Claire Stanfield
Claire Stanfield AKA Vino AKA Rail Tracer AKA God
Continuity Baccano!
Age idfk twenty-something
Species TRAIN-EATING MONSTAH that is also God
Hair Color Red
Eye Color brown (it just looks red because it's reflecting your bloodsplatter)
District Western District
Journal omnomtrains
Player Renee That person who left the game and came back and hopefully never leaves ever again
Theme Song mmm whatcha saaay? My Kind of Guy

"Pity and compassion are privileges reserved for the strong… And I am strong!"


In some unexplained series of events, Claire, as a young child, became an orphan. Luckily for him, though, he just so happened to be playmates of the friendly neighborhood mafia family next door, the Gandors, and their father decided to take him in. He then proceeded to have the childhood of the century.

Somehow, at some point, he was taken in by the circus, where he performed as an acrobat. Possibly the best one ever, if the president of the Daily Days is to be believed. He stayed in the circus for several years, his acrobatic ability growing to something "beyond human".

After the circus, he returned to the Gandor family to work as their assassin, now that his three adoptive brothers were in charge. Apparently, the Gandors had a lot of enemies all over the northern half of the country, because he became the conductor of a trans-continental train in order to more easily carry out his jobs. He was pretty serious at the conductor thing, too, actually, and developed an attachment to his conducting mentor, an old man named Tony. This probably wouldn't even be mentioned if Tony didn't get killed right before he was going to retire and Claire decided he would cope with a white-suit killing spree, but that's getting a little ahead of ourselves.

As an assassin, Claire became famous among the types of people that knew anything about assassins. He became known as "Vino", Italian for "red wine", signifying the fact that, when Vino finished a job, he left the target looking like they had been drowned in red wine. In other words, he was a fan of creative killing. He didn't come prepared to kill someone. No, he would use whatever was lying around the place. If it came down to it, he would even use his own teeth. And, being a train conductor, he was also known for being able to kill people all over the country, even ones very far apart from one another, with a very short amount of time in between. Obviously, no one knew it was because he was a conductor (he'd lose his job at least for that); it was some kind of unexplainable phenomenon. Note that this is the 1930s and people can't just normally zip around and travel all over the place.

Speaking of, in 1931 is where his story in regards to canon begins. The trans-continental train known as the Flying Pussyfoot (please laugh at the name so I can feel better about laughing myself) is about to depart with Claire conducting it for the first time. Claire's mentor Tony is helping set up the departure when he drops the "I'm retiring after my next trip" bomb. He then proceeds to get killed before he can even exit the platform. Oh, Tony, we barely knew you.

Unknowingly, Claire and his co-conductor set off, and, once the train's in motion, begin killing time by telling ghost stories. Claire tells the story of the Rail Tracer, a monster that chases trains, can transform into different things, slowly makes all of the people on the train disappear, etc, etc, standard ghost story fare. The catch is that telling the story aboard a train is like handing out an invitation to Rail Tracer to, pretty please, target this train next. To prevent Rail Tracer from coming even after the story is told, however, all you have to do is truly believe in its existence.

In the middle of his story, the co-conductor rudely interferes to signal the giant group of black-suited (plus one black-dressed) suspicious people that were on the train that it is time to start taking hostages. He then further interrupts by making up a terrible ghost story on the spot about a group of ghosts called Lemures (which is what the black-suits are called, so you can see the lack of originality here). He basically tells the entire backstory of the Lemures to Claire, who is listening attentively because he is the polite one. His story ends with a gun to Claire's face, declaring him to be the first kill that would start the countless deaths of the passengers on the train, the sacrificial lamb, and—

Bang! Oh, well, I guess that's where Claire's story ends. Wasn't very exciting, with all that backstory, and the epic childhood, but what can you do? He was a Red Shirt all along. …Until seven episodes later (that's right, like half the freaking series), we see what really happened.

