Denzel Crocker
Denzel Quincy 'Crackpot' Crocker
Height 5 feet 10 inches
Age 56
Weight 128 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Current District East
Waken District North
Journal []
Player BlueSpikey
Theme Song Character Song

"Oh, it's me but it's the good me. No! I won't destroy this magical substance for you or for anyone else! I was wrong to want to destroy every fairy in the universe. I can only hope that someday they'll forgive me."


Short world history

Crocker's world in a very simple and super short version explanation is the Disney Fairy Tale of Cinderella, set in a modern day where magic is said to not exist and Denzel tries to prove that this magic does exist and also to steal it for himself.

In this universe, miserable children whom have neglectful parents and most of the time have a horrible babysitter in their lives -The exception to the evil babysitter is Remy Buxaplenty- are granted a Fairy Godparent(s) to care for the child, with unlimited wishes and the most awesome magical nanny ever!

Expect - There's a catch called Da Rules. The one rule that must never be broken is admitting that the godchild -the person with the Fairy Godparent- has one or else the child loses all memory of having had fairies and lives that life like the child never did have fairies to help them.

There are three known exceptions of characters who have had Fairy Godparents as kids and still remember them as grown-ups.

Denzel Crocker
Miss Doombringer
Timmy Turner

The top two of three, things didn't work out quite right… Sometimes mind wiping can go horribly wrong.

Typically, the child eventually grows up and just forgets about magic and fairies and has no repercussions. As Wanda explains here.


Above grown-up Timmy seeing his reflection as Mr. Crocker. [Far Left, Cosmo; To the right Wanda and bottom right Poof]

Notable Crocker episodes

Crocker: "I only have to get them to sit in my special Electronic Fairy Detector Chair. If they survive they're - FAIRIES! If they don't. I have - TENURE!"

Denzel: "That child with the over active puberty gland is getting beaten up by a floating frog. Yay! But wait! Frogs don't float or beat up children! There's only one logical explanation. Timmy Turner has wished himself invisible with the help of his - FAIRY GODPARENTS!

Information Stupor Highway
Crocker: "Once this upload is complete I've programmed it to hack into the main frame of the internet and route it to every computer and television screen in the world! EVERYONE WILL KNOW FAIRIES EXIST! .. THE PINK HATTED COMPUTER VIRUS?! I'm ready for you this time. Destroy that pink hat!"

Cosmo Con
Denzel: /sniff sniff "I swear I whiffed a fairy."

Which Witch is Which

Before Crocker had been born, back in 1665, when the town of Dimmsdale was inhabited but not named. There was a town witch hunter named, Alden Bitteroot. Who made a living by giving false accusations that so - and so was a witch. To get the person/animal/piece of wood cooked.
Which originally, before Timmy went back in time, Alden had been the unsung hero of witch hunting. However, after Timmy goes back to prove Dale Dimm existed, also in the process proves to the town what a fake Alden Bitteroot and actually the witch himself. Which Bitteroot complains that Timmy ruined his plan to take over the unnamed town.

Alden Bitteroot

Alden Bitteroot: "Thou art ruined my plan to take over this town! Say goodbye to thy belching coat and nagging hat."

Mind Over Magic

Crocker: "Well class there's only one minute left until school is let out. Which means it's time for a - POP QUIZ! QUICK! How many seconds are there in a year? On Mars? F's! F's F's for everyone!"

Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker


"It's all in day's work." - 10 year old Denzel Crocker

[You also learn that Denzel is being raised by a single parent - his mother and there are no photographs of his father in the family portrait. When Crocker is 8- 9 years old in the family portrait. There is NO CANON explanation on the absence of the father or who the father even is or any IC refer to the father from Ms. Crocker. Also see Ricky Which the Fairly Odd Fandom presumes Crocker's father to be decreased because of this. Denzel is being played like he didn't know his father]


20 year old Crocker

"Geraldine. I'm so glad you're here." - 20 year old Denzel Crocker

Later on, Geraldine at the public speak Crocker does about fairies, "Denzel. No. I'm in love with a psychotic moron!"

[With an implied break-up… At least on Geraldine's part. Thought-out seasons 1 - 5 in present time, Crocker gives obvious dropped hints that he still loves Geraldine. So obvious even Timmy knows they're an item or were an item
For instance, in Presto Chango, when Timmy is in Crocker's body and is stopped by Geraldine Waxelplax. Timmy as Crocker states;

"Home… To think about how much I like you." Continuing on with Secret Origin]

30 year old Crocker

"But fear not Geraldine. I can fix it!" - 30 year old Crocker
"I'm your boss now. Call me Miss Waxelplax." - Geraldine

40 year old Crocker

"Stupid two-bit life!" - 40 year old Crocker

Now, who exactly where Crocker's Fairy Godparents? Why none other than Cosmo and Wanda!

