Crawford Sands
Crawford William Sands
Continuity Original Character
Age 26
Species Human
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
District Western District (currently residing in Eastern)
Journal crawfordsands
Player Sara
Theme Song The Exies - Ugly / Papa Roach - Scars

"(insert something full of curse words, vague insults and threats involving fists and faces.)"


Crawford's life could have been easy, simple, and bright. He was born to a young couple, both happy and full of life. At least, this is the impression Crawford has. They had their problems like anyone else, but they were more or less well adjusted. His father, William, had been kept late at work one night and decided to stop off and buy dinner for his wife and some flowers. He never made it home. Another man, rushing to his own family and injured daughter, ran a red light and struck William's car at full speed. The driver of that car died on the scene, when paramedics were delayed in responding. William was rushed to the hospital, but died from internal injuries in the ER.

Crawford was just barely a year old.

His mother, Cybil, was devastated. William had been her high school sweetheart. The love of her life. With her brother's help, she was able to cope and move on, getting her and her son settled once more. In this time, she met someone. An acquaintance of her brother, an up-and-coming figure in the political world, a man by the name of Leon Sands. He offered her the moral support she needed, and she grew attached to him. It wasn't the same, intense love she'd had with William, but it was comfort.

At the age of four, Crawford was the ring bearer at their wedding. And by the age of five, he had himself a baby brother—Donavin. Upon meeting this small, squirming bundle, Crawford vowed to be the best big brother he could be. As they grew up, Donavin was proving to be a quiet and withdrawn child. By the time the boy was three, Cybil began to suspect there may be something wrong with him, but the doctors said it was far too early to diagnose any mental disorders. A mother's intuition was not enough to make a diagnosis. Crawford knew his little brother was different, so he did all he could to compensate. He was about the only person who understood the younger boy and the only one who could make him smile. This became even more apparent as they grew older.

Things were going quite well. Leon was making friends in all the right places, and soon found himself rapidly climbing through the government. At last, he landed himself the title of Senator, where he was content to stay.

Crawford was nine and Donavin was five when it all fell apart.

Crawford had been at a friend's house for the night when it happened. He came home to find his house crawling with police and other officials. His mother had been killed in the middle of the night. Within a few days, it was ruled as a burglary turned homicide and was investigated no further. But even at that age, Crawford suspected something was amiss. His half brother looked at the Senator as if he were a monster, flinching any time he came near. The man Crawford had seen as a father for five years suddenly became cold and distant, focusing on other matters, leaving the care of his step son to hired staff.

His eighteenth birthday came and went, and he had yet to do anything to rescue his brother. The day after he graduated high school (just barely), he was without a home. The Senator no longer had any legal obligation to care for him and kicked him to the curb with all the possessions he could carry. It was the most heart-wrenching day of his life, as he was forced to leave his brother there. No one to protect him. Dane, who now had a comfy job as security at a large club, offered assistance. He put his friend up in his apartment until he could get his own place. Thankfully, at sixteen, Crawford's uncle (his mother's brother) had given him a job at a small coffee shop. In the face of his current misfortune, he was given a full time position and promoted to assistant manager.

Four years passed. Crawford fought tooth and nail to get his brother out, but he had no legal standing and couldn't get near the house. At last the day came when Donavin could leave on his own and go into college. As strange and antisocial as the boy had become, it wasn't exactly the most sane plan. But it was the only one Crawford and Dane could cook up. With their combined connections, they managed to get Donavin into a college and thanks to a typo here and a mis-printed word there, they were able to proved enough cover that the senator wouldn't easily find out where his son had gone. He was none too pleased about this.

The following year, Crawford had to rebuild his relationship with his brother. A lot of damage had been done in their time apart. The Senator had convinced Donavin that Crawford had left because he hated his younger brother. But in this time, many things came to light. Donavin revealed to Crawford the truth. The fateful night that their mother had died, it had not been a burglar. Donavin had walked in to find their father standing over their mother, knife in hand, covered in blood.

With this new information, Crawford tried to get the case reopened, but the police didn't seem to care. It was a fifteen year old case, and five year olds were not reliable eye witnesses.

Family issues were not the only ones he had to deal with. Dane's job was proving to be less satisfactory than first thought. Osiris, the owner of the club and close personal friend of the Senator, was seeking to build himself up to rival the Italian, Irish and Russian mobs that had stake in the city. His ace was a drug he'd had a hand in producing, known as Venom. It could only be acquired at the club. It was THE party drug. And it was this drug that led to far more trouble than Crawford ever wanted. There was a pop star that felt he owned Osiris, when in fact it was the other way around. It was after a hearty dose of this inhibition lowering drug that the pop star decided to go for a walk. About a month before, Crawford had encountered the pop star and had a few scathing things to say, including breaking the man's CD in front of him.