The gun is kicked right out of the man's hand and into Claire's. Claire declares that it's too late to escape Rail Tracer, anyway, because he's going to show up the moment he fires the gun at the lame, uncreative co-conductor. OHO, THE TABLES HAVE TURNED, HAVEN'T THEY, WHEN THE SACRIFICIAL LAMB IS REALLY THE ONE WE THOUGHT KILLED THE ONE WE THOUGHT WAS THE SACRIFICIAL LAMB ALL ALONG, AND— Okay, yeah, Claire shoots him in the face. Note that, while he uses a weapon to kill here, it's not even his, and there was no way he could have known it would be there, so it's still part of his M.O. The guy that killed Tony and stole his uniform decides now would be a great time to show up, Claire quickly figures out who he got it from, anddddd face meets railroad tracks.

At this point, Claire decides that, to become Rail Tracer, he'll need a costume. To that end, he smears blood all over his clothes and face and hands and uses that to win the Halloween costume contest. Oh, and get back at the white-suits (yeah, they're like the black suits but more fun) by making them "disappear" one by one. Meaning he tosses them off the train like they are confetti.

Along the way, he sees a kid ask the leader of the white-suits to kill everyone in the dining car, get a shotgun blast to the face, regenerate, and walk away, so he decides to have a little fun with him by killing him creatively over and over again. Fun for the whole family!

Then timeskip and it's Rail Tracer vs. leader of the white-suits, Ladd Russo, on top of a speeding train, and only because Claire decided to step in on Ladd's battle with the hot mute chick of the Lemures. Despite all of this, somehow Claire sets some kind of intricate trap, tells Ladd that their battle will end with Ladd jumping off the train of his own free will, tosses his girlfriend that popped out of nowhere off the train with the longest noose known to man around her neck, and Ladd jumps off the train of his own free will to save her. Claire then turns around and asks the Lemures girl to marry him. What a weirdo.

After the train reaches its destination in New York, Claire sneaks off because he just killed like a zillion people and getting put in prison is counterproductive to the whole assassin thing. He meets up with the Gandors, the police assume that the guy that stole Tony's conductor uniform is actually Claire (since his… face is gone, and all. and… most of the rest of him, for that matter.), so Claire Stanfield is legally dead. Meanwhile, the actual Claire Stanfield kills a few people for his bros and threatens to kill one of the workers of the Daily Days, newspaper and information store, for information on the mute girl, Chane's, whereabouts.

Graham pops up out of nowhere and mistakes Chane for rich heiress Eve Genoard and kidnaps her. Claire follows them, epic fight, Graham stops it because he decides Ladd should kill the one to kill Claire, Claire and Chane meet up and ~*~romance is abound~*~. The end.

In Nautilus

Claire was lucky enough to pop up in the middle of a musical reality storm and went straight into a Western District-themed rendition of What's This?, and then walked-with-purpose face-first into the McDonald's. In his own words, at least he didn't need to ask for a tour.

Thanks to his broadcast performance, he quickly met up with a few familiar faces (notably his old friend Firo and guys that want to kill him Ladd and Graham) as well as some interesting new faces. Aya was also kind enough to hand him the guide to Nautilus and then Claire delivered his very first solipsism speech in Nautilus to her. Truly a milestone.

and then some other stuff happened hurgrhgnkb /reads a book instead





Also he can't Bend yet but the entire world is doomed when he figures it out. Claire doesn't feel as though he needs to Bend, as he is already convinced that he can do anything he feels like doing anyway. Like dodge bullets. Semi-automatic bullets. Canonly. However, there were some things he would use Bending for, things like "make pasta appear out of nowhere". Claire's extraordinary amount of willpower allowed him to take very quickly to Bending these small things with pretty much no practice beforehand and minimal mistakes made.

Note that I said "there were some things". Because, recently, Claire has begun to become more interested in Bending. He still hasn't started using it as often as some other residents, but he has used it to clean a suit that was covered in blood marinara and… well, in a meme (but he would have done the same in Wake canon, if it was even possible for this godmode to get hit by anything), to heal a broken bone in seconds. Essentially, Claire has powers he never needed, and we should all be very afraid.



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