Death The Kid
Death the Kid
Continuity Soul Eater (manga)
Age 15 16
Species Reaper (Death god)
Hair Color Black with three horizontal white stripes on the left side
Eye Color Two distinct shades of yellow
District Western District
Journal ocd_reaper
Player Cybra
Theme Song "Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Have a Nice Dream" by Lotus Juice

"I'm going to keep fighting until this world is the way it should be. Until the world is balanced."


It's unknown where or when Kid was born or even how he came into existence. It's debatable if Kid himself is aware of the answers to either of these questions.

Kid trained with his father, Death, initially, learning to control his reaper powers. At some point, he decided that he wanted to create his own Death Scythe. He rejected many Weapons based on the fact that they would render him asymmetrical which, in Kid's book, was absolutely unacceptable. He finally found his Weapon partners when he took a trip to New York City, ending up mugged by the Thompson sisters, Liz and Patty. He found that while the sisters looked differently in their human forms, in their Weapon forms they were a pair of perfectly matched pistols. He managed to save them not long afterward, convincing them to return with him though - whether or not he realized it - Liz agreed with the intent to take advantage of his wealth.

The threesome became an excellent team, their three souls being able to resonate harmoniously. This was a rather impressive feat considering it wasn't always easy for two people to resonate, much less three. The trio went on various missions for Death. These missions varied in success. For example, trying to take the soul of the master thief Lupin was a failure due to Kid getting distracted by Patty's being slightly off-center in the pose they took when introducing themselves to the thief.

After the Lupin assignment, they were sent out on a mission to the Pyramid of Anubis in order to capture the soul of the witch Samantha who was controlling the mummies there. Upon arrival, however, Kid was once more distracted by his need for symmetry, worrying that a picture frame back home was tilting slightly. He left Liz and Patty at the pyramid as he went back to check, finding that it had been just his imagination after all. When he returned, he found his two partners captured by the Pharaoh. Though Kid did manage to free the Thompson sisters by using his skateboard Beelzebub to slice through their bindings, he was completely unable to fire on the Pharaoh due to the sarcophagus being perfectly symmetrical. Kid took a beating from the Pharaoh's bandages, and the Pharaoh exited the sarcophagus to finish the job. This was a mistake on the Pharaoh's part for the Pharaoh himself was almost completely asymmetrical. Kid was so offended by the Pharaoh that he shot the Pharaoh to pieces…and ended up destroying the pyramid in the process. All the souls that the trio collected from all the mummies that Liz and Patty killed before Kid returned in addition to the Pharaoh's soul were confiscated by Death upon returning to the Meister-Weapon school known as "Shibusen" in Death City.

A little while afterwards, he watched with his father the extra lesson for Maka Albarn, Black*Star, and their Weapons as they took on a former teacher named Sid who'd been turned into a zombie. Though the quartet managed to defeat Sid, they had significant problems than the man responsible for Sid's transformation: Dr. Franken Stein. Stein was clearly far more than a match for the one-star Meisters and Weapons. Unable to simply sit by and watch anymore, Kid decided to aid them only to be stopped by his father. Death explained that it was for Shibusen students only, so Kid decided to enroll himself, Liz, and Patty on the spot. However, he never made it to the fight due to stumbling and worrying that he hadn't folded the edge of the toilet paper in his bathroom into a triangle.

Kid did go on to join the students of Shibusen though he showed up three hours late on his first day due to making sure everything in his home was symmetrical before he left. Black*Star and Maka's Weapon partner Soul Evans were waiting for him, wanting to see what all the fuss was about over the new kid. Black*Star, true to his nature, was angered by someone else getting more attention than him, deciding to stand at the very tip of one of the spikes on the front skull only his weight broke it. Upset by the marring of his father's symmetrical school building, Kid with Liz and Patty engaged Black*Star and Soul in battle. Kid was able to fight off both students with his skills and the Thompsons' twin pistol forms with great ease. This drew the attention of many students and brought Stein (now a teacher at Shibusen), Maka, and Black*Star's partner Tsubaki Nakatsukasa out to watch.

