Doctor Rebecca Holiday
Doctor Rebecca Holiday
Continuity Generator Rex
Age estimated late 20s
Species Human
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Green
District Northern District
Journal Doc-Holi
Player Lina-Trinch
Theme Song Keri Hilson - Knock You Down Linkin Park - Robot Boy

"Imagine a third alternative to this insane 'kill or contain' protocol."

Canon History

After the Nanite Event occurred Providence was formed to fight against the infestation of people turning into monsters, thanks to some microscopic machines called nanites. Having three PHD's at the time, Holiday was quickly hired on as the assistant for the lead scientist, Dr. Fell. She had a completely different view on how to handle the creatures, other than Providence's "kill or contain" procedure though, likely because her sister had also turned into one.

Thus, she decided to study them more carefully, eventually coining the term for the monsters that is regularly used in the series; E.V.O. (Exponentially Variegated Organism). Unfortunately, no one else had the same ideals as her, especially the doctor she was working under, until she met Agent Six. He the only other person who was also seeing no end in sight with the way they were currently handling things.

Out on the field, Six found Rex, who was an EVO himself, but had the ability to cure other EVOs. He quickly brought him back to Holiday and the two decided to keep the boy hidden, for fear that Providence would have him killed like any other EVO, as was protocol.

Six's partner of the time, White Knight, quickly found out about Rex and got the rest of what he wanted to know out of Holiday, then locked her up in a cage with another EVO, by the name of Bobo, whom helped her to escape in exchange for his own freedom. By the time she had gotten back to Rex and Six however, things had already gone out of control. She managed to save Rex, but White Knight ended up locked in a room, sterilized of the nanites forever.

Dr. Fell lost his position and Holiday became the lead scientist, earning the committee's approval for her new protocol; Cure, contain, or kill. She has also become Rex's primary physician and Six's overall colleague and partner in raising their new ward.

Since then, she has grown a strong bond with the two, but little on her life before Providence or the Nanite Event has been mentioned. Rex has become something of a son to her, although he would say otherwise. With little to no other women at Providence the kid has constantly hit on her throughout the canon series. With Six she has formed a seemingly closer relationship. She has made it clear in a number of episodes that she has a bit of a crush on Six, but he has yet to return any affections openly. However, whenever she needs something, important or not, he is always there to help. Her sister, however, remains an EVO that even Rex cannot cure and is locked up in a high security cell. Holiday makes a point to visit her every so often, against the wishes of Six.

Holiday has been searching for a cure in a form other than Rex that can even save the incurable EVOs and has been known to go through great lengths and efforts in order to move forward in her research. She has even moved as far as to go out on the dangerous field herself or even into space for any advancement. Also, she is undoubtedly the most brilliant mind around, from understanding nanite binary to solving a planet wide plague single handed.

Though, she does care for her research, she cares much more about her friends. She has even sacrificed a possible cure to the entire EVO threat, in order to save Rex. Not to mention with many things happening at once, her research has come to a stand still many times in order to face more recent problems. These things do not seem to phase her, unless the people around her suddenly does not listen to her on matters that her expertise is in. However, a certain swarm of wasp-like Evos later and that problem has been fixed permanently.

Holiday has secured her position of Providence lead researcher, while still finding the time to enjoy the company of her friends and trying to give Rex as much of a normal life as she possibly can.


Though they are friends, Holiday is the polar opposite of the a fore mentioned Six. She can be short-tempered and stubborn at times, but she is also outwardly friendly and respectable.

She is completely understanding and empathetic when it comes to others and, given a little time, she can break some of the hardest shells out there. She is not above having fun on the occasion and playing around, but she also knows when to be serious and is a very hard worker, usually pushing herself pass her limits.

If the situation calls for it, she can make snap 'life or death' decisions on the dime or become hostile for something or someone she cares about. She has been known to use deadly force.

Then there's the fact that she's still a woman, trying to live through that kind of world, and often times she gets lonely and tries to reach out. Few in her living space ever reach back, which causes her to get agitated again, which leads to her speaking her mind to whoever is going to listen, and, after blowing off the steam, she rounds back to her previous happier ways, starting the cycle over again.