What is Denzel Crocker Day?
In the epsiode, when Timmy time travels back to March of 1972, there's something called Denzel Crocker Day. Which is to celebrate ten-year old Denzel Crocker for being "the least selfish, most far-out and groovist kid in all of Dimmsdale." Or at least that was what March 15th, 1972 was suppose to be…

[See Hassle in the Castle and It's A Wishful Life]

Abra Catastrophe

Timmy: "You always where a lousy teacher, Crackpot. But I did learn something from your science class and that's what happens when you split an atom!"

Crocker: "Seems like his splitting the atom plan backfired. There's no possible way he could had survived - AN ATOMIC EXPLOSION!"

Timmy: "Guess again, Crackpot! I'm just as powerful as you are!"

*Crocker almost suffocates in outer space during the fight* Watch here

The Big Super Hero Wish

Doctor Crocktopus; "HEY! One of those wasn't mechanical!" /screams/


Jimmy Timmy Power Hour

Crocker: "That's right! I'm in charge now! Get ready - TO MAKE ME YOUR KING!"

Back to Norm

Crocker: "Just think Norm. With my brains and your magic. And my brains. Nothing will stop from destroying Turner once and for all!" /cue maniacal laughter

Norm: "This is just a guess mind you… But have you forgotten to take any medications today?"

Birthday Wish

Tootie: "YOU'RE WEIRD!"

Crocker: "Sounds you! And several psychiatric professionals but that's besides the point!"

It's A Wishful Life

AU Crocker: "And that class is what the scholars call - EXTERNALISM!"

Here Timmy wishes himself out of existence and sees how the world would had been without Timmy existing. Timmy believes, "I bet without me around, Crocker's losing it. Proving that I had fairies was the whole reason for his existence."

Jorgen goes to prove Timmy wrong and takes Timmy to a university where Crocker is teaching a psychology class and beloved by his students.

Jogren Von Strangle goes on to tell Timmy, "Without you around to muck up his childhood. Crocker became Harvard's most successful professor."

Which The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker is tied back into the series.


Above Alternate Reality Crocker

Hassle in the Castle
Watch This

Presto Chango-O

Crocker: "What's that? A buzzer that causes joy?! You know I don't allow joy or happiness. I'm not that fond of glee either. BUT ESPECIALLY NOT JOY! GIVE ME THAT!"

Future Lost

Denzel: "That's just a plain silly question, everyone knows I think - ROBOTS ARE EVIL!"

Timmy the Barbarian

Crocker: "On second thought I will pass you -" [Changes into Dragon] THOUGH MY DIGESTIVE TRACK!"

No Substitute for Crazy

Timmy: "Thanks for saving, Mr. Crocker… But why did you save me?"
Crocker to Timmy: "Have you heard of the phrase the enemy of my enemy is my friend?"

*Also an episode when Crocker sustains injury for plot purposes*

[The Future with Grow Up Timmy Turner movie; Fairly OddChristmas, Fairly Oddsummer]

Grow Up Timmy Turner

"Look at the Manchild go. Pathetic oh how he doesn't grow up. despicable on how he rebels in his childhood of no responsibility but without hi fairies his cushy care free life - is over. After thirteen years I'm closer than I've ever been! Where Turner goes the fairies follow and now we will know their whereabouts. Ah - the Dragon Spy. [Crazy Laughing] And once the trap is stung we will capture Turner's - FAIRY GODPARENTS!!"

The movie opens on Timmy's birthday which is March 21st, according to the 77 secrets of Fairly Oddparents Revealed.

Fairly OddChristmas

Crocker's monologue to Timmy Turner;

"SILENCE! Timmy Turner may be the boy version of gout but he saved my life! The lives of those FAIRIES and the lives of those stupid little elves. That guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. You risked your life all in the name of saving Christmas. You’d never see the likes of someone like me doing something like that – but you. You tried. You’re okay, Turner."

Takes place in December, obviously, after the events of Grow up.