Crawford, stumbling drunk, tried to fight the man and lost. In the end, he was face down on the cold sidewalk, wearing only his boots and gloves, with a knife all the way through his calf. Dane, being a coward, had fled the scene when the fight began. It was Donavin who found his brother and called the ambulance. He also called a second number. Osiris. Not fully knowing the consequences.

Once Crawford was able to walk again, he found himself growing addicted to the vicodin he'd been prescribed. And strangely, the pharmacy kept refilling his prescription without question. It was a great way to get away from the pain, both mental and physical.

He was twenty six, his back and arms covered in scars and a head full of memories he wanted to avoid.

He was as settled as he would ever be. He was content to support his brother, knowing he was safe. Donavin had found someone else he trusted, a young man he was room mates with at college. Crawford was satisfied with this. He needed help with how unstable his brother could be. At least it left Crawford able to see his one and only friend with out fearing his brother might be jealous. So he spent his days drinking away what little extra money he had, checking in on his brother when he could and just passing the time.


Stubborn, abrasive, violent, grumpy—just a few words used to describe this guy. On his good days, the best he will come off as indifferent. That isn't to say he isn't incapable of mirth or humor. He's been known to laugh from time to time, but he can be a little bit on the cruel side. He was something of a bully in high school. However, that behavior was something he never quite grew out of. Picking a fight is his preferred means of stress relief. He is often drunk when doing so and uses few weapons. He carries a hammer with him at all times, but often forgets he has it, so he turns to means such as broken beer bottles to aid him in getting the upper hand. He is a dirty fighter, a brawler, with little sense of 'honor' in a fight. He is very much an 'act now, think later' sort, who would rather charge head first into something than think it out. And even when he does so and finds himself in the middle of an impossible fight, he doesn't get scared. In fact, there are only two things that can shake this stubborn redhead: His step father and public speaking/performing. Yes, the angry brawler has stage fright.

He has his soft spots, as well. He is extremely protective of those he considers friends, though they are few and far between. But above all else, he will protect his younger brother—even if it meant sacrificing himself. Everything he is, everything he lives for, is ensuring his brother's safety. This leaves him few resources for himself, but he perseveres.


Crawford has no supernatural abilities. He has a high pain tolerance, increased by a pain-killer addiction. He is also a skilled fighter. Well, a brawler—he fights dirty.


Uses singing as a focus to help him Bend. So far, he has only managed the basics: food, drink, small articles of clothing.
Notable bending results:

- Created a guitar
- Created a bookshelf
- Created and consumed many bottles of rum and whiskey




Crawford greatly approved of the random building being blown up. He had not been in Nautilus for the Isis mess, nor is he up on his foreign historical figures, so he didn't understand the meaning for it all. But, hey, blowing shit up is fun. A week later, seemingly out of the blue, V offered Crawford a place to sleep. He was reluctant to accept, but he did in the end and crashed hard in one of the bedrooms at the Shadow Gallery. An awkward conversation was had, in the end landing V with a semi-permanent house guest.

Tony Stark
Only a few conversations have been had, but they haven't started fighting yet. And Tony at least seems concerned about Crawford wanting to fight the Cybertronians.

How could you hate this kid? He's so derpy and oblivious sometimes. So far Crawford has helped him Bend a book shelf and gave him a Christmas gift (a hooded sweatshirt).


One of the first few to not immdately get Crawford worked up into rage mode. It helped that he didn't tell Crawford he was a giant robot in human form. He explained some of the basics of the city as well as provided Crawford with a map. It was enough to get the surly redhead to utter a "thanks." A rare thing, indeed. When Crawford was injured in a fight, Ratchet offered his services as a doctor, which Crawford accepted and learned just how far Bending could go. Instant healing. What a concept. Unfortunately, during the Lunar Cry event, Ratchet was forced to go Cybertronian to fight off a massive monster. This threw Crawford into a rather intense rage. They've barely spoken since, with the exception of Ratchet trying to apologize and calm Crawford down, which only made things worse.

The first resident Crawford encountered face-to-face. The decepticon appeared in human mode, after irritating Crawford over the network. And so Crawford punched the bastard. Leading to Starscream revealing his robot form and just being a general ass. Any following interactions were met with swearing and insults. Crawford has vowed to find a way to beat the robot to a pulp, some day.

Hunter convinced Sunstreaker to give Crawford a ride to Furman's when Crawford wanted to find the bar. Tempers flared and Sunstreaker kept running his mouth (in car mode) with Hunter trying to keep them from bickering too much. So Crawford decided to light up a cigarette while in the car, escalating to just flicking the ashes on the floor. Sunstreaker had enough and shifted to robot mode, picking up Crawford and generally using his epic size to his advantage. After Starscream, Crawford decided he despised giant robots.