Some martial arts. Agility and fighting skills. Sharp shooter. Genius in medicine, physics, nanotech… She's smart, hot, and badass. No super powers, though.


Updated on 1/16/13

Agent Six - Six is probably Holiday's closest friend in either universe. He is from the same world as her and upon first meeting him, she didn't care much for him. To her, he was simply another "hired gun" to help with exterminating the new problem. Instead, he had surprised her, showing that he wanted the same change and same world as she did. Together, they basically deconstructed the organization of Providence and simply rebuilt it in one night with their new found cure, Rex.

Six had always been an uptight guy, but Holiday is well aware that there is a good heart deep, DEEP, beneath that iron, green shell of his. In the long run, she had developed feelings for him, constantly trying to let him see it himself. Upon more recent events, he had finally acknowledged them.

In game, Six had followed Holiday to Nautilus after a few months of her waking. He was… baffled, to put it lightly, by the new city. She gave him a place to stay and continues to pester him to lighten up some. At home, he was always on high alert for good reason, but in the city it didn't have to be that way. However, they have faced some rocky opposition in the face of reality storms. The Shadow storm was no picnic for either, Holiday having been killed in that by not accepting that Six didn't care for her. Later, in an AU Swap reality storm, they both changed their characters and Six killed her during a vulnerable moment with a kiss, but the two reconciled the entire traumatic experience and actually started a real relationship together.

Until Six found out about his memory loss back home. He went back, willingly, and Holiday promised him that when he came back, she wouldn't leave him. Since then he's killed Ioann for attacking him (and killing Holiday) and they've been married during a storm. While they don't hold to those vows, there's obviously deep feelings between the two of them, but it seems that neither thinks that they're worthy enough for the other. Maybe one of these days it'll have some form of a happy ending.

Ahri - She lives in the house due to Caesar's request, but Holiday doesn't know the woman that well.

Alice Hartsen - Holiday's met Alice a few times and, mostly, she worries about the girl. Alice has an extreme fear of going outside. Holiday doesn't pressure her or anything, but she does support Alice, especially since the girl seems to want to go outside. Despite the fault, Holiday tries to visit Alice often. After all, the girl is also a witch and knows a lot of natural medical herbs and potions. Might as well learn something while in this city.

Alphonse Elric - Holiday doesn't know the Elric boys all that well, but Six did before he left. Whenever she notices one of them in trouble over the network, she makes a point to offer any services she can.

Angeal Hewley - Holiday had been an acquaintance of Angeal's when they had first met, but she quickly got to know the guy when Nautilus gave him a batch of puppies. He agreed to give a puppy to her, whom she named Pato from Xavier's suggestion (which means duck) before the boy left the city. She loves the dog to death and is entirely grateful to Angeal for the gift.

Antovil - The Deva of Direction. AKA, The Big Fucking Lighthouse at the Center of the City. Antovil guards the passage into Labyrinth, making sure no one goes in and nothing gets out. Holiday had been thinking the whole time that Antovil had turned into a light house and was never again to be like the other Wakened… until he suddenly started talking one day. He's usually quiet, so it surprised her.

Aya Brea - These two met when trying to save Orihime during the EVO Invasion. Since then, they've had a mutual, but quiet relationship. Holiday still offered her company when Aya's family went to sleep and they talked over tea. Holiday appreciates the other woman and is kind of glad to have her around. Being another bad ass chick and all.

Batman - Holiday doesn't know MUCH about the Dark Knight, but she knows that she doesn't like him. He might be fighting for the greater good, but she doesn't like his methods so far. Bruce Wayne on the other hand? She's met him during a city shift which turned him into and child. Without knowing his alias, she took him in to her home, believing he was a newly Wakened child.

Ben Tennyson - While Ben isn't one of her "adopted" boys, Holiday still considers him and his cousin close enough to family. Not to mention that she met him once back in her own world, too. She knows that he's well capable of handling himself, like Rex, so she tries not to worry about him. Even though he is still a kid.