Fairly Oddsummer

Crocker being influenced by the Abracadabrium - which will either bring out the good in someone or destroy the person if they're too evil-

"Oh, it's me but it's the good me. No! I won't destroy this magical substance for you or for anyone else! I was wrong to want to destroy every fairy in the universe. I can only hope that someday they'll forgive me. "

Takes place six months after the events of OddChristmas.

Canon Memory Wipes

As stated in the very beginning of this wiki, Fairies are not allowed to be remembered by non- Godchild others or when the Godchild doesn't need their fairies/ or loses their fairy for whatever reason that may be. That said, here is a list of Crocker's memory wipes in canon.

Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker When Crocker loses Cosmo and Wanda as a child because of Timmy.
Watch Here

Abra Catastrophe After having successfully captured both Cosmo and Wanda and reshaping and enslaving the Earth. Timmy saves the day by dropping the Da Rule book on Crocker, which Crocker loses Cosmo and Wanda again and once again because of Timmy. Which Crocker quickly remarks right after Cosmo and Wanda are gone but before he loses his memory of the event -As Timmy wishes the world back to normal and everyone forgetting Timmy has Fairy Godparents- and Crocker ends up in the asylum in a straitjacket at the end of the movie.

Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 1 Jorgen decides to rip Crocker's memories to bits after having taken over Fairy World.

Channel Chasers After having been successful cured -somehow- of his obsession with fairies and now able to focus on other things, like inventing cold fusion and deciding to help humanity. Denzel gets hit by Timmy's 're-boot' wish of everyone forgetting everything, even if you weren't involved in the show at all up to that point and Crocker runs back to the psychiatric ward claiming it was fairies that made him want to help humanity. watch here

Fairly Oddsummer Near the end, Crocker doesn't remember a lot of what just all happened for most of the film because of all the fairy dust around him made him forget, mostly. But then the other three mention was all because a large dose of fairy magic


When Denzel Crocker was a kid he was happy, helpful, and not selfish. However, this optimistic Crocker would not last due to several unfortunate twists of fate. When he was very young he was the victim of a meddling visitor from the future that changed his life forever. Not only did this visitor provoke his current unsavory personality, but along with several events over the course of his life, fueled his obsessions in magic, fairies, and revenge on those who had wronged him. Despite these events, Crocker has some good traits. For example, Crocker’s persistence is of outstanding quality. There’s no force on heaven or earth that can make this quit. Considering Crocker’s only been successful twice. Not that he recalls being successful. The fairies themselves comment on how you have to admire Crocker’s dedication to the job.

When Crocker was very young, he had two Fairy Godparents who helped him learn how to be a good little boy. They helped him be kind to other people and learn valuable life lessons. However, a traveler from the future came to Crocker's time and forced him to expose the existence of his Fairy Godparents. The cardinal rule of fairies was that if they were exposed that the child would lose the Fairy Godparents and all memories of them existing. When this traveler caused Crocker's to lose his fairies he reverted back to being a sickly, lonesome, and prickly individual who hadn't learned anything of how to help others.

Despite the loss of memory, he couldn't quite shake the feeling that magic creatures existed somewhere out there, and he spent his life in pursuit of them. Or maybe it was actually just wishful thinking given the wretched conditions he had to face without his Fairy Godparents

Crocker didn't have many other people in his life to be positive influences - his mother wasn't around and his father isn't shown to be around either. He was mainly raised by an evil babysitter who is cruel in all the exaggerated ways possible. Given his poor treatment on a daily basis he grew to distrust people.
This distrust, coupled with an obsession with discovering the truth about faeries and magic that was spurred on by the incidents of his youth, ultimately coaxed Crocker into growing into an inquisitive but ultimately strange man who few knew and even fewer liked.

In fact, the only real attachment of Crocker's that we see (aside from his mother, anyway) is from a girl named Geraldine Waxelplax. The two knew one another when Crocker was a younger and she'd initially thought he was selfless, brave, and intelligent, as time passed and Crocker became more and more obsessed with magic she thought his obsession with magic and fairies was psychotic and she eventually gave up on him. She then insisted that he call her by a formal name and brushes off any of his random exclamations of love.

