The East District of Waterfalls


  • default building structure is very art nouveau in style
  • most of the DE NILE river runs through this district
  • many streets lined with canals filled with sparkling water
  • Has four seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter


E1. Outer Gate of Waterfalls
E2. Inner Gate of Waterfalls
E3. Plaza of Waterfalls (Easter Teleportation Array)


E4. The Eastern Welcome House (Formerly: Tony Stark's Mansion)
The once Malibu-side mansion is now located on a seaside cliff. Ever since then, it had become one of the four welcome houses for new residents of Nautilus.

E5. The Fibonacci Museum
Home to the Shadow Gallery and the proud host of an exhibit on the Oregon trail. It used to be located right next to the Inner Gate. More description here.

E6. The Greek Colosseum
Apparently there were two different colosseums. The other one was known as "The Stadium" but the other one was destroyed during Kalliste's minor crumbling. This is also what happens when things are trying to be documented for future reference.

E7. The Junkyard
Formerly and perhaps little known as the Iron Giant's Art Workshop and Snack Bar, the junkyard is a huge (by maybe a football field's standard length) collection of garbage and scrap metal. It has a house that was once inhabited by Wreck-Gar, the original curator of the area. Beside the house is a small flower garden. There is also a memorial to Wreck-Gar here, created by Sho. Iron Giant resided here from time to time, passing the hours making metal sculptures. Or eating them.

The Junkyard's current tenant is Frank Castle. As its keeper and with the help of the Deva, the lower half of the junkyard is now a neutral, No-Bending Zone. Bound abilities can still be used, but Frank would rather everyone do everything manually and not bring any harm or danger into the designated safe zone.

E8. The Cathedral
An old, abandoned cathedral stands alone among the winding paths. It's kinda scary-looking. Father Abel Nightroad resided here for a time.

E9. The Hong Kong Water Tower
Located on the top of a building near the beach, this old water tower was home to Rex, Sqwydd, Cricket and Tuck while they were running as an EVO gang in Hong Kong. While the original tower was destroyed by the EVO crime lord Quarry shortly after Rex's reunion with his old crew in their world, Nautilus has recreated the tower down the the smallest details. It is fully furnished, the interior walls covered in graffiti and decorated with colored lights. On the outside, it looks like a normal wooden water tower with a red door set in the side. That is it more than a water tower is NOT public knowledge currently.

E10. The Old Windmill
The windmill is right by the beach. It was destroyed. Multiple times. Yet it keeps coming back. Looks like this. (But this also comes to mind).

E11. The Memorial Tree
A towering tree made by the Wakened of Nautilus. In its branches, instead of leaves, one will find trinkets and small glass spheres. When touched these objects will trigger a memory vision (like a holo-projection) of whatever memory was attached to it. Usually these will be of Wakened who have gone back to Sleep, or memories that they felt were important to share. It is a somber, quiet place only made more hauntingly sentimental with the Ruins of Dale surrounding its borders.

E12. Freedom Fighters Headquarters
Located on the border between the Eastern and Southern district is the Freedom Fighters Headquarters. It's an underground haven that is only accessible to Freedom Fighter members. It's location is only given to members, and even those who know where to find it have to be able to pass the shield that guards the entrance in order to enter.


E13. Dream of the All Blue Restaurant
Sanji's seaside restaurant. Restaurant is located on the bottom floor while the second and third stories holds the housing for many of the One Piece crew. The white and blue building overlooks the beach, providing a wonderful view to diners. Named for the mythical sea that Sanji is searching for.

E14. Pineapple Island
The island looks suspiciously a bit like a part of the moon. It also appeared to be expanding, slowly but surely, until it reached a certain size. It's other features: a helicopter landing pad, a sign saying no fishing at any time, and— oh, and it has a giant metal pineapple on it, which is actually a house.

The house, much like the TARDIS, is larger on the inside. The main door is Cybertronian-sized with a smaller human-sized door set within it. The interior layout is composed of a common room/living room, rec room, study, kitchen and dining area, plus several bedrooms that branch off one main hallway, each with its own bathroom. At the end of the hall is a locked door leading into the lab. Originally, the house was owned and inhabited by (TFA) Starscream, as well as a large number of other Wakened he picked up and "adopted" during his time in Nautilus. Each resident had their own bedroom, the doors marked with art or symbols to identify which room belonged to each one. The furniture scattered throughout the house is sized for both human and Cybertronian use, all mixed in together in most areas.

As Starscream and nearly all the residents of the island have long since left the city, the house and island have been inherited by Rex Salazar, the only one of Starscream's housemates who remains in Nautilus. Though he's long since moved inland to the Holiday Inn, Rex keeps tabs on the house via the island's security system. Should anyone not recognized by the system get near or try to break into the house, the system will send an alert message to Rex's comm device. Currently, the only other person allowed to come and go freely is Korra, who has permission to use the house as a personal asylum. Anyone else who comes around will quickly find a less than pleased Ashura arriving to remove them from the premises.

E15. One's Island
A barren, volcanic island from the Generator Rex world with a maze of tunnels and caverns within. When One, the Most Dangerous Man on the Planet, turned EVO years ago, the original island in the GR world was used to contain him while he attempted to fight off the transformation using meditation. The house One stayed in is located over the lava within the volcano, suspended by a number of thick cable supports and connected to a tunnel leading out by a rope bridge. During One's stay, the house door remained locked and a timer inside would require a password to be input every forty-one minutes or the cables would disconnect and the house would plunge into the lava lake below. (The Nautilus version of the island lacks a working timer, however.) The interior of the house is fairly bare, only a few mattresses scattered about here and there.