Beverly Holiday - Bev is Holiday's loving sister and she is very protective of the girl. After being cured of the EVO form and being brought to Nautilus, Holiday has gone through great pains to keep her safe and ignorant of the woman's current depression. However, Beverly does like to poke in and Rebecca and Six's relationship which, at this point in time, is still a touchy subject with the elder sister.

Blurr - Holiday had met Blurr after the EVO Invasion of Nautilus. She took an instant liking to him, since he was willing to be a test subject in an experiment to search for Nanites in the environment. He hadn't even met her, but he was willing to help just to help and that gave him major points in her book. Since then, she considers Blurr a friend.

Caesar Salazar - Rex's older brother and he also lives in the house with them. While she was questionable of Caesar at first and still is of his motives at home, she understands him a lot better now. Between both of them raising Dib and Six being periodically gone from the house, the two have bonded quite a bit in time. Holiday no longer questions him.

Charmcaster - Holiday didn't know the girl for long, but she stayed in her house during the Dark Aeon attack. During that time, she was under Holiday's roof and was forced to follow orders to protect herself, which meant being evacuated to Kalliste.

Cho Hakkai - A pretty good friend of Holiday's. He's a mysterious fellow, but is open about himself to an extent. In general, she considers him a good friend, but she has noticed that he won't tell anyone if he's injured. They get along just great, even though she doesn't know all that much about him. The truth storm proved that.

Circe - She really likes Circe's company, even though she realizes how awkward things are between the girl and Rex at the moment, what with Raye in the picture. Still, she likes the girl and is willing to help out when anything. Besides, she owes her for helping her out during the Flower City Shift when Holiday was WAY over active.

Cloud Strife - Cloud is one of those people that finds it hard to trust someone, but she managed to worm her way into his circle of friends. Maybe not that close, but close enough for her. When Mitham turned EVO during a reality storm, it was her and Cloud that first responded to the issue, soon joined up by Lelouch and Rex. Since then, he seemed to gain some ground in trusting her and she was pretty happy about it.

Dana Tan - Holiday doesn't know Dana all that well, but she likes the girl a lot. She is slowly getting to know her at least and she really thinks they could be good friends.

Danny Fenton - A nice boy that Holiday could consider family, despite him being "adopted" into her little group. He seems to really like Six, though, even after the memory loss, but how Danny may feel for Holiday is a bit questionable after she kicked Six out.

Darkstar - Rebecca barely knows him, but to her he seems like a nice enough, if overly polite, young man. However, his true intentions are to use her for information and life energy. Where this may end up going is anyone's guess.

Deadlock - see Drift. Deadlock is past!Drift and the one that's in Nautilus now.

Death - She had heard a lot about Death from Rex… since they were buddies, apparently. She only first met him when his cats started to invade her home. You know, since they can walk through walls and all. Six feeds the cats, so they keep coming back. Holiday, at first, was uncomfortable around Death, but quickly realized that it was all the "walking the walls" going on that was bugging her. Other than that, they've had nice conversation and she's amused that he celebrates the Christmas holiday so readily. Holiday actually met Death a few months prior than she realized, but… that was only because she had died by the hand of her Shadow. Later, after the two met, Six killed her and Death seemed to mourn her short passing.

Death the Kid - Kid is a very polite young man and Holiday likes the boy a lot. She knows that when he first arrived in Nautilus, he was a bit crazy what with the Madness and stuff, but he's all better now!

Denzel Crocker - Holiday almost feels badly for Crocker, but he really is a nice guy. Just on the pathetic side of things. She wants to help him out but she's not sure how yet.

Dib - Dib is her baby. He has zero confidence in himself as a person and he continuously asks why people seem to want to help him. This tugs on a few of her heartstrings, so she's more than willing to help him. Not to mention that he's very intelligent for his age. Only… he uses said intelligence to spy on people. A lot of people in the city already don't like him that much, but Holiday still cares for him, despite him asking about events that she tries so hard to forget. The only thing she fears is Dib learning too much about why she hurts and telling others, like he's done before.