His obsession with magic and fairies being real impacts his relationship with pretty much everyone. Crocker gains the reputation of being a 'crackpot' because of his outlandish theories and is often teased or berated because of it. As a result of the constant — often merciless — teasing he even decides that he will one day get revenge against everyone who's ever wronged him or insulted him in any way and as a result he's very resentful towards others.
This is best-expressed thou this quote;

"Only magical creatures could had created that dinosaur. Now's my chance to wash the stench that 'fairies don't exist' off me forever. Whether it was Harvard, New Baltimore Community College or right here at Dimmsdale Elementary I've always been the butt -of-many a cruel joke. Due to so my so called 'crackpot' theories on the existence of - FAIRY GODPARENTS! But that will all change soon but first I must prepare for the- FAIRIES! To the Crocker Cave! It may just be a phone booth inside the janitor's closet - OW! But once I capture Turner's fairies and harness their power for my own usage -DARN IT! I will not only get the proper equipment but also respect and - OW- admiration that have so long - deluded me. Mine will be a new world order where I, Mr. Crocker am the supreme magical ruler!"

Principal Geraldine Waxelplax is seen apologizing to Crocker but Crocker uses magic to smite her.

"Then… Only then…."

This obviously makes it hard for Crocker to trust people and not get along with those who don't believe in magic.

Oddly enough he seems to get along well with animals, if only because they don’t have the capacity to mock his often wild theories.
Obviously, Crocker’s hair trigger temper centers from his own horrible life growing up.

Even if his has some hard-to-believe theories and a seeming lack of focus, Crocker is very intelligent. He's able to invent amazing things like cold fusion or other gadgets which can perform some pretty amazing feats. For example, he creates an anti-magic, magic tracking device, and magic seeking goggles. He even was able to somehow hack into the mainframe of the internet! However, even with the ability to create such inventions he can sometimes lack common sense which proves to be his undoing on most occasions.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and Crocker is no expectation to that rule. When Crocker does manage to capture two fairies Cosmo and Wanda and manipulate the fairy magic, which can do just about anything, Denzel goes and rearranges the world. He creates wormholes to travel through time and space, cause atomic explosions, and a whole plethora of other fantastical things. It's not a good idea to give this man too much power since he's apt to abuse it.

Since Crocker is about the only character, outside of Timmy and the fairies, that know that fairies exist, Denzel appears to normal people to be extremely paranoid. Who can blame him since his student’s pencils that are enchanted by fairy magic seem to have eyes?

Crocker has a variety of strengths and weaknesses, all of which have to do with his unusual personality. Some of these personality traits benefit him, like being able to think logically or be persistent. Other traits can be more detrimental such as his tendency to sound a little bit nuts or a case of what looks like paranoia.

At times it can be confusing on where his loyalties lie in the show. Most of the time, the man is out to get Timmy's fairies and out to get Turner himself -like trying to eat Timmy as Crocker is transformed as a dragon- and seen as the villain. Then there are times when he wants to play the good guy -but we must remember, Crocker was never a bad kid.- See Hassle in the Castle, Denzel Crocker Day, Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker

Channel Chasers [See Canon Memory Wipes]

However, in No Substitute For Crazy, Crocker saves Timmy from Miss Doombringer. Whereas, Crocker claims, "Have you ever heard the phrase the enemy of my enemy is my friend?"

Also, in Future Lost, Timmy and Crocker team up and travel to the North Pole to everyone from the robot invasion and take over by the Big Brain.

In, Fairly OddChristmas, after Timmy sacrifices his own life to save Denzel from falling off the cliff, Crocker remarks; "I've always wanted to see Turner fall off a cliff… And now I find it strangely unsatisfying." Which is a quite different from earlier when Crocker stated, "I've always pictured your demise, Turner! I just never pictured me being with you!"

Later on, Crocker goes to motivate Turner and tells Timmy that Turner is 'okay'.

In Oddsummer, the Abracadabrium -that Crocker and Foop steal from Timmy- will either bring out the good in someone or destroy the person if they're too evil -hence why Anti-Fairies can't touch the Abracadabrium-
Crocker's good side is brought out by the Abracadabrium and conforms and wants to work with the heroes and asks for their forgiveness on what wrong he has done.

There's also his mood whip lashes

Canon Inventions

•The Fairy Tracker (other versions are called the Fairy Finder and Dead Beeping Flowers) - This tracks fairy magic and beeps a lot when the device is near the magic.

•Super Secret Portal to Fairy World - This transports the person to Fairy World.

•Magic Heat Seeking Goggles - These allow the wearer to see children who have wished themselves invisible with the help of Fairy Godparent magic.

•Anti - Magic Mind Reading Helmet - This allows the wearer to block magically attained ESP powers.

•Special Butterfly Net - Allows the person to capture a Fairy Godparent so those don't escape.

•Anti -Magic Shirt and Magic Slicing Tie- Exactly what they sound like.