Black*Star and Soul decided to work together as Meister and Weapon, but their inability to properly resonate made it impossible for them to work together as such. The pair decided to break up as partners but stay as friends. Both then got shot in the head when Kid's fingers, currently resting on the triggers, slipped though whether it was truly accidental or not was unclear. The battle continued in earnest, Black*Star actually managing to pull Kid to the ground though the young reaper managed to escape a slash from Soul and pull Black*Star in to take a blow to the head. He then entered Execution mode by soul resonating with Liz and Patty, using their soul resonance attack Death Cannon to knock out Black*Star and Soul.

Surprisingly enough, Kid fainted once the battle was over, spewing a bit of blood. It turned out some of his bangs were cut by that missed attack of Soul's and he only noticed after the explosion. Upset that his symmetry had been wrecked, he passed out which Black*Star and Soul counted as their win from behind. Death showed up to pick up and attend to Kid along with taking him home.

A little while afterward, Kid went to the library to borrow some books but mostly to look up more information about the legendary holy sword Excalibur. He found Black*Star there reading manga instead of fulfilling his punishment of cleaning up the library. Upon hearing about Excalibur, Black*Star was fascinated by the fame rather than the possible symmetry as Kid was. The pair went to find the holy sword, their efforts proving successful. Kid was amazed by the symmetry of the blade though he was angered when Black*Star easily removed the sword from its resting place in the ground. Kid demanded a do-over and was stunned to see that he, too, was able to pull Excalibur free. The sword began to talk to them, changing into his human-like form. Both Kid and Black*Star were stunned by how odd Excalibur looked.

Excalibur asked the boys a series of trivial question but never gave them any time to answer. He also went on and on about his own legend in stories that ended in conclusions that had nothing to do with the rest of the stories, even revealing that he himself had written the book the boys had been referencing. He gave them a list of one thousand provisions in order to wield him before naming them both his Meisters, but, after grasping the hilt of Excalibur now back in his Weapon form, Kid and Black*Star simply shoved him back into the ground. They'd learned that while Excalibur could resonate with any Meister, he was so annoying that no Meister could stand being his partner.

They left the cave in disgust and met back up at Shibusen the next day, giving one another a friendly handshake. However, they soon found their schoolmates snickering at them and for good reason: Excalibur had sent them a pair of giant wreaths to them with the message "I'll always be waiting for you".

Later on, Stein issued a very difficult written exam. Rumor had it that whoever passed with the highest score would be the one to either create or become the next Death Scythe depending on if that person was a Meister or Weapon. This would be Kid's first exam at Shibusen, but the reaper didn't bother studying, claiming he already knew all the material. However, Kid found himself having an especially difficult time writing his own name. He even started crying, calling himself garbage, when he had to erase and rewrite the K in "Kid" several times due to spacing issues. He ended up tearing the paper while erasing, causing him to cough up blood and faint. In the end, he flunked the test with zero points, the lowest score in the class.

Following the disastrous exam, Kid, Liz, and Patty went to the Babuto Seashore where, according to survivors, the entire town was swallowed up. Kid sensed a large gathering of souls in a fog bank, so they rowed out to it to find the Nidhogg. After crashing into it, the trio boarded the vessel and scoped out the ship to find a room filled with souls. Using his reaper powers, Kid prepared to save the souls only to be attacked from below by the Flying Dutchman. He managed to evade the attack as Liz fell and was swallowed up by the ship. He asked the Dutchman why there were so many souls to which the Dutchman said was for the kishin. Even though Patty offered to transform, Kid refused. He couldn't wield her alone since it would be asymmetrical. With no other options, the pair fled to the deck where they met up with Liz as she escaped with the help of some friendly ghosts. The two Weapons transformed and together they and Kid readied themselves for battle. Before they can do anything, however, the Dutchman was cut in half by Crona, the Meister of the Demon Sword Ragnarok.

Crona then began to draw out the souls of the ship to feed Ragnarok. In response, Kid attacked Crona. At first, he was winning the fight, easily overwhelming Crona with countless shots. However, the Dutchman - though chopped in half - wasn't dead. As long as the ship remained in tact, he would live. The Dutchman opened fire with cannons on both Meisters but, once the smoke cleared, Crona destroyed the Nidhogg and started to escape. Kid took up pursuit on Beelzebub but ultimately let Crona get away when he was distracted by the symmetrical sky that was revealed when the fog cleared. He returned to Shibusen and went to speak to his father, wanting an explanation concerning the kishin.

