Darien Fawkes
Darien Fawkes
Continuity The Invisible Man
Age 32
Species Human
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
District Western Southern District
Journal hihoquicksilver
Player Rev
FST Nothing To See Here
Theme Song Drive In Drive Out by Dave Matthews Band; 3 Libras by A Perfect Circle

"A schmuck named Nietzsche once wrote: ‘Anything that’s done out of love is beyond good and evil.’

"Now, here’s the thing: I love my job.

"So what does that make me?"


Darien’s story begins with what should have been a straightforward job, no different than any other he was used to. And by job, that usually entailed the usual breaking and entering gig. Making a living as a successful thief, Darien’s luck ran short when, on his last run, the owner of the house caught him, only to fall over immediately from a cardiac arrest. Conscience took over, as Darien returned to administer CRP on the man. Much to his misfortune when, upon resuscitation, the police stormed the house; catching Darien in the most unfortunate position that appeared to be as though he were raping the old man.

As the saying goes: “No good deed goes unpunished.” And Darien had become pretty much the poster boy of that proverb, when the owner had testified against him. In his long career of crime, Darien had been caught in plenty of tight corners. However, being judged under the legal microscope in a room full of elderly people, he found himself on the receiving end equivalent to the crucifixion: Under California’s three strikes law, Darien Fawkes was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

In a debatable turn of luck, his sentence was rather short lived when his older brother, Kevin, bailed him out, but under one condition: Darien volunteers to become a test subject at the lab he was working on his newest project at. Seemed simple enough, although Darien and Kevin had never been too close to begin with; not since they were children. Although they did support each other after their mom died, as Darien once said, “At the end of the day, it’s just you and me.” While growing up the boys had got along pretty well, but the both of them wound up leading completely separate lives into their adulthood—Darien taking the path of a criminal, and Kevin the golden child who grew up to become a scientist (for that reason Darien had dropped out of college, seeing no reason to even try to compete with his brother).

The I-Project was kept highly classified, and Kevin kept Darien entirely in the dark about the whole thing. He didn’t even know that there was going to be an operation until they made it to the lab, where a gland was implanted into Darien’s brain called Quicksilver. This gland provided him with invisibility, which was initiated by his intense fear of spiders for the first time. Much as Darien demanded to have the gland removed, Kevin insisted that he didn’t trust it with anyone else other than his own brother. Reluctantly, he agreed, if only to have it taken out as soon as possible.

It didn’t take long for Darien to figure out that there was something wrong with one of the most trusted researchers, Arnaud de Thiel—who actually turned out to be Arnaud Deföhn, a terrorist after the gland. It was also Arnaud who infected the gland prior to Darien’s surgery with a toxin that would later reveal a side effect of the operation. These intense emotions of anger and paranoia invited a side effect that would later be known as Quicksilver Madness. Without a regular injection of a counteragent, Darien will slip into a state of insanity the more he uses his invisibility. He encountered this reaction for the first time when he turned and attacked his brother and Arnaud, and then proceeded to run mad in the facility. His brother managed to inject him with the first dosage of counteragent, which reversed Darien back to sanity just before he nearly raped a woman in the shower and killed his brother for interfering.

After some time, it was revealed that Arnaud Deföhn had secretly infiltrated the project so that he could extract the gland and kill Darien, and everyone else in the facility. His brother got killed in a crossfire that would have killed them both if he hadn’t pushed Darien out of the way. After taking out the gunman, Kevin died in Darien’s arms.

Hounded for the gland in his brain, Darien made a run for it. Knowing that it would only be a matter of time before the Quicksilver Madness took over; he sought to have the gland removed, only to have been apprehended by an agency known only as The Agency, which was run by a man known only as The Official. With the only person capable of removing the gland dead, Kevin Fawkes himself, it was revealed that there were no scenarios in which the gland could be removed without killing its host, and that Darien would be better off living with it for now. Still, there were always only two things ever on his mind: Killing Arnaud Deföhn, and getting the gland out.