•Anti- Magic Spheres - Imprisons Fairy Godparents in a sphere of glass, a top staff.

•Hover board - This allows the person to hover above the ground on a board.

•Cold Fusion - Exactly what it sounds like.

•Electric Fairy Detector Chair - To prove the person sitting in the chair is a fairy if they survive the shock. This is the only invention that one questions if it actually works.

•The Atomic Fairy Incarcerator - (See below picture)

•The Dragon Spy - A mechanical dragonfly used for spying


Character Education

There are dropped hints of where Crocker went to colleges.

In Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker, Denzel attained Dimmsdale University

In Transparents, Crocker mentions in his long monologue both Harvard and New Baltimore community college. The monologue is basically, he attained both of these places and was mocked and made fun of for his fairy believing at both of the places.

New Baltimore comes up again in Information Stupor Highway when Timmy discovers a file from an old newspaper of this teacher having stolen funds from New Baltimore and being caught red-handed. The funds of course to build a trap for Fairy Godparents.

Finally, in Remy Rides Again, Crocker remarks when Stephen Hawking enters Crocker's classroom (Remy paying Hawking to prove that 2+2 can equal 5 in binomial scenarios for Timmy's lack of being able to add right) Apparently, Denzel and Professor Hawking had been old college roomies. Which means Crocker went to Oxford at some point.



Super Hacker

In Nautilus only

Fire - His favorite element, Crocker has mastered fire to the point of creating lighting but the lighting isn't quite under control

Flying *

Speed *


Teleportation *


Shielding (Force Field)

Shadows - Can have his shadow roam a short distance without him being there

Creation - able to make inanimate materialize

Transformation -working on being a dragon

Cartoonish emotions/actions - floating in thin air , black cloud over his head, double jumping, etc

Yo- yo Bending

*Angelli abilities

Relationships in canon

Dolores-Day Crocker;

Dolores: "Oh, Denzel! Where did our love go?"

Crocker: "Out the door with the rest of you!"

Ricky (temporary step-father and is also a teenager. Keep in mind Crocker is an adult when he's saying this in canon)

Crocker: "Papa! Can I have my allowance now? And a horsey ride on your knee?"

Ricky: [Screams]

Watch here

Norm the Genie;

Norm (as he watches Crocker suffocate on the airlessness of Mars) "Ha, ha, ha. I told you Mars would had worked."

Hugh J Magnate J;

"And I wish you farelid, Crocker!"

Crocker: "I thought we had something special!"

Foop; (to Crocker)

"Good going new partner. It will almost be a shame to destroy you after this is over."

Principal Geraldine Waxelplax;

Crocker: "I suppose the honeymoon is off?"

Geraldine: /whacks him with a hand dryer/

Timmy Turner;
Look at the Manchild go. Pathetic oh how he doesn't grow up. despicable on how he rebels in his childhood of no responsibility but without hi fairies his cushy care free life - is over. After thirteen years I'm closer then I've ever been! Where Turner goes the fairies follow and now we will know their where-bouts. Ah - the Dragon Spy. [Crazy Laughing] And once the trap is stung we will capture Turner's - FAIRY GODPARENTS!

SILENCE! Timmy Turner may be the boy version of gout but he saved my life! The lives of those FAIRIES and the lives of those stupid little elves. That guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. You risked your life all in the name of saving Christmas. You’d never see the likes of someone like me doing something like that – but you. You tried. You’re okay, Turner.

Nautilus Family

Miles "Tails" Prower; Crocker's adopted little brother
Crocker's first friend. Who knows what things will be like if Tails hadn't offered the kindness of a stranger when Crocker first appeared. Which of course Denzel was suspicious of. Tails has influenced Crocker in many ways beyond one of the main persons shaping the man with the power of friendship. At one point, Tails got Crocker to understand that he had become a monster like his former babysitter Vic. They both enjoy nerdy things as well. Like tinkering with parts.
Needless to say, Crocker would do anything for Tails even beating his buddy up should Tails get mind controlled again. Even if it would be painful Tails is now considered a little brother to Crocker.

Connie Maheswaran; Crocker's adopted daughter Housemates

Denzel never thought he'd have a daughter or someone he would consider as one. However, due to Connie's insisting on learning Crocker's past and her family (Steven and the Gems) gone back to sleep. He couldn't be heartless and leave her out in the cold. Due to what happened to him as a child and the fact she had grown on him as his pupil. Needless to say, he's learning on how to be dad. Since he didn't have a lot of time with Wheeljack before and didn't have one in canon but at least she's willing to teach him.