Not long afterward was the foundation commemoration for Shibusen. After his father's own short speech, Kid began giving his own speech to his fellow students and the faculty but was constantly interrupted by Black*Star's antics. This ended in a tussle between the pair and Kid becoming depressed that he wasn't able to finish his speech.

However, that would be the least of his worries as an immortal werewolf named Free, the witch Eruka, and the witch Medusa (the last of whom had disguised herself as Shibusen's school nurse) managed to imprison most of the students and teaching staff inside a cube outside regular space. Only Kid, Maka, Black*Star, and their Weapon partners along with Stein managed to escape due to Sid using his Compulsive Burial technique just before the cube was sealed. Maka's father Spirit also escaped due to his following Medusa when she fled. With most of Shibusen trapped, it was up to them to stop the witches and werewolf from achieving their goal: reviving the kishin Asura who is buried beneath the school.

Stein and Spirit fought with Medusa, allowing the students to continue on. Maka and Soul engaged Crona who'd accompanied the witches under Medusa's orders. Kid, using Beelzebub continued on ahead, flying after Eruka and Free but stopping when he came across haphazardly-arranged bombs. He fell to his knees, feeling ill at the very sight of it all, until Patty managed to spur him into action with a harsh order to keep moving. He used the explosions from the bombs to pick up speed and make up for lost time.

The closer he came to the kishin's chamber, the more he could sense the insanity of the sleeping kishin. Liz asked him about it, and Kid revealed what his father had told him: Several hundred years ago, Death sealed away the kishin by ripping all of Asura's skin off and using it to make a bag to contain the kishin's soul. As further precautions, Asura was drained of blood and Death bound his soul to Death City to keep Asura sealed. However, this made it so that Death couldn't leave the boundaries of Death City, so he created Shibusen to train Weapons and Meisters to be able to go where he could not.

The conversation was interrupted by Free who attacked. Kid fired again and again, even using Death Cannon, but nothing seemed to affect the werewolf. In fact, Free didn't even bother to dodge any of these shots. To make matters worse, the disorganization of the room was starting to wear away at Kid. He became increasingly more distracted, focusing more on the chaos around him, when Black*Star made his appearance and snapped Kid back to reality. The pair resumed the fight with Free only for Kid to notice that Free was actively avoiding Black*Star's melee attacks with Tsubaki. This allowed Kid to realize that they were fighting an illusion. With that, the pair took off towards the kishin's room.

Kid reached there first, seeing Eruka with a syringe filled with black blood that was intended to be used to revive the kishin. Kid attacked but Free blocked him. Then both Kid and Free were then affected by the kishin's madness wavelength, starting to hallucinate. However, both managed to snap free of their hallucinations and Kid resumed attacking, once more getting blocked by Free. Because he had to block Kid from shooting the syringe, Free couldn't move, leaving Black*Star free to attack directly.

Despite reassurances that his sixth sense was poor and that he didn't feel the madness at all, Black*Star ended up hallucinating at the last minute when he went to strike due to being so focused that his sixth sense activated. Instead of slicing the syringe in half as he believed, he only succeeded in slicing up the shrine itself. Meanwhile, Eruka had finished her task, injecting the black blood into the bag of skin.

As the kishin began to awake, Kid fired on the sack but the effort was useless. Black*Star attempted to attack directly but was blasted away from a simple swipe of the hand. Kid once again opened fire, but the kishin tapped him on the forehead with some of his stretched skin. This knocked Kid unconscious and he remained out even after the battle had ended, Liz and Patty having to carry him away from the chamber.

The next mission he went on for his father after he'd recovered involved a runaway train that hadn't stopped in one hundred years. With Liz and Patty at his side, he was to retrieve the Magic Tool the Eternal Spring that was said to power the train. Unfortunately, there was competition over the Tool: a Mizune sister (working for Medusa) and the Fisher King (a member of Arachnophobia, an organization led by the recently-revived witch Arachne). Using Beelzebub, Kid managed to catch up to the train, dodging attacks from both the flying Mizune and from the Fisher King who'd managed to get on board.

