Cid Highwind
Cid Highwind
Continuity Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus
Age 35
Species Human
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
District Northern District
Journal rocketman_cid
Player GJ
Theme Song OST 1, OST 2, Airships Make Me Happy (OCRemix)

"Sit your ass down in that chair and drink your goddamn TEA!"


Cid dreamed of being his world's first astronaut, the first man in space, using his skills as both a pilot and an engineer to see his dream achieved. At the height of Mako power, ShinRa reigned as corporate leader over all, their power derived from the immense wealth they accrued from the widespread use and reliance on mako energy. They approached him with a deal: Build them a rocket that can take them to the stars through their ShinRa Space Program, and he can fly it.

Years later, he was nearing completion of the rocket and the achievement of his lifetime goal, he found that Shera, one of his engineers, had remained with the oxygen tanks doing last-minute checks on them. Being unable to continue the launch with her inside and unwilling to kill one of his engineers to fulfill his goal, he aborted the launch and ShinRa axed the program for 'financial reasons'. Much later, he was finally able to achieve his dream of reaching the stars, realizing only then that Shera had, in fact, saved his life when the faulty oxygen tanks exploded.

Later, after the defeat of Sephiroth and the threat of Meteor destroyed by the Lifestream, the world took a technological step backwards without mako energy. Fear of angering the earth after the show of power when the Lifestream erupted to meet Meteor kept the people from supporting the use of mako energy and they returned to coal and oil. At the same time, a plague, called Geostigma, began to kill people. Cid, by this time, was putting the final touches on his new ship, the Shera, which he used to ferry his companions again with the final fight in Midgar against the three Sephiroth clones and Bahamut SIN.

Once he returned home to find Shera cured of Geostigma, he married her and joined the WRO under Reeve as head of the Airship Division, unearthing and adopting Cetra technology to field numerous airships with his own, The Shera, as its flagship. Assisting Vincent Valentine with the defeat of both WEAPON OMEGA and dealing with the threat of Deepground.


Cid Highwind is a chain-smoking, trash-talking, 35-year old engineer, whose intellect and kind nature is barely concealed behind a rough and rude exterior. A male chauvinist to comical extremes, it's difficult to tell if he's serious or just trying to get a rise out of someone. While he has a tendency towards rudeness and curses almost constantly, he is a natural and reliable leader — although a much less quiet one than Cloud. He is known in his world as a mechanical and engineering prodigy and one-time astronaut, as well as a formidable combatant.

Cid is a chivalrous man… to such extremes that he exhibits male chauvinism; not the type that would open a door for a woman out of courtesy, but rather the type who viewed the fairer sex as inexplicably 'lesser' than men. Stereotypical flightiness and emotionalism are just a few things he proclaims as a 'fact' about women in general, loudly boasting that they should allow men to be in control… to take charge! You know the type; believes that women shouldn't order men around unless it's to tell them to wash up for supper. Of course, while he often spouts this type of rhetoric, it's argued that he uses this as an excuse to avoid his often awkward interactions with women. He usually keeps others at arm's length; putting most people off by his rough demeanor, foul-mouthed language and other 'charming' personality traits. His 'tough guy act' and excessive use of profanity do little to actually hide his awkwardness expressing his feelings or his kind-hearted nature. Once you get to know him, you realize he's just a cantankerous, foul-mouthed jerk with a heart of gold. He's not all that bad, just… probably not anyone's first choice for a babysitter.

While an natural and competent leader, Cid is reluctant to take up the role — having more confidence with his ability to work with machines than with people. However, when Cloud was unable to lead the group forward, it was Cid who stood in on his behalf after being voted in as temporary leader and Stand-in Main Protagonist until he was again able to take charge. When a friend comes to him for advice, he provides it with his usual abrasive and blunt, profanity-laden delivery, but tells it like it is and does it out of respect and fondness for them. His methods may be less than polite, but he doesn't abuse his friendship, even if his language is pretty verbally abusive. He's the type that, when he realizes he's been completely wrong about it, may thrash and flail around in frustration, he does come around to apologizing.

At the risk of sounding repetitive, Cid Highwind is a piloting and engineering genius of his world. His talents are so well known and respected, even ShinRa heard of him and offered him a job — thoroughly screwing him over eventually. However, even with a junkyard of scrapped materials, Cid can make -something- out of seemingly nothing of value or worth. Cid is also able to create demolitions, although these are primarily for personal use and he would much rather be working on his airship.

Although he doesn't uphold the philosophy of his class as a Dragoon, the ancient lineage of the Dragon Knights, he knows that he can jump pretty high and is handy with a spear. In fact, he sometimes seems to forget that others can't really jump like he can and may sometimes impatiently suggest that others jump off his airship, rather than have him land it. However, while he has the talents of a Dragoon, his mannerisms and appearance couldn't be farther from the noble image of the great Dragon Knights of old. If he were to meet one of these knights, he'd probably choke with laughter at the "sissy".


Dragoon - Cid is tough, moderately strong, definitely agile (enough to be able to easily launch himself into the air) and is deadly with a spear. Long gone are the days of the noble and chivalrous Dragon Knights dominated the sky. Cid is really a far-watered down version; able to Jump, use spears/polearms and use dragoon-themed Limit Breaks.

Limit Breaks - Limit Breaks are attacks of desperation, usually the result of taking heavy damage or after a great deal of stress, mentally or physically. The following are Limit Breaks unique to Cid Highwind:

  • Boost Jump - As mentioned above, Cid jumps impossibly high in the sky and lands, impaling his target with his weapon. Pretty basic Dragoon stuff. This is the attack Cid uses most frequently and is not, for Gate purposes, considered a Limit Break, a la Advent Children. It's really being treated as a fighting style, for RP purposes.
  • Dynamite - Cid is rarely seen without a lit cigarette in his mouth. It's a trademark. Naturally, it's also helpful in lighting bundles of dynamite and tossing at a group of enemies. Always a crowd pleaser.
  • Hyper Jump - Just like Boost Jump, except explosive. Affects multiple enemies caught in the blast radius.
  • Dragon - In the air directly above and behind Cid emerges a serpent-like dragon, who swims in the air toward his enemy, spiraling around it. As it disappears, pinpoints of light shoot up like reversed rain from the ground the target stands on. This attack results in the target taking damage, while Cid is healed some.
  • Dragon Dive - Cid repeatedly jumps at a target 6 times, causing a lot of damage to a single target. Basically, it's the 3rd and final "Jump" attack in the line, and is the strongest.
  • Big Brawl - Cid charges in, flipping and jumping from one opponent to the next, going all out like a bar brawl. Less drinking and more stabbing than an actual bar brawl, but just as senseless. Damages all enemies.
  • Highwind - While the airship this attack is named after is long gone, the attack name remains the same. Cid points up into the sky, where his airship (this time, the Shera) awaits. The airship then greets the enemy with a nice, warm blanket of 18 missiles. Massive damage to all enemies.

Materia - Small spheres of concentrated mako that vary in effects, and are classified by their color. For instance, yellow materia are referred to commonly as "Command" type, where green are known as "Spell" type. Red materia allow the user to "Summon" beings of great power, who lend their strength and abilities in one single, massive attack or effect.

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