Ray Stanz; Crocker's adopted brother Housemates

Denzel can really appreciate that fact that there is another world out there with paranormal hunters. Even if they did copy his Atomic Fairy Incarcerator with their Proton Pack.

Crocker does think Ray acts like a manchild but that trait was very good he believed for raising children and why he asked Ray to move in with him and kids. That and both Connie and Steven also love Ray.

Helga Pataki; Crocker's adopted daughter Housemates

Under a strange set of circumstances, namely Denzel was a bitty during June 2016, the bitty invited bitty Helga to stay with him and 'the strangers' of the house. After the effects of the storm, Crocker didn't recall having had done that but allowed Helga to stay if she wished. Seeing she had no other place to go and the fact very apparently, Crocker is paying back his krama from his home world life by taking care of children now. Denzel also understands how horrible it is to not have anywhere to call home.

Sonic the Hedgehog; Crocker's adopted uncle
Jock meets nerd. Nerd meets jock. At first, Crocker didn't care at all about Sonic. In fact, the man was going to let Dr. Eggman capture Sonic! However, because of their mutual friend of Tails the man gave the hedgehog a chance.
Crocker tried to give Sonic a chance and after that Family Reality Storm believes the hedgehog is still his uncle. Currently, they're both back in rocky relationship again and Denzel believes he has to prove how much he can be useful and a do good things. Denzel is just glad that 'Uncle' did beat the man up when he did step out of line. They had a bit of a rough patch, during the aftermath of the Mega Plot. However, did iron that out.

Kurenai; Crocker's adopted mother Back to Sleep June 2015
By some strange twist of fate of Kurenai -mainly her failed relationship with Nott- these two bonded over fail love in their canon worlds and over time their relationship transformed into a mother - son relationship -without some reality storm- She couldn't have a son with her lover in her world that she had always dreamed of having a son and Crocker having a horrific canon relationship with his mother had always wanted someone else. A mother who would care for him. They were two puzzle pieces that found a fit.

Wheeljack; Crocker's adopted father Back to Sleep February 2016
Due to the Family Reality Storm, Crocker had Wheeljack as his father and Sonic as the uncle. Afterward, Crocker really wanted Wheeljack to still be his father because of not having a father in canon. see Ricky Wheeljack felt the same way. That Crocker is family, even after the storm. Even if Wheeljack went back to sleep three times, each time Wheeljack remembered Denzel. During one of Wheeljack's departures because of leaving Crocker learned that he was just as horrible as his babysitter Vic.

For a month, Crocker had both a mother, father a daughter.

Needless to say, they at least have a common interest of building things.

Steven Universe; Crocker's adopted son Back to sleep June 24 2016

After Connie had been taken in, Denzel knew if Steven ever showed up that he would have to take Steven in as well. Needless, to say, Steven has grown on Denzel. At first, due to Steven being a child and wearing pink Crocker kept calling Steven Turner and insisted that Steven wearing other colors.

During Crocker's birthday party, Connie convinced Denzel that he shouldn't punish Steven in that matter because of Denzel's problem with pink.

Crocker's nip pick with Steven is that he is too trustworthy and would befriend a man-eating plant and bring that home with him which would eat everyone else.

Relationships in Wake

Is Crocker's mentor, a friend and someone the man highly respects.

Jane Foster;
Oddly, enough, Jane and Crocker didn't get along at first because when they first spoke she spoke like a type-cast scientist. It wasn't till later, when she commented about his dragon claw. That he began to change his mind about her and the more he spent time with her the more he started to crush on her. Considering, she was now filling his personal ad of 'Single Crazy causation male seeks equally single female to discuss belief that Fairy Godparents Exist'

Of course, at that point they had been talking about the concepts of Bending and how it's like magic -which led to fairy godparents- and how the universes are both the same and different at the same time.

When Denzel noticed he was crushing on Jane - he hated himself because his one true love was Geraldine Waxelplax after all. The man asked the network on how you stop having feelings for someone but instead got talked into letting go of Geraldine Waxelplax. Which is frankly for the better since Geraldine hadn't openly returned her affection for Crocker for 30 years. Thanks Jiminy. At one point, told Jane his feelings for her because he wasn't sure if he'd see her ever again.

Which later, they got together and she told him she didn't have those feelings in return and just wanted to be friends and he got on fire mad.

