Crystal Gem House

The Gem House is now a Tardis (bigger on the inside) With the addition of these rooms;
Connie's room
Crocker room
Library wing
Ray's Room
A room with the first floor of the Firehouse from Ghostbusters

Steve Universe Canon Kitchen and Main Room

The extra rooms DO NOT HAVE traditional doors (excluding the patio)

These rooms are reached with warp pads like in Pokemon Games (think Sabrina's Gym!) that only work inside the house. EXCEPT for the lab. The 'hops' are random and may require the person to re-step back on the pad to try again.

As of November; Patio has a forcefield around it keeping the weather out.


Banners hang around the library on the walls. Such as 'Believe', 'Will' and 'Focus' in Harry Potter like font.

There are also stain glass windows with Steven Universe, Cosmo and Wanda (Canon), Fairy World (canon), Anti-Fairies (canon) and troop fairies from some other Earth's.

On the top middle library, shelf are Crocker's core magic books. Including his own book. With fake Fairy Godparent wands (crossed like swords) guarding them.
*This booby trapped*

The ceiling; From below looks like zigzag patterns with random symbols (aka Steven Universe's gem, Fairy Godparent wand, Chaos elemental (Sonic verse) etc) As well as a starry symbol in the center which represents Nautilus.

Rather than a globe of the Earth a kernel from Nita's universe (Young Wizards) resides in the center of the room.
However, when closer to the ceiling the is wording; Depicting the differences and similarities between the main magics' of Fairy Godparents and Nautilus Bending.

Ray's Room


Ghostbuster family photo ( Ghostbusters, Janine, and Slimer)
Mr. Mr. Stay Puft plushie
Tiny plastic Daleks (from Doctor Who) 6th Doctor toy sonic screwdriver

Connie's Room

[[]] Requested to keep as is

Crocker's Room



[[]] Requested to keep as is

Crocker's Lab

You enter the lab by standing on a rug in Crocker's room for 10 seconds. Which then one goes through a series of tubes -and pass the basement- to the lab (lower basement)

Rather than blue fluorescent lights, Crocker has blue flames (non-harmful) burning all the time in the linear fireplace, which extends all around the room. Expect in four spots, just big enough for a person to walk between them.

The walls and ceiling are white boards. With binomials written on the ceiling even. There is also shelving space on one section of the wall that looks like something out of a Pac Man maze. The fire also lines that but doesn't burn anything.

On the shelves are his plush dolls of his friends/family, pictures in frames and the Fairy Tracker.

As well as, a blue carpet on one side of the bed. Stand on the carpet for 10 seconds - Proceed to Lab

Hopefully, you land on the pink mattress at the bottom.






A Delorean is parked inside - somewhere

There's a closet with the entire collection of The Crimson Chin and Captain Steel comic books

Tobin's Spirit Guide which is still missing from the Yggdrasil Library

Spare Ghostbuster uniforms can be found in the Firehouse; including one labeled; Crocker

The lab has random bits of magic technology (Fairly Oddparents) and ghost hunting tech from Ghostbusters
(Along with Egon's Snail and mushroom and mold collections)

AnyWhere Door (looks like a door that is standing in a thin doorframe to hold it) Opens up - but only works for certain individuals see link

A lighthouse; that makes a triangle between the Beach House and Conservatory.

Lighthouse is currently; barebone

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