Using a few skateboarding tricks and some cover fire by Patty wielding her sister, Kid managed to board the train where the Fisher King tried to lose him by uncoupling the cars. However, while dodging an attack from Mizune, the Arachnophobia agent ended up jumping onto the same decoupled car Kid was on. As he used his fishing line to pull himself back onto the speeding train, Liz and Patty switched back to human forms and formed a human chain with Kid, grasping onto the Fisher King's ankles. What followed was a battle all the way to the engine, Kid soundly beating the Arachnophobia agent in the process.

However, the Fisher King wasn't quite finished. As Kid retrieved the key that ran the Eternal Spring, the agent told him that Eibon and Death were one and the same. Kid refused to believe this until he was tempted to open the box that made up the rest of the Tool. Inside were written two names: Eibon and Death. Kid demanded an explanation, but the Fisher King was killed by Sid who threw a knife through his head. The African branch informed him and his Weapon partners that they could rest at the camp, an offer Liz and Patty eagerly accepted. However, Kid was left troubled by his father's name being on the Magic Tool, and he started to wonder what exactly Death was planning.

With this in mind, he went to Shibusen's library for more information. Finding nothing amongst the open collection available to any one-star Meister, he requested all restricted Level 4 materials on Eibon. Initially the librarian refused, but Kid's ID proving him to be a member of Death's family granted him unlimited access. One book on Eibon was part of the Level 4 collection but it had already been checked out. The only name available was a simple "M" which Kid took to mean "Medusa".

At one point, Stein threatened to drop any teams part of his Duel Arts class that didn't succeed at Chain Resonance. Kid's team - made up of himself, the Thompson sisters, Black*Star, Tsubaki, Maka, and Soul - were among those falling behind. During the last day to get it right, the team kept having trouble resonating. Maka blamed Black*Star, so Kid had to diffuse the argument to stop a fight from breaking out. The second time they started to argue, Soul held Kid back, saying the pair had to work it out between them. He sat on the sidelines as Maka went to cool off. When she returned, they were able to successfully resonate, meaning they could continue taking the class. On the way home, Maka asked Black*Star to punch her as payback for her punching him earlier. To Kid's surprise, Black*Star took her up on that, sending her flying.

Later, it came to the attention of Shibusen that Arachnophobia had set its sights on a powerful Magic Tool called BREW. It was considered to be the most powerful Magic Tool that Eibon had created, an unstoppable weapon. However, it had been lost eight hundred years before when the Magic Tool Facility it was at was destroyed and a vortex surrounded where the facility had once stood. This place became known as Lost Island. Unwilling to allow Arachnophobia to obtain such power, Death sent his forces there to retrieve BREW first. A large main squad was sent to hold off Arachnophobia's forces while a smaller team made up largely of elite students to assist Marie Mjölnir (a Death Scythe) and Stein slipped in behind Arachnophobia's forces to retrieve BREW. The students chosen were Kid, Maka, Black*Star, Ox Ford, Kilik Rung, and Kim Diehl along with their respective Weapons.

Marie and Stein entered into the field while the kids stood guard. Due to the nature of the field, a person could only last twenty minutes inside, so the students were under orders to signal the retreat if the professors weren't back in ten minutes. When the adults didn't return during the time limit, Kid offered to go in after them. As a reaper, his body would naturally be able to withstand the vortex's effects for longer. However, Maka insisted that he couldn't go alone in case he ran into trouble. As Arachnphobia's forces reached them, Ox, Kilik, and Kim stayed behind with their Weapons to defend the spot as Kid, Maka, and Black*Star along with their Weapons entered the vortex to search for Stein and Marie.

Though outside the field was littered with ruins and covered in snow, inside the field was a perfectly whole pyramid surrounded by lush greenery. Most startling of all was the sight of Death flying overhead. However, Kid was quick to note that he wore the same appearance he'd had eight hundred years before. Coupled with the sight of numerous witches heading into the pyramid but not seeming to notice the Shibusen students, the team quickly realized that inside the vortex was a looped memory of the final day of the Magic Tool Facility. One of the witches present in the recording was Arachne who had the Book of Eibon in her hands. It was soon revealed that it was she and her agents that had destroyed the facility all those years ago after luring Death to the spot as well. The intent had been to destroy BREW.