With the idea of exacting revenge on Arnaud Deföhn for the death of his brother, and the hope of being free of the Quicksilver gland, Darien stayed with The Agency. Working and, oftentimes, blackmailed through cases that involved national threats such as snipers and assassins, and former subjects of The Agency, such as the Catevari, who was a man who could kill just by touching them. Assigned to a paranoid, former CIA and FBI agent, Robert Hobbes, and a Keeper to tend to his health, Claire, Darien had only one choice: Either stay with The Agency, or go stark mad without a regular dosage of counteragent. The answer was the obvious one.

Over a period of time as the Madness episodes became random and unpredictable, it wasn’t until Darien had attacked and attempted to murder his partner that Claire had ensured his sanity level by a tattoo of an ouroboros, now on his wrist. The certainty of his Madness is determined when he is without a shot of the counteragent by how much he uses his invisibility, or six days.

In spite of everything, he continued working. While on a case with dealing with an assassin infamous for blinding his victims known as The Chameleon, Darien got shot by the assassin’s device and went blind. However, if not for his system and his reaction to fear initiating his invisibility at the exact moment, he’d have risked permanent blindness. As it were, he remained temporarily blind, though he was able to see by adjusting his eyes or becoming entirely invisible.

During his confrontation with The Chameleon, Darien lost it when he fell into Quicksilver Madness, and murdered the assassin. Convinced that he had done so out of self defense, Darien went about his way, although with a little nagging voice on the back of his conscience telling him otherwise—that he’d enjoyed killing the man. And it wouldn’t take much to fall into Madness again before he would begin to enjoy killing more.

Such dismal thoughts were best to put aside, especially while he was continuing to recover from his condition. After a month past, Darien began recovering his sight. He’d been in recovery most of the time, returning to The Agency for his regular shots. Things were going as planned. Except by the time he’d regained his vision, he wasn’t in Kansas (or home in California) anymore.

Nautilus History

- Darien Fawkes arrives on August 27th. Confused, he wound up in the Western District Asylum. He ran out in a daze of confusion and disorientation, and almost got ran over by a dragon (Smaug). But that’s okay, because then he got his ass saved by Lara Croft. Welcome to Nautilus, Darien.
- Darien finds things interesting because he was originally blinded by an assassin before he arrived to Nautilus, yet now he can see. Kind of. Well. He’s hypersensitive. Close enough.
- Trying to figure out what the hell is going on, he meets Leslie Vernon. The two hit it off pretty well. Too bad Leslie’s a psycho trying to be a slasher legend.
- Darien finds out that his Quicksilver gland does not work. Sweet! He realizes that he can do anything he wants now without going involuntarily invisible, so he tests this out. By jumping off a bridge. Which is perfectly normal. Poor Thomas, however, begs to differ.
- Lara wants to explore Helix. Darien is down with that. So he goes with Batman, Klonoa, Leslie, Lilly Pendragon, Nash Latkje, Prowl, Tally Youngblood, and V to scout Helix.
- Then Isis shows up, and Darien is curious. He has a chat with her, telling him that most likely the hindrance that is his Quicksilver gland will cause him problems again. Well shit.
- Darien meets William Jesse at the beach. Darien disagrees that Isis is God.
- What’s that? Isis glassed kids and killed some people? That is so not kosher. Darien settles on the fact that Isis is a bitch and attempts to work on invisibility. He does this by trying out yoga again. Nash finds this a little silly and they talk for awhile. Oh but hey, Darien finds out during this conversation that he can at least accomplish partial invisibility. Yay?
- Actually, this becomes quite handy when Darien and Plastic Man take on an Isis-induced brainwashed Katherine in her harpie form. This works while trying to weaken Isis and throw her out of the city.
- Then Darien gets turned into an albino labrat. Leslie keeps him in his pocket during this time, as they go to help Nathan Wallace to repair the chains in the Western District while the city plunged into chaos.
- Awesome. The chains have been repaired and all is well. Darien expresses his satisfaction in the form of terrible rap. And he becomes human again. In the nude. Samus Aran is not impressed, but Leslie approves.
- Katherine feels bad about being brainwashed. Darien tries to comfort her.
- Darien meets Demyx by the beach, and then he leaves to go back home shortly afterwards.
- He returns to Nautilus October 28th (towards the end of the first season, Money For Nothing). The good news is, he has counteragent which keeps him from going insane. The bad news is, he’s already insane. And plotting bad things.
- Fortunately, bad things got intercepted when Nash took him out in the forest, and injected Darien with a shot of counteragent, which… doesn’t seem to work once Darien reaches Stage Five Madness? Oh wait, it just takes a little while longer to take effect. Anyway, Nash drags Darien’s sorry ass to Budehuc. Good job. He makes an apology afterwards once he’s sane, and Lara agrees to keep his sanity levels in check.
- Then he goes to a rave and gets William Jesse drunk. Because corrupting the priest is such a great idea.
- Just because Darien is everyone’s bitch, the city thought it’d be a great idea to have him wake up in a candy striper nurse’s costume. A sexy one, too (couldn’t possibly have anything to do with something he’d said to Nash about being a sexy nurse at Repo Hospital, could it?). After much laughs (shut up, Sho), Katherine stops by and helps him out of it.
- Darien is not thankful, but attends the Thanksgiving feast. And has a toast with Katherine. Because he is totally thankful to be out of a nurse uniform.


