Chris Thorndyke
Christopher "Chris" Thorndyke
Continuity Sonic the Hedgehog/Sonic X
Age 18. It's a long story.
Species Human
Hair Color Ginger
Eye Color Blue
District Eastern District
Journal not_my_age
Player Robin Terrae
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The only child of Nelson and Lindsey Thorndyke, Chris spent most of his childhood in the care of his grandfather, Chuck, the family maid, Ella and the family butler, Tanaka, as both his parents were away frequently due to their professions. Because of this, Chris spends most of his formative years feeling abandoned by his parents, and finds himself wishing for a life not boring like his father's, but one of excitement and adventure.

Then, one day, a certain blue hedgehog landed in his pool. Suddenly, life wasn't so boring anymore.

His wish granted, Chris ended up becoming fast friends with Sonic and his crew as he showed them around his world and helped them try and find the seven Chaos Emeralds so that they could go home. Of course, he tries to help his friends any way that he can, which also tends to land himself into some rather precarious situations, such as when he tried to retrieve one of the Chaos Emeralds from a construction site, only to end up falling from several stories up when Dr. Eggman tried to steal it back and Chris grabbed onto the bad doctor's ship, only to end up being flung off.

At least he managed to hang onto the Emerald.

Or, realizing their desire to go home, he agreed to help Knuckles (who had made a deal with Eggman that if he brought their Emerald, the doctor would return them home) and retrieved the Emerald that was kept at the mansion. When he and Knuckles brought the Emerald to Eggman, Eggman took them, dumped Knuckles from the base and kept Chris as his hostage, forcing Sonic into battle with a Chaos-powered robot that was thoroughly kicking his butt, since Sonic wasn't fighting back. Realizing it was his fault, Chris broke through his restraints and grabbed the Emeralds, causing the machine to stop, Chris and the Emeralds to fall from the robot and the awakening of Super Sonic and Chris's realization that he didn’t want Sonic to leave yet.

During this time, while again trying to find the Chaos Emeralds (again - yes, they tend to scatter. A LOT.), they come across another hedgehog, much like Sonic, who was created and sealed some 50-something years ago, named Shadow. Initially released by Eggman, and mistaken for Sonic, Shadow ends up teaming up with Eggman and Rouge the Bat to obtain the Chaos Emeralds and use Space Station Arc, Shadow's former home, to terrorize Earth.

Caught up in one of the Chaos Emerald retrieval missions, Chris ends up being brought up to Arc and spending lots of ‘quality’ time with Shadow. It's during this, that it’s discovered that Shadow had a human friend he had been rather close too before the Arc was invaded by the Government and shut down, a young, sickly girl named Maria Robotnik, who was killed during the take over, trying to save Shadow.

Shadow, blaming humans for her death, wants nothing more than the complete destruction of the ones that took Maria from him, ends up having to rethink his plans when Chris, despite the beating handed to him by Shadow, tries to convince him that everyone deserves a second chance. Although he won't admit to it, Chris's words do affect him and reminds him of Maria’s last words, to ask him to protect the blue planet below and ultimately, he ends up joining up with Sonic to save the world, and pays for it, at least as far as everyone knew at the time, with his life.

As the days pass, it becomes readily more apparently that Sonic and his friends can't remain on Earth, or they risk the joining and destruction of both worlds. Chris is torn, for he wants Sonic and his friends to be happy, but at the same time, he also wants them to stay. When his grandfather and Tails finally get the dimensional gate open and send everyone home, Chris keeps Sonic from leaving, as he feels that Sonic is abandoning him like his parents had. The two end up going on one last journey together, out to a family cabin, where Chris soon comes to terms with his feelings and realizes that he has to let him go. So he does, when Sonic performs Chaos Control and returns home while Chris's parents find him and gush over how worried they were about him.

After Sonic and friends managed to return home, it took Chris six years to fix the dimensional gate that lead to Sonic's world. Upon its completion and using the Master Emerald as his beacon, Chris uses the gate to travel to Sonic, but during the process, he reverts back to being his 12-year old self (being that while 6 years passed for Chris, only 6 months have for Sonic and the others), but with all his memories intact.