It didn't take long for the students to find Marie and Stein. Stein was suffering from the madness inside of him despite Marie's calming soul wavelength. On top of that, they were starting to show signs of becoming one with the recording. The team of students insisted that the two teachers escape while they finished the mission. Marie was reluctant at first but took Stein to safety.

Not long afterward, the group ran into Mosquito. Unlike the other people they'd run into, he was the real thing rather than a memory. However, he was starting to show the same signs of becoming one with the recording. The students demanded Mosquito hand over the box he was carrying which contained BREW. Rather than obey, Mosquito stuck the box under his hat and then transformed into his self from one hundred years before, giving himself an extra ten minutes in order to fight them.

Just before the battle could begin, an image of Eibon appeared, walking between the two feuding parties and continuing on. Kid hesitated to attack, focusing on Eibon due to all the questions he had concerning Eibon's connection to his father. However, he forced himself back to the matter at hand.

Initially, it was a losing battle. Mosquito greatly out-matched them. Due to the effects of the vortex, Soul Resonance - Chain Resonance especially - was impossible. The team had only their most basic attacks to work with. However, Soul figured out a way to use sound to make the resonance work, playing the piano in his soul to allow the team to resonate. It also allowed them to work fluidly together without having to say a word, and they managed to overpower Mosquito. However, Soul stopped playing before Maka could deliver the final blow. They were almost out of time, and Mosquito would be able to reset his own time again by shaving off another hundred years. The team was forced to retreat empty-handed.

As they left, the pyramid's destruction was repeated in the recording, allowing them to witness the end of the facility. When they exited the vortex, Marie hugged them and threatened them with a stern lecture for when they got back to the school. Kim then signaled the retreat.

Following the failed attempt to capture BREW, an internal investigation began at Shibusen, searching for a possible spy. The agent Joe Buttataki (aka "BJ") came to the Academy to start sniffing out the traitor with his own heightened Soul Perception.

At the same time, those who'd been inside the vortex on Lost Island were receiving check ups to ensure there were no lasting effects. Kid ran into Black*Star following the other boy's checkup and asked about his health. Black*Star claimed he was fine. Kid was relieved to hear it and mentioned that he himself didn't need to go for an examination since - having a god's body - he was unlikely to have been affected. This prompted Black*Star to exit out of a window and destroy one of the spikes just as he had the first day he and Kid had met. This was to goad Kid into a duel by wrecking the school's symmetry. The attempt was successful as Kid accepted the duel in order to punish Black*Star. During the fight, Kid noted that while Black*Star's skill had significantly improved since their last battle, he'd gotten weaker as evidenced by a soul wavelength attack failing to fire. Kid told Black*Star to give up, but Black*Star retorted that Kid would have to kill him instead. Rather than doing so, Kid knocked Black*Star unconscious, wondering what had happened to his friend.

That evening, BJ's investigation came to an end when he was brutally murdered: decapitated and his heart destroyed to the point where not even his soul survived. Stein was originally arrested since he'd been without an alibi and BJ's grisly fate seemed to mesh with Stein's own madness that made him want to dissect things. Kid would know about Stein becoming a fugitive but whether he realized it was because Spirit, Nygus, and Sid had deliberately let him go to find the true murderer with Marie is unknown.

At one point following a mission with Maka in which she defeated a clown of madness, Kid went with Spirit and Sid's team to Chupa♡Cabra's to keep the witches hiding there from escaping. This was part of a round-up of witches that had been living in Death City without anyone's knowledge. One of these witches was Kim, the student who'd been among those with Kid's group at Lost Island. Kim, rather than the possibility of being arrested, fled with her Weapon partner Jacqueline O. Lantern Dupré who'd known Kim was a witch all along.

Kid informed Maka, Black*Star, Ox, Kilik, and their Weapons of Kim's true identity. He took full responsibility for not informing them of it despite him not having had much time to find out following his own missions. He then went on to inform the group of how they'd obtained the information about the witches: Medusa had returned, her soul possessing the body of a little girl, and surrendered herself over to Shibusen. In addition to her information, Medusa gave them the real BREW, Arachnophobia possessing a fake that the Mizune sisters and Eruka had swapped in back on Lost Island.