Darien’s entire life can pretty much be summed up as him being the guy who always gets the short end of the stick, between getting caught in the scene of a crime while saving a man’s life, to having a gland stuck in his head that has caused him nothing short of trouble from day one. Much as it frustrates him, he’s almost gotten used to people keeping him in the dark, as well as using him for their own personal needs (typically because he is, in a way, using them for his own needs as well). That doesn’t mean that he won’t ask questions or put them through the mill until he gets the answers he wants.

Though he may not have finished college, it’s obvious that Darien is well educated, as he’s prone to quote philosophers, classic literature, writers, et cetera. He’s well spoken if anything, and has a penchant for running his mouth a lot. This tends to go hand in hand with his ability to press people for answers. Underneath the fool who pleasures in the simple things in life, he’s got a very deep, introspective side to him.

Darien has intense arachnophobia; it was his fear of spiders that his Quicksilver reacted to for the first time. He tries to contain his panic when in the presence of spiders and it’s not impossible for him to rise above that fear, but really, he’s just got a downright seven-year-old girlish terror of them.

Regardless of the path he’d chosen, Darien had taken an almost successful career as a cat burglar. In fact, if it weren’t for his shady code of ethics, he probably would’ve gotten away with it. Unfortunately for him, crime and conscience don’t go hand and hand very well, because that was what landed him where he is today. Being more of a sneaky thief than he is a fighter, he’s not that effective of a combatant, although he’s not entirely incapable of defending himself in close range conflict or above the use of firearms. However, this was why, working for The Agency, Darien was most useful for covert operations while partnered up with Hobbes, who provided the muscle work. Having been an ex-con and a thief, it’s nothing new for Darien to lie, cheat, or steal, or be able to see the liar in other people. Even without invisibility he’s able to sneak about, unseen and unheard.

As Uncle Ben had said, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” Yeah? Screw that. This philosophy is beyond Darien, actually, and he’s not all that prudent when it comes to being an agent of the government (although he does know his way around the law). If not for having to take a regular dose of counteragent into mind, however, Darien wouldn’t think twice before abusing his abilities. He also has something of an immature streak; in spite of bickering about his situation so much, he does seem to have his own fun, making childish gestures and dances before going invisible. He’s not very secretive about it, either; most likely because he doesn’t see a point. He’s been known to go invisible and visible right in front of other people—and most of the time he’s all casual about it.

