her? He's handsome, dependable, and a great training partner. She enjoys the time they get to spend together, and though she feels she relies on him a bit too often, he doesn't seem to mind, and she's comfortable in his company.

Suzaku Kururugi - Chie usually doesn't have a problem getting along with new people, but there are a special few that she bonds with instantly. Suzaku is one of them. While it's not exceptionally rare to meet a guy who's into sports, it IS rare for her to meet someone who has no problems with her own athleticism and doesn't consider her masculine or butch. Suzaku's kind and open nature enables Chie to feel relaxed and comfortable in his company, and she often looks to him for training, or to work out a little stress with a jog around the city. Literally, around the city.

Tarrant "Hatter" Hightopp: CHIE IS NOT A BOY! She frequently needs to remind the Hatter of this fact, but it doesn't seem to work. Though it originally ruffled her feathers, she grew less angry and more exasperated by the end of their visit. He doesn't seem like too bad a guy to her, and she does want to help him out, but most of what he says seems to go right over her head.

Yosuke Hanamrua: It's hard to tell sometimes if they bicker because they can't stand each other, or because they're like an old married couple. She knows Yosuke is having a difficult time adjusting, and wishes she could be of more help, but she's never been that good at expressing her sympathy. Still, she considers him one of her closest friends, and as he bends up steak dinners for her, she's VERY happy to have him around.

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