Medusa insisted that she be the one to lead an attack on Arachnophobia's headquarters. Since she was the most knowledgeable about the castle and her sister Arachne's defenses, Death agreed to her terms. She selected her assault squad made up of Maka, Black*Star, Kilik, and Ox along with their Weapon partners though Death made her take Kid and the Thompson sisters along as her bodyguards. However, this was actually so that Kid could keep an eye on Medusa since Death expected a double-cross.

Once they'd arrived at the castle, they meet up with Eruka who gave them disguises so that they could blend in. However, once they'd entered the castle and saw that everyone was dressed the same way they were, the group temporarily lost each other. Kid and Soul ended up together along with keeping the young witch Angela entertained by pretending they didn't see her as she hit them again and again below the belt in order to maintain their cover. Needless to say, they were thrilled when they met back up with the rest of the group.

Using Vectoral Conduit on them, Medusa split the group into teams to break the various Magic Locks that guarded the central chamber where Arachne was. Kid was sent to Lock 8 where he ran into Mosquito once again. Free was also there, having gotten lost on his way to Lock 2. The young death god and the immortal werewolf made a temporary truce to fight Mosquito under the condition that should one of them find an opening to reach and destroy Lock 8 that they would leave the other behind.

Mosquito first reverted to his form one hundred years before just as he had on Lost Island, but Kid and Free easily overpowered him. Though reverting back two hundred years gave Mosquito the initial advantage, Kid and Free still managed turned the tide back in their favor, doing significant damage. As the final blow, Free froze Mosquito before he and Kid used Magic Eye Cannon and Death Cannon respectively to gravely injure him.

However, the tables turned once more when Mosquito reverted to his form from four hundred years before. In less than a second, he managed to slice Free in half and cut off Kid's left arm. Mosquito then began to insult Kid, his father, and Shibusen in general. Kid grew enraged by the insults to his father and Shibusen, and BREW - transported into his pocket by his father - somehow activated, perhaps prompted by that anger. It connected one of Kid's Sanzu Lines, unlocking his latent reaper powers, one of which he used to reattach his arm. Using all this power, Kid upgraded Liz and Patty's pistol forms from .38-caliber to .42-caliber. The battle began once again in earnest, Kid making use of his unlocked powers to protect himself as necessary. Mosquito attempted to use Darkness Discord to attack Kid with eight thousand bats, but Kid managed to shoot down every last one of them though not without significant damage to himself. Afterwards, Kid reverted to his normal asymmetrical self and Free - having used an illusion to make it seem as if he was still present at the battle - finished destroying Lock 8.

Mosquito immediately fled the scene, going to protect Arachne. Kid pursued, catching up when Mosquito was about to do battle with another man calling himself "Eibon". Hiding behind a wall to listen in, Kid discovered that this man wasn't actually Eibon but someone else entirely named "Noah" who'd just been using Eibon's name. He watched as Noah easily defeated Mosquito, destroying him utterly. Realizing he was outmatched, Kid attempted to slip away only to be found by Noah. Noah found Kid to be quite interesting, deciding to add the young reaper to his collection. As he prepared to pull Kid into the Book of Eibon, Kid threw Liz and Patty away from him to save them. He was then sucked into the Book and carried off by Noah despite Liz attempting to threaten Noah with Patty into letting Kid go. As they left the castle, Kid could sense the madness being spread by Arachne and realized that he would have to believe the others would survive and complete the mission which they did.

The passage of time since his capture became unclear. It was perhaps several weeks or possibly even months that Kid spent in the Book, only coming out bound when Noah or his accomplice Gopher wanted to see him in person. Gopher was actually jealous of the attention and care Noah took of Kid as a highly-prized part of his collection, taking to using Kid as a punching bag to vent his frustrations. Along with Noah and Gopher, the other members of the group were Giriko, a former Arachnophobia agent who'd been asleep during the fight at the castle thanks to Liz and Patty drugging him while the group was separated, and Justin Law, a former Death Scythe who'd murdered BJ and now worshiped the kishin.