But will respect that she still wants to be friends but that doesn't stop him liking her.

Just like when Geraldine said it was over, kept after her years after the fact.

Scott Summers;
They bonded over on how women -mainly Jane Foster and Jean Gray- don't return their affection. As well as, science. Mainly mechanics. You're okay Scott!

At first Crocker had been highly suspicious of Gabe -because a therapist- but Gabe is starting to gain Crocker's trust.

Nautilus Fairies;
Crocker must catch all of you! Which he did and there was something unsatisfying about that when he did capture the fairies. Probably the fact the fairies expose themselves all the time on the network and - those aren't his the fairies the man exactly wants. He will however, catch, capture and let them go. Just out of compulsion.

Crocker doesn't remember her per say as he was a child but the kid thought Yuuta is awesome!

Mary Poppins;
Crocker doesn't remember her per say as he was a child but the kid thought Mary is awesome!

Like everyone else, Crocker had been deceived by Ursaems. When Denzel became an Angelii, he had considered Ursaems -besides Klement- for his teacher. Tails recommended and in the long run, it is a good thing he listened to his little buddy/little brother, Tails! Since Ursaems's true nature surfaced later and the power Ursaems's gave to Crocker they both shared that power lust and for a time served Ursaems during the Megaplot. After Crocker had been literally knocked back to his senses became afraid that he would be like Ursaems and even after having had faced Ursaems, needed a talk with Klement.

Needless to say, Crocker is very glad Ursaems is gone.

Captain Hazama;
At first, Crocker didn't mind Hazama because the man was what Crocker was in the beginning. This is also the time when Crocker lusted for power. So the two got along alright. However, he found that he made a mistake when he found out from Tails and Nott that Hazama killed Nott.
The man got a bit concerned. At one point he decided to spy on The NOL for the Freedom Fighters. However, after Mega Plot. Crocker was fired from The NOL, which Crocker didn't mind since the pressure of being connected to The NOL was starting to feel the pressure and after Mega Plot and no longer desiring power like he once had made things even more awkward. So, even if he's 'trash' he's concerned that Hazama is getting to Crocker though the means of coming though not!mom Kurenai, since her and Hazama are friends.

Relius Clover

Angelii Stuff

Angeli Essay
Crocker's only Angelii ability as of now is flying.
As of August 2014, he's also learning Speed.
As of January 2015 he's learning Sight.
As of July 2015 Crocker is learning Teleport.

Tandem Bending

Crocker/Tails: "Friendship Beam"; A beam of rainbows and gold rings. The Rainbow suppresses bending ability and the rings impair their ability to move.

Something like this rainbow

Crocker/Steven Warp Star


Crocker/Connie; An everlasting fire that can grow on command, or shrink when needed!



Crocker/ Ace; Fire Dragon

Major Character Development

December 2012 Friendship

Received his first official present from Tails (a winter coat; See MegaPlot)

Family Storm Spring 2013

After, having been made to think certain Waken were his family. Crocker came to the realization that this was his chance to start over in this world and that he could have a family.

October 2013 //Personal Demons (Being a monstrous person) // Accepted
Realizing he is a monster

October 2014 Mega Plot Personal Demons (Power Lust) Conquered
During the mega plot, Ursaems fooled everyone that he wanted to actually trap the Labyrinth which had been running - a- muck in Nautilus.
Forming a group of Benders -Crocker included- to go with Ursaems and trap the Labyrinth. Those who agreed to go with Ursaems got a power up of Bending power. Crocker already having a weakness to a lot of power given all at once, during the fight against the Labyrinth every time he bended against the Labyrinth he wasn't only fighting the fears from the Labyrinth but also the power running through his veins.

When Ursaems takes the Labyrinth for himself, Crocker consumed by his own power hunger transforms into a creature and goes to join Ursaems on take over the worlds plot. Denzel -in his new form- is now flying around and terrorizing Nautilus like a super villain. Which draws attention and Sonic and Tails unfortunately go and try to stop Crocker. First by talking and telling him to stop but when that doesn't work, they end up fighting their friend and beat him senseless. Tails all the during the fight still try to bring Crocker back and in one last attempt, with their friend beaten senseless on the ground gives Crocker the coat the fox first gave Denzel when Crocker first came to Nautilus as a symbol of their friendship.

At that the link between Crocker and Ursaems is broken and the man comes to the horrible realization of what he had done. As well as, transforming back to normal.

From that understood how bad his power lust was and had every regret every trying to beat up his two best friends and about helping destroy the world.

