Chisato Madison
Chisato Madison
Continuity Star Ocean 2
Age 22
Species Nedian
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
District Eastern District
Journal BRB Journalism
Player Rune
Theme Song N/A

"Actually, I'm from the most developed planet in the universe, but that's a long story."


At one point, Energy Nede was a normal planet. One day, however, after having ruled the universe four billion years ago, technology was exchanged amongst some planets. This led to the creation of the Ten Wise Men, ten extremely powerful biological weapons with overwhelming symbological power. They were meant to govern the Nedian colonies, but Dr. Lantis, their creator, fell into madness and reprogrammed them to destroy the universe. It was at this point that war broke out and Nede was nearly destroyed. Worried that more chaos would come from these Ten Wise Men, the Nedians banished them to eternity space. Too worried, however, that their knowledge of symbology would bring chaos to the rest of the universe, the Nedians hid themselves in a high energy mass and fled to an artificial home. This area, no longer Nede, became known as Energy Nede. It was on this dangerously developed planet that Chisato Madison, a simple female Nedian, would be born nearly 3.7 billion years later.

Chisato Madison was born in North City, where she grew up with a simple existence. Living a short distance from the largest city on Nede, Centropolis, she had a lot of resources available to her as she grew up. Her mother ran a hobby store, so she was good with her hands from an early age. She especially took up a fondness for writing, cooking, metal crafting, and building things. In North City, she also had access to the Nedian Archives. Here, all of the books of Nede and Energy Nede were available in digital format. This was great for the young reporter-to-be; she surrounded herself with information and decided that it’s what she loved.

It wasn’t much later that she became a journalist for the Nede Times. At the tender age of twenty-two and by far the youngest of her staff, she quickly gained a reputation for being that quirky reporter. She never knew, however, that she’d meet seventeen people who would forever change her life. It was during her lifetime that the Ten Wise Men escaped from Eternity Space to Nede. The other seven people that she met became subjects of interest to follow. Claude C. Kenny and Rena Lanford, an Earthling and a Nedian who were determined to defeat the Ten Wise Men. Opera Vectra and Ernest Raviede, a pair of Tetrageniots (humans with three eyes), a student and archaeology professor who landed on Expel and joined with Claude and Rena. Precis F. Neumann was the fifth, a young Expellian who, against the cultural norms, began to develop machinery. She was mocked from a young age, but she was always quirky and looking for real friends. Dias Flac was the sixth, a stoic swordsman and childhood friend of Rena’s that the journalist quickly developed a fondness for. The last was a mystery to her; Welch Vineyard. The teenage girl claimed to be a creator and a genius, but she only obsessed over boys. The seven of them vowed to defeat the Ten Wise Men, so Chisato naturally followed them. Rena Lanford spot her many times, but Chisato never gave up…until she lost her ID Card. When Rena returned to Centropolis to meet the journalist, after Chisato had tailed them through a dangerous cave filled with powerful monsters…by herself, the seven asked Chisato to come along. Chisato Madison quickly accepted, knowing she was in for the story of a lifetime.


There are two very central parts of Chisato that are essential to her character. The first is her obsession with the truth and her devotion to the story. As a journalist for The Nede Times, she definitely feels like bringing her readers the truth is of very high importance to her. She’ll go through any means to obtain this truth through legal means. She’ll ask for favors with the higher ups, she’ll follow key persons of interest, and she’ll wander alone through monster-infested caverns just to keep up with the people she wants to report on. She’s dedicated, passionate, somewhat annoying, persistent, and very eager to do her job to the best of her ability.

The second is that she's also very clumsy and somewhat of an eccentric person. She may have all of this fiery passion, but she freaks out when she’s spotted and tries to escape. She also overreacts to sales, and she’ll buy a lot of items that she doesn’t need. While following the main group in the game, she trips and falls a number of times, even going so far as to drop things she’s carrying. She also has a tendency to show up late or early, but never on time. She’s either there waiting beforehand, gets spotted, and leaves, or she gets there right after a huge event happened. She constantly worries about whether or not she’ll be able to find a steady boyfriend because of her clumsiness.

Despite the second, though, Chisato Madison has a lot of grace and intelligence for a young woman her age. When it comes to serious matters that aren’t related to her journalism, she’s able to handle them with grace and fight to the best of her abilities. She’s also wise—she knows how to help others with their problems and make friends while retaining a vast knowledge of her planet’s history. She even manages to unencrypted classified information for the heroes while on their quest, showing that she knows when it’s okay to break protocols and when it isn’t. She’s not necessarily quick to anger, but she knows when an injustice is being committed and will speak out against it.


Chisato Madison doesn't have any powers, per se, but she is strong with her hands and feet and other various tools. She's a master of Jingu martial arts, and she has mastered a variety of moves. She also has incorporated a tazer into these moves, adding some oomph. Not only that, but she carries a portable flamethrower and tear gas capsules in her purse, and she has the ability to set her business cards on fire and throw them at enemies with great force.


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