Cassie Hack
It started as mere banter on the network, Cassie easilly getting Crawford worked up into an incomprehensible rage. Then came the rave. Not knowing what the city was capable of, Crawford went looking for a fight and ended up being grabbed up by an over enthusastic, drug-bubbled Cassie. Crawford was also bubble'ed and they ended up dancing. In fact, they slow danced, leading all the way to a full kiss. But the drug bubbles didn't last long and if it weren't for an anti-violence effect on the rave, they would have ripped each other apart then and there.

Adrian Veidt
An instant irritation to Crawford. Having grown up around the higher levels of society in New York, Crawford's hate for them is a bit more personal than "People with money are dumb!" but he's not about to explain that to this purple suited industrialist. Crawford is determined to make his irritation known and did not take well to being told he was merely throwing a tantrum. Crawford ran into him at the bar and the sparks began to fly almost immediately. Crawford tried to punch him and found out just how bad of an idea that was, getting his face smashed, nose broken and a rib cracked. Adrian still insisted on walking Crawford home, and more arguments were had. Later, Adrian found a private rant of his broadcast to the city to which Crawford made unkind comments. It rapidly devolved into a stalemate with no meaning, neither willing to back down.

William Jesse
Crawford is none too pleased with the attitude of this young, religious man. It's mostly the religious part. And now that William Jesse has started talking about Crawford needing healing on a spiritual level…well, Crawford doesn't appreciate that very much.

Another robot for Crawford to hate on. She doesn't help it, though. Claimed she could make Crawford her slave or kill him. If she wanted to.


Plastic Man
The verdict is still out on this one. But he's been helpful and gave Crawford a pizza before he learned about how the city works. Hey, a guy's gotta eat, right?

A grumpy kid who threw fire at Crawford for trying to start a snowball fight. But that alone isn't enough to make Crawford hate him. Yet.


City shifts, gifts, etc

- Woke up after his first week covered in a pile of crawfish.
- Was given a keyblade during the Heartless event and smacked around a few shadow beasties.

Christmas Gifts received:
- A silver lighter with a stained glass motif in the shape of a nautilus shell on either side (Roxas)
- Brave New World by Aldous Huxley (V)
- I, Robot (Sari)
- Set of toy robots (Starscream)
- Firecrackers (Starscream)
- "Chikun Soop 4 Meen Hed Sole" - A book in Grimlock Speak (Grimlock-anon)
- Ornament made of recycled materials (Wreck-Gar)
- Nerf gun ("Santa" aka Wally)
- Cheesy Christmas Sweater ("Santa" aka Wally)
- Chocolates ("Santa" aka Wally)
- Hand carved wooden toy of himself (Wally)

Plot and story

- Arrived on November 2nd.
- Tried to fight Starscream and failed. Damn robots and their human forms.
- Screamed at his notebook for a while and wandered aimlessly until he managed to get into the inner-eastern district.
- Argued some more. Shared a pizza with Plastic Man. Caught a ride with Hunter and Sunstreaker to Furman's Bar. Fought with Sunstreaker. Gained an intense hatred for giant robots.
- Spent the week sleeping outside and slumming around.
- Woke up one day covered in crawfish, thanks to the city.
- Learned of bending from Tony Stark, and other basics about the city from Ratchet.
- Took up residence in the museum with V.
- Attempted Bending and thanks to it being broadcast discovered that focusing on music while doing it helps him.
- Managed to Bend himself up a guitar.
- Tried to go home again and failed.
- Got into a fight with Adrian after a clash of personalities and ideas, got a busted rib and nose out of the deal.
- Met with Ratchet for some healing.
- Argued with Adrian some more.
- Acquired a KEYBLADE! Which he thinks is the lamest thing ever.
- Hung around V's for a while, practicing his bending.
- Had an unintentional performance, as he belted out a Bad Region song while he celebrated his newest acheivment in Bending: Pizza and booze.
- Had a somewhat serious, but drunken chat with both Ratchet and V.
- Argued with Adrian even more.
- Argued with William Jesse about Christmas, Easter and other things.
- Wrote a song titled "Civil War" that he accidentally posted to the network.
- Helped Roxas by Bending him up a bookshelf.
- Tried to start a snowball fight with Rion outside the museum. It didn't go over so well.
- Got the idea from Tony to turn himself into a giant robot in order to fight Starscream and Sunstreaker.
- In downtime, has been reading a lot of V's books, which isn't exactly good for him since they're banned books from V's time, including things like Fahrenheit 451.
- Wanted to just go for a simple drink with Ratchet. Alas, it was on Lunar Cry and and an Iron Giant decided Furman's was the happening place to be that night.
- Finished reading Fahrenheit 451 and discussed it with V. There was much ranting. Was then given the task to read "Repent! Harlequin!" and following that, 1984.
- Sang three songs during the musical event. All of which were hating on Robots.

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