However he has started to learn "too much" but instead he wants to help her. He keeps trying to get her to talk but Holiday refuses or lies on the subject for the most part. Either way, she loves Dib very much and has essentially (and accidentally) sort of become the mom he didn't have.

Discord - He's asking for an asskicking. Seriously.

Drift - She first met Drift at the Tanabata festival that Orihime put on. His stubbornness and attitude reminded her a lot of Six, but unlike the man he seemed quite easy to talk. She only first approached him to introduce herself as a doctor for the Cybertronians and other inhabitants, but it soon turned into a long conversation about everything else. Since then, they talk often and while he admitted that he did have some feelings for her, she remained his friend, even though she does like Drift a whole lot. There's just someone else she cares for a little bit more. See Deadlock.

Edward Elric - Holiday doesn't know the Elric boys all that well, but Six did before he left. Whenever she notices one of them in trouble over the network, she makes a point to offer any services she can.

Ezio Auditore - Not one of her favorite people. He's a flirt and a thief. All in all, he seemed like an alright kind of guy, but SERIOUSLY. Her first encounter with him ended with her laying in the middle of the street, minus a coat, with mused hair and smeared lipstick. No. Not one of her favorite people at all.

Five - She is Six's "sister" and therefore she is family, so Holiday freely allows the woman to stay in the house. Holiday doesn't know her well and she does realize that the other numbers are extremely dangerous, but she trusts Six's judgement on the matter.

Gwen Tennyson - Another girl that Holiday likes in this city. She's really nice and very smart and seems to have powers? Holiday's not sure about the whole "powers" part, yet, but she wouldn't be surprised in the least, that was for sure. She likes the girl a lot, because she really reminds her of herself at her age… Trying to do everything and so overworked at the same time.

Hekket - The Deva of Music and the only person she knows that actually lives in Helix. Talking with him, she was amused with Hekket's attitude, but after taking his training, she doesn't much care for him. Her shift of feelings for him turned out to be a good idea when it came out that he was the reason Neriae was killed and he basically handed Nautilus over to the Dark Aeon for his own gain.

Helen Magnus - Helen is one of Holiday's closest friends in Nautilus. They share equal views with almost everything, especially science. In fact, they could talk for hours. Helen also lets Holiday have use of her lab within the Sanctuary when the need ever arises, but Holiday always makes a point to ask first… It's rude, otherwise.

Ichigo Kurosaki - Ichigo was one of the first people she helped explain the concept of Nautilus to… and she was pretty impressed. He grasped things easily and asked questions when needed, some questions out of her range of knowledge… and she continued to be impressed by this kid. Then, she realized that Ichigo was already close friends with Orihime. That explained a little bit.

Ioann d'Breliven - Such a young boy to be thinking all of the dark thoughts he does. Holiday patched up his hand and saved his life, but was rewarded with a long slit down her own arm. She doesn't blame the boy though, but blames herself for scaring him more. He keeps trying to push her away because "he'll kill her" and "he hates her" but they just keep running into each other anyway. She cares for the boy well enough and has been trying to reach out to him. She's… made some progress, but it's slow in going. Especially since he told Six that he'll kill her if she gets too close to him again. Now that Six doesn't remember the threat, though, Holiday has finally convinced the boy to move into the house with them.

Jazz Fenton - Holiday doesn't know Jazz too well, even though she's Danny's sister, but she does like the girl a lot. She's smart and motherly and not entirely unlike Rebecca herself.

Jendayi - A young girl who stays at Ground Zero with Drift. Usually, if you see one, the other is not far. The girl seems to like Holiday a lot and, of course, Holiday loves the child. Unfortunately, the doctor had to save Jendayi from a bad trip home, where she came back to the city with bolts stuck through her. Holiday's still not happy about it. At all.

Kairava - She likes Kai. He's just adorable. He's one of Rex's close friends, so she's automatically open to him. Once talking to him, however, she found he and his world was quite different and interesting. She soon realized that he was baffled by simple things that she had been taking for granted (microwave, icebox,… ice). She explains things as she sees fit and he explains things from his world in turn. It's fun.

