Continuity NPC
Age Unknown (Looks like a child)
Species ????
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
District N/A
Journal fated_hand
Player Nikil (Previously Ren)
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Endos, was originally a human boy named Edward. He lived during the Victorian era (Sometime in the 1880s/1890s, around the time of Jack the Ripper) as the son of a wealthy British family.

His life was not a happy one. He was told from a young age by his fanatical parents and relatives that he was to become a sacrifice and vessel for their cult's Dark God when he came of age. The reasons for this decision were kept from him and so he himself had no idea why this was the case.

He was kept in the house at all times in dark rooms without clocks or mirrors and he suffered emotional and sometimes physical abuse from his family - as well as his nanny who was part of this cult - as a result and he had no one to confide in or seek help from. On the occasion that he was allowed to venture out, he was always accompanied by a family member and was forbidden to interact with strangers. All of this resulted in Edward harboring ever-growing hatred for his family.

Despite this terrible experience and predetermined fate, Edward was curious about the world and yearned to know more about what lay beyond his toxic home. He often created his own scenarios in his mind. Dreams about the world turned into dreams about different worlds entirely. He wondered if he'd be able go to them after being offered to the Dark God as he grew older. This wonder turned into determination.

His parents forced Edward to take part of a ritual on the night of his twelfth birthday to make him a vessel for their Dark God. The entire family had gathered in the house, locking all the doors and windows before they all descended down a trap door to access a long stone staircase and into the basement.

But the ritual did not go as planned. Edward was too strong-willed even after years of emotional neglect and abuse and he fought back against the forces trying to take over him. The sacrificial boy dared to speak to The Dark God and offered a pact with him: immense power in exchange the lives of his family. The Dark God was intrigued by the boy's bold offer and thus granted Edward his wish.

Instead of being possessed by the Dark God, Edward was transformed into a demon named Endos. Using his new powers, he murders the entire family, having gotten revenge for their mistreatment.

His new demon senses alerted him to Nautilus' existence and he willingly Awakens since what else was there to do besides stand around in a sea of bloody corpses in a basement? Besides, he had other worlds to explore; just as he had dreamed of.

He Awoke in Kalliste and quickly settled there. He mastered Bending at a steady pace under the guidance of Marionette: the Deva of Puppets. She taught him alongside a few other students on how to collect a Deva's essence and distill it into a liquid form. This was not done because she was an ambitious teacher but because she was aiming to mold her students into her personal army in the eventual War as she was a strong ally of Isis: the Deva of Glass. Endos knew of Marionette's selfish intentions but kept quiet about it until he mastered the skill. He secretly kept a vial of Isis' essence from his training to use as a potential bargaining chip in the future, as well as collecting essences from other Devas secretly to make a collection. Including the essence of Solaris and Aaron when they were still Devas.

Endos silently left Kalliste before the start of the war, leaving Marionnette and her followers to fight and to fall in battle. He had no intention of being a tool yet again for someone else's foolish quests for power. In fact, he had no desire to gain more power at that time but poured all his energy into seeking out the worlds that lay beyond Kalliste and see what they had to offer. He was so eager to explore that he Bended away the need to eat or sleep since not every world accommodated these needs.

Centuries and many worlds later, his objectives had changed. Though he still retained a childlike state and mindset, callow wonder had warped into a desire for power of his own. A power to shape worlds himself. The power of a Deva. Doses of Isis' essence would only grant temporary growth in power but only the power of an Aeon could bring Ascension. Furthermore, having too much for too long would result in Endos' Unmaking. He would have to find another way.

He returned to Kalliste and met the Dark Aeon. The Dark Aeon was in a weakened state after eons of existence so Endos took this opportunity to offer the Aeon a contract in a bid for more power. The Dark Aeon was too weak to bestow the power onto him without ceasing to exist; they would have to find a way to revitalize the Dark Aeon first. The Dark Aeon agreed and so Endos became a liaison for the Dark Aeon.

As a result of this meeting, Endos learned that the Dark God that his family attempted to sacrifice him to was actually his world's Deva and he resolved to seek it out once more after gaining more power through his contract with the Dark Aeon. He would lead the Dark Aeon to the weaker worlds that he had visited and allowed it to eat them along with their Deva. He also had learned that the Benevolent One was his world’s Aeon as well, which didn’t sit well with him (and not just because he’s a demon).

A century or so after Endos made his deal with the Dark Aeon, he came across [[Xemnas]] and [[Pyramid Head]] and found an opportunity for the Dark Aeon's further growth. He offered a portion of Isis' essence to both Xemnas and Pyramid Head to grant them power. They agreed and he gave them some of that power while giving the rest to the Dark Aeon. After all, the Deva of Glass' essence was waning after her death and it was simple enough to collect at a later date. He disappeared after that for a few years.

Then he suddenly returned and found Xemnas in a dying state due to having had Isis' essence in his body too long. He makes another deal to remove it from him and Xemnas accepted the offer. Endos was successful in removing it but then Xemnas attacked him, not having much longer to live. He kills him with two poisoned daggers before then forcing Xemnas' face into the mercury river in the Western District to finish him off.

After that, he went back into the shadows. He didn't reappear again until the second Academy Storm, where he pulled the more cruel pranks before then crashing prom and stabbing Spark (who was human at the time), after he defeated the monster that was also pulling pranks.

Some time passed until he decided to cheat his way to Devahood. He gives himself Isis' Essence and uses it to walk the halls and become the Deva of Temptation. Antovil and Areva confronted him, but he was prepared. He uses Areva's Essence against them and force her to fight Antovil. He also managed to claw him as well. Once Antovil retreated, he forces Areva to make him a castle.

He addresses the Wakened days later and declares himself king. He tricks Papillion into being brainwashed, causing chaos and the Big Ben to fall. Then later, he causes an solar eclipse, which motivates the Wakened to finally confront him. He loses control of Areva, but he tries to gain control of Antovil. However, [[Lixue]] arrives and breaks Antovil free. He flees but he's followed and a final battle ensued. They manage to defeat him and the Deva not only strip him of Isis' Essence and his Deva status, but they force him to become human again as punishment.

Since then, he has not been seen. Mostly due to him wandering around as a human boy.


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