During one stint outside of the Book, Kid overheard their plan to assassinate Maka, which he was disgusted by. Not long after that he was once more pulled out of the Book so Gopher could beat him because Kid had rearranged Noah's bookmarks. Kid haughtily insisted to Noah that if he was supposed to be kept inside the Book, it should at least be tidy, earning him more blows from Gopher for the backtalk. However, Noah put a stop to the violence since Gopher was damaging his collection and insisting the young man needed to learn his place. Justin chimed in saying that Kid, too, should learn his place and learn to go with the flow. Kid mocked Justin and the rest of the group, claiming he was jealous of Justin's earphones since they'd allow him to ignore the ramblings of his captors, but his attitude changed when Noah sent Gopher off to kill Maka. Kid could only helplessly threaten them before silently hoping that Maka would be careful. Gopher returned from the mission unsuccessful, and Kid once more mocked the other young man over his failure. Gopher immediately kicked Kid in retaliation before continuing to beat him.

More time passed and it is easy to assume that the days continued much as they had with Kid alternating between being locked in the Book or bound to a wall. During one beating from Gopher, the young man demanded to know why Kid didn't beg for his life. Kid laughed and asked why he should beg over such a dismal effort. This caused Gopher to start pouting, an expression that was hideously unsymmetrical. Kid's OCD kicked in, making him start screaming for help. Unfortunately for Kid, this only helped Gopher figure out his weakness. His tormentor ripped off only one of his sleeves and then proceeded to draw on only half of Kid's face. The torture continued, Gopher taking great care to ensure it was done asymmetrically, until Noah ordered Gopher to stop and go retrieve him some tea. Kid was sucked back into the Book where he immediately tore off his surviving sleeve and wiped the drawings off his face to restore his symmetry. It wasn't long before Kid discovered a large mass of darkness also lurking in the Book. Kid was surprised that Noah could hide such a thing and grew anxious that someone would save him.

Kid ended up drifting into that darkness and meeting the Black Mass. Kid recognized its wavelength as being like Asura's. Calling Kid a fragment of Death, the Black Mass explained that it, like Death and Asura, was one of the Eight Great Old Ones. Only five of them remained after Asura ate three of them: Death, the Black Mass itself, Eibon, Asura, and one other that Kid knew. Kid asked for information on Asura's location, trying to use what leverage he had as being part of one of the Great Old Ones to obtain help from a potential ally. The Black Mass was quick to assert that he wasn't Kid's ally or anything else really. It went on to explain that the Eight Great Old Ones' very existence drove others to madness all while drenching Kid in a black liquid-like substance, Kid smiling and describing the sensation to himself as his skin crawling.

Kid drifted in the darkness, marveling at the perfect order that exceeded mere symmetry. He wondered if this nothingness was what he'd been truly seeking all along. And only one nothingness bound all living beings: death. Therefore, he concluded that he'd have to eliminate everything in order to create order. He then spoke to the Black Mass, telling it of his goal to create the ultimate symmetry of nothingness.

As he agrees to the Black Mass's suggestion to try out this new power of madness, Kid is pulled into Nautilus.


As the son of a god, Death the Kid (generally referred to as simply "Kid") has lived an admittedly privileged life. Of course, because he's always known that he'll take his father's place as the next Shinigami, he's been well-trained in manners and holds himself rigidly to protocol. He's also quite intelligent and a bit of a prodigy since he can maintain a Soul Resonance with not one but two Weapons simultaneously though the latter might be one result of being a reaper.

For the most part, Kid is rather serious and reserved. He's also very obedient to his father, going out on special assignments usually assigned to Meisters above one star simply because his father asked him to. Much like any boy, one of his greatest desires is pleasing his father yet due to events following the release of the kishin, Kid is starting to become suspicious of his father's intentions.

While he is the heir to Death itself, Kid is kind and good-natured if a bit naive at times. Despite technically being a god among humans, Kid enjoys the simple things such as going to spend quality time with friends in places like one of their homes or on the basketball court. He also enjoys activities like skateboarding.

Unfortunately, he suffers greatly from obsessive-compulsive disorder (more commonly known as "OCD"). His particular fixation is symmetry which can very easily distract him from more important matters. If something is crooked or out of place, Kid has to stop and fix it otherwise it will gnaw at him, rendering him unable to focus. He has also gotten physically ill from being in places or looking at things that are asymmetrical. There have even been violent reactions in response to things that aren't symmetrical. Because of his OCD the three Sanzu lines that halfway circle his head cause him great distress due to them rendering him asymmetrical though his father describes them as "cute".