Kergan - The Deva of Flowers. Holiday only recently met this seemingly young girl during the winter season. Kergan wanted things to look more festive, so she asked to the city to make snowmen. As a response, Holiday and Pato put one up in the front yard and received a note from the Deva a few days later containing flower seeds. The flowers looked as if they were ice and Holiday plans to take good care of them.

Kid Flash - When she first met Wally, he wasn't his normal, bouncy self. He was depressed over his uncle's (the original Flash's) death. She gave a good attempt to help him out and often wondered if it worked, but he had disappeared. A few months later, it turned out that he had been living in Helix for a good while and he was definitely a lot more cheery than her first meeting. They talked for a while and she was beyond happy that the boy had gotten in a better mood. He needed it.

KITT - An AI vehicle. He let her take a ride with him. She will love this guy forever. Not much else to say, except how awesome Holiday finds him. She feels guilty about the urge to figure out how he ticks, but she can't help but be curious. Still, she cares about him more than she cares how he works. A lot like Rex, actually.

Lelouch vi Britannia - When she had first met Lelouch, he was dressed as belly dancer. She will never forget that. Eventually, she found he was powerful ally to have, being an Ashura and his renowned knowledge of the city among other things. She considers him a good friend, but one thing always nags her. Lelouch is awfully young to be placed with such power, such knowledge, and such esteem. Every now and then, it makes her wonder about him, but she hasn't asked and probably never will.

Luna - Luna is a cat, but a talking cat who is also very formal and very generous and caring. Holiday certainly gets along well with Luna, ever curious about how a talking cat came to be. Then again, the city has all sorts.

Maid Marian - Holiday and Marian are very good friends so far. Holiday loves to hear about Marian's home, which Holiday is familiar with from the "Robin Hood" tales. However, Marian is a bit… irked by the fact that some humans eat meat, which is understandable considering Marian is a fox.

Micheal Trinity - Holiday does not like Micheal Trinity. Not in the least. Not since he asked her to show him her boobs. Not at all. Six likes him even less. Or did before he lost his memory. Holiday believes that his mood on the man wouldn't change much. EDIT: He's okay sometimes. Not all the time. Not most of the time.

Mitham - Mitham helped her out when she had first arrived in the city. In return, she helped him when he had turned EVO during the reality storm… and he helped her again to escape a rampaging EVO. All in all, Mitham is a good kid with a good heart and she loves him for it.

Nash Latkje - Nash is easily one of her closer friends in the city. She had always gotten along with him, but they ended up bonding pretty well over a few accidental drinks at Furman's. He had tried getting her to stop and sober up, but somewhere in that, he ended up getting hammered himself. It was pretty fun, though. Since then, Nash fought with Rebecca during the Aeon attack. She realizes that he truly did not kill Neriae, especially after he saved her from being Unmade. Since then there's been an unspoken bond between them.

Neriae - The Deva of Bubbles. She's usually the one that announces the ascension of other Wakened. She's learned that Neriae is the Deva over Lelouch. Of course, this was after the EVO Invasion. Orihime turned EVO and struck out to Holiday, but Lelouch protected them both with a bubble shield. Since then, that's been Holiday's main form of defense as well.

Optimus Prime - As leader of the many Autobots rolling through the city, she heard plenty about Optimus before meeting him. Once she had, she was a little intimidated, but quickly lightened up around him. He is caring and professional, all in one. Holiday counts him up as another ally.

Orihime Inoue - This girl is Holiday's bestest best friend, as far as the doctor sees it. This child has a CAKE SHOP. What is not to love? Still, Orihime has the biggest heart Holiday has ever encountered and talking to the girl is always a joy and always picks up her spirits. She's also capable of handling herself in a fight, another trait the doctor likes about the girl. Still, Orihime always keeps up her spirits and it seemed no matter the situation. This has caused worry on Holiday's part, only hoping that Orihime isn't hiding any pain… Though, it sure doesn't seem like it.