Principles aside, Darien has a very strong sense of I scratch your back, you scratch mine take on things (it’s the only thing keeping him working for The Agency, really). He’s also a very strong believer on if you stab him in the back, he’s every right to stab you right back; betray him, and he’ll betray you. There is no honor amongst thieves until things are settled in squares. In the light of betrayal, he is very moody and unforgiving.

Because of the toxin injected into the gland in his brain, it only takes time and strain before Madness takes over and Darien becomes a walking Id. On the first stage of the Madness, he is plagued by near-incapacitating migraines. Not long afterwards, his eyes change from dark to red, covering the whites of his eyes entirely. The fifth and final stage, which is almost entirely unrecoverable and incurable without the proper counteragent, changes his eyes to silver.

Any concept of morality or a care in the world is thrown immediately out the door in his final stages of Madness, replaced by a sociopathic madman with no entry of self restraint in his vocabulary. He has been known to attack, kill, and has, on a couple instance, attempted rape. While insane, there is very little chance of reaching a negotiable side of him as he does whatever he wants, whenever he wants, when he feels like it.

He is very up in your grill, and speaks what’s on his mind, no matter what it is. Any emotions he had held back are suddenly unrestrained. The Id side of him is the kind who wouldn’t hesitate to push you out in front of traffic because, to him, it’s fucking hilarious the way you do back flips over that Volkswagen just before your spine breaks.


For a guy, Darien cares about his looks. Stylish most of the time, he mostly sports in the usual earthy colors—typically his trademark brown jackets. (Although that doesn’t save him from wearing ridiculously hideous things every so often; i.e. a pink shirt, orange pants, et cetera.) He doesn’t wear jeans all that much, as he’s mostly seen in chinos and regular old shoes.

Basically, he’s an average-looking man, although handsome.

The one thing he obviously cares for is his hair, which tends to flop into over his eyes if he doesn’t care enough to maintain and keep it up. These are what us normal people call bangs.

As a small time thief who’s had his own share of action, Darien has kept himself in relatively good shape, with a surprisingly lack of battle scars. Mostly because he’s a rather lousy fighter.

Of course, while invisible, you can’t see any of this. Although he’s also got that neat trick where he can mark parts of him disappear. That’s always fun.


The gland implanted in Darien’s brain allows him to release a chemical into his body called Quicksilver, which has the ability to bend light and become invisible. For the most part he’s able to control it, although at times it is driven by extreme emotions, such as anger or fear. He’s able to maintain the ability in a way that he can make certain parts of his body disappear, like his arm or leg or head.

The Quicksilver causes his body temperature to drop to a point where he is resistant to fire and can freeze objects, and turn them invisible by contact. He can adjust his eyes so that he is able to see in the ultraviolet field and, in addition, be able to perceive other things that would otherwise be invisible. Conversely, he can be seen by those who are wearing thermals, or others who are invisible.

While he had been forcefully recruited by the government, Darien is still a conman at heart, and finds ways to abuse his abilities (i.e. making his legs disappear while hanging out in the handicapped parking), no matter how many times he’d been reprimanded by doing so.

Consequentially, in the overuse of his abilities Darien also risks straining his sanity levels to a degree of what they call “Quicksilver Madness”. The tattoo of an ouroboros on his wrist indicates how close he is to reaching that insanity, and is described to become a “walking Id” with absolutely no comprehension of self control, becoming a liable danger to others. Because of this, he is required to receive regular doses of a counteragent to prevent himself from going insane.

As the ouroboros changes red, there are symptoms to which lead towards this stage of Madness. The earliest includes near-incapacitating migraines in the back of his skull (where the gland was implanted), and red eyes. Once his eyes turn silver, he’s reached the fifth stage of the Madness, to which there is no cure even with the counteragent at hand.


- Albino Rat: Darien got this ability during the incident when the city was plummeting into chaos. He can shrink into a small labrat.

- Blah blah blah.


Character Relationships.


- a snazzy fedora hat
- a nurse uniform

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