Going hand-in-hand with his need for things to be symmetrical is his need to be perfect. This can lead to him taking a ridiculously long time at the simplest of tasks. If he sees himself as falling short of perfection, he'll berate himself and claim that he's "worthless" and even "less than garbage". These bouts of depression can also render him useless unless someone (usually his Weapon partners Liz and Patty) pulls him out of them.

Most recently, however, Kid has succumbed to the Madness of Order that is a part of his nature. Kid is obsessed with creating the perfect symmetry: nothingness. Rather than becoming a raving lunatic much like he does in one of his symmetry fits, he's quiet and calm with only the occasional outburst of anger. His maddened statements are actually devised with a twisted form of rationality and warped logic. As such, he sees himself as behaving perfectly rationally and logically when, in truth, he's doing anything but.


As a reaper and, in essence, a god, Kid has a variety of powers at his disposal. However, since he's still quite young, he's not as powerful as he would be were he the current Death. In fact, Kid is actually underpowered due to his Sanzu Lines being disconnected, but each connected Line brings him a little closer to full strength. Also, despite having so much raw power at his disposal, Kid prefers to fight with his reflexes and cleverness rather than brute strength.

There are also certain powers - specifically his Soul Resonance abilities - that are only available to him when he has Liz and Patty with him.

Standalone Powers

  • Reaper Body: As a reaper, Kid's body is stronger and can take more of a beating than a human's can. He's also possesses impressive agility because of that. He's immune to most weather conditions such as UV rays and is immune to natural poisons such as those found in hair dye which he used to try and cover his stripes. (Unfortunately, the dye had no effect.) However, he still could die if injured enough.
  • Konso: Kid can store souls and hold them for later use.
  • Soul Perception: Like many Meisters, Kid can sense nearby souls. He can even see the shape of a living person's soul and tell what a person is feeling to a certain extent. (However, he tends not to "spy" unless absolutely necessary.)
  • Death God Martial Art - Sin Stance: A fighting style that focuses on chops, kicks, and hammer blows. The form itself is asymmetrical but the attacks can be performed symmetrically.
  • Death God Martial Art - Punishment Stance: A more defensive style than Sin Stance that allows him to use his father's skull shields to block attacks (a technique he calls "Death Arm Blocking"). He tends to use Liz and Patty with this style.
  • Beelzebub: Kid's demonic skateboard which he can summon using his reaper powers. In addition to rolling around and allowing Kid to perform various tricks like sliding down rails, Beelzebub has the ability to fly.
  • Tornado Flip: Kid launches Beelzebub, spinning, at an opponent. At the moment, he's only used that to slice through Liz and Patty's bindings when they were captured by the Pharaoh, but it could theoretically do serious damage to an opponent.
  • Death Slide: A defensive maneuver on Beelzebub to grind on rails that - when coupled with Kid's own agility - allows him to dodge a lot of attacks.
  • Shadow Skull Arms: Kid produces skull-like arms out of his body. He usually uses these in a supportive role rather than an offensive one like his father does, generally forming a shield which he calls "Skull Arm Blocking". (Unlocked when the first Sanzu line was connected.)

Soul Resonance Techniques

(Can only be used with Liz and Patty)

  • Execution Mode: Six long black needles grow out of Kid's upper arms, three on each side. When Soul Resonance is stable and the noise level is low, these needles can be charged with the soul wavelengths of him and his partners to unleash a powerful attack. It also seems to create a digital targeting system in his eyes.
  • Death Cannon: Kid's lower arms become a pair of cannon barrels as he enters Execution Mode. He then fires off two giant blasts of energy to attack the opponent, leaving behind incredible amounts of damage and skull-shaped puffs of smoke.

Additional Powers

  • Madness Release: Kid allows some of the Madness of Order inside of him to blend with his soul wavelength, strengthening his powers. His clothing changes into an all black suit aside from three horizontal stripes on the jacket and a ruffled cravat. He describes it as a "cool killing intent".
  • Sanzu River Shot: Kid shoots two fast streams of bullets from Liz and Patty, aiming them symmetrically. While useful against stronger opponents, it does little actual damage. (Upgraded version is Sanzu Fall Shot.)


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