It seemed as if he arrived just in time as well, as the battle with the Metarex had just begun. A race of what appears to be robots are traveling to different planets and stealing something called a planet egg, the life force of a planet, which, upon its removal, will cause the planet to wither and die, becoming a lifeless rock in space.

Along with their new friend, Cosmo, Sonic and his team take Tails's spaceship, convert it's power source away from the Chaos Emeralds (which have scattered, again) to the Master Emerald, and take off for the far reaches of space, in order to stop the Metarex's plans of killing all life in order to further their ultimate goal, the forestation of the universe, using the powers of the Chaos Emeralds and the Planet Eggs.

There is much traveling across space, visiting of different planets, searching for the Chaos emeralds and the discovery of the Metarex's plans to make duplicates of the Chaos Emeralds, hoping to use these duplicates to mutate the Planet Eggs and using their power to further their plans.

Oh, and he finds out Shadow is alive, but has no memories. Which leads to angst and a lot of conflicting emotions, because after all, he still does consider Shadow his friend. Talk about conflict (this inadvertently leads to Chris volunteering himself for missions in which they team up with Team Eggman, because he wants to talk to Shadow again. And give him back his power rings that Sonic had retrieved for him after they thought Shadow had died fighting the Finalhazard form of the Biolizard, who was trying to ram the Arc into the Earth).

Following the final battle with the Metarex and Cosmo's sacrifice of her own life to defeat them, Chris returns to Sonic's world, believing that he is stuck there at least until the Master Emerald repairs itself. Eggman then steps in and offers Chris a way home via his own creation, with a stipulation that he has to leave now and has no time to tell the others goodbye. Chris takes the offer, and the last thing he sees before leaving is Sonic running alongside his ship.

And then he wakes up in a strange city called Nautilus. WHOOPS.


Chris was meant to be an audience surrogate – someone that the audience could relate to in the advent that they too have a superhero hedgehog crash lands in their pool. He's supposed to come across as the normal, awkward twelve year old.

Chris begins the series as a lonely child – his parents are away often leaving him in the care of his grandfather and the house staff - which gives him a bit of an abandonment complex. His parents didn't help, as they let Chris believe that as long as he was a good boy, they would come back. Instead, they sent him presents (it's implied that they even did this for Christmas), which just adds to his feelings of loneliness. He even makes the comment that he “believed them, but never realized that they wouldn't come back.”

Chris, for the most part, changed for the better when Sonic and company arrive, he believes it's the greatest thing ever. He's finally living his dream: he's not alone anymore since he has friends (and not just with Sonic and company, but he starts making them at school as well), he's going on adventures – he's not just sitting at home anymore, waiting for his parents to come back.

It's because of this that he ends up being rather selfish and clingy where Sonic's concerned, he doesn't want to let the other go, to return home because he believes it's going to trigger what he's afraid of the most, that once Sonic leaves, he's going to be stuck being alone again; alone and left behind. Sonic reassures him, however, that even being apart doesn't mean that he won't be alone and that no matter what, they'll always be best friends.

He realizes, though, that he's being clingy and whiny, and once Sonic and the others leave, he spends the next six years improving on what he believes are his faults. He wants to be independent and show that he can do things for himself, so he gets a job. He wants to be able to defend himself, so he learns karate from the family butler. He wants to be useful, so he learns how to pilot planes and how to work his way around mechanics and wires.

It's because of this, that he's often sharp with reminding the others that he's eighteen and not twelve anymore, because being twelve reminds him of that kid he used to be. He doesn't want to be seen as just the scrappy tag-a-long anymore, not when he's become his own person in his own right.


He's a black belt in karate (learned from the family butler, Mr. Tanaka), learned mechanical engineering from school and his crazy inventor Grandfather, has a pilot's license and knows how to build Chaos Emerald detectors. Oh, and apparently he's damn good at hacking (at least he can hack Tails' systems) and knows how to work a spaceship.


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