During the wind down of the Mega plot, when the world looked like it was coming to an end. Crocker joins up with the team that is personally going to take on Ursaems. After all, Crocker wanted revenge what Ursaems did to him and his - weakness of power- and to save the world that accepted him and gave him. The place that gave him family and friends. Nautilus.

The team -with Crocker- was successful in standing up against Ursaems. Ursaems disappeared even if they aren't sure exactly of Ursaems's fate.

Biggest differences in canon with the above stated is Crocker having friends and family.

In canon, there is lack of remembering when Crocker is being a major dictator twice and the drawbacks of having more power than one can handle (see canon memory wipes)

With the Mega plot, not only did Crocker remember the harm he had caused with all of that extra power but also harmed his close friends. Which is more something that would be Hugh J or Norm the Genie in Fairly Odd canon. Not Crocker. However, it is canon for the man to be consumed by power lust. See Abra Catastrophe and Jimmy/Timmy Power Hour 1.

Otherwise, Denzel has teamed up with Timmy Turner, in The Future Lost, to help save the world and saved Timmy from Ms. Doombringer in, No Substitute for Crazy.

In the end, Crocker is highly guilt ridden by this event and will protect Nautilus with his life. As well as, the start of his nightmares about Ursaems.

September 2015 AM PLOT /Personal Fears/ Not conquered/

The insane asylum and abandonment

May 4, 2016 Personal Demon (Timmy torment) Forgiven self

Forgiving himself for Timmy Turner

Memory Tracking in Game

Due to his canon memory blocks there have been questions that have been rather suspicious in game

Both times when Crocker is a child in game;Nautilus June of 2014 and again March of 2015; After which both times Crocker doesn't recall the event but his close CR does and tells Crocker.

At one point, Denzel went to Gabe about not remembering having been a child in game. Gabe believes Crocker has some mental blocks for some reason.

Crocker unable to answer why he is so interested in fairies

General Hux using the Dark Force move Brain Drain to look though Crocker's memories and coming across mental blocks from Jorgen Von Strangle

Notable Handwaved Information

April 2016;
Knowing Sonic stepped down from FF and Shadow taking charge. As well as, Crocker leaving the FFs because of the change in leadership.

May 2016;

When Crocker was in Timmy's body for his Klement punishment, Steven played frisbee, yo-yo and sand castle building (with pretending game)
The yo-yo reminded Denzel on how much he use to love that toy. Even if he stinks at it now. Overall, this was good for him having less of a stick up his butt.

Connie took Crocker out surf boarding.

Mis Canon

Things Crocker enjoys outside of fairies;

Reading, Tech + Gadgets, Three Stooges and Rock N Roll music

Secret Shame Parody Comic Books

Crocker's birthday is March 13th, 1962

Mis Game

Denzel woke in Nautilus on 12/23/2012 in the North District. From mid- Fairly OddChristmas. See Angelii essay for more details.

Officially considered himself a hero as of 2/22/2016

As of July of 2014, Crocker is now at the end of Fairly Oddsummer and due to the canon update, Crocker gained a year from having been in his world. Since the events of OddChristmas take place in December and Oddsummer about six months later in the summer and Crocker's birthday is in March.

Bitty! Crocker visited Nautilus June of 2014 and again March of 2015. Bitty Crocker retained memories on his second visit.

Currently residing in the Gem House as of 6/26/2015

Former member of both the Freedom Fighters and The NOL

Currently Team Odd Gems (Steven, Connie, Ray and Crocker)

Back to Sleep 12/5/2016


From Nautilus

Green Parrot
Pink Parrot

Named Cosmo and Wanda because the second time Crocker became a child in Nautilus, the boy mentioned having had a green and pink parrots named Cosmo and Wanda to Kurenai. She in turn told adult Crocker. Also, the pink parrot came with a sign saying, 'Call me Wanda'
The green parrot was re-named Cosmo. However they are not actually fairies. They are just regular green and pink parrots.

From Sonic
Blue and Green Flickies

From Kurenai

White Fluffy Cat

Goth Donald Dolls/ Special made Dolls

Wheeljack from Jendayi
Dib from DarkStar's Goth Donald collection
Gellert Grindleward
Himself (2014 shouts fairies)
Jane Foster

Random Crocker Canon Quotes

"What!? You can't lock me inside with children! I'm not a people person! I'M BARELY A PERSON!"

"Gah! I guess this means the honeymoon is off?" To Geraldine

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