E16. The Jedi Temple
Originally a portion of the original Air Temple from Aang's world, its current Jedi and Force-based residents caused the location to shift into a smaller version of the Jedi Temple from Coruscant. It sits perched upon an outcropping of jagged rock in the ocean, its elegant and steadfast architectural design acting as an orderly counterbalance to its chaotically-shaped setting.

Located - on the way into the front entrance of the Jedi Temple is a certain Police Box

There's a Police Box with a sign on the door. It is NOT PUBLIC knowledge it is more than a Police Box at this time. See info wiki page
As of June 18th, 2017; has a 5 foot radius defense shield on the outside. (Including shields for purple butterflies and Weeping Angels) This location as of 4/8/2019

There is a teleportation pad near the not! TARDIS that warps the person to a secret location on the beach

E17. June's Department Store
A multi-level building with different departments on every floor, and a food court on the roof that serves traditional Japanese fast food, along with some nicer dishes like grilled steak. Cybertronians can't get in because they're not human-sized. :( Not that you'd want to, since all of the goods are for humans and exactly what you'd find in the game-version (HELL YEAH TATERS LONG!), comprised of groceries, electronics, clothing… It's pretty much a Japanese Wal-Mart, with a very catchy theme song. Every day's great at your Junes!

E18. The Tallest Bridge in Nautilus
Exactly what it says on the tin. There's a bridge stretching between two tall buildings in the East District. It passes over a a section of De Nile River. PERFECT FOR JUMPING OFF OF. (…Bungee jumping. Ask Echo how that was.)

E19. Eric's House (with Pool)
A "modest" two-story monstrosity that boasts Eighties Suburbia in all of its glory. Eric may have modeled it off of several different things (i.e. tv shows, his actual home, his idea of a house, etc.). Thanks to Zoro, there's also a stone wall nearby. He used to have a pool full of sharks, but now he has TWO POOLS FULL OF SHARKS. What is his life. (Fortunately, the shark problem has been solved.)

E20. Crystal Gem House (with Giant Hand Statue)
The crystal gem house right now is currently under construction. For the moment it is just the actual beach house that Steven Universe of Beach City called home. It is missing the sanctum and hideaways the Crystal gems carved out years ago, as they are missing most of their items. For right now its just the housing structure…and a massive hand on the ground, a hopeful preamble to the complex structure the house might become.

Update Summer 2018

E21. Ground Zero 2.0 Park
A tribute park, playground, and skate park.

E22. Dammers' House
A house Dammers would have been familiar with.

E23. Clone Barracks/Base
Originally one of the empty Cybertronian buildings the clones took up residence in. Being soldiers, the place is sparsely decorated. Practical necessities and all that.

E24. Dragon's Nest
Rose's home. Standing about three stories high, it only has two floors. The first floor has been left open. The second floor has a raised ceiling to accommodate a growing dragon.

E25. Adela's Forge
Adela's work area for metalworking. There are tools available here for general metalwork as well as for forging old European-style armor and bladed weaponry. There is a loft above the kilns for Adela's overnight stays and there is a shed attached to the Forge where she keeps forged items she wishes to keep rather than Unmake after completion.


Cynefin As of early September 2018; The 10th Doctor (Ashura) put a very believable illusion over this place; now everyone from the outside sees this When Bending is off; the house is visible

Near E22 but more on the ocean is this structure. Belonging to Jack Hartness and Ianto Jones.

Home of all things fish-like and water-bound, the big blue deep takes up all of the eastern side. The coastline meeting the waters combine many different beach and shoreline environments, making it perfect for beach-side parties, bonfires, and sightseeing. When one looks toward its horizon, the ocean appears to have no end in sight. It drained a bit during the last few months, but it is slowly recovering. Some of the beaches may even have rose and violet-colored sea glass in the mix.

IT IS A BAD PUN AND IT RUNS THROUGH PART OF THE NORTH INTO THE EAST. (THERE IS NOW A PATH DRAWN. DUE TO THRIVING ON DENIAL, ITS PATH MAY CHANGE.) Several Wakened have fallen victim to its claim. More of them need to take a dip at some point.

Crystal Caves

Located along the shore between the Crystal Gem Beach house and Windmill.

Charlatan Central aka Elani

Between E22 and DeNile

From the outside it looks like a small shop made mostly of stone with glass windows. One window says "Evanton's" in gold paint, and there are scratch marks over the E where some drunk idiot tried to peel off the gold to sell. There are a few short steps up to a door, which is closed. The windows are not the sort that can open, and have shades closed over them. the first floor seems to have three rooms. The front room is the shop and it is crowded and crammed with all sorts of books and random oddities, some of which seem to serve only as anchors for spider webs. There is a long bar along the back that is covered in still more stuff, teetering piles of books and scraps of cloth and the like.
The kitchen is just as crammed full, also mostly with books, and has a small mostly buried table and a few chairs that are stacked up. There is a large cookie jar on the back counter, a modern sink a mismatched tea set on the wood burning stove and an old bucket turned upside down, used to stack things on.
There is a narrow stair leading up to a floor with a few crowded bedrooms and bathrooms, and further up to a small attic. The last "room" on the first floor is a long narrow hall that leads to a locked door. Either side of the hall is crammed full of bookcases that are themselves filled with ancient looking tomes.
The door at the end of that hall can only be opened by those the Elements have called, even when it is unlocked, though those who can open it can bring others in. Within is the Elemental Garden. Please contact the KaylinNeya journal for more information.


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