Cybertronian building remodeled

Basic Overview

General Description
A Cybertronian building reworked to be a laboratory for the 3rd Doctor, Beaker, and Billy Cranston. If you’re seeking some scientific or mechanical expertise (or, lack thereof when it comes to Beaker), feel free to pop in and have a look around.


Used as the front door to the laboratory, it looks and works just like a garage one would find in a suburb. With the push of a button, the garage door slides up/down and locks automatically. The 3rd Doctor, Billy, Gregg and Beaker have a remote control that opens/closes it. It can also be opened via a large, red button inside the garage.

As of Feb. 28, 2018 the security of the building has been updated to include:
Deadlock seal -
A form of lock that is almost impregnable, far more secure than most locks. This deadlock is keyed to the sonic frequency of the remote controls Billy and Beaker have and the Sonic Screwdriver of the Doctors. Dead locking does not make glass unbreakable but does prevent the metal of the main door from being melted and the walls from being damaged.

Anti-theft device -
This generates a powerful magnetic force field around any person attempting to tamper with the locking device, windows, or doors of the laboratory building. There is no pain involved but the force field will pin any potential thief who made physical contact with the lock, windows, or doors and keep them from breaking free until either the device shuts itself off or until the would-be thieves are apprehended. A biometeric sensor attuned to the frequency of Billy, The Doctor, and Beaker prevents them from being detained by the device.

The largest room in the building, where most of the heavy work and construction happens. The workshop features a wide range of equipment, from boxes of nails to a welder. Most of it seems to be (relatively) organized. However, there’s quite a lot of scavenged material scattered about, waiting to be broken down and repurposed.
In the very corner of the room, there is a door with far too many safety stickers plastered to it. This Anywhere Door connects to the TARDIS, and any other places the Doctors in the city currently reside. Make sure you are decisive about where you want to visit.

A regular-looking laboratory, with various equipment such as bunsen burners, beakers, and hot plates. A poster of the table of elements upon which a few extra 'alien' elements had been hastily scribbled into the margins has been attached to a rolling dry-erase board. There are also a few run-down computers and strange, beeping machines on the tabletops. This place is usually in various states of disarray, from ‘lightly littered’ to ‘imminent safety hazard’, largely depending on who was in the lab last. One would think that, in a room with volatile chemicals, there would be more of an effort to keep it clean.

Thanks to the Tenth Doctor the lab has been gifted an X-ray Machine and Blood Analyses Machine.

Come and rest your weary heads. There are a few scattered bedrooms, located throughout the building.

3rd Doctor’s Bedroom
3’s room is a mix of modern furniture with a more classic Victorian style. Something like this. Various trinkets from his time in Nautilus decorate the furnishings, or they will as soon as he has a few. A large wardrobe is on the other wall nearest the door. A small writing desk is on the wall opposite the window.

Beaker’s bedroom
Beaker’s bedroom is decorated with flower-patterned wallpaper and various movie posters. Sitting on his desk is a framed portrait of Beaker and Bunsen Honeydew, as well as an endless pile of papers and textbooks. Beyond that, the room is relatively bare.

Billy's bedroom
Billy's room is very basic. Containing a bed, a table, a lamp, and a storage bin for whatever project he fiddles with when he can't sleep.

Gregg's bedroom
Blue wallpaper decorates the walls as well as numerous miscellaneous posters. A string of fairy lights run along the ceiling. The desk is neat and hosts a desktop computer.

The rest of the rooms are for guests, or for any other people who wish to join them in their pursuit of science.

Media Room
This room has a television set equipped with a VHS player, as well as a retro-looking turntable. There is a nearby shelf stocked with VHS tapes featuring various Bill Nye the Science Guy episodes and a few Muppet movies. There is a small collection of records in a cardboard box next to the turntable, most of which feature jazz and classical music. Additionally, there are a few bookshelves filled with what appear to be numerous scientific (and unscientific) tomes. Titles featured are Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy, Relativity: The Special and General Theory, and Chemistry for Dummies.

A cozy little room with basic kitchen amenities: a stove with an oven, a refrigerator, a microwave, a toaster, and a small table to eat at. It starts to feel crowded if more than three people are in here at a time. The cabinets are filled with many tea varieties: varie-teas, if you will. Feel free to drop in for a chat and a cuppa.

Not in the traditional sense, mind you—outer space doesn’t exist in Nautilus. There is some equipment set up to take readings on various forms of energy, as well as a telescope to observe what goes on throughout the city. It’s not spying if it’s scientific.

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