Continuity NPC
Age ???
Species Deva
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
District N/A
Journal azure-regis
Player Teal
Theme Song N/A

Brief Bio

- Became the Deva of Change, taking over Nautilus' place when he Ascended to Aeon.
- Fact! No one knew whether or not if Cyrus was male or female at first, since Cyrus was only referred to as "the Emperor".
- Was later revealed that Cyrus was a woman. Surprise!
- But then she was Unmade by Starscream, Blitzwing, and Kyd Wykkyd.
- Wreck-Gar was… kind of able to bring a memory of Cyrus back to the city? Or something? Either way, she made some guest-star appearances in some Wakened's dreams. Namely: Starscream, Katherine, Dead End, Alexander Wolfgang, Tony Stark, Crawford Sands, and Lelouch vi Britannia.
- On February 7th, the anniversary of Nautilus' creation, Cyrus was able to return for one day. Albeit not knowing what becomes of her later on, since the entire city had been reversed.

And the rest is history.


Cyrus' Ashura were Ameras and Jin Shahrivar.

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