The Paperboy - THE DAMN PAPERBOY. Holiday doesn't usually hate people, but this kid just takes the freaking cake… AND WHAT THE HELL IS HE GOING TO DO WITH TWO DOLLARS!?

Prince Eric - Holiday likes the man a lot and she thinks highly of him, though she does find that he seems a bit innocent when it comes to terrible matters. While that's not necessarily a bad thing, it's not a great one for the guy, but she likes him a lot nonetheless.

Ratchet - THIS is the Cybertronian healer that Holiday's heard nothing but legends about ever since she arrived in Nautilus. Of course, she's going to be fangirly! She's studied his few notes dozens of times and has a bit of a hard time speaking to him. Because she gets a bit… well… fangirly around him. Worse than Moses before she realized he was an ass.

Raye Hino - Rex's girlfriend. Therefore, Holiday's top secret, gossip buddy. They've already had a few talks about Rex and Six in many, many forms. It's always fun. Holiday isn't aware if Rex knows that the two have met or not, but she hardly cares. It's better if Rex was none the wiser, anyway. Keeps everyone at peace. Six, however, is well aware of their friendship, but not so aware of all their girl talks about him.

Rex Salazar - Ever since Six brought him to her, Holiday has considered Rex her main priority. Since then, their little bond had doubled into something more along the lines of a mother/son thing. Of course, Rex continued hitting on her for LONG after she had reserved her feelings for the boy and, eventually, he did the same.

Since coming to Nautilus, she realized how much Rex had grown over his past year in the city without her. He wasn't an entirely different person, but he had grown up a great deal and seemed to have a nice, stable head upon his shoulders. Though, there was still a small rift between them from the year apart that, at times, seemed to span for miles. But, they are always family and always care about each other. It never takes long for the two to make up and hug. Even how much he has grown and how powerful he had become, he will always be "her youngest boy" and she will always worry over him.

Sanji - Holiday met Sanji while they were both drunk and he made lasagna for her. She loves his cooking and appreciates all of his "complementing" that he gives her. He's really flirting it up, but she just appreciates someone calling her beautiful without that sly little smirk someone's come to adopt.

Sideswipe - An odd character, she'll admit that. He has a particular defensive edge to him, that causes most people to feel abashed by him, but Holiday only sees him as… amusing. He's also a particular challenge, since he refuses to take medical care from her. She will continue to try and gain his trust, but she has since learned not to push him too hard. Sides was also the first Cybertronian she had seen in Nautilus. He teleported a ways from her, all 25 feet of him, looked at her, and said, "Yes. Wow."

Skyfire - Probably the most lovable of the Cybertronians in the city. He's quiet and a little shy, too, but he loves Pato to death and Holiday's fine with that. She'd like to get to know him better, though.

Soren - Holiday doesn't know Soren well, but she's grateful to his assistance for helping her with the Aeon's attack on the Medbay.

Souji Seta - She had met Souji at the July 4th fireworks show that Rex had set up. They quickly got to talking and became fast friends. Since then, they had talk on a number of occasions, always making easy and fun conversation.

Spider-Man - Holiday just knows the boy as Pete and Bev's sorta boyfriend. So far, she likes the guy a lot, but she knows how guys are and she knows how her sister is and none of that equals anything good.

Sqywdd - She really started to get to know the boy when a city shift turned him into a young child (WHICH WAS THE MOST ADORABLE THING YET). Since then, he's welcome to come by as part of the family whenever he wants to, even if he doesn't live there. She enjoys his company, at any rate, even if he is one of Rex's friends.

Starscream - Being Rex's surrogate father for the first year the boy was there had gained the Decepticon a lot of points in her book. While he does occasionally do some dirty talk, he has yet to outright embarrass her, so they're still on somewhat solid ground for the moment.

Teresa - Holiday doesn't know much about her, but she doesn't think that she needs to. The other woman is straight forward and gets the point on matters. She's also a bit of a warrior, so Holiday respects the strength as well… even though she wants to drag Teresa to a slumber party or something for being so uptight.

