Connie Maheswaran
Connie Maheswaran
Continuity After the events in "Lars Head"
Age 14
Species Human
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
District East District
Journal connie_maheswaran
Player Pedro
Theme Song [Connie's Theme]

// Deep down, I know that I'm just a human but I know that I can draw my sword and fight!""//


Connie was content living her life quietly and out of the way. Her father’s job as a security guard had her constantly moving from place to place, so she never really had a close friend. Additionally, her parents are both fairly strict with what Connie can take part in, so simple kid things like watching brainless TV or indulging in snacks is not a possibility.

One day, young Connie Mahaeswaran is by herself, reading a book, minding her own business. There’s some strange boy trying to show her a bike trick, but it fails and he runs home. A few minutes later the same strange boy rushes over to her to stop a rock avalanche from squashing her flat. He is able to erect a protective bubble, but is so new to his powers he doesn’t know how to get them out. They try several different ways to get free, but eventually end up falling to the bottom of the ocean. Connie despairs, thinking she’s going to die without any friends, and Steven tells her he’d be her friend, telling her he’d seen her before in a parade on the beach. She remembers him, and their mutual laugh breaks the bubble, and, through a series of events, Steven defeats a monster with Connie’s help.

This is how Connie first meets Steven Universe: a boy with a destiny, and one of the crystal gems.

The two go on more crazy adventures too: a simple outing to see a movie results riding a lion through an inter dimensional portal into a cave with a weapon room, one of which attacks them and follows them to the movie theater, and again, Connie helps Steven defeat the thing. The more Connie gets involved with her extraordinary friend, the more she finds her quiet life interrupted, and calm, collected Connie even gets a little dangerous herself. On one adventure she almost is drowned helping Steven, and the same day she rides Steven’s lion and saves him herself.

Slowly, she starts to see she likes Steven more and more, though interruptions prevent anything more than friendship from happening.
One of those interruptions is Steven inadvertently curing Connie’s eyes so she no longer needs glasses. Another close moment between the two cause Steven’s gem to glow, and the two actually FUSE into one being, Stevonnie, merging Steven’s gusto for life and fun with Connie’s sensibilities and reasoning. Here the two are able to actually share something special: Steve can share with Connie at her best, and at her most vulnerable when they go to a party and Connie has a panic attack when everyone stares at her, and she can feel Steven’s freedom and enthusiasm and BE a part of that. After rebuffing a persistent teenager, the two revert back, and dance the rest of the night away, happy and having fun with each other.


Connie is, for the most part, an introvert: she is quiet and mousy, usually preferring to be by herself. She tends to opt for the company of fantasy, hence Connie loses herself in books and learning about things she’ll never be able to take part in.

When Steven enters the picture everything changes her a little. Connie gets to see a part of Beach City she’s never seen (the magic side) and through Steven Connie meets the Crystal Gems, inter dimensional beings tasked with defending the earth from Gem monsters that appear in Beach City and around the world. For the first time, hanging out with her friend has an edge of danger she would never be involved with otherwise. It’s as if all of Connie’s fiction is become reality, and she finds that she really, really likes it! Connie can’t even picture what her life without Steven and Gems around is like anymore. What’s more, Connie flourishes in dangerous situations BECAUSE of her ability to think and act swiftly. Logic and sensibility goes hand in hand with adventure and danger: if you want a cool head, Connie is your girl.

This is not to say that Connie is not corruptible. As Steven was able to bring this out in her, all it takes is the right nudge to make Connie want to try something different, something new, and that isn’t always healthy for you. Let it not be forgotten Connie has sustained injuries and near drowning due to her willingness to step into adventure.

It’s important to remember that the introvert in Connie IS still there, even if it is less so: Connie hates being the center of attention and will naturally shy away from that kind of situation if she can. At times she forcibly has to remind people she is NOT the hero of the story, that she’s just an ordinary girl who happened to have one of the coolest friends ever. Connie likes being in the background for as long as it suits her. Throw her in the spotlight and she’s likely to have a mini panic attack and shrink into herself.

Connie is very respectful of adults to a fault: she doesn’t try to offend if she possibly can. Thanks to Steven, she has a strong sense of justice and is now more likely to speak up if she sees something that she doesn’t like. Connie is self-assured, and is less likely to let someone walk over her if she really believes she’s in the right. While Connie is still not the type to cause waves, she IS more adaptable to the strange and the unknown, and less likely to allow something she doesn’t like to go down without saying something.


Connie has been in the Wake almost two years. Despite her own crippling insecurities and failings, she has risen above her own personal demons a stronger and more capable person. As a result, she is now an Angelli, and is currently in the motions of strengthening her blossoming abilities.

*Air, specifically riding currents. She is a expert at this.
*Putting together rooms, though this takes concentration and usually several hours.
*Water based abilities, intermediate type. The extent is usually pulling water out of the air where applicable and the strongest thing she can manage are miniature tidal waves
*Combining her abilities with someone else's.* This came about though practical experimentation with her mentor Mr. Crocker. While he may no longer exist, she can still link up with someone else with the right abilities.

  • Consecration. This is something that takes skill, but she can essentially clean something with impurities and consecrate it with power.


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