Tucker Foley - One of Danny's friends. She doesn't know him very well beyond that, but she knows a smart kid when she sees them. So far, she really likes the guy.

Tygra - Holiday and Tygra talked a lot about to each other about their respective homes. Holiday is incredibly interested in Thundera and his experiences, but he seems to be equally interested in her home as well. They spare together semi-regularly and she originally showed him around Nautilus. She considers him a friend, but a bit of a shady friend. Despite him being a member of royalty, he seems a bit too formal. She's chalked it up to him being defensive, which she could understand from a newbie in Nautilus.

V - V is probably the most interesting person in Nautilus. He certainly seems to be surrounded in mystery, made evident by his language and the mask he always wears. Though, once speaking with him, he is a brilliant mind and speaks his mind on many details. Despite her own brilliance and somewhat short stay in the city, Holiday has learned many things from V. He is also a fan favorite among many people, especially the younger group and Rex, making him one of her favorite people. The fact that he's also an Ashura secures him as a powerful ally and a wonderful friend.

During the AU Swap reality storm, Holiday changed fandoms from Generator Rex to V for Vendetta. Therefore, she knew of all V's crimes and blasted them all over the network. It didn't strain the city's trust in him, but it did force the two to REALLY talk. Since then, they have managed to grow a bit closer. You know, after all the violence and stuff.

Vivi - Whether the child remembers it or not, Holiday saved Vivi from a rampaging EVO during the reality storm, along with later help from Mitham. She still tends to keep an eye on the kid whenever needed, thinking him one of the most adorable things around, but she's not quite sure if he remembers that night or not. It hardly bothers her.

Wheatley - Thanks to Rex, Wheatley now lives in the Holiday household. However, ever since Rex turned into a Nobody and even once he recovered, Wheatley and Caesar have been spending a lot of time together. She could only fear what the two have thought up together so far.

Wheeljack - Another wonderful friend. She had met Wheeljack through Rex, so to speak. It seemed that the two or them, prior to Holiday's arrival in the city, had tried to recreate a good many Providence tech, so that Rex and his Nanites could sleep easy. That made him one of her favorite people right there. He was skilled when it came to the machinery and he is ever skilled when it comes to socializing, even bringing her wine as a house warming gift. He's certainly a kind, gentleman. Kind of reminds her of a geeky version of Captain Callan.

William Jesse Grant - Holiday had known of the preacher, but hadn't met him until they both ran into some troubles. William Jesse had lost too many people from going to sleep and Holiday had just been killed by Six. They just stayed on the beach for the night and talked about everything but.

Wing - The first time she met Wing, he was in a human body, just seeming to be any other man. She was a bit surprised once she realized he was Cybertronian, but it didn't change any thoughts she had on him. He was always kind and polite. His aiding Rex during the recent Shadow storm proved to her how much of ally he really was, beyond that of a great friendship. The two are always easy to converse with one another and always get along with whatever's happening.

Xavier Martez - He's a good kid that's horribly lost. Holiday came to Xavier's aid when he had first arrived in the city. She felt that she had some responsibility to the kid, so she brought him home before even consulting her current roomie of the time, Six, giving Xavier a roof and warm bed. He had somehow managed to worm his way right into her heart, causing her to worry over him for almost anything, just as if he were her own son, much the same way as she treats Rex. She is more protective of Xavier than Rex, though, since the kid doesn't know much about fighting or bending. He's learning quick and she's quite impressed with his progress, but, just like Rex, she'll always worry after him.

Zack Fair - Zack was one of the many people to help her out when she had first arrived in the city. Since that point, they had made a point to talk whenever they could about anything, serious, fun, it didn't matter. Zack is a good person whom Holiday will trust with her life. In fact, out of all of the new people she had met in the city, Zack is probably the one she would consider most trustworthy in every respect. She cares a lot about him and is probably one of the closest people to her in Nautilus, even if she may not see him as often as others.

Zimmy - Zimmy is a very standoffish girl that likes to keep to herself. While she can be a bit offensive, Holiday does want to help her out. So far, it's only been with small steps, though.

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